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anyone purchase a home from MJC companies (builder)?

Asked by Dave, 48085 Thu Mar 1, 2012

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pbkameh’s answer
Well just an update the saga of my MJC built condominium continues.
The toilet at the upstairs unit was installed incorrectly so it was leaking into the wall of my bedroom.
This may seem like a small issue.

Yes it is but not when you are dealing with the tennants and the home owner is not known to you.
Then there is the management company ( White Hall chosen by MJC) that is supposed to know all the renters but will not cooperate with you.

Anyhow now this year had a total failure of the MJC built sprinkler system. It started in an upstairs unit and displaced two families because it soaked through walls and carpeting. We were told it was a rusted nail!!

Look long and hard at any of these condominium's built by MJC. Who knows what they have built.
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Whitehall is a joke, and apparently their only business is some sort of shady deal between them and new developers. We're a victim of their arrogance at a sub in Rochester Hills. I wouldn't trust any major developers around here now.
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Specializing in new construction, MJC homes and condominiums offer a wide choice of locations, flexible floor plans, and an abundance of the most desired amenities within pleasant communities including some with pools, walking trails and ponds - http://usaconstructionloans.com
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They did what they said they were going to do.
Provided an GREAT price with many additions.
Erin S. was unbelievably accommodating & friendly through the whole process if you are in the market for a Wonderful home please contact MJC & Erin
We bought in Wolverine Country Club
Closed in July
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I would not recommend them either. bought a home from them in 2004. a few years later our tile started falling off in our master bath. It appears they did not put wetboard under the tile and the drywall got wet and was crumbling. Of course home warranty had expired and we had to replace ourselves. Our home was missing a vent in the bathroom. The cheapest appliances, carpet, paint and fixtures were used on the entire project.
Wood blinds to heavy for the window they are used in, caused them to break under their own weight. Ice issues with the gutters every year.

The property management company they use, Whitehall does not seem to be organized. Multiple calls are needed to fix issues.
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I agree with the backer board, i miss that too or otherwise i would demand they would used backerboard. Our bedroom are some green board, not cement backer board.
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Mjc is terrible to work with, worst experience ever. I would not recommend them to anyone.
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My in-laws and my mom both purchased a condo in Macomb Twp. in the same development. The condos are supposed to be identical. My mom's condo has a three-way switch for the light in her foyer. My in-laws had to pay an electrician $150 to add a switch three years after they purchased the condo. My mom's condo, purchased two years after my in-lawsd, the builder forgot to install one of her outside faucets (hose bib). They are taking their good sweet time in taking care of this issue. They tried to tell her it was out of warranty. I informed them that it wasn't a warranty issue. It was an issue of being sold something and it not having the features promised. This issue still has not been corrected.

It has been very cold the last few days. In my mom's condo the water quit working. She called the water department. The gentleman told her he would contact MJC and discuss the issue with them. He also mentioned the water meter and the water supply line are too close to the wall, which could be causing her issue. The gentleman talked with MJC and called my mom back telling her they aren't going to do anything about it. She has been without water for three days now.

My in-laws have tile that has cracked and been repaired and cracked again in their shower. The shower tile are not installed correctly. There is not enough thinset under these large tile to keep them from cracking the way they installed the shower floor pan and the slope used to drain the the water from the shower. The grout is coming out of their ceramic tiled kitchen floor at the entrance to the kitchen. They came back and fixed it. It has all fallen out again six months later. My guess is there is a seam to the cement board under that area that wasn't taped and mudded correctly.

Basically no, I would not recommend MJC.

One thing that this builder will do is have you sign a piece of paper stating that you understand the warranty period is 12 months. In the State of Michigan this will not hold up. By law a builder has to warranty a new home for 18 months. Yes folks, that's right, BY LAW YOU ALL HAVE AN 18 MONTH WARRANTY!!!!!
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Thanks you so much. I almost chose their services. Thanks God Bless you.
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Oakland Hunt, Homebuyer
My husband and I began looking for a builder to build our dream home in
2008 and in Fall of 2012 we found Oakland Hunt and MJC. After meeting with
all of the builders in the Oakland Hunt Development and doing some research
we felt that MJC was
the right builder for us. All of our friends and family warned us that
building a home would be stressful and time consuming. This is true,
however, working with MJC we were always confident that all of our concerns
would always be addressed to our satisfaction. MJC has always worked to
meet our expectations and they know how to treat their buyers with respect
and understanding.

