may be interviewing in boise, what areas should we look at...?

Asked by Uptogod1, La Crosse, WI Fri Apr 13, 2012

have small children and want safe area & good schools (pub or priv), nice yard (acres would be great), range 150-300ish, newer home <20yrs old, would be working at hospital so maybe within 15-20min of st alphonsus?
i'm from nebraska, spouse from ohio, curently in wisconsin....would you recommend boise?

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Vjallen1, , Lowman, ID
Thu May 15, 2014
There are some great homes near the new Kleiner Park:
and the new Village in Meridian:

Some of the Subdivisions also have pools and walking paths. This location is central to 3 major St. Al's. And, if you don't mind living in older homes, there are some in that area with a little land. Also, it is within 15 minutes of private schools (including faith based). My husband and I are a Real Estate team called Idaho Home Sweet Home. We were both born and raised in Idaho. We moved out of state twice because of his previous career, but Idaho kept calling us back. Feel free to check out our website: I would love to help your family settle in.
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Jim Paulson, Agent, Boise, ID
Wed May 30, 2012
I was curious if you have scheduled the trip to Boise yet? I hope that you will post a follow up comment on what you find to help others who are also looking to move to Boise and the surrounding areas.
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Mieb, Home Owner, Boise, ID
Wed May 30, 2012
All of Boise's High Schools are in the top 1500 in the nation. The one that is in the top 500 is Boise High. If I were looking, I would make sure I was in the Boise School District first, and if I could pull it off, in one of the schools that feed to Boise High School. The district maps are at
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Jim Paulson, Agent, Boise, ID
Sun Apr 15, 2012
I definitely recommend Boise as I have personally lived around the world and in many other states and love Boise. I could have relocated anywhere to start my family 20 years ago and selected to come back here again. Forbes Magazine just ranked Boise as the #2 place to live and raise a family!

Sorry for not responding earlier but the market is extremely busy in the Boise area right now. I listed three homes in Boise last Tuesday and just finished typing up the last offer effectively selling all three in just days! I also wrote up three other buyer offers last week. I have been a Realtor here for over 20 years and have never been that busy!

St. Al's is really growing right now. I am even helping one of their key employee's for St. Al's in Canyon County (Nampa/Caldwell area). One thing you will need to find out is which St. Al's he will be based out of. The main facility on Curtis in Boise or in Meridian or possibly even in Eagle. ( I assume you aren't moving to the facilities in Canyon County, but you might double check). I would be glad to share the names of the other employee's at St. Al's I am working with privately if you want to check on references from within.

One thing that most people love is our "rush hour" is really about a half hour and the Boise Town Square Mall is only about a half hour from anywhere in the County.

Most of the acreage properties are in the south and the west part of Ada County. The average sales price is about $150k so you can still build a nice home on acreage for $200k-300k range if we get the land priced right. I am working with another family relocating here that wants a complete horse set up and I am working on a 2296 sq. ft. home on 2 - 5 acres for about $275k. Construction times are about 4-5 months on acreage if we have to do well and septic systems.

I know a great builder that is building homes on acre lots for about $100 a sq. ft. with really nice finishes. I would be glad to send you some of his floor plans and photos if you like.

I recommend talking to several Realtors to make sure you are comfortable with their knowledge and style before you sign any "buyer representation agreements"! I think of it like checking with different doctors before you decide which one you want as your pediatrician, dentist, or family doctor. Just like the medical profession, Realtor's have their unique niches and specialties but we just have a single license here in Idaho.

Hope this helps!
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Deborah Roet…, Agent, Nampa, ID
Fri Apr 13, 2012
Good evening and welcome to Boise. Boise is a vibrant area with so many possibilities. I definitely recommend the Boise area. If you are outdoor enthusiasts many opportunities are at your fingertips. If you are interested in the Arts, we have a nice selection of Opera, Philharmonic, Theater, Ballet and of course the sports complexes are busy as well. With Boise State Football, Idaho Steelheads Hockey and more, you can't ask for anything better.

Being within close proximity of St Alphonsus Hospital sounds very important to you. That is what should be addressed first. As far as acres, not so much within 15 minutes of Boise.

Should you like to visit over the phone give me a call at 208-371.7623 or 208.869.7208 and we can discuss your options in a more personal setting. I like to keep my clients information confidential out of respect for you and the Code of Ethics I stand behind.
Deborah Roetto
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Uptogod1, Home Buyer, La Crosse, WI
Fri Apr 13, 2012
wow, thanks for the quick responses! i will fwd to my husband since he enjoys researching these things as well and he will likely have time to look around the day i am interviewing.......

