does anyone know about electronic water softeners? do you need that in Tucson?

Asked by Georgeek, Tucson, AZ Mon Dec 17, 2012

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Charles Hughes’ answer
Charles Hugh…, Agent, Tucson, AZ
Mon Dec 17, 2012
Well water softeners do remove calcium but replace it with salt which is not a good idea for you or for the environment. It will make you feel lot different taking showers. There is a lot of maintenance and they last on a average of about 7 years. There is an alternative it is called smart water, which uses no salt , is healthy for you and besides breaking up the calcium it will give you pure alkaline to drink. You can check it out at:
Besides all that it will be outlawed eventually it all ready is many parts of California

Chuck Hughes
Real Estate consultant
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David Hopper,…, Agent, Tucson, AZ
Mon Dec 17, 2012
A water softener is a good idea to have in Tucson. The water is hard and can cause chemical buildup on kitchen and bathroom fixtures. As far as electronic water softeners go, I personally had a bad experience with one and have switched to a "conventional" water softener, although I use potassium instead of sodium. It is a little more expensive to operate that way, but the potassium is healthier, and any good plumber can install it. I have been very happy with it. Good luck.

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I agree, I lived in Tucson for a couple of years, and the water quality wasn't very good. There were a lot of sediments in the hard water that built on my bathroom fixtures. You don't have to get an electronic softener, but you should probably get one. Do your research to see which kind of system is the best.
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I think a house filter is really important no matter where you live. They are pretty easy to install and maintain. They are worth the price to have it installed, because then you know you are always getting good clean water.
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I like the one I got from a local company here in Tucson. No salt needed and much better water.
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Lee, Home Buyer, Round Rock, TX
Tue Dec 13, 2016
I solved my problem with a German made electronic anti-scaler.
Water in Round Rock TX has a hardness of 11 grains per gallon average, which is considered hard according to USGS standards. Hard water scale in pipes will surely occur in the long run, but problems with your sprinkler valves due to calcium scale are absolutely common in this area mainly because of high evaporation in the outdoor summer heat. Hard water will also cause common ice maker and dish washer related issues. I always say preventive maintenance is an owners choice. I personally dislike dealing with calcium deposits around my faucets, showers and sinks, but above all, the thing I dislike the most is the slippery feeling in your body, after taking a hard earned shower, at the end of the day with softened water. Its like washing yourself with sea water. The sodium added to the water just wont allow proper soap rinsing and you never get to feel really clean. My house came with a huge Salt Water Softener, with two big tanks that took a lot of space in my garage which is not huge. After a long research, I decided to replace our salt softener with a Vulcan-Texas Anti-Scaler from Techno Mechanical Solutions in Austin. An affordable and eco-friendly way to prevent hard water issues without using salts. I was able to do the installation myself over the old softener pipes. The Vulcan requires no maintenance, just install and forget about it. No more salt buying trips to Lowes and carrying those back breaking bags. No more slippery feeling after taking a shower. No more calcium buildup around my fixtures or sprinkler valves. Water treated with Vulcan is safe for garden irrigation, your sprinkler system may also be protected. Vulcan dismantles prior limestone accumulations. Any pipe material may be treated up to 20 inches in diameter. The maintenance free Vulcan is very compact and sits of top of your pipe, saving all garage floor space for your favorite toys. Great for eliminating water lines and improve filtration in pools and spas. German engineering with 10 year warranty. Treatment for a normal size house with up to 1 1/2 inch pipe around $1000. Vulcan-Texas is space saver, effective, simple and affordable. Forgot to mention, my morning coffee tastes better without salt.
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asgplumbing38, Home Owner, Tucson, AZ
Mon Sep 14, 2015
Water Softeners Are Not Required; However are Certainly Necessary To Consider if You are expressing the interest in moving, living, or inquiring about Tucson As a Whole. Our Hard- Water Mineral Deposits such as Calcium, Magnesium, Limestone, & Even Sediment, ( Sand ), is often dicovered in a water test for Tucson's Water. So, therefore, Tucson Water Currently Has Approxmiately, 45 percent of it's source from CAP water Project, the Remainder of that element, and source is City Metro Tucson Water Municipal Supply at 55 percent. All the HArd Water Mineral Deposits, and Chaulky Residue On All your plumbing fixtures is preventable, and comes to destroy all of your plumbing fixtures one by one. Within time, Everything turn white as it crystalizes it's appearance and devastatng effects on your plumbing system; pipes, toilets, dishwasher, waterlines, water heaters, all showers, tubs, baths, kitchen faucets, all are impacted as a result of the Hard Water In Tucson. Depending On Location, Area, And Water Source This May Vary In Town Locally depending On Parts Per Million, And Disolved Solids Mathmatical Ratio of Hardness. However; Hard Water With Chlorine is not safe to comsume, drink, water with, or wash in the laundry. The soap Doesn't lather on our skin as well as having a water softener. AS A whole, To Conclude, Installing a Water Softener In Tucson Should Be A Strong Point To Factor In. Especially A System That Requires No Headache Mechanically. A Softener Should Never Require And ELECTRICITY OR SALT Ever.

