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What is the opinion on Las Palmas? Is it a good community? Will the value rise? I've heard construction isn't

Asked by Tabz, Sarasota, FL Mon Feb 2, 2009

very good there and the walls are extremely thin. I'm also wondering why this property -… - has been available for this long? It seems like it's a great deal or is it?

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Officer Bill, Home Buyer, Sarasota, FL
Mon Aug 17, 2009
Look elsewhere. Las Palmas has a horrible property manager. Unduly obsessive and extreme. They have excessive speed bumps and posted signs everywhere. They ticket cars for no permit, and may tow them, often upsetting casual visitors who didn't register at the office (as posted required). The property manager issues tickets to 1-to-2 hour visitors. Ridiculous. The property manager is obsessive, compulsive and irritating. Overall, look elsewhere. One alternative is Willowbrook in Lakewood Ranch priced less and quieter.
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David B. Lev…, , Longboat Key, FL
Tue Feb 3, 2009
Hello Tabz
i personally like Las Palmas I remeber when they were first selling. As far as a good commnutiy, no matter what any agent tells you the answer to your question is this and my law I must say this. I can not tell you if it is a good commnuity or not for what is a good commnuity to me or you may not be a good commnuity for someone else. I can tell you this you should talk to the police station in the area and see the crime rate in the area and this will best help you in this matter. i am not trying to be vague just very honest. If i tell you its a great area and then you look at it and tell me otherwise then you think I'm misleading you or if i say is bad and you go there and love it then I'm again misleading you.
As far as the value of it, property went nuts here for 4 yrs. and so the values of these condos have gone down alot as well as all other property in this area of florida. will they go back up absolutely however they will not go up 5x in 1 yr. it may take a while for prices to get back to where they were. I can tell you this whatever you buy today in 10-20 yrs. will be worth more than it is today. Real Estate over the last 300 plus yrs. has always done well. Are there ups and downs in the market ofcourse there is. Unless you are planning on flipping a condo or selling it a 1 yr. what you buy today should more than likely be worth more in the future and with interest rates so low your mortgage will be lower today than if you bought a few yrs. ago when interest were higher and prices were higher.
I really hope this helps but pleaseuderstand no real estate by law can tell you if something is a good community however the police can and you should always drive around the area at night, middle of the day, morning, get a feel for the area and the make up your own mind
if I can help you in anyway please let me knowThe Leventhal Team
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Liza Mckeever, , 34202
Mon Feb 2, 2009
I think although the market has brought pricing way, way down, you still have to remember the old saying, "location, location, location", check the schools, local parks, etc... I can say that the prices in this neighborhood were the first to drop very fast when the market tanked and as far as I am concerned I would take my 110K and at least look in other neighborhoods that have location, value, and amenities... think about this the market is very low when it was high where were the highest prices, and the most desirable homes to be found????? shshssh.... yeah,,, I would look at those neighborhoods for the rock bottom deals.

if you would like some help with this feel free to call me anytime. Hey and good luck! I hope that helps.
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Bruce Thornt…, Home Buyer, Sarasota, FL
Tue Aug 2, 2011
I'm an extremely successful business person, am not one to complain. Always leave good tips at resturants, and never complain about the food. But this place is horribly out of control. Two of my cars were towed without ANY notice to me whatsoever, one because the car didn't have tags on it, as it was for sale. So unless you want to wake up one morning with your car towed with not one single warning, no note, nothing. I would suggest avoiding this place like the plague, the management is extremely aggressive and has no respect for any of the tenants. Fortunately I rent here so when my lease is up I'm moving back to the beach and running like heck from this place. I feel extremely sorry for anyone that has bought a condo here.
If I were choosing to buy or rent, I would avoid Las Palmas at all costs
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Turtle Lover, Renter, Sarasota, FL
Tue Apr 13, 2010
I would also like to respond to some of the topics pointed out by other bloggers. The two gyms are hardly facilities, they are rarely if ever cleaned. the equipment is old and maintained poorly, the Sauna, I believe has never been used and it as well smells, and was not installed properly. The carpet in bothe gyms smells as though there has been severe water damage.
As far as cinder block, You can hear your neighbors clearly through the walls, to no fault of theirs. You can hear cupboards close, doors slam, people arguing...etc.....I can say that regardless of whether managers come and go, the damage that this one is causing is permanent.
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Turtle Lover, Renter, Sarasota, FL
Wed Apr 7, 2010
It is a great place if you don't care about who your neighbors are. The owners are mostly great, but it is a gamble if you leave the renting up to the "resident" leasing agent, who is in with the manager and board president to defraud and decieve renters. For example, renting out foreclosed units without disclosing it to the renter, no notice being given to any renters that they will have to move at the end of their lease. Falsifying lease agreements. Their is no shame, or ethical responsibility for these people and they need legal action brought against them. The current manager also has taken it upon himself to remove the turtles from the property,( which is on a preserve and a big reason for wanting to live here), his reasoning is they eat the landscaping. I now understand they have section 8 housing in Las Palmas. All in all a nice place to look at...but I would not want to live there!
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Livinthelife, Home Buyer, Sarasota, FL
Wed Apr 7, 2010
Property Managers come and go. Don't assume this one will last much longer! Make a decision on things such as block construction, safety, amenities (two heated pools, two fitness centers, etc), location (close to great shopping, restaurants, health care, I-75 and SRQ airport), floor plans and of course value. Seems def worth a look!
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Mandy S, Home Buyer, Sarasota, FL
Sun Oct 18, 2009
Parking tickets are annoying for residents and visitors at Las Palmas Sarasota.
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Teresa M. Fe…, Agent, Sarasota, FL
Tue Feb 3, 2009
Dear Tabz:

I can't tell you that I haven't heard these complaints about Las Palmas before but I do know that some people who own there, seem to like it very much. I have included a link below to all of the properties for sale in Las Palmas. This should help you decide if this particular property is a great buy.

If you don't live here, perhaps you need to plan a trip to look around at Las Palmas and other communities so that you can compare them. Take a walk through each community and ask the owners and renters how they like living there and what they would change if they could. It is really worth your time to get the know the community you are considering buying into.…

My best,

Teresa M. Fellows
Waterside Realty LLC
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