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Asked by sofia12, Santa Clara, CA Mon Feb 1, 2010

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Finn, Renter, Calabasas Ridge, Calabasas, CA
Tue May 1, 2012
sofia, i've been working with them and they've been very helpful. you have to qualify though. some people won't qualify if they have bad credit.
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Thats funny. On their websites it says they will help you regardless of your credit situation. Sounds phony to me...
Flag Sat Oct 5, 2013
Ownerwiz is a complete scam, please do not waste your time. I worked with them for about 5 months and quit because of how dishonest the program was. It definately did not fit in with my spiritual beliefs. I'll warn anyone about it.
Flag Sat May 4, 2013
Truthmanp, Home Owner, Atlanta, GA
Sat Jan 22, 2011

This e-mail is to inform you on the fact that Ownerwiz - Rent To Own Program is a complete "Marketing Scam/Ripoff"!!!

It's under the misleading direction of Ed Zimbardi, who goes by the fake name Robert James, and his power hungry, not to mention "frivolous" wife, Brenda Zimbardi!!

They've ripped off so many individuals for their hard earned $39.95 until it's ridiculous. The sad part about it is "they" themselves don't lift a finger to do it, they prey on individuals who are in need of making a way to earn a living to do it for them.

Please warn everyone you know about this ridiculous sham of a get up posing as a legitimate company!!! You will get burned and robbed!

They are located at 935 Hwy 124 Suite 212 - Braselton, Ga 30517
I've even driven by there for myself and have seen what they drive. Below are their tag numbers.

Dark Navy Blue Mercedes SUV - GL450 (BLR6810) - Gwinnett County Tag
Black Mercedes Hard Top Car CLK550 (BLT9924) - Gwinnett County Tag

You have been warned,
The Truth
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Can you contact me? I have been having problems with ownerwiz and they are also now based out of Duluth, GA now. I need to find out if these two are the same. On the BBB they have the same phone numbers. I have filed a report with BBB and the FTC. I have something else up my sleeve also and do not want to post it. Please contact me at
Thank you.
Flag Sat Dec 7, 2013
You are totally right about them being complete and total scammers!!!!
The reviews you see proving them may very well be the realators or those that work for them posting positive reviews. They promise a list of homes in your area and then you get a phone call from a credit repair agent who wants money to help you repair your credit.
My credit score is 720. I don't need any credit repair so I cut the guy on the line short and asked when do I ge the list? He gave me a number 678-280-9141 that just leaves you on hold listening to crappy, warped music tracks!!!
After 25 minutes on hold I was transferred to a voice mail box with no identifying information in the message.
Flag Wed May 23, 2012
S.R., Home Buyer, New York, NY
Tue Mar 27, 2012
Hey Sofia,

I had a GREAT experience with Ownerwiz. It does take a while to hear back from them (after the initial profile setup is processed and also while they match you with an investor). The waiting period is obviously something they need to improve on, and something that would result in fewer people getting upset. But the truth is that the people commenting here are people who got frustrated during the wait and jumped to conclusions.

It is definitely NOT a scam. They've helped me as well as tons of people get into homes when they otherwise wouldn't have been able to. But the process does take time, and requires patience - something fewer and fewer people have these days. :)
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How do you know they've helped "TONS" of people? Sounds to me like you and Ginny both work for them.
Flag Thu Mar 28, 2013
Ginny, Home Buyer, Washington County, CO
Mon May 7, 2012
Ya Sophia, I've worked with them. If you have decent credit, then they will be the best thing that's ever happened to you. If you have credit problems, then don't expect them to be able to help. Years and years of bad financial decisions can't be fixed overnight. People with bad credit will not qualify for the program, so don't sign up and pay the money unless you are in a situation credit-wise where you are actually capable of being approved for a regular mortgage.

If you have good credit, the fee is more than worth it. If you have bad credit, you'll pay the money only to find out you don't qualify. Just know that beforehand and you can make your decision accordingly.

The program is there to help people who already have decent credit to get into a home without requiring the huge down payment that a regular mortgage loan requires. This can be a lifesaver for some potential home buyers.