After touring so many models over the years we knew exactly what we wanted
in a house, then we walked into MJC's Logan model and all of that changed.
The Logan was so different from previous builders models and had a unique
personality and warmth. What we were able to create with the help of Grace
has surpassed anything we dreamt of. She was able to give us
recommendations and make the very long selection process a lot less
painful. We were also able to truly customize the model to meet our vision
and were not confined to the standard options. We moved into our house one
month ago and it feels like home. Of course there are little things here
and there that need to be addressed but based on our experiences with MJC
we are certain all concerns will be addressed to our satisfaction. The
road to get here was not always smooth or easy, but Kevin, Doug, and Grace
were there every step of the way and continue to
support us today to help give us our dream home.

Thank you,

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We purchased a home with MJC in Oakland. I would never recommend them to anyone. Although we love our home, the process was difficult. Our sales person, Erin, was terrible. Once we told her we wanted to purchase it took about (5) phone calls to get our sales agreement nailed down. We were told we'd move in by the end of 2012.....we closed at the end of March. Throughout the build process many details of our home were installed wrong due to the poor communication between the builder and the sales office. If it were not for my husband and I coming out to the house EVERY weekend to check on the progress of our home construction would have continued without anyone taking notice of the specifications that were signed off on. Our biggest complaint would be the communication. It takes multiple phone calls and E-mails to even get a response for a product you've already paid for. If I were you I'd think twice about using MJC for any project. Friends in our neighborhood have seemed to like DM Homes. I'd go with them instead.
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thank you for your respond, we too have the exact same issue. We closed this march, the house in general are good, we love our house.

Your assessment was correct, sales needs improvement. it took us more than 5 calls and countless of email. I camp out at my house 2 times each day (morning and evenning), and expended all vacation thru critical phases of the builiding process. I have to pursue and cattle prod all selection in timely maner w/ main office, otherwise Sales will us select on the spot.

Here is how i rated:
Structural : B+
finished: C+
yard grading: C- (martian landscape, rocks and brick all over yard)
Inter Office communication: D
SuperIntendent: B+
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If you were mislead about the purchase and the builder completely ignores your phone calls and requests by certified mail. How do you get them involved when they completely do not know you exist.

Patricia LeBlond
Benstein Crossing
Commerce Twp., MI 48390
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Time to get an Attorney involved :)
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Hi, I built a home with them and closed last summer. My experience was very good and I rate the home very highly. It is true that any customization has a price but it is possible. My tile work (baths) and trim work was exceptional. My experience was good because I did not go weekly to see it being built since it was across town. I have been in it a year and am still very impressed. Only cons were that some of the items shown in the model home and available were slightly different (cheaper) due to "availability" but I was told that they would not be the same. I also added items like extra insulation and higher efficiency furnace since those will eventually pay for themselves. Was not able to change anything once that part of building was undertaken because of the too great expense but got everything I wanted and never had a problem with call backs, ect.
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Responding to "Bob, Home Buyer, 48326" as a former employee of MJC,

MJC is a production home builder that uses subcontractors for all phases of construction. In that regard, they function the same as Pulte, Centex, Delcor - in fact, every national or regional builder.

If you had done your research ahead of time and had based it on build quality instead of price (remember - this is the single largest purchase most of us will ever make), you would have been well aware that what you are vexed about is universal within the product category.

That is, your home is constructed from a limited range of plans, with a limited range of options. That in fact is the only way a volume builder can lock down prices, control the build time and maintain quality. All those things matter to you too, don't they? Making changes after construction has commenced just isn't viable in a production setting - not for MJC or any other volume builder. What seems easy-peasy for you is major for the builder. That is in large part due to the fact that sub-contractors MUST lock their prices(and materials) in for the accepted range of buyer options.

