i am looking into a home that i like and it will need some TLC what would you rec. as a route to borrow the extra amount needed to do the rep/upgrades

Asked by TuggersWife, Saint Joseph, MO Tue Feb 14, 2012

I have never bought a home on/of my own, but it seems to me that buyig is more effective way to handle your money. as in one way & payments are lower but on the other hand, homeownership comes with many responsibilities. today is my 15th Wed Ann. and were in Divorce. He has been a literal monster and during a major recovery period of a M/C wreck that almost took my life and leg he allowed one house that had my name on it to go into foreclosure. not out of necessity but to hurt me further for my dilligence. The House he bought that I'm in now does not have my name on it as buyer but i am n the deed. He stopped paying on it as well (as aI understand it) but i can't stay there as I have been through HELL from the things he has allowed and does to me there, I AM LOOKING FOR PEACE and my own HOME! their is No divorse settlement but he makes about 14,000 a Month, while I am on Disability. yet I know/BELIEVE things are about to break for me, in as much I Am Looking for answers/Help.

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Mcchessor, Home Buyer, Lamar, MO
Sat Feb 25, 2012
Purchasing your own home is a good investment. If you are still married and live in the state of Missouri you can NOT purchase another home in your name only as Missouri is a maritial law state. You must wait until your divorce is final and your credit is clean before attempting to purchase your own home. Good luck and best wishes to you.
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I dont even mind moving IF thats WHAT I HAVE to do But the other House was GUTTED i guess after they put the preservaton co. on the scene. and though i TRIED to get my never lovin' to at LEAST get the Utillities ON down there HE IN NO WAY WANTED to leave me an OUT! he is the worst! but GOD takes care of HIS own and the payments he will have to make for restituttion will by FAR come back to me in every way, God IS TRULY AWESOM and I AM HIS! so I KNOW Their IS a TRULY AWESOME MIRACLE OU THERE FOR ME, and the GRACE I NEED To RISE ABOVE those JACKELS! of this I HAVE NO DOUBT! I just cant wait to SEE What God KNEW AALLL ALONG about WHAt a BLESSING this ALLL WILL and IS TURNING OUT TO BE! 0:) for any and ALL help we Thank YOU! and GOD WILL BLESS ACCORDINGLY! 0:)
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I have in the mean time been BLESSED to break FREE of his Financial Bondage and Filed FOR Divorce! THIS WILL CHANGE EVERYTHING! BUT IS their ANY WAY that you know of to FILEa STAY of EXICUTIONunder EXTENUATING CIRCOMSTANCES? I can FILE BASED on the FACTS I was NEVER ALLOWED to even TALK to or HAVE the OPPORTUNITY to BUY MY OWN HOME 1st? I WAS (DENIED MY RIGHTS as a WIFE and HOMEOWNER) and an DISABLED AMERICAN CITIZEN,.. ALLL the WAY DOWN THE LINE! the MORTAGAGE CO KNEW I WAS BEING RAILROADED but HE HELD ALL our CARDS and SHOWED me NO MERCY for MY 15 YEARS of FAITHFULLNES in EVERY WAY! But My COURT DATE IS THIS WED. on thee low dogs the Jackels that swindeled me out of my home, while one held me down the other beat and defiled me, heart and soul! I can NOT tell you HOW this feels! ITS HORRIBLE and HEARTBREAKING and RIGHT DOWN WRONG! WHAT CAN I DO!>?
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Thank You Again, for taking the tiome to HELP me, I JUST NOW SAW where YOU took the TIME to answer me. My NEVER LOVIN' DID lett our home Go UP for sale under QUESTIONABLE MOTIVES and Un SCROUPULIOUS co. of thug looking men! I HAVE to be in Court to explain HOW i AM STILL in my Home with my Special Needs Grandson and our band of furry friends I Call Livestock. ALL of which have lives that DEPEND on ME and we On GOD! but at 4pm on WED i Go stand before the Courts and PLEA my case NON the wiser about HOW he/ they could LEGALLY steal my home and get away with it while i am on (WAS ON) the Deeds but he made SURE I was NOT in the Mortagage! The FUNNY thing? this whole thing got started by the misurable way he treated me over money. It Got SOOOOh BAD i left him in 2004 ran to a MAJOR Fixer Upper(which I DID) BECAUSE Bottom LINE,,HE MADE ME PROMISE him when we.(HA we), I, first married him", NOT TO Take HIS HOUSE(that i never knew he had) that I turned from 24,000 tto 69,000 in 2 years time
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