Best of luck!
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if you have decent credit why do you need them you'd qualify foe an fha mortgage?
Flag Mon Sep 2, 2013
Dan, Home Owner, South Canaan, CT
Mon Apr 16, 2012
I got my home because of them. For me, using them was the best thing I could have done. Otherwise, I'd still be renting - throwing my money down the drain each month.

Renting to own is best for people who have ok credit or better. If you've got totally jacked up credit, I don't think even Ownerwiz will be able to get you a home. Which makes me wonder about the credit situations of some of others who have left comments? Just a thought.
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I have so so credit and they are willing to work with me as long as I work with a credit repair agency. Which is fine for me. Work with Lexington Law, though, because they seem to abide by the rules.
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Heidi, Renter, Trommald, MN
Mon May 14, 2012
If you don't have enough money to take on a mortgage, they help you find a home that you can rent to own. They match you with a bunch of different homes, and then they'll help get all the funding done so that you can get it by renting to own instead of buying it from the beginning.
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Ownerwiz is a complete scam, please do not waste your time. I worked with them for about 5 months and quit because of how dishonest the program was. It definately did not fit in with my spiritual beliefs. I'll warn anyone about it.
Flag Sat May 4, 2013
You still have to have the down payment though and they don't help with that. They say they have a down payment assistant program which is nothing more than a payday loan for up to $1000
Flag Thu Jun 7, 2012
Brian Stfran…, Home Buyer, Northbridge, MA
Mon Dec 5, 2011
they got me for 109 and told me that once we had down payment we would be paired to an investor and long and behold after being told the grass was greener where we were we were quickly shot back to the brown side of the grass and told it would cost 250 to cancel..eve tho we were told it was a 1 time fee and now it's a monthly charge..called attorney and closing bank account..these people are truly thieves..DON'T FALL FOR THEIR SCAM..hope this helps someone down the road who is traveling the same road so u don't end up like who would have thought someone who's trying to better himself and make a better living for his family can be suckered so bad..u see the lighted path and jump..they pull the path out from under you..should have known nice people can't get a fair shake in life..
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Isaac44, Home Buyer, Beach Lake, PA
Tue May 22, 2012
I've been using them. Definitely go with Ownerwiz if you decide to rent to own. For some, it's ideal. But if you have bad credit, you won't qualify for a mortgage OR a rent to own contract, so just keep that in mind.
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Heil.theresa, Home Buyer,
Wed Jan 11, 2012
I just want to say thank you to what would seem as the unfortunate people in this scenario. I thank fully havent had the money to pay for the "full" service, which would be a one time $100 fee. Everytime my friend tries to call for answers (as she was skeptical) it rings, rings, rings, or goes to voicemail. The only correspondence I've had with a rep is through email and when you try to call his number, voicemail. Based off of everyones comments, they WILL NOT be getting my money. Thank you everyone for your help on this matter.
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Gerard Carney, Agent, Spring Hill, FL
Fri Jun 17, 2011
This is Spam and has been reported to trulia, you can do this in you Blog but not here!
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Momof2, Home Buyer, Los Angeles, CA
Thu May 12, 2011
Thank you all for your comments. They quoted me $109 to enroll and I appreciate all you have written especially Truthmanp.

Thanks again.
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Melanie Koeb…, , Chandler, AZ
Fri Apr 22, 2011
I paid the fee also. I have left messages and no refund. I am awaiting a call back from the Supervisor. Report them to the Attorney General in your state. Also file a complaint with the bbb.
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79bears, Renter, Chicago, IL
Mon Jan 3, 2011
100% scam
I could not get ahold of them
Drove to their office which doesnt exist
Go to a real estate agent
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James, Home Buyer, Rosemead, CA
Mon Oct 25, 2010
Yes, I have experienced the shaft! I signed up to check them out and cancelled the very next day. They took $40 from my account and I am still getting the shaft! They are very rude and accuse me of lying and cussing at them (I yelled, but not cussed!). They hang up on me every time I try to explain my situation to them. I believe they "earn" their living scamming people $40 at a time. Beware!
Web Reference:  http://ownerwiz.xom
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Dan Chase, Home Buyer, Texas City, TX
Mon Mar 22, 2010
Look for Don Tepper's answers to questions on here.…

He has answered a lot of questions covering rent (or lease) to own. Going through his Q&A replies on his profile for 3 weeks you should find a lot of useful info.

p.s. I thought owner wiz meant using the back lawn instead of the toilet for relief. From experience that works fine in a low populated area.
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Karen Parsons…, Agent, Laguna Beach, CA
Mon Mar 22, 2010
Hi Sofia,

This makes me nervous. Most states have two ways to do this correctly. One is a lease-option which gives you the right to purchase, and the other is a land contract which is really and installment-type of purchase.