Call A.S.G. Plumbing Of Tucson
- Anthony
Thank You...
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Hollie Trues…, , San Francisco, CA
Thu May 14, 2015
I haven't heard about electronic water softeners, but I think you'll definitely want one no matter where you end up. Hard water deposits can be hard to get off of your tub and sinks, as well as out of your faucets. It sounds like a lot of the other comments are saying the same thing and that it isn't too hard to maintain either.
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anthonyseang, Home Owner, Tucson, AZ
Sat Mar 28, 2015
ASG Quatro Whole House Water Filtration System
ASG Kitchen Quatro Kitchen Drinking Water Filtration System
Tucson Plumber
Water Softeners Tucson
Tucson Water Filtration
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Hills121, Home Buyer, Tucson, AZ
Sat Feb 28, 2015
Can anyone give me an idea of the cost of installing a soft water loop? We just purchased a water softener thinking we already have a loop, only to find out we don't have one!
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Gerald Vonbe…, Home Buyer, Jackson Springs, NC
Tue Jan 20, 2015
I'm pretty sure that a water softener is a good idea in most areas. I've heard a lot about appliances and water fixtures having problems and even stinking because of hard water. It seems like all those things last longer when you have soft water too. However, I don't really have any experience with electric water softeners. I would recommend talking to a water softener place to see what options are best for the water in your area.
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I agree, the quality of water isn't that great in a lot of places. Soft water helps to prevent allergic reactions and other things as well. That extra filtration helps the water to taste a lot better as well.
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Rob & Cather…, Agent, Tucson, AZ
Sun Jan 18, 2015
The water in the Tucson area is hard. In addition to Tucson Water, there are several other water companies that serve the area and their water may vary in hardness, but I am not aware of any that should not be treated. I highly recommend a water softener. They are not too expensive to install and their ongoing maintenance cost (salt) is low.
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Eugene Dean, Home Buyer, Provo, UT
Fri Jan 9, 2015
From what I hear, the water in that area is pretty hard. The soil in arid climates tends to deposit more minerals in the groundwater. You will definitely want a water softener. I don't know about electric models, but most homes will come with a traditional water softener.…
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Michael Lamo…, Agent, Tucson, AZ
Sun Jan 4, 2015
IT REALLY DEPENDS. What are you trying to accomplish? preservation of your fixtures? better health? good quality drinking water? water for bathing? Water is not as simple of a subject as most people would think. There are many ways to treat water for many different reasons. The application utilized might also depend on your source. You might like to first have your water tested. Can you give me more information?
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John Connor, Home Buyer, Kansas City, MO
Mon Nov 17, 2014
I think that it will depend on where you live. I can see that some areas an electric water heater would be more efficient than to use a gas one. I would ask your neighbors for recommendations.
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asgplumbing38, Home Owner, Tucson, AZ
Tue Jul 1, 2014
The Code Is That - The Brine Rinse Reject In The Regeneration Cycle Waste Has To Be Installed Into A Sewer Connection Or Vent. I Cannot Be Connected outside with grey water. Because that salt is not good for plants nor environment. Also It must have and require At least 115v on a separate breaker and plug in dedicated to supply enough consistent power, considering it will be plugged in all day. A Water Softening Pre-Plumbed Loop is not required but strongly advised to isolate domestic potable water to hose bibs or plants. This will eliminate harmful deposits into our eco system. The Code also requires that A Laundry Connection for the drain has a reinforced mounted stand for support in the laundry room washer box.
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No .Get a salt less and electric free water softener. Better For you and your plumbing.
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anthonyseang, Home Owner, Tucson, AZ
Sat Jun 28, 2014
Everyone That Lives in Tucson knows about OUR hard water problem. Everyone could benifit from Having A Soft Water Filter System Installed In Their Tucson Homes. Hard Water In Tucson Ruins The Structural Integrity Of The Mechanical Components In Our Tucson Homes and our plumbing. Install A Whole House Water Filtration System And Water Softener From ASG Plumbing Of Tucson And Become Hassle FREE. Estimates Are Always FREE. (520)-351-2787
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asgplumbing38, Home Owner, Tucson, AZ
Fri May 23, 2014
Electric Water Softeners Are A Mechanical Headache. You need a drain and potassium or sodium chloride for starters. Then Your waste - rejected ( Drain ) water wastes water. Also You have to replenish the salt in the brine tank to activate the regeneration for the soft water systems' cycle to develop more soft water. These electrical softeners break down and require power from an alternating current 100v wall mount plug in supply which makes the electric bill slightly higher than one that doesn't require electricity. The salt is also extremely bad for the environment and plants and sewer systems within time. Plants die on the drip irrigation system and you need to have a pre-plumbed water softening loop in advance before installing the electric water softener to prevent the harmful salt from ruining the plants in your landscape.. Big waste of time, money, electricity and water. Water Softeners are bad. This is coming from a local Tucson plumbers' perspective perhaps - possibly. I am owner of ASG Plumbing of Tucson with confident work expertise and experience, The ASG Quatro requires absolutely no salt, no drain , and functions with NO Electricity. The unit filters water, conditions water, and softens the Tucson water removing lime , Calcium and hard water as well as removing all disolved solids and minerals in the water. We all know hard water ruins all of our Tucson plumbing and fixtures. Why not have a system installed that requires no maintenance and does not need salt nor electricity at all?? This would benefit to all Tucson for the simple facts of saving water, electricity and your back. No Salt, No electricity, and No wasted water. Call Anthony at ASG Plumbing for a free estimate. Its cheaper than installing a loop in your home without the headache and hassle of wondering if the salt systems are even working. The ASG Quatro is a softener and water filter for your whole house, even safe for plants, pets, and entire family conserving energy and worry. The ASG Quatro will not only save electricity, water, and time., but it will save the consumer money from wasting on spending money on a system that does more harm than good. Do Not buy a system that utilizes useless energy waste, electricity and salt. (520)-351-2787 http://www.TucsonAzPlumber.Com
- Anthony 20 Years plumbing experience right here, locally in Tucson.
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Spirit Messi…, Agent, Tucson, AZ
Mon May 19, 2014
It is a preference, some home owners like them, some don't. We do tend to have "hard water" here, I would Google it and read the results.

