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Working with a realtor who I am unhappy with...what do i do?

Asked by Goodie716, 07757 Fri Aug 21, 2009

Hi, I was working with a realtor and I am not liking her. She is not responsive and seems to be pushy attimes. Her husband is a mortgage broker and she wants me to work with him and I really dislike him. He just gives me a bad vibe. I am a first time home buyer and need advise. Can I start working with a new realtor or do i have to stay with her?

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People - Goodie answered a final response on Sept 10. !

Goodie716' s final resppnse:

"Thanks to everyone for the advice. I definitly took it. I set up a meeting with her and explained all my concerns and asked her to think them over and how she could address them. I asked her to get back to me and never heard from her. I guess I got an answer to that question. I talked to a few friends and got reccomendations on realtors and did a few meetings. I found a great realtor who specializes in first time home buyers and he is amazing. Night and day...a true breath of fresh air. I have spoken to him more in 2 weeks than I did with her in 6 months. I now feel comfortable to move forward in this process and might be making an offer on a place that he found without me doing anything!"
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Goodie: You do not have to work with anyone you don't wish to work with. If you have signed a contract to work with the AGENCY as a buyer's agent, it is a little tougher. The first thing to do is to decide if the agency is worth working with. If they might be okay, you then talk to the manager and INSIST that the agent be changed. Your contract is ALWAYS with the agency and not the agent! If the manager is not helpful, you can demand that he/she cancel the contract or you can dismiss the whole agency for cause (failure to provide adequate service would be one item.) They are your agents and you are not theirs.

If you have a contract and you choose to abrogate it, another agent and their agency may end up not getting the commission, if it comes to arbitration and so may choose not to work with you. It would be best not to get between agencies in that manner.

If you have no signed contract and have no offer under negotiation, you can move on. There may be a bit of arm wrestling over who showed what to whom when but I bet you will find a good agent who can handle that complaint and give you the kind of service you deserve. That argument would not be yours to solve or even to get involved with.

Bill Holt
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Even if a buyer has signed a Buyer Agency agreement with a Realtor, it serves no purpose for either the buyer or the realtor to continue if there is no trust or confidence in the working relationship. I always tell my clients in a Listing Agreement or Buyers Agreement, that at anytime they are not happy with my services or how I work for them, then all they have to do is tell me and we will terminate the contract and they are free to go elsewhere. I further tell them that my best advertisement is word of mouth and that their return business and referrals to me from their friends and family.......... is my business. I have never had one to ask to be released. Way to go Goodie! Best of luck to you. Happy Hunting!
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Congrats Goodie716! I'm glad you took charge of your home purchase. You have made great strides for yourself and your future!

Buyers need to know that it is okay to ask questions and be satisfied with the answers to those questions before they work with an agent AND/OR a loan officer!

Let us hear about your success!
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Your scenario ia extremely common. As human beings, we all choose our relationships for different reasons. The absolutely most important aspect of your relationship with your agent is that you must be comfortable with him/her and feel like your best interests are in mind. You may choose any lender you desire. I typically offer my clients several names and phone numbers of qualified lenders.
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Thanks for the advice everyone! I really appreciate the help. I did not sign any contracts with her and I don't have any offers under negotiation. I have been trying to get an offer in from an open house I saw and she hasn't called back. Its been over 2 weeks.
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The previous two realtors that answered are right on the money. Unless you have a signed buyers agency agreement, you can go on your way at any point in time. A realtor that is too pushy is usually a realtor that needs a paycheck ASAP. I work under a different concept of allowing the buyers to decide which home works for them the best, not pushing them to buy quick.

The situation you are in can become sticky since the mortgage broker is her husband. If you have a problem with one or the other you could be in a very awkward situation.

In the event that you start using a new realtor and decide to purchase a home that you already saw with the old realtor, you may not have any issue depending on the time that has elapsed since your were originally shown the property. I had a client that purchased a home through me that he had seen with another realtor over six months ago, and the New Jersey Association of Realtors decided that was not a problem.

As a first time home buyer, you should work with someone that you are comfortable with, you don't want your first experience to be a negative one. Please feel free to email or call with any questions.

William F. Troy
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You do not have to work with her, unless you have signed a buyer agency agreement with her. That is a legal contract that binds you to her for the duration of the contract.

As a buyer, you can just "disappear" as so many do, by not returning her phone calls or email, or you can call her and tell her that you've changed your mind about purchasing at this time.

Here's the one catch for you: If you want to purchase any of the homes she has shown you, she legally should be paid. In real estate there is "procuring cause." Basically the agent who brings the buyer receives credit for the sale.

I have had buyers that I've worked with who just left their agent decide to buy a house that the other agent showed them. I usually work it out with the prior agent by giving them a referral. Not all agents do that because buyers are so hard to keep track of.

