What kind of reputation does Bonadelle have as a home builder in Fresno?

Asked by Dina, Clovis, CA Tue Jun 24, 2008

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Mary, , Fresno, CA
Tue Apr 5, 2011
My name is Mary Amador. I have worked in the home service department at Bonadelle Neighborhoods for the past 6 years. I was very disturbed to read the comments stated on this website.

I am sure you can appreciate that we, as with other builders or companies of any type, have warranty guidelines. What you may not realize is that Bonadelle Neighborhoods goes above and beyond those guidelines to make their homeowners happy. I have witnessed this countless times over the years.

Please feel free to contact me at any time. The number I can be reached at is (559) 435-9700 or e-mail mary@bonadelle.com. I would appreciate the opportunity to try and make you a happy and satisfied Bonadelle Neighborhoods homeowner. Thank you
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All lies!!! Bonadelle is a joke of a company! if you think of buying a Bonadelle home please don't!!! They use the cheapest materials out there and their warranties guidelines are a joke as well. John Bonadelle and Lisa Bonadelle have never tried to reach out and make things right. Bunch of thieves.
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Donald, Home Seller, Fresno, CA
Wed Mar 17, 2010
I am a owner of a Bonadelle home as of October 09. I will NEVER buys a home from them ever again. I have made it a personal point of mine to share my story with everyone I get to know, spreading the word about this company and their lack of quality. Since the day i signed my name on my loan documents I have encountered nothing but trouble from them. The subcontractor John Michael was rude to my wife and gave us the impression time and time again that it’s our home now we need to deal with the problems. $260,000 latter its now my problem. I have found mold, cracks, dropping kitchen sinks, holes and endless things in just the first month. I have made several attempts to have Lisa and John Bonadelle come out a take a look at this home, however they were never available. When I sent in my survey a few months ago I got a personal call from Lisa now wanting to get involve asking what the problems was. Attempting to now wanting to fix the problem. The sad thing about it all is that nothing was done. Those around me know that I am a very nice person and would never say anything bad about anyone. Bonadelle has fail to provide me with the quality that they sell in their welcome center. Home buying is supposes to be one of the happiest time of one's life. I speak for myself when I say this is the WORST experience that I have ever had. There homes are of the worst quality. My wife and I are betting each other every day that the roof is going to slip through. For those who are looking to buy from Bonadelle consider all of your options first before you by. I hope no one else encounters the same problems that I have. I am now getting ready to report them to the Better Business Bureau. Builders such as the Bonadelle needs to be reprimanded and should not be building homes.
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Donald I've had the same issues with Bonadelle! Unlike you Lisa has never tried to contact us but there has to be something we can do so Bonadelle doesn't get away with their lack of quality. Us too we have cracks on our walls, nails popping out, we have 3 colors of tans, baseboards separating, exterior paint and exterior paint looks like our home has been built for 30 years, fading all over exterior, and our floors buckling, cabinets discoloring. If we could go back we would have definitely go somewhere else. I'm looking into a Class action at this point. Getting together with my attorney and our neighbors.
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susie.betanc…, Home Buyer, Visalia, CA
Thu Jan 2, 2014
Tyler, in the Visalia Country Club development, couldn't be nicer or more helpful! My husband and I walked through some pre and post construction and were very happy with the results! We are going to move into one of the move-in ready homes. Couldn't be more pleased.
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Lindsay, Home Buyer, Fresno, CA
Tue Dec 1, 2009
I have just recently purchased a home from Bonadelle homes and found that the homes were well built and offered much more as "standard options" than most other track homes did that we looked at. Also, we just had our walk through a few days ago and went through and pointed out any problem areas or where the carpet had a small smudge on it or the baseboard was dinged. we placed tape in those areas and they were fixed. BEFORE we signed our loan docs. I think what has happened in your case IS unfortunate but I dont think that it is common with Bonnadelle. their floorplans were the best flowing and open, the Bianaca model (Bonadelle's largest) was most comparable with the Granville's largest model ( the name slipped my mind) but the Granville's floorplan and rooms were too boxey plus.. u cant beat granite countertops as standard, built in pest control system, and can lighting. every experience isnt going to be excellent and im really sorry to hear that you had such a bad experience but mine was fairly pleasant. granted, i havent gotten actually moved into my home and havent had to deal with warrantys yet or work orders but so far i have no complaints.
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Jane, Home Buyer, Fresno, CA
Sun Nov 8, 2009
I realize this is an old question, but I hope to warn future homebuyers from making the same mistake I did. Bonadelle's "package" looked good and they sure talked a good game, but I've had so many issues with them. They had to redash the stucco FIVE times because their stucco subcontractor (who turned out to be his father-in-law) rushed the process to expedite the closing of my home then kept using the wrong color! They make you come to the settlement meeting to sign the loan docs BEFORE they will schedule the walk-through. This means that there could be serious issues with your home, but you don't have the opportunity to review the property to see those problems until after you sign the papers at closing and the house is yours. After you move in, they make no effort to get warranty work done outside of taking your call and creating a work order... no follow up whatsoever to make sure that their subcontractor fixed the problem... NONE. Their customer service at their office and their onsite Superintendents is non-existent. I would NEVER buy a Bonadelle home again and I have told all of my friends and family that I hope they would never consider them either. One last thing, they do not include their CA Contractor's License # on any of the contract paperwork or letterhead...It is 822555, but it makes me wonder what complaints they've had that they wouldn't make this public knowledge. Also, McCaffrey Homes and DeYoung Homes are owned and operated by the sisters of John Bonadelle. Good luck.
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Dominique Re…, , 93704
Tue Dec 30, 2008
I believe Bonadelle homes has a solid reputation. When I think of Bonadelle I think of a good home.

