Why is that realators don't put more than one picture up if they truly want to sell a home?

Asked by Stockstadvls, Gillette, WY Sat Aug 29, 2009

I know myself and many others won't look any farther at a home for sale on line if there are not any GOOD pictures to go with the listing. They need to have on of each room in the house and a couple of the outside. It seems like they don't want to trully sell the home they were hired to sell!!

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Erin Rowley Stoner’s answer
Erin Rowley…, Agent, Savannah, GA
Sat Aug 29, 2009
It gets my goat! I think it's a HUGE disservice to the seller. There is nothing I would love more than to swoop in and take that listing due to negligence. License Law forbids us from contacting that seller and doing that, so while that home dwindles on the market, it's because the agent is being lazy, not technically savvy, or still thinks we are in the boom, where properties were under contract before you could get the pictures in.

It's frustrating when looking for a home, it' an integral piece of information for any buyer. I could not tell you what they are thinking....
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Tami Hinson, Agent, Gillette, WY
Wed Sep 25, 2013
It is the choice of the individual agent and company. At REMAX Professionals we do a professional shoot with atleast 15 pictures and a virtual tour on every home we list, unless asked not to by a seller. Look for & ask about what each agent and company plans to do when listing a home.

Also pay attention to the companies that take the time to do a professional job and supply you with the pictures on their homes, that will also give you insight into that companies standards and be a great place to choose a buyer's agent to help you.

If a home does not have pictures and you are interested in it as a buyers agent I can go take and send you the pictures :)
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Realtyminist…, , Indian Lake, NY
Mon Sep 23, 2013
Short Sale on Investment Property and the Tenants Cannot Be Disturbed: After trying to sell a home for months, the sellers have resorted to putting tenants into the home, and now that the bank has resolved to foreclose on the home again, the Seller is trying to sell the home short. The listing goes up, but because of the tenants, there is no picture.

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The United H…, Agent, Mansfield, TX
Tue Dec 4, 2012

Just because there are only a few photos doesn't mean anything. The seller might not of want their own personally space, privacy broadcasted online. Many of my older clients don't feel comfortable having their personal belongs broadcasted to the whole world. Many times a seasoned agent trained in handling objections can handle the situation better and make the clients realize it will only help with the sale. Who knows perhaps I'm way off and the property just doesn't show properly through photography. None the less this is a reoccuring problem for many.

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Philip Cabral, Agent, San Jose, CA
Tue Dec 4, 2012
There are legitimate reasons why some listings do not have more photos. The most obvious is uncooperative tenants.

Other than that, there should be lots of pictures. You don't necessarily have to have one for each room but enough pictures to tell the story of that home.
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Tami Hinson, Agent, Gillette, WY
Tue Dec 4, 2012
I agree with many of the earlier posts, but laziness & cost are probably the most direct answer for the majority of properties not in foreclosure. Our office standard at RE/MAX Professionals is all homes get pictures & complete virtual tour done by a PROFESSIONAL photographer. We consider this a necessity to give our customers the best exposure & level of service they deserve.
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Grace Hanamo…, Agent, Cupertino, CA
Mon Aug 31, 2009
Hello Stocks and thanks for your post.

I do understand your frustration and, as you can see, it is shared by my colleagues below. However, I can relay to you some of the reasons, I've been told by other Realtors here in Santa Clara County, California, as to why they did not add photos to their listing.

1. Listing Came Before Realtor had Access to Home: Sometimes, for those Realtors working with asset managers on REO or foreclosure properties, they receive the listing assignment before they have a chance to look at, view or shoot pictures of the home. As a result, the property listing hits the MLS without pictures. In some cases, the home sells so fast that pictures are never added to the listing.

2. Short Sale Is So Contentious, Sellers Never Let Me Shoot Pictures: One of the most emotional things for any Seller to handle is the possible loss of his/her home and all of the money invested by foreclosure. Some sellers, while knowing that a short sale is their only way out beside foreclosure, will hesitate and even become hostile when the Realtor tries to sell the home. As a result, the Realtor is given some information about the home, but not enough time to shoot pictures or even finish the disclosures. In these cases, the seller is checking to see if the home is saleable rather than working with the agent to extricate themselves from an uncomfortable mortgage situation.

3. Short Sale on Investment Property and the Tenants Cannot Be Disturbed: After trying to sell a home for months, the sellers have resorted to putting tenants into the home, and now that the bank has resolved to foreclose on the home again, the Seller is trying to sell the home short. The listing goes up, but because of the tenants, there is no picture.

4. Home is in Such Terrible Condition, Pictures Would Only Make it Worse. Better to "whet" the Buyer's Appetite with a Home in a "Mystery" Condition than Confirm Its a Dump: Sometimes a home is in a great school district or a highly sought after neighborhood, but has been destroyed by the previous owners. In this case, the Realtor will clean up the home as best as can be done, and then put the home on market without pictures. This way, a buyer will look at the property for the attributes OTHER than the interior. In some cases, one might find a Buyer willing to take on the renovation job.

5. We Got the Home In a Terrible Condition and Had to List It Before We Could Make Repairs. Once Done, We'll Update Pictures: Much like Excuse No. 1, the Realtor got a listing and had to make repairs, but in the meantime was obligated to list the home. The Realtor knew the condition and knew pictures of the home without the sink, with the missing fiberglass installation, the holes in the door, and the water stains would probably turn off any buyers. As a result, the pictures are only uploaded when the home's interiors have been completed. Again, if the home sells before the pictures are uploaded, you might never see the home.

6. Why Post Pictures When You Have Google Earth? I once asked a fellow agent why there were no pictures on this or the other three listings he had. He said that he usually got REOs quite quickly from the Asset Manager, and never saw the reason for pictures. His reasoning was, if you really want to see what the home looks like, you'll visit it, and if you want to see how it looks from the front, any number of websites, including Google's Street Views will now provide a picture of the home. Despite the fact that I disagreed, he was essentially right since more than 50 people went to see his listing that day.

So, Stocks, this is just some of the reasons, I've found for NOT putting photos on the MLS. Like you, I prefer photos, but can see that in some cases, the reason for not posting photos is legitimate, and at other times, the reasons are more "marketing" than actual. Obviously, we'd all like photos on the website, but if you are really intrigued by a home, you should plan to look at the home despite the lack of pictures.

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Dallas Texas, Agent, Dallas, TN
Mon Aug 31, 2009
YEAH I have bookmarked this for agents I don't care how bad a home looks pictures can say 1000 words, does market the home. Many Realtors can be lazy it is time consuming list a home in MLS worth time vested .

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Bill Eckler, Agent, Venice, FL
Sun Aug 30, 2009
We couldn't agree more.....and have noticed this more with short sales and foreclosures. Many agencies and real estate boards have a minimal number of pictures that are required before it can be added to the MLS...................
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Michael Murr…, , New Jersey
Sat Aug 29, 2009
They are bad at their jobs. People what to be informed even if the house is empty or a dump. A picture is worth a thousand words!! Some time owners don't like to share information so the realtor has to explain to them Pictures sell. Long Hill is nice place, Mortgage questions email mike@murray4money.com
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The Hagley G…, Agent, Pleasanton, CA
Sat Aug 29, 2009
(Let me climb upon my soap box...)

I agree! Good, multiple pictures sell homes.I try to have a minimum of 25 pictures on a web site to refer folks to.
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