Where is the safest and nicest area in Vallejo which has affordable housing?

Asked by Darryl Enabore, Arlington, TX Thu Aug 26, 2010

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Vallejo, Home Owner, Vallejo, CA
Wed Jan 19, 2011
Hi, I own a home in Vallejo and am looking to buy another. Very Generally, East Vallejo (E of I-80) is much better than West and North Vallejo. There are some very inexpensive homes in west and north, but the crime rate is quite higher. If you are black you can buy a large home, with a view, in North vallejo - such as the upper Crest and have no problems. Non-blacks will get hassled. The same is true for Millerville in East Vallejo. The rest of East Vallejo is generally very nice. The stretch right along 80 is dicey; Beverly Hills/Magazine/Benicia have higher crime rates, but have some great deals and are livable. East Vallejo, north of Springs are the best neighborhoods in town. Vallejo has seven major hills. Very Generally, the hillsides are quite nice, the flatlands are lesser. IN east Vallejo look for the houses built between 1941 and 1980. These were very well built, 2x6 redwood studs in many cases. The 1990/2000 homes are nice in appearance but not built nearly as well.
Avoid Centex-built homes.

In West Vallejo the neighborhoods change very quickly in just two blocks. THere are some amazingly nice places, great neighborhoods that look out for each other, hillsides with views, etc - but some are just a few blocks away from not-so-nice areas. The State Streets have Amazingly nice homes. However, many of them have years of deferred maintenance. There is also low-level random property crime all throughout the area, so it depends on not just which heighborhood, but which street. The State streets also have some of the best architecture in the western US! THe area also has a 150-year old termite colony, so you MUST treat every year. Valle Vista/Tuolumne/Nebraska/Redwood all have some great streets.

Really, you need to visit the town and talk to the locals to get the straight answer. Vallejo is a series of neighborhoods and streets that vary quite a bit in a very short distance; no outside agent will be able to tell you the ins and outs.

There are quite a number of homes that will cashflow; renters are folks that commute to the bay area with decent jobs. take the time to look properly and run the numbers. Good Luck.
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Interesting points... I really like the part about the 150 year old termite colony, then oddly enough Kim from The Colony Texas chimed in on your posted comment. I also lived in The Colony (the one in Texas, not the termite one) for a short period of time, but now live in Vallejo. I've been in the SF Bay Area most of my life, and am a Realtor and Real Estate Broker here in Vallejo. It's got a lot going for it, and there are some places I'd really like to live here for sure.
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Hello, your assessment of Vallejo is very well put. I am thinking Sandpiper Point. Do you know anything about that tiny neighborhood? I tried to find out if there is HOA there but unable to find any. Also, you even mentioned Centex-built homes so I was wonder if you know anything about the builder in Sandpiper Point. I also tried to find if there was ever any flooding in that little spot but couldn't find any data to say yay or nay. I am told there were flooding in 2005 but no news that would covered that area either. Anything you can provide would be most appreciated. Thanks!
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Anna M Brocco, Agent, Williston Park, NY
Thu Aug 26, 2010
If you are concerned about safety, your best source of information is the local police department, why not visit/call, ask all your questions and hear all firsthand--if you are not familiar with the area(s) do consider a visit--look at everything that is important to you, get a sense of belonging, etc.; real estate professionals are prohibited from “steering”—enticing a buyer to purchase, or not, in specific neighborhoods.
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Vallejo California is the greatest (or at least at one time was and may again in the future be) the greatest city in the world... we were the former capital of California which is considered by most the greatest state in the greatest nation in the world... I've lived here most of my life although I was born in NY :)
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Rick Dillion, Agent, MARTINEZ, CA
Tue Dec 21, 2010
Just ask your agent if he or she would liive in the neighborhood and why or why not.
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Actually, your realtor should not be telling you about what they think of the neighborhood. There are laws about that.
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Not a bad idea :)
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Maximillian, , San Francisco, CA
Mon Nov 8, 2010
Please call Vallejo PD to determine what their sense is of the property you are pursuing. At the very least they can tell you what kind of activity has been going in the zip code. Over the ten years I have been practicing, every bit of information helps. As many of peer said before me, crime can happen anywhere even in the most secure of gated communities.

When I was in Vallejo this past weekend I tried to figure out what was indicative of a "nice" neighborhood, some say a well manicured lawn is important others say home value and still others think that age or maturity of the neighborhood is most indicative of neighborhood quality.

If you are looking for my opinion, the Glen Cove area or even some of the streets off Redwood Parkway east side have some amazing homes, some homes are selling between $120-135/sq ft. It really is amazing to think that some of these homes were selling at $280-305/sq ft only 3 years ago.

