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Asked by Zen Pyatt, New Braunfels, TX Sat May 10, 2008

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Dale Weir, Agent, Chesterfield, MO
Sat May 10, 2008
You need to have your Realtor do the comps on the home to determine if it is priced correctly or not. If the home is already very well priced (ie below market value )and you come in with a low bid, you will just insult them, unless they are truly desperate. if they aren't desperate and can afford to wait, they will either not answer you back at all (which is an answer) or they will come back close to a full price offer (some if truly insulted will come back over their list price). As Brian noted, if you really insult them, then they may not want to deal with you at all. I would put together a letter about your family, describing yourselves and why their house is the perfect house for you, to put with your offer. If someone truly loves their home, they sometimes accept a lower offer because of emotions. BUT, if they need all the money out of this one to pay off their mortgage or if they are already paying 2 mortgages, they will not be swayed by emotions, but by their pocketbook.

Each market area is different. In St Louis, different neighborhoods are different. I've got areas where the prices NEVER dropped and continued to climb. Other areas where prices stabilized over a year ago and are moving back up. A good home, that is correctly priced for it's condition, location and amenities is still selling in less than a week in my area. Ask your realtor to do the comps and let you know what the absorption rate is - ie how many homes typically sell in a year in that area, then how many are now on the market (ie how many months worth of inventory are on the market). That puts reality in the picture. If 2 homes sell in that area in a year and there are 6 homes on the market, you have a 3 year supply on hand. when faced with those facts, a home has to be better than all the others in order to win the prize (ie your winning contract)
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Brian Korb, , Littleton, CO
Sat May 10, 2008
You can offer the seller anything you like. The only thing you have to be worried about is if you really want the house, your offer can't affend the seller. Because then they might not want to sell you the house no matter what you offer. If you really can't afford the house and have one that you like and can afford, then I say offer them the same as what you can get the other house for and let them know that you really like the house, but can only afford this much if they can't meet you at your price you will have to buy the other house. It is also good to look up when and what they paid for the house with your local county assessors office (this is public information). This can also help you in understanding their situation by knowing when and how much they paid for the house.
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Bay Jackson, , Shreveport, LA
Mon May 26, 2008
Zenilde....Congrats! You are on your way to being a homeowner. Be sure to do a thorough inspection on the property by a licensed inspector. Your realtor will take care of this. Best of luck.
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Zen Pyatt, Home Buyer, New Braunfels, TX
Mon May 26, 2008
Well, I made a offer in the house, for $166.000,00 and the seller accepet, thanks for every one answer!
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