what are the first steps to buying a home?

Asked by Alisadaly86, Goodyear, AZ Sat Mar 3, 2012

What all do i need yo have and do to purchase my first home?

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Bill Parker,…, , Scottsdale, AZ
Sun Mar 4, 2012
Hi Alisa:

Let's see if we can get away from the generalities and down to the details, so you actually have a roadmap...

There is the lending side and then, obviously (see below), the real estate side to buying. We lenders tend to deal in the very specific details involved in getting you qualified TO BUY (it is why my CPA/anal side comes in so handy in this profession... lol), whereas realtors are more in tune to WHAT you buy.

I believe the first step is to call a lender, such as myself, and go over all the details of your past, current and future financial position, as well as what it is you want to accomplish. I talk about the four pillars of lending--CCIA--Credit, Collateral, Income and Assets. Each of them comes with many details, too numerous to discuss here, but that is why you call and/or meet with a good lender.

Credit--we will pull your credit report and determine if there are any past or present issues which need addressing. There are certain levels of credit scores which qualify you for certain loan products. If you are not there currently, then we work to get you there. The credit report is free. So, you need to have a MORTGAGE credit report pulled and analyzed by a loan originator. (I recommend a licensed and bonded mortgage loan originator, which you will not find at a big bank or credit union, by the way...)

Collateral--this one just means the home you finally buy is worth enough to support the loan you want. This will involve an appraisal, once you find the home.

Income--We go over the past 2 years of income to see if it has been stable. We look at your current income to see if it is enough to qualify you for the loan you want/need. We look ahead three years, if the income is temporary. We look at your debts and determine which ones count against you and which do not. So, for this you need to produce recent pay stubs and W-2s.

Assets--For this one, we look at the sources for your down payment. Different loan products require different percentages of the purchase price be paid up front by you. Different loan products allow portions of the down payment to be gifted, others do not. We also discuss the closing costs and prepaids, and if you will pay them, get a gift, or ask the seller to help you. For this, you will need to have recent bank statements and other proof of money available.

That is about it, Alisa, and others. It sounds like a good deal of information, and it is, but with a good, no, great loan officer, it should all go rather smoothly. Then you go out and find the home of your dreams, knowing you are totally prepared!!

Have fun!! That is how the home buying process should feel!
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Maria Gilda…, Agent, Manchester, CT
Sun Mar 4, 2012
Dear Alisadaly86,

Once you have determined whether buying or renting is the option which is suggested by Don, I would like you to watch this video I made for my first-time buyers. Hopefully, you can learn something from it.

Good Luck.

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Don Tepper, Agent, Burke, VA
Sat Mar 3, 2012
First step is to determine whether buying or renting works best for you.

Second step is to find a Realtor to work with. Find out what's available, what price ranges they're in, where they're located.

Third step (virtually simultaneous with the second step) is to visit a loan officer or mortgage broker. Find out what your credit's like and what you can be approved for. (Note: A prequalification letter at this point may be premature. For example, let's say you want to buy and the minimum you'd settle for costs $150,000 and you're only qualified up to $135,000, then it wouldn't make any sense to get a prequal letter for $135,000. You'd want to address any credit issues you could in order to qualify for a higher amount.)

Fourth, work on whatever you discover in the third step, above. Then, get a prequal letter.

Fifth, start looking for houses.

Hope that helps.
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Claire-Anne…, Agent, Indianapolis, IN
Sun Mar 4, 2012
First you should make certain your credit is in check, so pre-qualify with your lender, find out if there are any red flags on your credit. If there are, work towards correcting matters. Then find out what you can EASILY afford. I say easily bcz home ownership is more than just paying the mortgage, there is insurance to consider, utilities, and, of course home maintenance.
Once yo have an idea of what you can afford, look to where you want to live. Assess your needs vs wants. Do you need to be closer to work or the kids' school? Do you want a large yard or a finished basement...you get the idea. Rank them by importance.
Find a great agent. Before I became an agent I would go to open houses and interview the agents holding the open house - not with them knowing it. I liked to see if they became frazzled with questions, if they hemmed and hawed while answering, all these things mattered to me and helped me pick knowledgeable agents to handle my transactions.
After that it is all about finding THE place to call home. And then it is off t the races: You extend an offer, formally sign your loan application, wait for it all to be processed, get potential new home inspected, obtain finalized costs sheet from lender, go to closing, sign about a hundred different lines, and finally, walk away with the keys to your new home.

Hope that helps!
Good luck!!
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Shawn Scray, Agent, Green Bay, WI
Sat Mar 3, 2012
You're first step would be to obtain a pre-qualification letter from a lender. I have a few I work with locally that can help you. Once that's done, you will know the price range for the home you can afford. I can then set up a customized database to feed directly into your email with homes that match your criteria. I have all the resources you'll need to purchase your first home and even have a first time buyers package put together I can leave you to review and help answer some questions. I'd love the opportunity to work with in buying a home that meets your needs. I can be reached at 623-696-0228 and live in the West Valle so it would be easy to meet!

Best Regards,
@Home Properties and Management
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Anna M Brocco, Agent, Williston Park, NY
Sat Mar 3, 2012
If purchasing with a mortgage, visit with any licensed loan officer to determine qualfication; be aware that a mortgage pre-approval letter is required in order to determine your price range and for any offers to be taken seriously. Also choose an agent to work with, he/she will be your best guide.
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