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Asked by Jj, Chapel Hill, NC Wed Oct 24, 2007

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Lauren Rober…, , Chapel Hill, NC
Wed Feb 20, 2008
The notion that an inspector recommended by a real estate agent is less valuable to the buyer is rediculous. First off, if one is recommended, a minimum of 3 should be recommended. Then the choice is yours.
Agents deal with inspectors all the time and come to know which ones do a thorough job and which ones are alarmists. We talk to each other and recommend those inspectors that fit our clients needs too. I have had first time buyers that I recommend particular inspectors because I know they will not only inspect the property fully but will walk the buyers throught the maintanance and workings of the systems since all this is new to them. Inspectors of Historic properties are not the same as those recommended for a contemporary. Your agent will know the differences and be able to direct you toward a few, reliable choices.
We recommend inspectors for #1 - the buyers protection, and #2 - our own.
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Salt Lake Ag…, , Salt Lake City, UT
Wed Oct 31, 2007
I posted this this morning on another question about inspectors

They do not need license in Utah. We have some that are engineers and therefore the inspection falls under the engineer’s license. The same would hold true for a licensed general contractor.

As for the associations, they are better then nothing as for educating inspectors. It is my opinion that the association teaches them how to cover their butts more than it does about knowledge of buildings, because they have no legal authority on building or construction.

Nothing beats a builder or general contractor of 25 years or more. The remodel contractors are the best. They have run across more circumstances on existing homes then most people.

Builders are aware of the current code which is not a lot of help on an old home. When you have an 80 year old house that was rewired on the late 60’s, you can throw away the code book. It is now about safety, just because it is not today’s code doesn’t mean it is not safe. That is why the experienced remodel contractor is good. Their downside is they are trained to redo things and there fore are telling how it needs to be done. When all you really are looking for is the house safe, and is it going to need a ton of work to make it safe.

Hope it helps

Good Luck
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Alton Darty, , 72370
Wed Oct 31, 2007
Don't choose your inspector based solely on price. At the end of the day you end up with what you paid for.
Ask questions of the inspectors, what they inspect, what they exclude, etc. You may find that the less expensive inspection may not include the crawlspace or other area or system that is included with the more expensive inspection.
Ask for references, then talk to the past clients of each inspector, the less expensive may be an inspector who is just being more aggressive in his/her marketing.
Compare the inspectors and thier reporting fairly, and than choose the one that best suits you.
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Carrie, Both Buyer And Seller, Say Cheese!
Thu Oct 25, 2007
Be cautious with inspectors recommended by a realtor, especially if the inspection fee is less or covers less.

I would take the more detailed inspector, even if he is more costly. It's cheaper than a shrink. lol

I always test for radon. It usually wasn't done in the past. If the owner wants a copy of the report, charge them for it.
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ian cockburn, Agent, New Orleans, LA
Wed Oct 24, 2007
More detailed = better identification of risk = at the end of the day, you are going to exceed the expense of the extra $200.

Choose the more detailed inspection...this is a major investment.
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Alix Myerson, , District of Columbia
Wed Oct 24, 2007
My apologies, I am unfamiliar with Chapel Hill. I will let a local Realtor take that question.
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Alix Myerson, , District of Columbia
Wed Oct 24, 2007
It might be worth the extra $200 for a more detailed analysis. You need to feel comfortable that a good job has been done; that your future home and investment has been thouroughly inspected. It is a small price to pay to lessen the possibility of undetected problems that could cost you thousands. Were these home inspectors recommended to you? Do you know of others that have had good experiences with either/both of them? Good luck!
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