average annual heating and cooling costs in austin, tx

Asked by Wadzo, Dover, DE Thu May 9, 2013

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fosterkicks99’s answer
fosterkicks99, , 78052
Tue Aug 19, 2014
I varies upon different factors. What temperature you like to keep comfortable at in the different season. How well insulated your place of living is. Also, consider what is powering these units: electric verses gas.
Michael Foster http://www.erickson-plumbingqc.com
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Jesse.ashen, Home Buyer, Austin, TX
Mon Feb 22, 2016
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James Simon, Home Buyer, New York, NY
Fri Feb 13, 2015
Wadzo, I feel like that would depend a lot on several factors. First of all, how large is the property? How well insulated are the walls, doors, and especially windows? What kind of ceiling insulation do you have? Also, is it a whole house or is it just a basement apartment? Any/all of these could contribute to a higher cost.
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Kelsey Compa…, Home Buyer, Provo, UT
Tue Jan 20, 2015
I think that the average heating and cooling cost vary due to different things that would affect the pricing. I know that there are things you can do to help you save. You can ask around for pricing that other people you know are paying. http://www.toddcoinc.com/services/heating-air/
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cathysmith135, Home Buyer, Wilmington, DE
Fri Dec 19, 2014
That's a great question. Annual heating and air conditioning prices shouldn't be too high, as long as you keep your equipment in good condition. Doing so will keep your energy bill as low as possible. Ask your friends and family about what they do to save money on energy costs. I hope that's helpful! http://www.wightmanmechanical.com/plumbing.html
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I think heating costs aren't very high in Texas, but the cooling is pretty expensive. It can get really hot there. If you want ways to decrease the bill I would avoid putting carpet in your house. That can increase the heat. It's better to do tile or wood. http://www.actionservicenj.com
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Derrick Sly, Home Buyer, Albuquerque, NM
Fri Dec 5, 2014
Things are pretty expensive in Utah. It's either too hot or too cold, like the planet Mercury. I have a hard time keeping up with the electric cooling bill in the summer, and it's just as bad of a gas bill in the winter. At least we are able to save a little bit because it's a basement apartment.
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I know exactly what you mean Derrick. The heating costs can get pretty expensive, especially if you don't have very good insulation in your house. I make sure that I get my hvac system checked every year. Having a system that functions properly can help save you a lot of money as well. http://www.jimsburnerservice.com/
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Myersjulie31, Home Buyer, Blakeslee, PA
Thu Oct 30, 2014
It probably depends on the year, since the weather can fluctuate so much. It also depends on if you need repairs on your systems, since that can significantly add to the expense. However, for the most part, it should be fairly normal compared to other areas. I think that if you really want to get a good cost estimate, you could ask someone in that area or if you are buying a home, ask the previous owner. http://www.a-ccontractors.com
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Douglas Ray…, Agent, Austin, TX
Wed Oct 1, 2014
Yes costs can get pricey on Heating and Cooling depending on how you manage it and what is a comfortable temperature for you and your family. My guess is that it would be fairly comparable to Houston, except you folks have more humidity then we do here in ATX. Mind you that I come from New England where monthly utilities were $600/mth so i am thrilled with my $225 average to heat and cool a 3000 sqft home with cathedral ceilings. Please note that $225 average covers Electric, Water, Pest Trash, Gas, Sewer. I leave the thermostat at 80 during the time we are out of the house and adjust to 72 when inside. Since my oldest has severe allergies we keep the house closed up most of the time. Yes, I just paid a $200 electric bill for August but that's 1 month for the year. As a single dad of 3 and quite frugal I base everything off of annual averages and believe that $225 average is pretty common with reasonable usage. It is my understanding that both water and electric are going to adjust in the near future. Hope that helps. Feel free to call or text anytime 512-284-3930. Cheers! {/;~)-drg
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I am also looking for a good heating contractor. My home has had problems with the heater for over a year now. We can't leave it on more than five minutes without spontaneous blasts of cold air shooting through our vents.
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Jordan Gouger, Agent, Austin, TX
Sat Dec 7, 2013

This is a great question. As you have probably gathered, the answer to this question is highly subjective to your families' lifestyle, age of house, number of stories, HERS rating, weather, and other factors. In Austin we tend to experience very hot and dry summers, and frequently have cold winters. Due to our weather, heating and cooling costs tend to be expensive. According to Austin Energy, the average home in Austin uses about 12,000 KWh per year.

For properties that are located in The City of Austin, we are fortunate enough to a city-owned electricity company which contributes substantial revenue into the City's general fund. Additionally Austin Energy, is under the mandate of the City to be as environmentally friendly as possible. This means that there are substantial grants and low cost loans available to homeowners in order to reduce the energy usage of their home.

