can i get a condo complex added to the VA approved condos list?

Asked by Gemineye74, 92110 Mon Jul 13, 2009

i know there is a website out there that lists all approved VA condos, but what if I am interested in a condo that isn't on the list? can I get it on the list? how do I do that and will it take too long to keep the seller interested? This is such a rough market for VA loans. Nobody seems to want to accept my offer. Finally I find a place I like and my offer entertained, only to have the VA approved door shut in my face.

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JulissaSolo, , Dallas, TX
Sun May 3, 2015
Buying a Condo with a VA Loan - Condominiums have certain amenities that may be more appropriate or attractive to those looking to purchase a new home. Military members may be happy to hear they can apply their VA loan benefits to condominiums as long as the property meets certain criteria.

Basic Qualifies include a Condo for a VA Loan!

>Fifty percent or more of the building units must be owner-occupied
>No more than 15 percent of owners can be behind in Homeowners Association (HOA) fees
>If condos are to be newly constructed, 75 percent of the units must be sold prior to allowing VA loans

The Summary report lists the Condo name and ID, as well the Record Type (Condo). You may click on the Condo name to view the details of that dwelling complex -

Interested in buying a Condominium? Get information on eligibility for a VA Loan and where to get lenders offering lowest rates on VA loans -
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Do you know how long the approval process usually takes?
Flag Sun Mar 26, 2017
The VA also wants the condo community to allow for renting of the condos, as per their regulation. Their thought is if the veteran must be deployed, they want the veteran to be able to have a means to have their costs covered.
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Ritajains, Home Buyer, Tucson, AZ
Mon May 11, 2015
If you are looking for VA Condominium Approval, we can assist you. VA condo approval is a completely different process from FHA condo approval. At one time, the VA would approve all FHA approved communities, but that has since been changed per this memo.

> The Basics:

* VA condo approval is separate from FHA
* It usually takes 60-90 days
* Attorney Letter can expedite the process (not required)
* The cost is $850
* VA Approval does not expire once obtained
* HOA Documents will be required (see list below)

> VA condo approval 2015:

* Be aware that the process of getting a condominium complex VA approved generally takes between 60-90 days. The reason for this lengthy processing time is their 2 step application process. Once we prepare an application for you, it will be sent to the regional office where it is reviewed by a VA employee. After this initial screening, the application will go to their Legal Team, where the governing documents are scrutinized for VA compliance.

* To expedite the process, a private Attorney may be used to review the documents for VA compliance. An Attorney letter is NOT required by the VA. The cost of an Attorney certification letter typically costs $900-$1500 depending on the firm. We cannot say how much this will reduce the processing time, because it varies by regional office, but the VA claims that it will speed up the process significantly.

Reference link:
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California M…, Agent, Oceanside, CA
Sat Dec 19, 2009
I've probably funded 40 VA home loans in 2009, many of them for unapproved condominium complexes. In Southern California, it's quite common along the coastal communities for buyers to look at condos, townhomes, or PUDs as lower-cost alternatives to single-family homes. Declining prices, along with higher VA loan limits have afforded many active duty and former service members the opportunity to scoop up a piece of the California coastal lifestyle by purchasing one of those properties.

Sellers often cringe when they receive an offer using VA home loan financing. The general thought is that the VA condominum complex approval process is time-consuming, onerous, and difficult...

Nothing could be further from the truth.

All loan types, including FHA and conventional vet the condominium association's organizational documents, finances, and residency mix. In fact, the VA guidelines tend to be the least restrictive of all three loan types.

Three tips for real estate agents when presenting an offer, on an unapproved complex, with a VA mortgage:

1- Use a VA lender who has been through the VA approval process MANY times.

2-Review the required documents' checklist:

The document checklist is available in Chapter 16 of the VA Lender’s Handbook. Specifically, the table of required documents is available on page 16A.03. I suggest that the loan originator AND both real estate agents AND the escrow officer review this table as soon as an agreement of sale is executed. At first glance, the list appears to be ominous (lots of dead trees). Upon more careful scrutiny, it is plain to see that only 5-6 documents are required; the other 20 or so are only required IF AVAILABLE.

3- Consider the time saved by using an attorney's opinion letter:

The key component to the VA condominium complex approval is the Attorney’s Opinion Letter. Essentially, the VA relies on the expertise of an independent attorney to evaluate the condominium documents and offer an opinion as to whether or not those documents comply with the VA regulations. An attorney opinion letter is NOT a requirement for the submission package but attempting this without one is not recommended. While it adds another layer of cost to the approval process, the result is a greatly reduced examination time at the VA.

VA condo approvals are quite easy if you know what to do. Follow these three tips to guarantee a smooth transaction or contact me with any questions you might have.
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Could uou help with a VA Loan in Miami on a unapproved condo?
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JR Thrasher, Agent, San Diego, CA
Mon Aug 12, 2013
Sure, it's not that hard for someone that knows what they are doing. You need an agent and a lender that are working together to coordinate the process. If you don't have that you should look into someone (like me) that can get the job done.