I would really recommend that you speak to a Real Estate Attorney. There are some problems with this. What if you give an extra $500/month to be able to buy the home later...then the home owner defaults on their loan, you have no recourse.....

It's a big commitment.....please be careful how you handle this and don't trust.....veryify! I wish you well!

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Ed, Home Buyer, Colorado
Mon Mar 22, 2010
I have been to the site and sent in my ID's on some homes they said I would be contacted and so far not a word what is up with that.
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Hey Ed,

It took me a few days to hear back from them. I checked the site and they do say that it takes anywhere between a couple of days and two weeks for this initial part of the process to be completed. Once I heard back, the process went very smoothly and they were extremely helpful.
Flag Tue Mar 27, 2012
Truthhurts, Home Buyer, New York, NY
Thu Aug 21, 2014
Complete Scam..... i worked for them for over a year and they never got one person in a house. Want revenge for being scammed. .... Cathy Marmolejo phone number 678 558-6732 and make sure you add her on Facebook. Even call Ed Zimbardi the owner at 678 794-0002 or his wife Brenda Z at 678 794-8056 and demand your money back. We are trained to scam people. There aren't any investors and the sales people are trained not to use that word.... even though it says it on the Website.
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Wila419, Home Buyer, Nashua, NH
Wed Mar 26, 2014
$995 dollars later and working with Lexington law and still NOTHING................. PLEASE DON'T TRUST THEM... DON'T LET WHAT HAPPEND TO ME HAPPEN TO YOU..
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Wila419, Home Buyer, Nashua, NH
Wed Mar 26, 2014
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Wila419, Home Buyer, Nashua, NH
Wed Mar 26, 2014
Please don't use rent own. I have lost so much money on this program and I am still in my old home. I have spoken To a lady by the name of Kathy and one by the name of Heather. These two ladies convince me in sending them $995.00 bank check which I did. And like I stated earlier I am still in my old home. These people LIED to me and I wonder how many more people have fallen in this mess.




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Wila419, Home Buyer, Nashua, NH
Wed Mar 26, 2014
Please don't u rent own. I have lost so much money on this program and I am still in my old home. I have spoken To a lady by the name of Kathy and one by the name of Heather. These two ladies convince me in sending them $995.00 bank check which I did. And like I stated earlier I am still in my old home. These people LIED to me and I wonder how many more people have fallen in this mess.



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I am not working with them due to continued contradicting statements. I am only working with Lexington Law, which has greatly improved my credit score within weeks of working with them. I am working with a realtor who is great Jessica Mendoza is a great person to deal with, she's honest, which is a trait that is great among realtors. She is in the Orlando area, and I greatly ask that you work with her, because she gives it to new home seekers honestly, straight forward and no back talking.
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syreeta n ne…, Renter, 46806
Fri Mar 7, 2014
They are not good at all please keep your money I just gave them 1,000 dollars and they could not find me a house,
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I KNOW I AM IN THE SAME POSITION, FIRST THEY TOLD ME I HAD TO WORK WITH Lexington LAW TOFIX MY CREDIT. Which I did, I was with them for about 1 year and half. Got a new credit card and all and still these F**** could not find me a home. so almost $2000 later and still at my old place.. OWNERWIZ RENT TO OWN YOU SUCK..
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REbert-Myers, Home Buyer, Orlando, FL
Sat Feb 15, 2014
I am working with Lexington Law firm right now, found through OwnerWiz's website. When Brenda gave me a number that I could not directly contact her by, raised some red flags. Reading all of these comments, and others online, has made me very leery about working with OwnerWiz to get the house I have been looking at. I will however be working with Lexington Law and my real estate broker to get me into the house of my dreams. I just hope we can do it very quickly because the house I want just got foreclosed on and might be re-entering at a great price.
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kenneth jack…, Home Buyer, Oak Park, MI
Sun Feb 2, 2014
I was so excited and believed that I would be linked to property owners who were willing to rent with the option to buy. However, I discovered that Owner Wiz assist customers with creating financial profiles, and suggest that you sign up with Lexington Law to improve your credit score. However, after you have done all that, you may never be connected with a property owner with a home for rent. It is up to the customer to use the profile that was created to contact realtors, or property owners in hopes that they will be interested in renting to you. You may also, receive information about Owner Wiz's realtor company or a realtor they are associated with in your area, to prequalify for a home purchase. I am very disappointed because the customer support, or information I received before paying $100 + for a 2 year membership to access is all you will receive. If you think you will be linked with rent to own homes, it is highly probable that you will not. You will not be linked with people who have low rent homes with the option to buy. Don't waste your money unless you want to receive a list of homes in a specific area, within a certain price range. Do you really need to pay for that?