Dominique Ressurreicao
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Your right, Bonadelle in Visalia in their trailer has one of the best customer service oriented people Tyler was always on time on schedule and follow ups he will devote his time and knowledge at all cost to satisfy his clients needs.
Carlo Z.
Home Buyer Visalia Ca
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Andrew, Home Owner, Fresno, CA
Fri Nov 19, 2010
I have been a Bonadelle owner for just over a year and have regretted it for about the last 8 months. Instead of decorating and making it feel like home, we have had to repair most of the problems ourselves. The subcontractors here are a joke and it is so discouraging to know that I bought this house as a place to start a family with my new wife but rather than getting settled in together, we have been talking about where we can move after we are out of our 3 year commitment. I have had so many problems with this house and even the land it is on. Concrete under the floor is uneven. The backyard does not drain and the Sub Been Enterprises is a Joke! David Been of Been Enterprises is one of the worst to deal with. When you talk to him, he makes you feel like you owe him something for his time. after the first time he came to check on his mistakes on grading our backyard, my wife was home and the way she described him was that of a snake and car salesman with the look of a convict. The stucco subcontractors are just as rude if you are lucky enough for them to show up to their appointed time.
If you drive through the park 5 neighborhood, you will see a difference in some of the stucco jobs. The houses without "seems' on the sides of them are the homes where Bonnadelle has fixed their mistakes. Those without seems are having problems with cracking and discoloration. After moving in, we had a few other friends move into homes in the same neighborhood. I apologize to them every time we get together and "compare" our problems with our homes. From the wrong color Granite installed and the subs' refusing to fix fix, to "FREE Landscaped" backyards that look like swamps because of poor grading. If you are looking for a home, ask people in the neighborhood who live there. There are so many home builders around the area I would strongly suggest them over where I am. If you look at how many homes around the park 5 neighborhood have added concrete, they have done this because the landscaping lasts about 2 months and again, David Been will only be a problem while telling Mary in the corporate office that he will not fix it. Again, ask around to the neighbors in a neighborhood before moving here. Im confident you will here many more complaints than praise regarding the Bonadelle homes
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Lacy, Home Buyer, Fresno, CA
Thu Jun 10, 2010
I purchased a Bonadelle home in 2005, and have enjoyed living in the home and neighborhood. One of the reasons we chose a Bonadelle home is because it was important to me to buy a home from a local builder that had been around a long time.