Best of luck.
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asgplumbing38, Home Owner, Tucson, AZ
Sun May 18, 2014
Water softeners do not need electricity nor salt. Simple ion exchange of negative or positive ions just need reaction. Once certain molecules come in contact with H20 , water is than altered and Ph chemicals can become changed at that exact point of impact simply. The ASG Quatro uses no salt and no electricity. ASG Plumbing of Tucson install these systems regularly and daily. Call (520)-351-2787 . Remember great system. Great big deal and uses no SALT and NO Electricity.
ASG Plumbing Of Tucson Whole House Water Filter System
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asgplumbing38, Home Owner, Tucson, AZ
Sun May 18, 2014
Removing dissolved solids discovered in Tucson city water may be important for some. Some of which elements are found in the domestic potable water are the following: magnesium, Chlorine, Limestone, Calcium, Barium, Sediment. These are just to recognize a few. My suggestion, instead of drinking these, consuming them, why not have a system installed that doesn't use and electricity, nor waste drainage and water. The system is called and ASG Quatro. This Whole house water filtration systems, saves money, time, water, salt, and in maintenance free. Hard water in Tucson can definitely become a problem ddepending on the water source. Everyone here suffers from hard water in their Water. The hardness varies per zip code and location. Well water, city water, etc.. These are all related factors in which why a filtration system and or water softener may be important to have installed in your Tucson home. (520)-351-2787
- Anthony ASG Plumbing
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asgplumbing38, Home Owner, Tucson, AZ
Sun May 18, 2014
Water Softeners That Do Not Use Salt Nor Electricity.... More Economical, Friendly for the environment, local in Tucson, without harmful chemicals, nor utilizing electricity. I have the perfect solution for all people in Tucson looking for a convenient method of having a Softener and a Water filter System combined on one complete unit. I install these units myself. Owner of ASG Plumbing of Tucson. (520)-351-2787 http://www.TucsonAzPlumber.Com
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Michael Shin…, Agent, Tucson, AZ
Mon Jun 3, 2013
Water softeners are a great idea in Tucson. We have very HARD water, which means it is full of minerals. Having a water softener can protect your plumbing.
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Charles Hugh…, Agent, Tucson, AZ
Wed May 29, 2013
Well, yes there are a lot of look a likes on the market. There is only one Smart water system designed and made in Germany. They have been in Tucson now for 10 years. There is no maintenance, 100% life time guarantee with no cost for service calls. The filter last for 10 years guaranteed with the cost of new filter locked in when you buy the system at about 50.00 year. You receive pure water at every fixture through the house with no hard water deposits and no chemicals or chlorine ( which is more important to get rid of then hard water deposits). The problem with any softener system is you always have to get reverse osmosis system for drinking which is not healthy water and wastes more water then you drink, usually 5-7 gallons wasted for one gallon of drinking water. I know this sounds to good to be true but it is.
so take in to affect you will use at least 40lbs of salt or potassium at an average costs of $25.00, that is a minimum cost of $300.00 a year plus any maintenance service calls and you still have to pay for an drinking system. In 10 years you will pay over $3,00.00 if it will last that long. It makes no sense to buy a antiqued water softener. oh you can take this with you when you sell the house with the warranty, it takes 30 seconds to remove, more time to pack it in truck. Want to know more check it out
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R/o is about a one to one ratio for production, a 40 lb bag of salt is $4-$5....research tells us the only way to soften water is with a water softener. (hence the name)
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Donna Moulton, Agent, Tucson, AZ
Mon Dec 17, 2012
Hi Georgeek,

