is moving from kentucky to arizona a good move??

Asked by Wht Should I Do?, Gilbert, AZ Thu Dec 16, 2010

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Cynthia L Kn…, , Gilbert, AZ
Thu Dec 16, 2010
Heck yes......Kentucky is too humid. Why are you considering the move? Arizona wins hands down over Kentucky but if there are several other factors to consider. I moved out here 37 years ago from Indiana and when I stepped off the airplane I knew this was where I wanted to be. I think the post prior to mine states 10 great reasons. For more information or a private consultation go to my website.

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Tim Heetland, Agent, Chandler, AZ
Sun Feb 5, 2012
The short answer, although not the most definitive answer is, "it depends."

No questions about it, if you asked that question in reverse, you'd have plenty of Kentucky agents telling you that you'd probably be crazy NOT to move to Kentucky from the crazy heat and scorpions found in Arizona!

Personally, I moved out here from North Dakota in '95 and haven't regretted it for a single second, but it depends on what's most important to YOU. Only you can answer that question.

Keep in mind that there are a LOT of different areas that make up Arizona (even though roughly two-thirds of all Arizonans reside in the Greater Phoenix area), and even within the Phoenix area, many locations have a different "feel" from the next.

What I like about Arizona?

1. Weather / Climate: Fabulous winter weather with about 3 months of tough weather - misters help! Climate rocks because there is very little humidity, and when there's very little humidity, there's few BUGS, which is a huge bonus in my book. This weather is also great for those with health ailments, especially respiratory.
2. Outdoor Activities: Arizona attracts a ton of people who enjoy the outdoors. Whatever you might like to do outdoors, you can almost be assured you can do it here, even though during the summer it will be in the early morning. If you like to golf, play tennis, swim, bike, hike, canoe, ski (yes, i said ski), mountain climb, boat, etc., then you will find your utopia in Arizona.
3. Entertainment: At least in the Phoenix area, you have it all - collegiate and professional sports teams, broadway plays and other theatrical productions, concerts, museums, festivals, restaurants, professional golf tournaments, NASCAR and Grand Prix, and the list goes on and on and on. Most people don't have a problem finding enough to do - it's figuring out which interests they are going to have to put on the sideline!
4. Cost: You have the best of both worlds here in my opinion. In January of 2011 the Cost of Living Index for Phoenix was 92.7, or 7.3 less than the norm, which basically means you can live more affordably here than you can in the average city.
5. City setting for everyone: The Phoenix area isn't just about heavy traffic and congestion - at all. I grew up in a town of 7,000 in North Dakota, and there are plenty of rural areas around the Valley of the Sun that remind me far more of my hometown than they would of say, Chicago! There's really a location and price point that suits just about any buyer.

Sure, there are other reasons I love Arizona, but this should give you a feel for at least a few that tend to attract buyers like you to the area.

If you'd like to chat a bit about if it might be a good fit for YOU, feel free to give me a call at (480) 238-3865.

Best of luck!
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Onlyadele, , Kentucky
Mon Jan 16, 2012
I am also planning on moving in the next year to two. I am moving because I hate the KY weather, no jobs here and I love to swim also. I have no idea what city I will be moving to since I plan on finishing college and getting my associates degree and then applying for jobs and wherever I get a job is where I will move. Ky weather is just terrible for someone who has the beginnings of arthritis. Also, I am a hard worker and want a job with a future. AZ seems to have a lot of successful motivated people that care about their jobs unlike KY.
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Rebecca Kall…, , Queen Creek, AZ
Mon Mar 28, 2011
I moved here 7 years ago from a small town in Nebraska....I love it and don't regret it. There is great weather and lots to do. Close to Cali for the dunes or the ocean, close to Flagstaff and snow and skiing, lakes to play at, shopping, entertainment, and the list goes on! Good luck!
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Todd Hall, Agent, Gilbert, AZ
Sat Jan 29, 2011
Yes! I did it myself and have NEVER regretted it.
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Dallas Texas, Agent, Dallas, TN
Wed Dec 22, 2010
Based on your personal lifestyle. Have you consider taking an extended vacation 4 weeks pretend as though were resident of community?