As a first time homebuyer, the sales office was easy to work with and provided helpful consultation on our loan options. We haven’t experienced any problems since the purchase of the home, so I can’t say how well they attend to issues, but I guess it’s a positive thing that there haven’t been any problems with our Bonadelle home.
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James92468, Home Buyer, Fresno, CA
Fri Feb 17, 2017
I live in a Bonadelle neighborhood. All the roofs are leaking due to improper installation. I have over 30 years in the trades. I have successfully redesigned and rebuilt the roof around all the W valley flashing. Apparently they do not have a clue, common sense, and do pour water down the flashing to make sure it flows where it is supposed to. Instead they block the flow of this roof valley flashing by laying tiles directly on the flashing. This causes water that is trying to flow down the flashing to migrate laterally, which is a bad thing. The water hits these obstructions (tiles) and redirects onto the paper, tile bats, osb plywood, and into the eves, filling them with water, then it fills the walls of the house. This is evident by the massive leaks inside the house and the wet spots on the stucco coming from inside the wall. This problem would have been minimized if they ran the paper over the facia, used drip edge, and used the valley supports that elevate the tile 1/2' above the w valley flashing. This company is completely incompetent and should not be allowed to build picnic tables, let alone homes. The roof tiles are not even available in the states, they are ONLY AVAILABLE OVERSEAS. Want to replace some broken tiles? Good luck. I did find a place in San Jose that considers them vintage and has a few. I remember the old man back in the day and he had a good reputation. Then he allowed his kid to come in and run the show. He is a greedy bean counter that cares about a fraction of a cent more profit, and at the expense of the homeowner. The trusses over the garage arent even the right size and hang over the wall by 4 inches. Oh, they came out and added plywood and painted them and that is great. What about the load transfer from the freeze blocks to the top of the wall? Non existent. This company is a disgrace to the trades.
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Lido_kido, Home Buyer, Fresno, CA
Tue Nov 8, 2016
The sales rep at bonadelle in Clovis ca is very rude. Just because she judged me based on my appearance and nationality, she concluded that I cannot afford a house in Clovis.
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mythink, Home Buyer, Fresno, CA
Sun Aug 10, 2014
Don't know about the current Bonadelle but back in 2004 ~ 2005 they were as good as could be expected for a track home builder. First off my sister in law got a home from them and had lived their for a few years. we visited the property every few weeks and caught errors early on.
1) upstairs double doors in the 5th bed room vs single door.
2) we added full concrete slab for front entry
3) extended the concrete in the back

we had some minor issues that were fixed, and some they didn't because the cracks in the tile were to thin. The door jams were fixed but as house settled some of the door jams that were fixed need to be fixed again. The only door jam that was fixed properly was the garage door entry but the contractor lost the pin and used a small nail for the spring loaded hinge.

Anyways most of the issues is with subcontractors seems that Bonadelle is ussing worse quality ones that back in early 2000.
Based on my experience now if you purchase any track home do the following:
1) make sure to get some spare pieces and put them in a box i.e. roof tiles and ceramic I got some but didn't secure well the roof Tiles also don't BLACK ROOF TILES It's hot in the valley AC cost more than to heat.
2) check you duck work and AC unit as "Mr Cool aka Donald P Dick" puts in a cheap unit on a dual zone house doesn't have enough power to circulate the house if you can get an upgrade do so.
3) If you get floor tiles get a full box of spares even if you have to pay for them.
4) I have some creaking between 1st and 2nd floor if you can afford it have the floor insulated.
NOTE: I had my garage fully insulate it was a good decision.
5) not sure how this got over looked but make sure to get appointment with the Gardner/Landscaper some how I didn't and I don't mid the trees I got just don't like the location so going to have it removed eventually.

Also once you move in not only have all the discrepancies marked but take photos of them with time stamp. Then followup on all the repairs. Also get ready to learn how to do repairs on yor own because once the 1st year is over you may need to do more minor repairs on your own as the house settles. Also be ready to replace any thing made with press wood i.e. walk in closet shelf and bannister can't hold a lot of wait I moved in and hung up all my clothes and the thing collapsed.

When you buy a track home you not buying 1st rate home and if you check out all the other builders Bonadelle is not the cheapest but also not the highest quality either. So in other words they aint the worst but their not the greatest.
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Cathleen She…, Home Buyer, Fresno, CA
Mon Jun 30, 2014
I think Bonadelle Neighborhoods has built great communities in the greater Fresno area. They offer a lot of upgrades as standard features - like tile flooring and granite and they have a lot of energy efficient features in their homes - even the front yard that they landscape comes with drip irrigation and plants that don't need much watering. We couldn't be happier and have purchased two of their homes in the last eight years.
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Jeanv, Home Buyer, Fresno, CA
Sun Jan 5, 2014
Hi I took a trip to Visalia yesterday which was a 3 hour drive from where I live and found out that they installed the wrong tile. I am very, very disturbed with all the things that have changed since I purchased my home. The interior is turning out to be nothing that I thought. Hopefully they will remedy the problems.
Jean Jones
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Everett, Home Buyer, Fresno, CA
Thu Jan 2, 2014
I would not recommend for anyone to purchase a Bonadelle home, we were in the process of having a home built and before any paperwork was made up, me/wife made it very clear that we would not live next to a story home, Cindy in Clovis made it 100% clear that a 2 story home would not go up next to us, well Guess what were here on Jan. construction is backed up over 3 months and still 3 months away from being ready, me and the wife find a 2 story home being built right next to us!!! We were then treated very rude with the answer of " I didn't sell it, my co-worker did" bottom line we wont move in, we asked to change lots and they want us to pay another 10,000 dollars!!! for what??? we didn't do anything wrong here. The Gentlemen that were supposed to now talk to is Dean pryor and well he wont accept our calls, he is having his receptionist relay messages to me, what crap. We are being told that we wont get any of our money back.

