Why NRLL wants to buy my propety? I kept on receiving request to buy letter from NRLL at 1 Mauchly, Irvine, CA

Asked by Robert, Thu Dec 27, 2007

Dear xxx, As you know, I have contacted you in the past to make an offer on your vacant land. Since I have not received your response yet, I would like you to reconsider your options. The current Real Estate market is very volatile and holding on to your land can be a risky decision. I would like to remind you that NRLL and I are interested in purchasing only a specific number of properties in your area and your property is among them. Our ALL CASH net offer still stands - we pay all the closing costs associated with the sale and work with a national title company in your area to complete the transaction in 60 days or less. Please reconsider the advantages of letting your property make money for you instead of costing you money in the future. Call me toll free at 800-603-8907 or expedite the sale by logging onto http://www.sellyourlot.com We look forward to helping you turn your property into profits! Sincerely, Todd Christopher p.s. if you have additional parcels, please list them.

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Vreal, , New Jersey
Wed May 13, 2009
They prey on minorities as their best target. They use deceiving advertising offering great prices and easy financing. They offer pennies for the properties and they turn around and auction them at very very high prices. They move from state to state with their auctions so they are outlaw in certain states. We need to get together and file a class action so they learn no to mess with people.
Maria Yo
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well like all business they buy at low price but i bought land from them and tell you what it was rock buttom price
Flag Fri Dec 23, 2016
WOW, Both Buyer And Seller, Las Vegas, NV
Mon May 2, 2011
Wait a gosh darn second. Are you saying that there is a company out there that is buying low and selling high? This is an outrage! Do the folks who run capitalism know about this?

Hey guys, guess what, it is what it is. I agree the company runs a pretty good little game. I have received these letters before; I've even gone to an auction when they use to have them. I never once saw anyone with a gun making people sell their properties, and I probably saw some of these same people on this board in a frenzy trying to give their hard earned money to NRLL. So what's the problem? Are you the same people that blame the government and banks for the foreclosure problem? It's always someone else isn't it? It can never just be that Americans spend more than they make, and buy things that they don't need, can it. Yeah it makes more sense to come on here and complain about a predatory company after the fact than it does to just stop making stupid decisions.
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Paul, , San Francisco, CA
Mon Jun 22, 2009

Maria, I am right there with you. I have bought property from them and I feel there is a probably a very high percentage of the people who they have sold to that feel the same way.

Have you bought from them?

Business is the transaction of goods and services. I am sure that many people will feel that there transactions were not business transactions and that they are stuck with worthless properties that cannot be resold or build on.
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Faruk Bhuiyan, Home Seller, Norristown, PA
Thu Aug 28, 2008
NRLL, Keep off this company, I had a contract as seller of my lots in NY, they promised it would be closed in 30 to 45 days,they did inspection, opened escrow account, did title search every thing is fine, but after three months they sent me a letter saying that they canceled the contract. By this time my taxes became lean on my property. I am planning to go to court against them.
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Heather L Sa…, , 96101
Fri Dec 28, 2007
Hello. NRLL (National Recreational Land Liquidators) is associated with NRPI (National Recreational Properties Incorporated,) who runs land sale projects in several states including California, Washington, Florida and Texas. NRLL generally buys vacant land and then sell it for a profit using their Auction Services, they have also been known to do procurement for the sales projects. NRPI is licensed as a Corporation at the address you stated above, with the California Dept. of Real Estate, you may check license status for all California Real Estate Brokers etc. at http://www.dre.ca.gov. NRLL will buy your land and facilitate the escrow, just know that it is most likely their intent to offer the land for sale. I know that there are several auction companies offering to buy land in my market area, and NRLL is one of them. If you want to know if they are making a fair offer, consider contacting a Realtor in the area your property is located and asking them for an Competitive Market Analysis, be up front with them about why you are asking, and many times they are willing to assist you.
Web Reference:  http://www.dre.ca.gov
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The Hagley G…, Agent, Pleasanton, CA
Thu Dec 27, 2007
This is a land auction company...they will make an offer, most likely, well under market value and turn around and auction it in the futurew.
Web Reference:  http://www.cindihagley.com
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