Complete a spread sheet place the pro's and con's what you like about both locations?

Do you have a family ? Where are those members in Kentucky , Arizona OR close day trip?

Lynn911 Dallas Realtor & Consultant, Loan Officer, Credit Repair Advisor
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Shawn Rogers, Agent, Mesa, AZ
Wed Dec 22, 2010
You're homework first. There are so many AWESOME places to live in our great country. Each has it's pros and cons. With most big "moves" in your life, the best advise I can give is to make a list and check it twice. I moved here many years ago for the nice weather, however, not a day goes by that I don't wish for "real" New York food, lol.

If you have a list of questions, those of us who live here, would be happy to answer them for you.

Happy Holidays.

-Shawn - REALTOR
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Natasha Toml…, Agent, Scottsdale, AZ
Tue Dec 21, 2010
Hi there,

That's a big question! Why are you considering moving at all? Do you know people in this area? Is this a job transfer? Can you support yourself in you move? Have you been to Arizona? This is the start of many questions to come as you consider relocating.

Arizona has so much to offer, just depends on what you like to do (i.e. restaurants, shopping, golf, spas/ resorts, hiking, biking, festivals, arts, professional sports, pleasant weather, skiing, fishing, hunting).

I moved to Arizona from NJ, 14 years ago. It was exciting, but any new place takes awhile to call home. Feel free to check out the links below. They may help you develop more questions and maybe even answers. I'm happy to help with your real estate. Thanks and take care.

Natasha Tomlinson
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Jeffrey Masi…, Agent, Scottsdale, AZ
Thu Dec 16, 2010
Dear HB:

I would say yes if you like:

1. warm weather
2. little rain
3. golf in the winter
4. good universities
5. pro sports teams
6.winter activities two hours away (Flagstaff and White Mountains)
7. Resort Hotels and activiites
8. Arts
9. Hiking and exploring
10 Low home prices

To check out more about various cities within Arizona see the online relocation guide at:

Jeff Masich, Realtor
Arizona Homes and Land
HomeSmart Realty
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James Causey, , Maricopa County, AZ
Thu Dec 16, 2010
I think it is definitely a great time to invest in Arizona. I love love Arizona and would not live anywhere else. We have just about everything that America has to offer in one state!
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Carlos Ramir…, Agent, Mesa, AZ
Thu Dec 16, 2010
What is your criteria? The answer to that is very personal and will vary depending on who you ask. Is New York better than Florida? - it depends on what you are looking for.

If you need information on a specific criteria let me know and I will provide you with more specific data.

I personally love Arizona, but I'm biased!

Good luck,

Carlos J. Ramirez, PC, ABR, CNE
Associate Broker/Realtor, HomeSmart -
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Brenda & Ron…, Agent, Mesa, AZ
Thu Dec 16, 2010
We moved here from Illinois over 20 years ago and love it. Make sure you know your job market. If you are transferring in a job then I think you would like it. The weather is awesome (hot in the summer but everything is air conditioned.) Yesterday it was 74. Today it is sprinkling a little, but we have so few days of that so that when it does it is a nice change of pace. If you ever want to visit the snow you can drive north for a couple hours and even go skiing. The whole area is like one big suburb. You can't tell where one city end and the other begins. We live in Mesa but it is just North of Gilbert (they touch each other). If you haven't been here for a visit I would suggest that first, and if you do just let me know and I will give you some properties to go by (or I will take you to them) so that you can get a good feel for areas and housing. If you have any specific questions, please feel free to contact me. I would love to get you any information that you need!