Lincoln Park, MI
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Anisia Morton, Home Buyer, 11550
Sat Jan 18, 2014
Lexington Law the credit repair agency they work with, are very good. Ownerwiz is alright, as of right now I'd give them a 4 & I just started seeing properties. They ask you to do alot of leg work and you should check your states rent to own laws before you purchase a membership. Certain states like New York are very hard to rent to own in and the areas that I've checked out so far, have not been empoveraged but they do need to do more due diligence with there listings. I would not call them a scam company just yet but I repeat, you must check your states rent to own laws, to make sure this program will work for you!!!
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Anisia Morton, Home Buyer, 11550
Sat Jan 18, 2014
Lexington Law there credit repair agency is very good. Ownerwiz is alright. The ask you tovdo alot of leg work and you should check your states rent to own laws before you purchase a membership. Certain states like New York are very hard to rent to own in.
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Dreaney Peaks, Home Buyer, Pittsburgh, PA
Fri Nov 8, 2013
It is a scam company they send you these ratchet listings if home in impoveshed areas and the homes are ragady. It looks good from the way they advertise it but it is not. I have been trying to get a refund since April of 2013. I looked at the services the first day and turned right around and cancelled and asked for a refund and I did before the time was up in thirty days . I spikw to a lady by the name of Cathy who handles accounts for refund she sent me a form to fill out and on the form you had to state the reasons why you did not want the companies services and I was told by Cathy aftwr she received my form that my reason for not wantung the services were not valid , therefore I do not qualify for the refund. Now what kind of crap is that. I wrote "Listings were not condusive to what I was looking for and also the company was trying to force me to go through their credit repair program and I called and tried to get a refund before 30 days of my purchase and no one calked me back when I left messages." So I had got so busy with my life I totally forgot about it but ran across the form I had filled out and filed aeay so today 11/8/2013, I decided to calk the company agaun and still the same results. SO BEWARE STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY THEY ARE NOT BBB RATED AND THEY ARE SCAM ARTIST!
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minoo.malik, Renter, 19462
Fri Oct 4, 2013
Yes, very recent. When I was told to sign up, I was never told that 79.99 is only to create the dam profile. Before that I had told the rep that I don't have a good credit because of Nigerian scam and I am working through it and have enrolled with credit repair and everything even though it wasn't my fault, my credit still got screwed because of this identity theft that turned out to be someone from nigeria and government doesn't help.
I don't have any down payment, I have a good job and can pay 2 months of rent up front that is all and told my scores upfront and said everything truthfully, I was assured that the process of 30-40 days to get into your home.
Never told that I would have to pay the extra amount to help find the homes and their packages will have to be purchased separately. When I called to checkup my status that is when Kathy, one of the B**** supervisor was total rude and condescending and accused me of being an idiot basically.
This is great service!!!!!!!!!! This is a scam because they say that they specialize in poor and bad credit and email that they send with the made up story oh I was in your situation...blah blah blah and was turned away from getting a home even to rent BS.
This is why they are scam. If you have okay and good credit you don't need these types of services unless you really don't want to move a finger to search a home. I would suggest you to work with the realtor rather than these scam artists. No wonder they can afford expensive tastes by stealing, lying and cheating people who are in need.
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I agree with you, 100%, what is presented and what is actually delivered will not meet your needs. Please invest your money with a professional realty company with integrity, and a high BBB rating.
Flag Sun Feb 2, 2014
Taz0923, Home Buyer, Tulsa, OK
Fri Apr 19, 2013
I spoke with them they seem legit. I just don't have the $12.99 to get started today or want to sign up for the $99.99 per month for them to fix my credit score. They really were not telling me that they would help me get in a home, just that they would fix my credit. Not what I need right now - maybe later. I did not get the idea they this was a scam though. Just my two cents. Tricia
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Andretta K R…, Agent, Oak Lawn, IL
Sat Mar 16, 2013
Beware, however if you contact me I can get you a reputable company that does rent options. 708-774-1485
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Tina Perin, Agent, Bend, OR
Sat Mar 16, 2013
This is a SCAM! Beware!!!!! They hacked our Craigslist ad. I have only been able to flag in 4 states and there have been over 100 posts using an ad we have listing our house for sale. I would NOT trust them. They have extremely questionable business practices.
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what do you mean they hacked you ads? I am broker in Chicago, I just learned they took my ads, made it part of theirs in every city in the USA. They left my name and broker name on each ad.
Flag Sun Jul 28, 2013
ladyelspeth_…, Home Buyer, Tampa, FL
Wed Feb 27, 2013
I signed up 4 days ago... did the credit report for a dollar.. the site looped me back around to the beginning and after re-entering the same info again it sent me to another place to get a credit report.. and a third. I sent a message to their help site asking how to get past this glitch and they replied back with a call telling me that I needed credit repair even though my report was 697 which is considered good. The girl asked me how my score got so bad??? Which i replied to that i just bought a car but i had a long standing job and residence was steady, I paid my bills on time and was paying off my credit card. There was nothing wrong with my credit that could be repaired. She asked me what I had that was good on the report, I asked like what? She repeated, like buying a car, living in one place for a long time, steady work history, paying my bills on time... -.- I had just told her those things. So they dont listen at all.
The next day they sent me a new link.. it takes me to ANOTHER place to get a credit score and then they send me to a place to contact some people to fix my credit score again. So I told them to just stop, I would go to Fannie Mae or Freddy Mac and get a house that way.
My reply came from some odd email saying he was the owner and wanted to help me. I said if you want to help me stop trying to dollar me to death and send my house lists. He sent me a link... guess what it was to? another credit report company. After calling to cancel the (no questions asked) credit report today I spent a good 20 minutes trying to get them to just cancel my account. The gentleman lowered the cost of my $29.95 report to $12.95 then down to $4.95 before he finally said ok I will close the account.