But here's the thing that separates MJC from the other builders I named: They are Michigan only, they used Dominick Tringali Architects for all their designs, they still used better materials like plywood and solid trim woods when others had already switched to cheaper composites - and they are fanatical about final build quality.

If you had canvassed other home buyers already in the neighborhood, you would have gotten much better feedback on what to expect and how to approach the Builder's staff on your desired changes ( EVERYBODY should do this - new home owners LOVE to talk about their home and it's a good way to meet your future neighbors).

A quick check of the Michigan Builders Board will show that MJC has by far the fewest number of complaints of any production builder, and far fewer than most so-called "Custom Builders". This may in fact explain why their employees are so doggone loyal, long-term and genuine.

Oh, I am not a "plant" for MJC - we parted ways less than amicably in 2007, but I will stand by their reputation as quality builders. In fact, use my name (just say "John the builder") and canvass any of the buyers of an MJC home in Waterstone (Oxford) an see what our feedback is. They are a great bunch of home owners, and I'm sure you will find yourself one too.

C. John Stutzer
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I am currently in the process of building a home with them and it has been a struggle to say the least. The best way to describe it is a cookie cutter operation very similar to Pulte Homes etc. You are sold on a bill of goods that you are getting a custom home, when in reality you are simply picking out colors and fixtures. The requests I have made have not been unreasonable either and been timely in nature in regards to the building process. I have offered to pay for the changes and accept any delay they might cause. About 8 of 10 requests have been turned down.
The workmanship is so-so. I can live with it. But, I feel I'm getting an "ok" home rather than a great home. There are sub-contractors doing all the work and if you talk to them they are underpaid and over worked, this results in poor construction.
The bottom line is I would not recommend them.
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I'd rather not say on here just yet, as the home is still not completed. I can say, by looking at your previous post, that the people you dealt with are not the same people I am dealing with and I am not in the Partridge creek area either. I spoke with 2 neighbors last night who have recently moved into there MJC homes and they have gone through the same headaches I have.
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What sub are you buying in? Who is your sales rep?
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I purchased a house from MJC about a year ago over in Partridge Creek. It was a very good experience. They were quite professional and I had no problems whatsoever.The house is awesome and I have had no problems with it. I would give the overall experience 9 out of 10. The builders office/sales rep and superintendent were knowledgeable, courteous and prompt returning my calls.
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If you're a Real estate agent. They will persist that you sign a document in an utrageous attempt to lower your commiision from the advertismental on the mls. If they even ackowledge the agent who brought the customer in, they may even still try to take the customer from you if you don't have a buyers agency agreement. STAY AWAY FROM THESE DISHONEST PEOPLE! MJ THIEVES .PPTENTIAL HOMEOWNER'S AND AGENTS ALIKE AVOID AVOID AVOID
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Erin in sales, really lacks the ability to sell a home.
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Would NEVER buy a home from them again. Long time owner of a home in Commerce Twp.
As many have already attested , it does not sound like they have changed their ways over the years. they are a very difficult company to work with as a home buyer. Its a struggle to get them to do warranty work on the homes they build. We encountered many of the same issues other reviews mentioned.
Hope your a handy person
Leaky toilet all over new hardwood floor
No insulation around windows constant draft, replaced them all in first 5 years
Terrible HVAC work, bad circulation
Tile problems, breaking and falling off
Leaky basement, yard slopped towards house
Paid for upgrade ALL tile shower only to have a fiberglass floor pan installed, they never resolved
............................you get the picture
The topper this fall is to have the shingles replaced only to find out the entire roof boards need to come off due to poor / improper venting of the roof. No venting on some sides of the house with NO channels to provide airflow from the vent. Most covered over with insulation.
Terrible Mold problem, resulting in the entire roof sheeting coming off. This to say the least adds a Couple Thousand $$ to the job. Not sure how this past code.
This would only be discovered long after the builder warranty ran out and you need replace shingles. But hey it's not their house so who cares.