Visit me on my blog http://www.re-syndicate.com or visit my company's website at http://www.yellowdoorrealty.com.
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Maximillian, your site isn't working. Great insights though on the price per square foot and other tips. Prices have gone up and down here in Vallejo for decades. They're going up and up and up again right now...
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Myra, Home Buyer, Vallejo, CA
Mon May 23, 2016
Vallejo is considered very affordable compared to San Francisco. It is 30 miles north of SF and 30 miles south of Sacramento. It is next to Napa, CA. It has great weather. You can ride the ferry to SF. It is one of the most diverse areas in the United States: 25 percent each Hispanic / Latino, white, black and Asian/Pacific Islander. I have lived in East Vallejo for 16 years and have had no problem at all. East Vallejo, which is East of I-80 is very beautiful area, rolling hills and you can still see wildlife (deers, coyotes) at night. Downtown or Central Vallejo has beautiful century-old houses. Mare Island Shipyard, which was the oldest naval base in the west was the area's biggest employer. Vallejo was thriving when the Naval base was open, however, when it was closed in the 90s, businesses and local government struggle to provide good employment opportunities in the city. Currently, the biggest employers within the city are the hospitals: Kaiser and Sutter. Nevertheless, Mare Island remains a very beautiful spot to explore. There are hiking trails there called Mare Island Preserve. There are three universities within Vallejo: CSU- Maritime Academy, Touro University and Solano Community College. There is a lot of potential in this city. More and more artists are moving into Vallejo. ( Artists are getting priced out of SF and other cities.) The artists are reviving the downtown. Glen Cove area is also very scenic. So, to answer your question, where should you look if you want to buy a house? Depending on your budget. East Vallejo and the historic houses may be more pricey. Good luck!
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Scott Brown, Agent, Vallejo, CA
Thu Mar 31, 2016
The safest and nicest area in Vallejo which has affordable housing varies depending upon your budget, as well as a few other factors. I'd say there's a home right now that I would recommend, but would take a bit of work to make it very nice. With the proper real estate professional guiding you, your options abound. If you were to purchase anything here when this post first started, everything was affordable in comparison to today. Prices have probably more than double since 2010. I spent 2006-2009 in the DFW Texas area but grew up here in the San Francisco Bay Area and have lived here most of my life. I've been in Vallejo about 3 years altogether, and spent a few in Fairfield, but mostly in Marin and Sonoma Counties. Where I grew up, prices are probably almost double or more than they are in Vallejo, and whenever you see higher home prices like that, typically neighborhoods are safer. Once in a while, there are affordable housing programs in some of these higher priced cities, but for the most part your best bargains are here in Vallejo.

I've seen a duplex get listed this week for $250,000 with one of the units already having a tenant in it paying about 75% or so of what a mortgage would be so someone could have gotten into that purchase deal with about $10,000 or so down payment and closing costs, then pull out about $400 or so out of their own pocket and add it to their rental income to pay off their monthly mortgage. I see another home right now for sale for $226,000 or so that needs some work but could be purchased with an FHA 203k rehab type loan and become a very nice place. I have one for sale from it just 3 or 4 doors don that's selling for $400,000. Deals like these come and go, some in better areas of town than others, but it's always best to get a guy who lives and works here to help you make some decisions.

Have you already bought here? If so, where, and are you still in that same place? Please give me an update, I'd love to know how things went for you and how they are now.
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Sameer Punja…, Agent, Vallejo, CA
Mon Nov 8, 2010
I've been a Solano County resident since 1989. We all want the best for the least. It's in everyones human nature. Now, what you should do is get approved for a mortgage loan and check the max purchase price. From there you can narrow down area. Some areas here in Vallejo do run in the 500's....I do have a source if you need to get approved.

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Paul Winders, Agent, Vallejo, CA
Thu Oct 14, 2010
As others reccomend talk to the Police. Vallejo has great ( and not so great) neighborhoods scattered. There is no North, or East being good or bad. I spent most of my life in Vallejo and can help you find something I feel is a good buy in a well maintaned area, Crime pops up everwhere but a look at the other houses on the bock in terms of if the lawns are mowed and watered, debris and non running vehicles will tell you alot.
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Good luck talking to the police. It isn't possible over the phone, and near impossible in person. If you do talk to the police, ask about the number of police shootings in the past year and a half or so. There are some lovely homes here. try to meet the neighbors where you want to buy. They make all the difference.
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Sameer Punja…, Agent, Vallejo, CA
Mon Aug 30, 2010
Agree, call the vallejo police department or visit http://www.crimereports.com

Good Luck
Web Reference:  http://www.mygpsagent.com
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