Keep in mind that you have until November 30th to close on a house this year to be eligible for the first time homebuyer discount, too!
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Hi Goodie,

You do not have to work with anyone you do not want to work with... Unless of course, you have a pending offer with that Realtor, then it gets sticky.

Although this has not happend to me, I have had clients come to me with the same situation and stating they just did not like their Realtor. It happens.

You can contat another Realtor and work with somone else. You should call or email your current Realtor and tell them that you are not comfortable with the service that they have provided and you are going to find another Realtor.

End of Story.

John Sacktig
Broker / Manger
Orange Key Realty
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There's an expression in the real estate world -- "Nobody owns the customer!" This is true!!! There are many realtors out there who would love to help you. Pick a competent agent that knows the area you're buying in. Discuss your "wants and needs" up front with the agent and be sure they have the time to help you.
Good Luck!
Barbara Furdyna
Diane Turton, Realtors
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There is nothing worse than feeling unhappy with someone who is taking you out on a journey to make one of the biggest decisions/investments of a lifetime.You need to feel comfortable and have a trust in this individual.She is your trusted advisor!!!!Who is working for you with your best interests at heart,You are not required to stay with anyone you are not happy with.If you have signed a buyers agency contract, just let the individual know that you are not connecting with her and wish to cease your relationship.Nothing more.if you need further assistance please do not hesitate to write
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When working with a Realtor whom you do not like it is best to be upfront with the agent. Thank her for her time and tell her you do not feel you and her are compatible for making such an important decision in your life. If she argues with you, be polite and firm. If she ask you why there is a problem, tell her. Sometimes people get off on the wrong foot and communication puts them on track. Good Luck.
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Switch, hopefully the agent is OK with it. Find a good agent who will look out for your interests
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Great Job! I am so happy to hear that we have a recommendation that works. Agents can be over whelming and I am so happy to hear you will have a positive first time home buying experience. I hope it shows others there are many fantastic Realtors!
Please be sure to show us pics of your new palace! ;)
Jenny Talasazan
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Just read your update Goodie, I am so glad to hear that you are now having a good experience with your new realtor, and may even be making an offer shorly...it sounds to me as if you have done everything right...bravo..
good luck to you.
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Hello Goodie,

Since you never SIGNED a buyer's rep or contract w/ your agent and you do not have any current offers out there for properties that you are looking to purchase; then you should be free to search out a new relationship and keep the ball moving.

Just a quick heads up: If by chance you decide that perhaps a home you saw with your old agent is a home you really would like to go after now that you are with your new agent; there may be a sticky situation at hand called "procurring cause". Make sure your new agent is in complete understanding of this and explains all the risks that you could possibly inherit in that same kind of scenario.

Best of luck with your new agent and as a word to the wise.... HURRY.. the November 30th 2009 tax credit deadline is rapidly approaching!

Web Reference: http://www.eXposedHomes.com
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Glad you changed and are now having a good experience.
Shame on anyone else that tried to take you as a customer when you were only asking an honest question. Ethics is the major part of our business. Good luck with your new Realtor.
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You can work with whoever you want unless you have signed a buyer exclusive agency, which means your agent would get the commission for whatever period of time stated in that contract. Most agents do not have their clients sign a buyer contract, so most likely you are free to work with another agent. As a first time buyer it is essential you feel comfortable with your agent. Ask yourself if you think they are familiar with the communities you are interested in, are they just out for $$, do they listen to what you say to them, can you call them whenever you have a question? It's one of the most important decisions of your life, don't cheat yourself by working with someone you arent' comfortable with. Many of my clients have worked with 2,3, or even 4 other agents before we met. Good luck, Debra
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Often times Real Estate Executives grow comfortable with in their needed and expanded position as a go between sellers and buyers.
In the commercial field of selling and buying properties you can find what is called as Real Estate Consultant or Service Provider.
Real Estate Consultants and Service Providers (RECSP) most times receive 1% to 2% of the sale price as their compensation when the deal is completed.
This will also be included in your finance paper work and some Real Estate Professionals including; Agents, Brokers and Loan Officers, “Do Not Like RECSP’s”!
A RECSP’s main goal is to make sure the needs of their clients are met. In your case as a First Time Home Buyer, depending on what kind of contract you have made with your Agent, you can in most cases find someone else or in a time binding agreement speak to this Agents boss. The best way is to do this verbally followed up by a written overview of what was said. This should be dated and emailed even if you send your correspondence through regular mail. Doing both would be my best advice.
If in the future you find that you continue to have difficulties with your RE Agent or Broker getting a Real Estate Consultant or Service Provider can be a very good move and take some of the stress out of your search for the right home.

