what are the safe & attractive areas of bridgeport ct.?

Asked by Pamela, Virginia Beach, VA Sun Jul 1, 2007

we are moving to ct. to be near my wonderful mother-in-law she is more fun than my friends. she lives in westport ct. we can not afford to live there. do you have suggesstions of the towns near westport ? our price range is 200,000-250,000, i've checked the mls the're plenty in that range but whear can i have a beautiful yard & no bars on the windows. thank you so much for healping, pam

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Sam, , Carlsbad, CA
Mon Jul 2, 2007
6-7 months ago the Wallstreet Journal said Bridgeport is in the top 5 areas of greatest up side in the real-estate market in the entire U.S.. The article went on to say that within the next five years you would see an increase in value in Bridgeport. If you talk to some locals you may hear a different tune. Most locals I talk to say this is a crazy theory, "property taxes are too high", "some areas are high crime areas", ect ect. The facts are that taxes are high in Fairfield County. Look at some of the facts and draw your own conclusion. First the town of Fairfield, which borders Bridgeport, is in the final planning stages of building a new/large train station that will be situated near the border of Bridgeport, just East of Interstate 95. The Bridgeport neighborhood that is nearest to this area is called Blackrock. Blackrock has many beautiful homes and great scenery. The most inexpensive real estate you can find in Fairfield County is Bridgeport. Some new business is moving into Bridgeport along with it will be new jobs. Hope this helps!
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N, Both Buyer And Seller, Bridgeport, CT
Sun Jul 8, 2007

Not only has the Journal posted an opinion about Bridgeport, CT but so have Business 2.0 and Money Magazines. They have all said that Bridgeport is the most undervalued property in Fairfield County and that property owners can expect to see a 50% increase in value in their homes. I have taken to investing in pre-construction property. And while my first venture is not in an A+ neighborhood, I have made about $50K or 42% in two years and have contracts on two other properties in the downtown area.
With that said there are a number of great areas that you can look to own in. I am not sure if you have a family but even if you don't Brooklawn is an incredible area in which to reside. I believe the zip code is 06604. I would stay around Brooklawn Avenue, Park Ave, West Taft area (I think that's a triangle on the Trulia map). Just stay away from the high school and all of it's traffic.
There are plenty of condos available which will afford you the opportunity to possibly live in a townhome in the downtown area. Those are about $399k- a little expensive but the others start in the low $100s. There are plenty of opportunities to see good profits. Buying preconstruction with a tax incentive will surely yield a nice financial cushion. I believe that Blackrock is slated to break off from Bridgeport, CT itself and is most definitely getting another stop for Metro North (first new one in 20 yrs). The prices there are a bit high because of it's proximity to Fairfield, CT but you may still be able to find something affordable in the area. It's a bit more nice because it is more family oriented. Ice cream shops, walking at St. Mary's by the Sea and the like.
The rest of this message is my own personal prediction:
The North End of Bridgeport is good now, but won't be in the future. If you're looking for large profits head south toward the water. Most redevelopment is happening there. Do not buy on the north end unless you are looking by Lakeside.
Check out the South End. It's not tree lined, and there are no small pets on the streets in fact it's pretty run down but this is where you will make all of your money if you are willing to buy and hold for about three to five years. I believe the area code is 06607, but if you are looking at the Trulia.com or google maps it will be by the University and Bridgeport and Newfield Park. Check out http://www.bridgeport-econ.org/, http://query.nytimes.com/gst/fullpage.html?res=940CE4DA1139F… and http://www.bportliving.com/ web sites before you make your final decision.

Hope that helps,
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Andrea, Home Buyer, PBG, FL
Mon Jul 16, 2007
I rented there for about a year and a half in Avalon Gates (technically in Trumbull). This is the only nice part of Bridgeport. Bridgeport is not a nice place at all. The ghetto kids that hang out on the street corners and ride their 4 wheelers down the road in the middle of the night are a nusance and the police do nothing about them. The armpit of society resides in bridgeport ct for the most part. I did have a friend that lived on the border of brigeport, trumbull and farifield in a small neighborhood but for the most part you do not want to chance it. I have read reviews on how bridgeport is going to be the biggest bang for your buck and is going to be an up and coming city... however don't risk your safety on this. If you can deal with the commute you could propably afford soemthing in monroe or further north.
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Marianne, , 06812
Tue Jul 3, 2007
You'll find a nice condo or co-op in your price range in Black Rock, but a house with a beautiful yard will run you well over $300,000. The city of Bridgeport is also offering terrific tax incentives to buyers in some of the new condo developments. There are also neighborhoods in North Bridgeport - Brooklawn and around Beardsley Park, that are family oriented and may have what you are looking for.
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Johnnyd, Both Buyer And Seller, Fairfield, CT
Tue Aug 7, 2007
Black Rock is the place to be! There are many condo's and single family homes for sale and the area is turning with investment. In the past 2 months i've noticed 4 new businesses go in on the same block on Fairfield Avenue - Port Coffee, Dish, a new upscale bar across the street from Dish (name?) and a i hear a Mexican ice cream shop is going in to the left of Dish (not sure if that one is open yet). Also noticed many facades being redone. The Black Rock Library is also undergoing a $2.5M renovation that will start this fall and is scheduled to be completed in the spring. Black Rock holds value well also. As mentioned below, there are new condo's for sale starting at $229k on Fairfield Ave as well. Lot's going on in this historical little community.
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Marianne, , 06812
Mon Jul 2, 2007
Seriously? Try north of Bridgeport off of Routes 25 or 8. Monroe, Shelton, the Naugatuck Valley.
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Bridgeport R…, Home Buyer, 06610
Wed Feb 27, 2008
To Andrea in PBG,

What an insensitive opinion of bridgeport. Your answer loses all validity by admitting you lived in one of the Avalons, a gated community. Yeah the lower east side of bridgeport is a lot on the poorer side, but are you hanging out on the street corners at 2 in the morning? I doubt you ever left the confines of your area...and if you did you probably spent most of your time in "lighter more affluent" areas of Fairfield county.