J.R. Thrasher
(619) 929-0105
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fredeckert, Agent, San Diego, CA
Mon Jul 13, 2009
Here is the list to check for approved VA complexes.

If the project you are looking is not on the list, the developer/owners can try to get the projcet approved via specialists (for a fee) in that area (I can provide a name if you need it). This is for San Diego county.
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Paige Woodwa…, Renter, 29464
Mon Feb 6, 2017
My Marine husband and I would like to buy a perfectly good condo in SC that happens to be in litigation over a minor "flashing" issue. We want to use our VA loan. Can any of you give us some advice that may help in getting this approved by the VA? How often do they approve condos in litigation? Thanks in advance!
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Nancy Bergman, Agent, San Diego, CA
Tue Apr 14, 2015
VA loans for some reason get a bad wrap. I love VA and FHA loans, they are loyal buyers. If you need a list of the condos approved, I would check with the lender. They usually go VA or FHA list on a website. If they aren't on the list and you are looking at condos, check with the HOA management, they usually have a reason why they aren't VA or FHA approved. Sometimes its because there aren't enough owner occupants in the condo community.
Good luck.

Nancy S Bergman
Realtor - Cal BRE #01893550
Windermere Homes and Estates
14677 Via Bettona #120
San Diego, CA 92127
Cell (858) 617-9449
Email -
Web Reference:
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sutts00, Home Buyer,
Thu Apr 2, 2015
You can use a submission service like FHA review http://( to get them on the list. They charge a fee, but can generally get it completed within 60-90 days.
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rprivpol, Both Buyer And Seller, San Diego, CA
Tue Apr 15, 2014
You can have the Condo you are interested in approved. The approval process takes 3 to 6 months. If papers are submitted properly it is much shorter time.

I do VA Condo approvals. If anyone interested please contact me at the below numbers.

Roubina Bouladian
7013 Foothill Boulevard
Tujunga, CA 91042
Tel: 818-273-9078
Fax: 818-273-4755
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Sherry Stokes, Agent, Oceanside, CA
Mon Apr 14, 2014
I was finally able to find my client a Condo and we are in the process of having the condo certify for VA approval. You can call me at 951-445-9636 if you need an agent to help.
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Brook, , San Diego County, CA
Thu Aug 15, 2013
If you are selling get a pre sale inspection 1 you will sell it faster. 2. if anything needs to be fixed your not surprised and you can take care of it prior to the sale. 3. you can add to you listing you are VA approved if you are within the guide lines which is not hard. :o) Good luck
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Roubina, Both Buyer And Seller, Los Angeles, CA
Mon Aug 12, 2013
Hello Gemineye 74:

My name is Roubina and I specialize in getting condominiums VA approved. If you are interested please contact me at (818) 273-9078. I work for KESHISHYAN LAW, INC. my hours are 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday thru Friday.
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Patti Philli…, , Carlsbad, CA
Mon Jul 13, 2009
Gemineye74, You can possibly get a certain development approved. I am the listing agent for a condo, and the buyer had a VA approval. Her agent asked if my buyer would allow them to get a VA approval on the property, and together we all worked to get it done. I won't lie and say it was the easiest process possible. It cost a bit of money, and took us 45 days. Originally we were told it might be about a 10 day process, but this particular development has a big deferred maintenance issue- and upcoming repairs, so the VA looked at all of the finances with a fine tooth comb- adding extra time and effort to the process.

With the right seller, and the help of the right agents, it can happen!

If I may be of help to you in any way, please let me know.

Patti Phillips
"Advice You Need, Attention You Deserve"
800-680-9133 or 619-507-2100
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Joan Wilson, Agent, San Diego, CA
Mon Jul 13, 2009
The biggest problem nowadays is the lack of VA approved condos. I have never heard of getting one approved unless the builder gets it approved, but I would check into a spot approval with your lender...and check around with different lenders. They all practice things a little different. Other than that...stick to the approved list. Or do fha.

Good luck
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Katrina Hami…, Agent, San Diego, CA
Mon Jul 13, 2009
Gem in 92110,

VA approved 92117, Balboa Ridge Condos, just 1 mile away Call if you need further assistance
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Jeffrey Doug…, , San Diego, CA
Mon Jul 13, 2009
I have worked with VA buyers and it is very difficult in the lower price ranges. Like you state Sellers and Banks don't like them One Client I had to write over 10 offers and finally we got a place after it fell out of escrow for the third time. Persistence pays and I would suggest working with a lender that really understands the process and can write a very strong pre-approval letter.

There is a VA website but it is very hard to navigate and many complexes are listed incorrectly on it. The only safe way is to again work with someone in the know.

VA is a great loan so just be persistent. Hopefully the inventory will loosen up a bit and the Sellers will be more anxious to put deals together. There are many more foreclosures going through the process right now headed for the open market.
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Chris Keller, Agent, Del Mar, CA
Mon Jul 13, 2009
Your lender needs to attempt a "spot approval" of the complex in question. Unfortunately, now a days these are very hard to come by. I've had great luck with mortgages through credit unions versus regular banks when there are VA/FHA complex approval issues. Good luck!
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