Liz Steele
Financial Specialist
Hawthorne Capital Corp.
Phone: (212) 231-0062 Ext. 5183
Cell: (347) 819-5682
To: LizSteeleSP@gmail.com
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I am so very happy for you Goodie! That is why you hire a Realtor, it is their job to listen to your desires, do the legwork and negotiate in order for you to realize your DREAM!

Best Wishes!

Eilean Foster
Keller-Williams Realty
Atlantic Shore
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Thanks to everyone for the advice. I definitly took it. I set up a meeting with her and explained all my concerns and asked her to think them over and how she could address them. I asked her to get back to me and never heard from her. I guess I got an answer to that question. I talked to a few friends and got reccomendations on realtors and did a few meetings. I found a great realtor who specializes in first time home buyers and he is amazing. Night and day...a true breath of fresh air. I have spoken to him more in 2 weeks than I did with her in 6 months. I now feel comfortable to move forward in this process and might be making an offer on a place that he found without me doing anything!
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Communication may be the key - tell her what you are telling us. I do see the husband's business as a conflict of interest and a possible problem. If this can not be resolved then you can go your separate ways - she will let you out of an buyer's agreement - unless you purchase something that she has worked with you on - then you are obligated to pay her commission. She may be having doubts about working with you - talk it out.
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If you feel uncomfortable you should speak with her and explain your thoughts. If she is reluctant you should ask for a cancellation and move on to another real estate agent. Also it is not appropriate for her to force her husband. You have the right to go with ever you choose. Did you sign an agreement with her? That is the main thing . If you buy a house she showed you she may be able to get her fees. Let me know.
Jenny Talasazan
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I've had this experience myself in the past. And I sometimes get new clients as a result of a customer's dissatisfaction with their current realtor, usually by referral. The first question is whether you signed a buyer agency agreement. Even if you did, you have the right to cancel if you are not pleased with your service. Put your cancellation of service in writing or via email. First, though, I would suggested that you have a frank discussion with the agent as to why you are displeased. We can all learn from constructive criticism. Ask for a meeting. If she is pushing her husband as the mortgage broker, there are disclosures that must be signed because that represents a potential conflict of interest. There is a disclosure that most companies and state laws require, usually called a Business Relationship Disclosure.

It sounds like you have different styles and she is not adapting to your style. That happens sometimes. You might tell her that you don't think your relationship is a good fit. That should be enough of an explanation. Be very direct and tell her you will choose your own mortgage broker and will shop around for someone you feel comfortable with. Thank her politely for the time she has spent but tell you need to move on. If you are unhappy now, you will likely be unhappy all the way through the transaction, and that makes for a very contentious relationship. Make sure you feel comfortable with the next realtor you choose. Talk to several agents and choose one that you feel comfortable with.
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First of all I would ask her to sit down at a conference table and you have all your concerns written out and ask her (or talk to her) to listen to your concerns.
Tell her you want to choose your own lender and you decision does not require an explanation. It is your right to do that.
Tell her the response time fram that you expect and ask her if that is possible for her to maintain. If she gets defensive, give her a choice. Either cancel your agreement to work with her, or get on the same team and work together. She will come to your side. Tell her you are capable of making your own decisions and not to push.
She will either embrace your honesty, or fight it. If she seems disagreeable, ask for a cancellation .
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dear goodie,
i can can understand your situation, many years ago i had the same experience and at that time i too was a first time homebuyer...as everyone else has mentioned you are not obligated to stay with your current realtor especially since you have not signed an exclusive buyers representative agreement..
i don't know if you want to give her one last chance, and explain your concerns, and see how she responds, or just let her know that you are not happy with the services provided and that you will be working with another realtor..now that you know what you don't want in a realtors performance, it will be easier for you to recognize the qualities and service you are looking for when you begin to research another realtor...
good luck to you,
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As everyone else has told you, if you are not comfortable with the service, or the lack thereof; get comfortable with someone that is totally focused on your needs and wants!
When I first meet a potential client; to me it is like a job interview! I tell them what my commitment level will be, and actually tell them that until we leave the closing table - We Are Attached At The Hip! Tell me everything, don't hold anything back - What You Tell Me Goes No Further Unless You Want Me To Disclose!
I have clients that tell me that they talk with me more than they talk to their spouse! I believe in communication; just as I would want that if I were the client!
No one can dictate to you who your mortgage rep is!

Keep looking until you feel comfortable with whom you will be working! And get ready to do the the *Happy Dance* at the closing table & bring the tissues for the Happy Tears!