We also currently have an ordinance that notifies consumers about the energy usage of older homes. This is used to notify consumers of what their average bills might look like. There has also been a lot of talk about requiring energy efficient upgrades prior to selling a home, but that has not yet been implemented.

I hope that helps to answer your question. If you would like to learn more about energy-efficient homes in Austin, TX please contact me and I will be happy to help you..


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>There has also been a lot of talk about requiring energy efficient upgrades prior to selling a home, but that has not yet been implemented.

Let the buyer c0cksuckers do the upgrades.
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Betina Forem…, Agent, Austin, TX
Tue Nov 19, 2013
This is going to depend on how hot or cold you keep the house AND on how well the home is constructed and insulated AND on size of the home. These three variables are too expansive to be able to give an accurate answer.

I can tell you that some areas charge more for things. For example the Lakeway area charges about double what the city of Austin charges for water. Something that you should also consider is the property tax rate. This can vary from 1.80% up to 3.35% and that can impact your taxes in a major way.
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I agree with Betina. A lot of factors will influence the cost. I think what really matters is how often you use your heating and cooling unit. The price will be different for everyone. http://www.a-ccontractors.com
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Steven Van O…, Agent, Austin, TX
Fri Aug 9, 2013
Too many variables to advise on an average, but having lived in many cities in the U.S. I can attest that Austin's utilities are on the low end of the spectrum. For the same size house I had in AZ my utilities here in Austin are less than 25% of what I was accustomed to paying.
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Susie Kay, Agent, Dallas, TX
Thu Aug 8, 2013
It depends on the home and you! The square footage of the home, the updates and maintenance of the homes (A/C, insulation, windows, ceiling fans, blinds etc), and what temperature you feel comfortable with. I have friends in Austin, some like to set the temperature in their homes at 73 some at 80.

My suggestion is before purchasing a home, ask the sellers for their heating/cooling cost per month and at what temperature they set their AC/heater at.

I hope that helps. Give me a thumbs up if you find my answer the most helpful.

Susie Kay, Realtor®
United Real Estate
III Lincoln Centre, 5430 LBJ Freeway #280
Dallas, TX 78240


Servicing your real estate need is my priority!
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JOSEPH E JAR…, Agent, Austin, TX
Thu May 9, 2013
As you've probably already read, that is an impossible question to answer. However I think you're probably asking overall where does Austin stand as far as cost of energy, etc. Comparatively speaking, Austin has one of the lowest costs of living in the US of any major city, and that would include utility costs as well. So basically, Austin is not a very expensive place to live with regard to utilities, and most other things for that matter.

If you are considering a move to Austin and do not yet have a Realtor to help you, feel free to contact me and I will do all I can to assist. I help buyers from start to finish at no cost to them, and am one of the top agents in the greater Austin area. Thanks, Joe

Joe Jarusinsky, Realtor/Master Instructor, Keller Williams Realty, Austin's #1 Real Estate Company, Ranked #1 by Buyers and Sellers (JD Power & Assoc. 2012)
Call 512-261-4415
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1st Zero-Emi…, , Austin, TX
Thu May 9, 2013
The average annual heating and cooling cost in Austin Tax is $2,892.47 exactly.
Minus the "exactly" part
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Bill Austin, Agent, Austin, TX
Thu May 9, 2013
An answer for the "area average" would call for wild speculation. I've seen new construction homes where the builder gives a guarantee of a maximum cost/bill. There are at least 4 different electric providers, a couple gas options, all electric homes...you get the idea. I'll go out on a limb and say that what we spend more in the summer we make up in the winter compared to many northern climates.
My home is all electric and the average is about $200/mo for a 3200 sq/ft home 1 story.

Best wishes...I"d be happy to help you.
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Wow, that's cheap compared to San Diego. I just paid $276 for gas and electric, in the summer time. You don't need A/C in San Diego, and there's only 2 of us. Water bill is on average $400 bi-monthly. Not hard to guess why I'm looking at Austin forums...
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Ronald Culli…, Agent, Austin, TX
Thu May 9, 2013
There is no readily available statistic for what you're asking. Any answers given would be entirely speculative. As noted below, it depends on many things and an average across the board would be useless with respect to trying to figure out something for an individual home.

Just put it in perspective. Do you know, or can you find out what the average heating and cooling costs are in Deleware?

Ron Cullinan
Avalar Austin
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Keith Jean-P…, Agent, East Brunswick, NJ
Thu May 9, 2013
Dear Wadzo:

This question is VERY subjective because of home size, age of heating/cooling systems, individual's desired usage, etc.
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