Brenda Cunningham
West USA Realty
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Jason Whaley, Agent, Mesa, AZ
Thu Dec 16, 2010
There are many things to think about, most importantly your job or income stream. If you have that figured out, then check out our weather. Basically it is sunny at least 320-340 days per year. Yes, there is heat in the summer, but if you have a pool and/or air conditioning which about 99% of people do, then it is manageable. It is certainly better than the ups and downs of weather in the midwest region. I am from MN and hated the cold winters and I couldn't be happier where I live here. And the housing is way less than MN for me. I can't speak about where you come from for housing prices.
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James Gordon…, Agent, Hamilton, OH
Thu Dec 16, 2010
If you moved to the right area you wouldn't have to shovel in this wonderful winter wonderland. 2 days this month schools have been closed for snow in the cities and in Kentucky I think you already hit 3 going on 4 Friday.
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Lucinda Tkach, , Phoenix, AZ
Thu Dec 16, 2010
Wow what a change I think you will enjoy the great weather here. It is a little cool today started in the 60s now raining. There are some great values in the area.
I would be selective on areas. Just a suggestion!

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!
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Kyle, , Scottsdale, AZ
Thu Dec 16, 2010
Moving from almost anywhere else would be a good idea, YES! Especially AZ, its 75 degrees here right now and sunny skies.
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Doug McVinua, Agent, Gilbert, AZ
Thu Dec 16, 2010
It depends!

For some it is a great move and others not so much. Personally I live and office in Gilbert and love it.

Gilbert has so much to offer, it is a fairly young community with lots of growth over the last few years.

Have you been to Gilbert? Could I provide you some information about the area?

What are you looking for?

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Bill Eckler, Agent, Venice, FL
Thu Dec 16, 2010
This depends largely upon your personal needs as well as expectations. It's probably not a good idea to make a decision to move any where with out doing some investigation that may include a visit to your destination.

Good luck,

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Sandra Paulow, Agent, Pinetop, AZ
Thu Dec 16, 2010
Why are you considering the move? If you aren't happy where you are then a move is always an option. Since we don't know your motivation it is difficult to answer the question. If you were to ask me I would only answer that question "yes" if you like really hot weather. After 30 years in the desert I would move to Kentucky before I'd move to Gilbert. No offense anyone in Gilbert, I just can't take the heat!
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Brandon with…, , Gilbert, AZ
Thu Dec 16, 2010
I don't know much about Kentucky, but Arizona sure is a wonderful place to live! Affordable real estate in very desirable areas such as Gilbert, AZ (ranked 37th by CNN as "one of the top places to live in America"); Warm weather year around; Great road and freeway infrastructure (I can get from one end of the Metropolis to the other in less than an hour); Lakes, Rivers & 100's of miles of hiking in cooler elevations as little as an hour away; Short flights from here to tourist destinations in Southern California such as beaches, amusement parks etc; 2 snow/ski resorts within a 3 hour drive . . . the list goes on and on!! If you decide to make a trip to Arizona, be sure to stop by my neighborhood in Gilbert, AZ . . . selling solar powered homes from the $170's!
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Rob Becker, Agent, Mesa, AZ
Thu Dec 16, 2010
Buying in Gilbert, AZ is always a good thing....especially right now. Prices are low and the weather is nice. Let me know if I can help you find a home here. I live and work in Gilbert.
Thanks! Rob Becker - Top Rock Realty, (480)215-2525.
You, of course can search homes for sale in Gilbert on my web site, .
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Matt Puzz, , Phoenix, AZ
Thu Dec 16, 2010
sure, it is a great time to buy in arizona. home prices are at a huge discount right now. if you ned an introduction to a realtor our need financing I wil help you out.

matt puzz
amerifirst financial, inc
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Anna M Brocco, Agent, Williston Park, NY
Thu Dec 16, 2010
If you know you'll be happy living there, yes.
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Stephanie We…, Agent, Gilbert, AZ
Thu Dec 16, 2010
I think so but I may be biased :) Not sure why you're buying if it's to retire or for a job or just a change of scenery but if you're looking for a home, you could not have picked a better time! Good luck!!
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