i don't know why it came up "buying in north end", must have just been the search engine page i landed on. we have no specific ties to any area as we are not from the are (or state!) but yes, would love to be more on the outskirts, with some land and a newer home, close to nature and parks, trails, beatuiful scenary, with neighbors but not right next door. we love to play outside and play guitar, etc when family gets together so some of our 'own' space would be nice. it is encouraging that st al's is within that commute time of some many beautiful places, i can't wait to see your city!
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Lisa Thorne, Agent, Boise, ID
Fri Apr 13, 2012
Hello, Thanks for the question! I usually don't participate much here but say that your spouse is from Ohio. I am originally from Columbus and love people from back my way! With you working at St. Al's you will have a nice range you can search in. I noticed the subject line came over as "Home buying in North End" The North End may not be the best option to meet the criteria you listed above. It most like "German Village" in Columbus if you know that area. Feel free to email me or call me with any questions you have or if you would like me to email you a link that will give you access to the homes (real time) in the same Multiple Listing Service we realtors us. I'm happy to just chat with you also about the area. My number is 208-602-5656. My email is: Web Address:

Wishing you much luck with your upcoming interview! Lisa
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Sharon Walker, Agent, Boise, ID
Fri Apr 13, 2012
You will love Boise. I have lived here my entire life, raised four sons and even though they are living in other states for the time being, they really want to move back here and raise their families. My husband has worked in health care for 35+ years so we know that you may have to be able to get to your job within a certain time frame. There are many areas that would work for you. I would check out the schools by going to Boise School District website and Meridian School District website. There are magnet schools and many charter schools in the area. You can also check out the crime rates in our area by visiting websites. Our community has many things to do and we have all four seasons. This morning on the radio they were saying that you could snow ski this weekend in the morning, golf in the afternoon. We have camping, fishing, hunting, snow and water skiing close by and great community activities during the year. I think you will be glad that you have given Boise a shot. I have a client that moved here to work at one of the hospitals. She works for St. Als so she may have insight that you may find helpful. I am sure she would not mind telling you what she thinks.
Let me know if you need anything else. Good luck.
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Lisa Schmidt, Agent, Caldwell, ID
Fri Apr 13, 2012
Great Questions...St Alphonsus is very central to Boise. Easy commute from most of the areas surrounding Boise where you could get (acres) for a yard...However, for the price range you are requiring, I think that you would find what you are looking for in Eagle, Star, Middleton, Nampa and Kuna. Middleton, Kuna and Star are little farming towns and are very cute.
Eagle is attached to Boise and is kind of a popular destination for people seeking to live in some higher end home neighborhoods or homes with some land. It can get pricey but there may still be some properties that come up that might fit your requirements.
Nampa is up the freeway from St Alphonsus and would fit your commute time. It has land and homes that are more reasonably priced because it is a 20 minute commute to Boise.
Boise itself doesn't really have a ton of homes that are on acreage that are within your price range and age of home. If you were to find one with the acre+ yard and newer home it would probably be more than your 300 limit unless it was a fixer.
I would love to answer any question you have about the area anytime...I am a Realtor here that specializes in Relocations due to my experience as a military wife. My email is, 208-724-3968. Cheers, and Welcome to Idaho!
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Andrea Petti…, Agent, Boise, ID
Fri Apr 13, 2012
Hello! Congratulations on your decision to move to Boise. It's a great place to live and raise a family--I bet you'll love it here.

St. Alphonsus (affectionately known as St. Al's) is centrally located and right off of a freeway exit so there is a lot to choose from within 15-20 minutes of the hospital. There are many great neighborhoods that meet your criteria. For homes closer to 15-20 years old, and some of the very best schools in the region, southeast Boise would be a strong area for your search. Southeast Boise also provides great access to the Boise river, greenbelt and foothills--all features that make Boise a great place to live.

For newer areas, many people chose Meridian. Within Meridian, I hear the most positive raves from parents in the Rocky Mountain High school area. There is a real sense of community amongst Rocky Mountain families and there are great buys on newer homes in the area. The area can be a bit "landlocked" traffic-wise, so would max out your 20 minute commute (probably a bit longer).

You can't go wrong with Boise High and north end schools, but this area is probably going to be out of your price range and homes are much older. My own family lives on the Boise bench and we love it. Borah (along with all of Boise's high schools) are on the Washington Post list of America's Best High Schools. This is also an older area where it would be tough to find a newer home.

A great realtor (wink, wink) can really help you to learn about neighborhoods and zero in on the best places to live. Good luck to you in your search!
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Samantha Ste…, Agent, Meridian, ID
Fri Apr 13, 2012
Hi! That's exciting- my husband & I moved here 7 years ago & we absolutely love it. There are a lot of great areas to look at that will fit your criteria. What do you & your family like to do? If you like being near the main hub, greenbelt & outdoor activities (hiking, biking, etc) then the North End, SE Boise, NE Boise (Foothills) are great areas to look in. If you are looking for more of a "subdivision" with walking paths, community pool, parks, etc., SW Boise & Meridian might be good for you.
You mentioned acreage- would you rather be on the outskirts of town?
I would love to help you narrow it down by getting a little more specific about what you are looking to get out of your time here in Boise. Feel free to call or write anytime!
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Build Idaho, Other Pro, Meridian, ID
Fri Apr 13, 2012
Here is a report that displays home values by area -…
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