amazingly I have not gotten any emails from this company since I told them I was going to search their scam history on the website and see what came up.
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debbie.doyle…, Home Buyer, Philadelphia, PA
Tue Feb 5, 2013
Hi Everyone,
I'm sorry,I'm quite new here. I'm just wondering of rent to own terms all this time,is it better than buying from mortgage? What happens if I already completed all of the payments? Who will give the certificate of ownership of the home when I've completed my payments? Thank you,please send me email if you want to leave an answer,my email is Have a nice day!
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lah1963uandi, Home Buyer, Cottonwood, CA
Mon Oct 15, 2012
how do u get there number to contact them
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Heather Emer…, Renter, Newburyport, MA
Tue Aug 14, 2012
They have made it seem that even though we have non-perfect credit we can still qualify by signing up with a credit repair law firm. We have been repairing our own credit over the last 3 years more successfully ourselves than having any assistance ever did. so I am hesitant to commit to what might be just big law bills. I feel that we are perfect candidates for rent-to-own, but then I heard that we would need to have $2500 for each $100,000 dollars for the house. If we had that,. we could afford to rent on our own! A sudden requirement to move due to a returning landlord who wants to move back in has put us in a bad situation and everyone around here wan'ts a first month, last month, and full month security deposit, not to mention moving costs, which around here will easily add up to the $10,000 that might end up being required by this supposed buyer (when I asked if we had to pay the downpayment up front they said "no - we just need your paystubs yet clearly this isn't the case if others on here are right).
How can a person safely pursue rent to own? Is it even possible?
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Christina St…, Renter, Saint Louis, MO
Mon Jul 9, 2012
they are a rip off. they promise you many things but do not follow through with them. once your seven day trial membership with them is over they will autommatically start charging you $39.99 per month. they will not allow you to cancel your membership. you have to deal with your bank in order to stop automatic payments to them.
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sofia12, Home Seller, Santa Clara, CA
Thu Jun 7, 2012
I'm the one who originally asked the question and ended up signing up with them so can give the complete answer on what this company says it does and what is actually does.