The fact of the matter is that redevelopment in downtown keeps facing setback after setback. Nonetheless, the city has come a LONG way in bringing some new life into a downtown capable of being far hotter than Downtown Stamford and dare I say, Norwalk.

The north end, lake forest, brooklawn and treeland areas are just as nice as any other middle class neighborhood. The hardest part of ownership in Bridgeport are the property taxes, but in order to make this a hopping city, the city needs to get the money from somewhere. The house I am in the process of buying is in Treeland on the Trumbull/Stratford border. 10 years ago, the current owners paid 110,000 and are now asking well over 250. Yeah, Bridgeport is a horrible place to live.
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I grew up on the East Side of Bridgeport during the late fifties or sixties.It was a great place.Later we moved to the West Side(not so nice back then).I left because of the horrible climate not because of anything else.
Flag Thu Jan 3, 2013
Linda A. Cap…, Agent, East Norwalk, CT
Wed Nov 14, 2007
Lake Forest in the North end or Black Rock. You will probably find a wider variety of properties (2-3 Bedrooms)in the $200-250 range in Lake Forest, since Black Rock has been the "Hot Spot" for a while now with the new train station going in, prices may be a bit higher. Lake Forest is Bridgeport's best kept secret offering a wonderful private lake community complete with an 80 acre lake for fishing, boating and swimming, 2 private beaches, boat docks and a clubhouse available to members for parties and gatherings accommodating up to 150 guests, and Bridgeport's only active neighborhood watch. Visit my website and http://www.LakeForestAssociation.com for additional information about the association and the neighborhood. Hope this helps. If I can answer any further questions, please feel free to contact me via email or my cell (203)515-0277. Kindest regards, Linda Cappello, Realtor, GRI, ABR, Notary
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Heather Fitz…, Agent, North Haven, CT
Fri Jul 24, 2009

To answer this question honestly and as a friend, please call us. Both my partner Heather Izzo and myself David Lemel feel there are probably more intimate questions you may have, regarding crime, education and other tid bits that make up what areas may be of interest in finding a place to live... We would love to take care of you and answer all your questions. Our Job is to Make Our Clients Happy, and That is What we Will Always Do! We are Team Powerhouse and are available at: David 203-671-7062 or Heather 203-868-6493
Web Reference:  http://www.ctpowerhouse.com
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Linda A. Cap…, Agent, East Norwalk, CT
Wed Oct 15, 2008
Hello Pamela,
Are you still just looking or closer to buying. I live in Lake Forest and I'm also familiar with Brooklawn and Black Rock. Since you first inquired about buying, the prices have come down quite a bit and there are many good buys out there in all these areas.

I would love to earn your business and help you find a home close enough to your mother in law.

Kindest regards,
Linda Cappello
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Annie, , Bridgeport, CT
Wed Oct 15, 2008
I could not find a way to respond to Andrea's quite negative statements about Bridgeport, so I thought I might kill two birds with one stone. I could understand some folks feeling some what negative towrds the City and how the politicians have chosen to spend city funds and how to allocate them. However; I take offense to this obvious ignorant person comments about the scums of the earth living here. I wish she could tell my Professor ,who lives in the Brooklawn area most his life, this stupid comment! He taught at Harvard University 30 years and at the age of 87 years young chooses to teach at Univerity of Bridgeport. Or Perhaps she could tell a judge who lives on my street at LakeSide Drive, the many teachers and attorney's, accountant's, and White collar executives who live here as well. I am an educated busines woman and felt sick to my stomach at this person's comment. How dare she think for other people. Has it ever occured to you some people might live here for the bueauty surrounding us. I wake up every morning to the beautiful view of Lake Forest. We have a club house and a private beach in our area for residents. Inaddition, to these blessing's my children have the opportuniy to attend the Westport public school system, by virtue of a program called Open Choice. They were the first two children chosen for this program. My husband and I combined make well over $250,000. I paid sixteen years ago $119,000.00 fo rmy house and have had several oppotunities to move out of this neighborhood. While looking in these surrounding towns I have come across one too many pretencious people such as yourself. On the otherhand, The neighbors where I live are wonderful retired Dentist, Business owners, lawyers etc. Never once have I ever come across a scum of the earth as you have such stated!!!!!!! It seems odd to me that someone who has not lived in Bridgeport could judge those who live here in such a derogatory manner. I guess Bridgeport should consider itself fortunate not to have Andrea as one of our upper class reidents. In the future think before you speak and offend. others!!!
Annie Lae Forest Resident ( By Choice) of 17 years
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Gail Robinson, Agent, Fairfield, CT
Fri May 30, 2008
I specialize in the Black Rock section of Bridgeport. I've lived in Black Rock for the past 30 years and 99% of my real estate business is focused on Black Rock. For more information please visit the Black Rock Community Blog at http://www.blackrockonline.org
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Eric Schuell, Agent, Milford, CT
Thu Feb 14, 2008
Although, any area is what you make of it, I suggest looking in the Black Rock area. There is a new train station being built. There are many new commercial/mixed use developments coming, including one of the largest ever built in CT history. If you would like some additional information, don't hesitate to email me at eric.schuell@era.com
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Martin, Home Seller, Stratford, CT
Thu Dec 6, 2007
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