should I work with more than 1 agent at a time?

Asked by Jefffox1951, Northridge, CA Wed Nov 7, 2012

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Caroline Harabedian’s answer
Caroline Har…, Agent, Northridge, CA
Mon Nov 12, 2012
I would say to never work with more than one agent at a time. If you don't like what one agent is doing for you, tell them you don't want to work with them anymore. They will appreciate you more. It is definitely one of the hardest things to show someone houses for a while, only to find out they went and bought something with another agent. Be upfront with your agents. Also, if your agent is sure you are only working with them, they are more inclined to work harder for you, rather than just assuming you will go with someone else, so might as well not work hard to find you a good deal, or the best home.
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James Deskins, Agent, Worthington, OH
Mon Nov 12, 2012
Hey Jeff,

I doubt you could find agents would would agree to "share" you if they knew. Any agent worth his salt would not "share" you with somebody else. If an agent would agree to share you it's probably because they are new and/or inexperienced or not very successful.
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John Walin, Agent, Libertyville, IL
Sat Nov 10, 2012
working with an agent isnt like buying a car. There are fiduciary care responsibilities, place client interests ahead of our own, confidential forever. Any realtor knows the ethics and as soon as a buyer has seen other homes with another agent, that gives pause as to why are they talking to me. Estrangement or neglect from the agent is a good reason to change agents. If you are thinking a agent only wants to sell their listings you are mistaken. if you think having more than one agent will make sure you dont miss anything, that also is mistaken. I expect reciprocal loyalty and dont want to have to count on getting lucky becuse the actual house you liked was shown to you by another agent.
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James Sanchez, Agent, Burbank, CA
Wed Nov 7, 2012
Not really.... BUT if your agent isn't doing everything they should, then have a talk with them, break it off and work with someone else. Working with more than one agent is like your agent showing you a house that you really like and want to buy and as soon as you drive away from that house...They meet a different buyer show them the same house and sell it to them. You probably wouldn't be to happy with that, you would probably call their broker and also call them a couple of nice words while your at it.

Real Estate is like a relationship between an agent and their client... Like a husband, wife... Boyfriend, girlfriend kind of deal.... as soon as that trust is gone and their is no communication then the relationship is over. It could be built back up...but mostly likely not. Save yourself the headache... don't two time an agent... A good agent will recognize when one of their clients is cheating... it's not hard to figure out.
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Cindy Davis, Agent, San Diego, CA
Wed Nov 7, 2012
NO, NO NO, NO NO! It's not fair to the agents, AND it's not fair to you. You will never get the best of any Realtor if they don 't feel you are consistent and loyal. There is a relationship that develops whereby your Realtor of choice really learns about you and your preferences. That will stand you in good stead as you pursue your search.

Once I really know my clients, I will do previews, make calls for off the market homes, and do things that I won't do with a casual, not too serious client.

If despite the feedback you receive, you do choose to work with more than one agent, I suggest you at least be honest with the Realtors whose time you take up.
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Debra (Debbi…, Agent, Livingston, NJ
Wed Nov 7, 2012
Well - you might work with more than 1 agent if you're looking in different areas, but if concentrating on a specific area, one agent should be sufficient.

You need a local expert - and the definition of "local area experts" can differ from place to place.

In my area, we don't usually cover more than a 5 -10 miles radius - and that's a wide expanse!
Some agents just work 1 town, and are not terribly active in adjoining towns.

In some parts of the country, from what I have seen online, that isn't the case, and agents can and do cover a wider spectrum.

Once you find someone with whom you feel comfortable.......give them your loyalty.

Best wishes.............
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Nadia Rajabi, Agent, Woodland Hills, CA
Wed Nov 7, 2012
No, you should not. No competent Realtor would want to work with you this way. By this approach, you can be assured you won't get the effort you should get from your agent even if he/she agrees to. You can stop working with who you choose if you are not happy but working with more than one agent at the same time does not make any sense as it does not bring you any advantage or benefit.

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The Stephen…, Agent, Portland, OR
Wed Nov 7, 2012
No. There isn't anything 1 good agent can't do for you that 2 agents could. It is a give and take relationship and most agents won't appreciate the competition if they are working hard for you.
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Alyssa Fry, Agent, Studio City, CA
Wed Nov 7, 2012
Assuming that you are not an investor, working with more than one agent is really just a great way to receive the same information over and over. We all have access to primarily the same information through the MLS and therefore any listings you will see will most likely be the same from each agent. I do highly recommend interviewing various agents, reading any recommendations they may have on sites like these or their personal websites, talking to various people whose opinion you trust. But the bottom line is that it may take working a couple agents to find the one whose style best suits what you are looking for in an agent. Some people really like the personal touch and others just want the agent to do the job in a very professional aloof way. Know ahead of time what you like out of people you will be working closely with and that will make it much easier!
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Barbara Gran…, Agent, Anaheim, CA
Wed Nov 7, 2012
Hi Jeff,

There is no advantage to working with multiple agents as it only wastes everyone's time, including yours. Ask friends and family members for referrals of agents who are knowledgeable in the area where you are looking to buy. Talk to a few different agents. Most agents don't mind the interview process if it will assure your loyalty to them.

Best of Luck,

Barbara Grandolfo
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Susan Bo'ur, Agent, Manhattan Beach, CA
Wed Nov 7, 2012
It really is to your benefit to work with only one Realtor..of course you should interview several, so you're comfortable with that person.
Susan Bo'ur
Realtor/Coldwell Banker
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Lance King, Agent, San Francisco, CA
Wed Nov 7, 2012
In my opinion, no agent or broker worth having would knowingly work with a buyer with this approach. We work WAY to hard for our clients to do it on anything other than an exclusive basis, and the end result for you if you do it this way - unless you don't let them know they aren't the only one which is slimy in my view - is you'll get less than half the effort of both.

Your best bet is to find someone really good. And if you decide you don't like the one your hired feel free to fire them and hire someone else, but don't waste your time and theirs by handling it that way.
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Ron Thomas, Agent, Fresno, CA
Wed Nov 7, 2012
This would be like trying to paint a wall with a paint roller in each hand:
Do you think that one Realtor would have access to LISTINGS that the other Realtors do not have?
Do you think that this smacks of LOYALTY on your part?
Would you like to be treated like that?
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