A water softener is not a necessity in Tucson. Most Tucsonans live happily without one.

Our water is hard, and getting harder as the ratio of Colorado River water to groundwater increases. Evaporative cooler pads are wearing out faster, and deposits are forming on my faucets faster than they did before we started getting Colorado River water about 15 years ago. I never used to have to put lemon rinse in my dishwasher, but I have started using it in the past year to prevent water stains on my dishes and glasses. Hard water is sort of annoying, but not a huge problem that requires a huge solution.

I would recommend a carbon filter for your drinking water. We used to have the sweetest drinking water in the world until we started getting concentrated Colorado River water delivered in an open irrigation ditch. Now the water tastes pretty bad right out of the tap unless you remove the salts. However, some minerals are needed to make it taste good, so don't go over board and get an RO system, which results in water that tastes terrible, because there's nothing in it.

The fewer chemicals and electricity you use, the better for you and the planet.

By the way, if you want to know about the history of water in the magnificent Basin and Range area, the book Cadillac Desert is a good place to start.

Yours in desert rattery,

Donna Moulton
Associate Broker
Tierra Antigua Realty
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Hi George,

I don't actually put a lemon in the dishwasher. I use a powder called Lemi-Shine. You can find it in most grocery stores around here. It leaves the glasses spotless.

I just got a new water filter for my in-door refrigerator water dispenser, and the water coming out of the refrigerator dispenser actually tastes better than the water from my expensive sink filter. So that's another way to go. Removing the chlorine makes the water taste a whole lot better.

Best regards,

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such a great answer, thank you, we live in indiana and have lake mich water, so we are not familiar, my daughter lives in tucson, and when I visited she had water filters on the faucet, I tell her about your lemon for the dishwasher.
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Spirit Messi…, Agent, Tucson, AZ
Mon Dec 17, 2012
It really is a preference, if you prefer soft water get one. Some clients don't mind the "hard" Arizona water, others do. Best of luck.
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Anita McEvoy, , Tucson, AZ
Mon Dec 17, 2012
Different areas of Tucson have different hardness in the water. I live on the northeast side and have always needed a water conditioner to control the lime and calcium buildup in the sinks, glasses and toilets. I would call one of the water conditioner companies and ask them to come out and sample the water. Most of them do it for no charge.
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thank you for the information
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Fred Yancy, Agent, Woodstock, GA
Mon Dec 17, 2012
It would be recmmended. Most, if not all, new contstruction will have a water softener. If you do get one installed you won't be disappointed.
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