Their Motto should be "we Over Promise and under Deliver".
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In response to "Bob, Home Buyer, 48326"

Just got a Trulia email update today & got to read your review of the build process(this dating back to August?!). I've got to say, it is one of the most objective I've ever read. Where you had issues, you explained them without malice and offered future home buyers good advice to avoid the same. And where praise was merited, you gave it - how can a builder fault that?

The project & Site Managers in ANY building company too often think that overseeing the trades is their most important task, when it in fact is continuous and consistent communication between them and the buyer.

In my time with MJC, we never missed a closing date - EVER - not once. We built to a price and in the so-called "Cookie-cutter" market, but were driven to build a better product with better materials for the money than the competition. When a customer needed to meet with the build manager - they got to meet - ALWAYS.

Times change, and yes we've been through a whopper economically - hopefully, MJC is listening. Their responsive to customers is what helped set them apart when I was with them.

I am not going to make excuses for MJC or any other builder when they fall short of the expectations that a customer ought reasonably expect. What I am going to do is acknowledge where a home buyer makes an extended eort to report without bias for the benefit of others.

My hat is off to you sir!
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I appreciate you coming back to the site and posting another comment. From your first post you could tell you had a passion for what you did and your previous position at MJC. And your right, times change and companies change policies based on how they feel their company runs the best. From my perspective they want to deal with the Homeowner as little as possible because it slows them down. I understand that to a point, but when myself as well as many others are making the biggest purchase of their life, a little communication from the person actually overseeing the construction should be a priority. I asked for meetings with the Super to go over some concerns and was denied. I asked for his phone number and was denied. The first and only time I met him was at the walk through! I think if that "policy" was changed, I would have had a much better experience. Anyway, thanks again for the reply and hopefully more MJC homeowners can continue this discussion to benefit future buyers.
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In response to JOHN the Builder: I too have had the same issues as Bob. Mostly with the "contractors" they use. We have had a number of issues and all have been linked to the contractors. I have purchased new construction before and not had the same issues as I have had with MJC. We were told by many of them that MJC is difficult to with so that explains the time delays in getting your home in a timely fashion. That is not saying we are not happy with our house. WE LOVE OUR HOME....I would recommend them. I again suggest using a realtor. I have heard worse from Lombardo neighbors and have walked through their homes and you can definitely tell the quality difference. You take the good with the bad. There are a lot of things I would changed but after being in my home over 6 months now I can say we are really happy with our home. John, if you are going to put your name behind MJC I would think twice about insulting current or potential customers who are going to be the driving force. The sales team is awful to deal with (FACT) They will not get your house done on time (FACT) They will tell you one thing then it turns out it was something different (FACT) These 3 things are the same 3 issues that myself and my neighbors who also built with MJC dealt with. If you knocked on any of our doors we would tell you that.
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We have worked with few builders on new construction and most of the time there is always a lag in information between sales person and the constrution manager in general.

Yes, for all construction, it is important to see along the process as everyone hires companies as sub-contract to finish the work.

Also, new builders we have worked with so far, make the power garage as an upgrade option and dont provide as default.

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Well, I finally can say I'm ready to give a full review of MJC and the experience I had with them. I'm going to try and keep it short (I could write a few pages)
Let me start on a positive note. The overall construction of the home is very good for the price. I would rate it 7-8/10. If you compare it to similar builders like Pulte or Lombardo, you are getting a slightly better product. I would rate those homes 5-6/10 from what I've seen.

The big problem I had with MJC was the communication, or lack of it. Their system is flawed from the start. They have a sales person who is your point of contact through the entire process. However, they often cannot answer your questions (95% of the time) and have to refer to the superintendent that is overseeing your job. By the way that person is unreachable! So you are solely relying on your sales person to be giving you timely and correct information, which did not happen with us. We were told we were getting items/upgrades and even picked out finishes for these options, only to come to the final walk through and have the super tell us the sales person was wrong and that was never going to be included in the house.

I highly recommend visiting your home during the construction process! On numerous occasions "mistakes" were apparent and then the next week you could see where they tried to hide them. Once the Drywall goes up you have no idea whats behind your walls. I had to confront them and make them properly fix their mistakes.