It was explained to me as a "rent to own program" which follows the following process:

1.) You pick out a house
2.) An investor buys it and turns around and rents it to you
3.) At this time an agreement is drawn up that specifies when you will buy it from him and at what price. This gives you time to clean up your credit, qualify for a loan, and save for a down payment. The agreement also specifies that part of the rent you're paying goes into an escrow account to pay for closing costs and go towards your down payment.

Sounds pretty good, right?

Wrong... one thing you don't find out until AFTER you pay the $109.99 is that you have to have a down payment for the investor to buy the house in the first place!

If you're looking at a home price range of $100k, your down payment would be $2,500
If you're looking at a home price range of $300K, your down payment would be $7000-$10000

When I signed up, nobody said anything about a down payment. I was told that I would ONLY have to provide a paycheck stub as proof what my monthly income is and remember having a whole conversation with the woman who said they just need to be sure I can make the RENT not make a down payment. If I had $10k, I wouldn't need this program.

So, basically, this program says one thing to get you to sign up and another thing after you signed up. Unfortunately for those of us who don't have a down payment that is a deal breaker and we're out the $109.99 fee paid to this company.

Stay away -- I wish I had.

P.S. Their website search function does not work so if you do sign up, it's almost impossible to use the site.
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Jensen, Home Buyer, Nora Springs, IA
Tue May 29, 2012
I've used them. They were awesome. But before you choose which service to use, you should first decide if renting to own is the best move for you. Some people will still want to go with a regular mortgage, while others will find renting to own a much more affordable way to go.
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Andretta K R…, Agent, Oak Lawn, IL
Tue May 29, 2012
Be very careful with companies like this.....if it sounds too good to be is.
Plus any company that ask you for up front money, you will need to tread carefully and read all the fine print.
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Truth123, Home Owner, Hampton County, VA
Tue Mar 20, 2012
This buisness currently has aproximately 28 unresolved complaints against them, I would suspect there are many more not reported.
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Ramblin, Renter, Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Tue Mar 13, 2012
Thanks everyone for your feedback. I just talked to a rep from ownerwiz and he wanted me to get started and quoted $109 one time fee. He encouraged me to do some reasearch. Have not found one positive comment. Best advise on here is to go direct to a licenced RE agent. If it sounds too good to be true......
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ljacobs722, Home Buyer, Fort George G Meade, MD
Tue Jan 31, 2012
This company is a scam. I am a single mother living in a homeless shelter with four kids looking for a home for us. Owner wiz/listings wiz put me through the headaches because they never answer the phone or hardly respond to my emails. Now that I have invested my time and money with them hoping to be in a home by Febuary 2012, my kids and I will be on the street. Please, please if anyone gets this DO NOT USE OWNERWIZ/LISTINGSWIZ. I wish I did my research before I agreed to anything with them.
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H20tech, Home Buyer, Pollock Pines, CA
Fri Jun 17, 2011
the shaft is right don't do thid in less you have at least 500 buck to light on fire.
these people suck!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Melanie Koeb…, , Chandler, AZ
Fri Apr 22, 2011
I think they may be crooks.
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Donna Ryan, , Madison, VA
Sat Dec 4, 2010
beware - go directly to a real estate agent - do not get con into this and beware when they say they have been recommended by another agent - somehow they got my business card and they tell people that call - that I recommend them - I have never heard of them or have worked with them - yes I manage properties for investors - most agents can find you a house to rent with the first option to purchase while you rebuild your credit. Call a license Real Estate Agent - go to DPOR in VA to make sure you are working with a quality agent. Or just Call us at Weichert......
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