The best part of the whole thing is this conversation that took place on 12-29-13 with Cindy was recorded and she made it very clear that she screwed up and didn't realize her co-worker sold a 2 story home there. Now on 1-2-14 she (Cindy) is denying it ever took place.

I Hope this story reaches as many people as poss. to veer them away from purchasing a home from a company that cant have honest people working for them.
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They can't really make such promises all they can do is try put you in lot in between two one story houses any ways don't know what your issue is I have a two story and they is only ONE windows facing a neighbor and that is in the upstairs bath room.
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Jeanv, Home Buyer, Fresno, CA
Wed Sep 18, 2013
As far as I am concerned the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing...I signed a purchase contract back in July and have gone to the design center in Fresno I picked out all of my upgrades and went to the sight to pick out my options, then I had to resign the sales contract which I have never received the buyers copy of the contract and none of the amendments they have sent me have dates on them. The persin I was working with originally was let go the new person sent me another amendment to sign then he emailed me and said that it was wrong so meanwhile I have been waiting for 2 months and they have not even dug the trench to start the building of the home. Do I believe it is time for me to pull out of this company.
Does anyone have any information I should know about?
email me at jeanv@sbcglobal.net thank you.
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I had similar issue with the granite for me it worked out well originally they were going to use granite tiles but they were coming out good so they went to full slab.
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I made a decision to go ahead with the purchase of this home but have had a few snags 1- I had to choose new cabinets because they are no longer using that vendor, 2-I had to choose new knobs they not longer have the ones I originally ordered, 3- I then get a call that they do not have the granite I picked so I had to pick another granite.4-Now I get a call on New Years eve telling me that I need to pick another wood floor because the one I original picked 3 months ago was on back log. The foreman and the salesperson have been very nice and my home is ready for the wood floors to be installed but now it will have to wait and I live down south so can not run into the design center so I have to wait for samples to be mailed to me hopefully they will have enough so it can be shipped out right away. I have sold and closed escrow on my home and have a room at my sons house. I will let everyone know how it goes once they finish.
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Ss, Renter, Fresno, CA
Thu Mar 28, 2013
This story will sound very similar to the one posted by CandH. It just reinforces the fact that this is a crook of a builder. Apparently we signed for a home that is almost complete and were told that most options were off the table so only a few of them were still available. We were asked to come down and select from available options and after we chose our options and signed all the papers it appears that there was lack of communication between their sales office and the building supervisor and the options did not get communicated. They are now asking 2000$ extra to reverse the mistakes they have made if we wish to get the options we want or swallow down what they have already put in. I guess they play some or the other dirty game with every customer and hope to squeeze more dollars out of them. Their sales office went to the extent of telling us that the builder knows that the plots and homes will sell whether we will buy it or not and our only option is to take it or leave it and that they will not care. This is after signing official documents regarding the options chosen and terms decided!!

This can only come out a group of crooks. The entire sales staff building supervisor and the builder play this game hand in glove. By the way this is currently playing out. SO I will post more details on how these guys try to fall to greater depths in the greed of earning more money at every cost. They prefer to fill 2000 more by going back on legal documents rather than having a happy customer who will say good things about them.
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NEVER close BEFORE walk thru. Hold up closing until the "fix it" list is DONE. It is VERY hard to get a contractor back to take care of responsibilities AFTER close. They have moved on and you r no longer their priority!. This can be difficult due to buyers wanting o get moved in but be patient if you can. I am a Realtor and have annoyed builders by holding up close for my clients to get the list done!! It is important if they are waiting for your money.
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ta2rokr, Home Owner, Fresno, CA
Tue Mar 19, 2013
My home was built by Bondelle in the early 80's Solid construction. still holds up to the newer homes I see.. pre boom houses offer the best cratfsmanship and materials. anything built after 1990 is just shyte they could build for the fastest and cheapest. quality went out the door when all the subs got greedy!!! buy and older home and fix it !! it will pay off in the long run!
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bob, , Fresno, CA
Sun Nov 25, 2012
The real question is the reputation of the Bonadelle family history.John Bonadelle Sr.in his early years was a cattle wrestler caught 3 times and served time in San Quentin. He continued his criminal ways by buying off ,intmidating Fresno City Council members to vote for rezoning farmland to benefit him and his company. He was convicted of that also.So ask yourself: why would you buy a house from this family?
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Hester80, Home Buyer,
Thu Jul 19, 2012
Buying a Bonadelle home was the worst decision my husband and I have ever made. There is not much else to say!
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