I don't know if this has anything to do with MJC or new home builders in general, but power garage door openers were not included, and not even an option. There were a few things like this that just completely make no sense to me. I bought a 3 car garage home...am I really going to lift the doors every time I come home? NO, so why not add it as an option? I just don't get it. I would PAY for them. Now its just another hassle to deal with as I'm moving into a new home.

Finally, whatever date or time frame they give you regarding the completion of your home...completely ignore. They missed their target date by 3 months. Plan accordingly!
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I purchased a condominium built by MJC in 2007, "cookie cutter" and poor quality describes their bulding style. I do not know why there are no complaints. I am looking to spread the word.
I have had problems from the start and now getting worse.
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I did do my research and new that they were a "production" home builder. However, the sales person stressed that this would be "my home to do whatever I pleased" Also there were only 3 homes by MjC going up when I purchased mine and the homeowners were never available to speak to. Again once the process is complete I can go into further detail regarding my experience with MJC.
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Hi Dave,

I am curious if you did buy a home through MJC and what your experience was like with them.
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Buying home through MJC was a nightmare to day the least. Once you sign the closing papers, they do not know you and will ignore all your letters, emails, and phone calls
Patricia LeBlond, Benstein Crossing, Commerce, 4830
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Thx everyone for your inputs. I am committed to build them. but, I am less then impress. i will keep my mind open, but the forecasst is looking.

Joe - you are the first positive thing i heard compare to other home owners. who was your sale rep?
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thx joe
Flag Thu Aug 2, 2012
I dealt with Margie Moceri the sales rep at Partridge Creek, Frank at the office and Andy who is the superintendent
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We are building with them right now- so far we are satisfied- just satisfied. We are getting a really good deal on the house so I am just chalking up our issues to being understaffed?! It took us forever to get talk to someone- my suggestion is to USE A REALTOR! Ours has been our saving grace with some issues we have had- but they have all been corrected so I can't say anything bad you just have to ask a lot of questions and remember exactly what they tell you. Our realtor called and set up an appointment. I know they are busy but still no excuse- they have a great product just don't know how to market it. If you are serious about building and have patience I would highly suggest giving them a chance- we did a lot if research prior to making our decision and are excited to have our house. You have the good and the bad with everything it just depends on your level of tolerance. Good luck!
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You know that it's important to know in advance what are the communication channels and contractual process to enforce the Purchase Agreement Provisions during build process and especially "Change Orders" done in writing and sign by the Building Supt and the Agent - Nothing Verbal is legally enforceable. This makes a huge difference if your optioning up as you build versus a Spec Grade Unit where it matters little. I spent a Career as a Pro Purchasing/IT Manager planning millions on Networks, Infrastructure and rarely does anything go per plan which makes your best friend a "Change Order" amending the original agreement between builder and their assigned Contract Supv to ensure they are carried out before your Walk-Thru. Some builders simply won't include options at all. A good builder will welcome Change Orders as they become very profitable whereas cookie cutters don't want production interruptions. Pre-Purchase you may want to test Communications - unless prefer DIY post purchase
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As the other agent mentiioned there are many builders using small brokers to list their homes. I would assume with the large amount of buyers and limited houses on the market these agents are overwhelmed with the phone calls.
All my buyers are frustrated because they can not locate any good homes. Hopefully in the spring more properties will be on the market. I do know that builder permits are up 25% from last year and builders are bedginning to build.
If you need anything else drop me a line.
Dave J.
Web Reference: http://yourhometeamc21.com
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Many builders are small and swaped with phone calls and emails. It is good idea to visit them in person and discuss with them. If you feel comfortable then you can proceed with them. Also use a home inspector or realtor who is knowledgable in newer construction.

We had one of our client put a deposit to start new home through Pinnacle homes in rochester hills.

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Yes, I did. Found them in BBB. Only a few issues (4), but no details of discription of the complaint. I am current inquiring one of the home site, but the sale rep doesn' t return phone call nor email. Not exactly good business practice, trying to give it a benefit of a doubt that a bad sale rep; not builder. Hopefully, there are other can help.
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Did you check them out on Google?
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