Why is it that the same agents always answer the questions first? Are the real agents to busy working with?

Asked by Jeffrey Eraca, White Plains, NY Wed Mar 25, 2009

clients? Or are you just shut-ins with no life?

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Vicky Chrisn…, Agent, Purcellvile, VA
Thu Mar 26, 2009
Hmmm... Jeff, I wonder why it bothers you.

To enlighten you, I will tell you why I answer questions here... it brings me business, sure, but it also keeps me "in tune" with what buyers and sellers are thinking - things they are afraid to tell me or ask me outright. That's why people like you go to the internet, right? Anonymity?

This way, I can address the concerns of the live people I am working with, without them having to figure out how to tell me their concerns. It increases their comfort level with me.

I check Trulia for questions within my region daily - I try to do it in the morning and evening, like when I check my email. Occaisionally, when there are not many questions in my region, I just cruise the questions from all over... and it is interesting to find out what's going on in other markets. I've also connected people in other states... I am in VA and have connected agents and buyers in California and New York (where most of the consumer use comes from), as well as a few other areas. It's great having strong business connections across the country and exchanging information and tips, it allows me to bring the best of the best to my clients and customers. It helps keep me educated on true market conditions... as the headlines on the news do not tell it all, not even close.

I answer many questions first. While I'd love to answer first everytime (increases my visibility and increases likelihood of generating new business), I simply don't make it all the time.... but like I said, my real goal is within 24 hours.

Are you just sick of hearing from the same agents time and again? Like a prior poster said, I usually don't answer once there are 5 or more answers... by then it's probably all been said.

But, I hope I've given you examples of good reasons that professionals - even busy ones - would be on this site. Having explained that, I work primarily by myself and don't ask my assistant to do this type of work (it would take away the benefit I most enjoy of this site, the education). But, looking at this strickly as a lead generation opportunity, there are agents with teams that make this a priority. It may look like ONE person is answering, but it is a team... all designed to generate leads to that team. I understand it. I don't desire to do business that way personally, but I get it.

Hopefully you get it now, too... and it makes more sense to you.

Despite the self serving goals of the agents here, please understand it is not by accident that most of us are giving the very best advice we can and doing our very best to help people, even though we know the vast majority of times it will NOT bring us business. We are the agents that are choosing to focus on generating business by helping people and hoping they'll be impressed enough to use us for real business; instead of flashy marketing campaigns and/or cold calling. I don't see anything shallow or negative about that. I hope you don't either.

My daughter said it best (she's 5) when she told someone what I do - "My mommy sells houses, helps people and makes new friends".
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J Douglas Mo…, Agent, Douglaston, NY
Wed Mar 25, 2009
Jeff unfortunately when you are a good real estate broker or agent, you really have to sacrifice alot of your time. In a market like this you have to face all aspects of the business especially technology to give youself the best opportunity to remain successful. Trulia is a great site and I have actually done some business with people who have posted questions and needed assistance.

If you have a real question in the future, feel free to ask. You have a free service at your disposal, take full advantage of it. There are some extremely bright and articulate real estate professionals on this site....

Best of luck.

Home NY Corp.

J Douglas Montgomery, Broker/Owner
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Bonnie Tegge, , Virginia Beach, VA
Wed Mar 25, 2009
Well, to answer nicely instead of buying into your negativity, the ones who are answering desire to assist those who have questions to answer.
Now, let me ask you a question: do you not have something more fulfilling to do with your life than BASH?
Is life so ugly for you that you have to be ugly to others?
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Dana Schuster, Agent, Slidell, LA
Wed Mar 25, 2009
Thumbs up to both of you. Bonnie--I especially appreciated your answer. I tend to answer questions in my down time--between breakfast & time to start working --waiting for a fax,etc.
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Voices Member, , Benton County, OR
Thu Mar 26, 2009
First...This isn't a question it's an insult. Two...Doesn't matter if the insults true or false, making in in this manner is childish. I certainly have a few differences of opinion with many Pros but find it more productive to use discussion and example (actually answer a question) to make my opinions known.

If you feel people coming here are not being helped by the big bad Real Estate people then get off your ass and start helping some people. Blasting cheap shots around the forum may provide some with sick entertainment but helps 0 people and brings nothing new to the table.

Your question could be a perfectly legitimate statement to make in a thread where you are confronting what you see as spamming responses or lackadaisical answers, but posted in this way only contributes to the distancing of those who may actually listen to your opinion when seen elsewhere.

Jeff, It's just my opinion and I'm going to say I lean more towards your view than you might think however this type of use of the Questions is wrong. BTW, Agents use the Q & A more often posting stupid pointless questions to promote themselves or a best time to buy agenda more often than these type of questions appear. The greatest violators of the Community Guidelines by far are the Pros.

The main purpose of the Forum is to attempt to assist some people with questions in a difficult economic time. I don't care what the purpose of the Forum is for anyone else. I'm selfish enough to not be concerned with the views of many agents that feel they are the only intelligent people alive. I try to follow the Guidelines as they are simple, share what little I might think I know, and form my opinions about others in the forum by what they say, do they follow the guidelines and are they actually answering people questions. Many are not, but you aren't either........

Guess I'm just more surly than normal and I really mean no disrespect but this type of use of the Forum bothers me as much as hearing certain agents call nonpros Trolls.

Actually answer some questions and assist some people and whether your a Pro or Non-pro I'll listen to what you have to say, anyone not in that category of actually answering a question can blow their opinions and Questions out their a...................................

Disclaimer: This view/opinion is not held by anyone else in the galaxy, not even if it's Far Far Away. All hate mail and nasty comments should be directed solely toward that Dunes idiot.....Respectfully, The Non-Pro Contingent.
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Gregory Schr…, Agent, Beacon, NY
Wed Mar 25, 2009
Thanks to technology we can answer on the go, wherever we are at the time.
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Janine Bowen, , Ulster, Greene, Dutchess and Orange Counties
Tue Mar 31, 2009
Clearly five days later I'm not one of them. I'm wondering if you are reading here because you are a potential buyer or seller? If you are I'd like to show you my new BLACKBERRY BOLD (I LOVE This thing!!) that will allow me to answer questions anywhere I have a free moment. This PDA is Awesome! I had a Treo 650 but this blows it out of the water. Just had to share. Back to my Blackberry. But if you are a potential buyer or seller call me. I will show you how the latest technology can help you buy a new home or sell your existing one. Your future agent - Janine
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None, , Nonantum, MA
Wed Mar 25, 2009
I am an agent that rarely answers questions on Trulia. One of the reasons I don't is because other agents have addressed the questions already. If I feel the agents responses are lacking in some way I may expand on the answer, but there is no need to belabor a point already made. That being said there are agents that make "responding first" to Trulia questions a priority in their business plan, there are other agents that don't focus so much on that as a priority. I think it has very little to do with an agents activity level. One last suggestion, if you'd like to hear answers from agents other than those that respond to your Trulia questions, give them a call or pop them an email, I am certain you'll get a prompt response back. Hope that sheds some light on the topic. I've posted a link below with some helpful questions to ask when interviewing a Realtor. Good luck in your search for varied responders.
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