Eilean Foster
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Hi Goodie
The open house is it her listing? If not then feel free to contact the listing agent directly. As a first timer, do some home work, 1- get pre-approved for a mortgage. 2- check out the local listing and find out what they are selling for not the list price. A good local agent can help. 3- find an attorney that is a real estate specializist. As a first time buyer you are the BOSS. Mike@murray4money.com
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I am very sorry you are unhappy with your agent. If you feel your agent has fallen short of your expectations, I would first make it clear that you expect a timely response and thorough answers to your questions. If you feel your agent is not providing enough advice, set up a meeting where she can review your goals and strategy. Don’t be afraid to tell her what specific advice you are looking for. I would also make it very clear that if she is unable to provide this level of service, you will be forced to find another agent.

Most agents will offer several lending resources so buyers can select the one who is the best fit. If your agent is unwilling to provide other lender referrals, I would first ask your bank and also see if your friends have any recommendations. Don’t be afraid to say “thank you for referring me to your husband, but I would feel more comfortable working with someone who ___.”

I will tell you that sometimes being pushy could mean that the agent is acting in your best interest – for example, if you are interested in a property that meets your needs and is the right price, your agent may suggest you jump on it because she knows it will sell quickly!

If you do decide you need to change agents, keep in mind that if you signed a buyer representation agreement you may have some obligation to compensate your original agent even after the agreement expires (in California we use the Buyer Representation Agreement and you would refer to Section 3).

As a first time home buyer, you really need someone who has the patience to explain the process, answer all of your questions and address your concerns. Never be afraid to ask for explanations – we are here to serve YOU! I had one client actually apologize for reading through all of the documents he was signing (it’s true that most people don’t read through everything they sign), but you should definitely read through everything and you should be able to ask questions and get answers to anything you don’t understand! Being in Real Estate is always exciting but can at times be extremely busy and stressful and communication and style are both very important.

Good luck and congratulations for being a first time buyer!
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Hi Goodie, I would also add to Primatanya's post that even if you had signed something - which I understand you did not, you could escalate your concerns with the broker/manager of the office to get action either through enhanced service from the agent or be reassigned to another agent. If you didn't sign anything, but the agent showed you the property you want to buy, something can be worked out as well if procuring should be able to be worked out as well between agents, the one that may have introduced you to the poperty and the one that helps you with the offer and negotations.

Fact is this, as with all things, you should received good service or be able to move on. Although I am encouraged to get the Exclusive Buyer's Agency Agreement signed at first meeting, I wait until I have earned the trust and confidence of my buyers. It then does what I believe it is meant to do, and that is reinforce the "gentleman's agreement" that we have established to work together. It should not be used to entrap someone in a relationship that is uncomfortable or unsatisfactory. What I ask for in return, is the same level of commitment and loyalty to the relationship in return.

Good luck to you!

Jeannie Feenick
"Unwavering Commitment to Service"
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As long as you didn't sign any buyer's agent agreement (or exclusivity contract) then you don't have to work with her. Just tell her that you're not comfortable working with her or her husband and find someone else to work with. The same thing happened to me this year when I was looking to buy a home - I didn't like my agent and ended up working with someone else. If you're looking for an agent let me know & I can refer you to one.
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Hi Goodie716, you need to find yourself a new agent! What a crazy situation that you can't get a response from this agent in order to put in an offer - that is unacceptable. I am convinced more everyday that the quality of the resources involved in a transaction make a huge difference in the liklihood of success. A good agent will bring so much to the table - you deserve that kind of service.

Find yourself an agent, a mortgage rep and an attorney you feel comfortable with and buy that house!

Good luck toyou Goodie!

Jeannie Feenick
"Unwavering Commitment to Service"
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Web Reference: http://www.feenick.com
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If you are not happy then feel free to switch to another agent. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. My information is 732 691-1668. I have been specializing in Tinton Falls/Ocean area.
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Hi Goodie,
Since you haven't signed anything with her you can switch realtors. All you have to do is find another agent and write up the offer. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me, I cover the area. I am very responsive and am almost always available to my clients. I would love to help you find the perfect first home.

Heather Daccurso
Weichert Realtors
Email: heather@heatherdaccurso.com
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Send them a Dear John/Jane email and move on. Note that you appreciate all the time and effort she has put into helping you find a home but a close friend/family member wants you to work with him/her or a good agent friend of theirs and you feel obligated. See nice, polite and see ya.

As long as you are not planning to put a contract on a house she has shown you, you do not have any obligation to her or her husband.

Go to your bank to get a pre-approval or call any direct lender, ask your friends and new agent for recommendations on who to get a pre-approval from.

Look on here or ActiveRain for another agent or just go to open houses in the area and strike up a conversation with agents at the house. You'll find one that you connect with, then ask more questions to make sure they have the experience, time and resolve you are looking for.

Whatever you do, move on. Don't get tied to someone you don't like or trust when you're dealing with such an important issue as this.

Good luck Goodie,
Bev and Bob
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