What is approx monthly cost to maintain inground pool. Several homes I've seen have them and I was wondering about maintenance.

Asked by Sandy, Missouri Mon Jul 16, 2012

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Annette Law…, Agent, Palm Harbor, FL
Mon Jul 16, 2012
That's a great question Sandy.
Us Florida residents often forget those in other parts of the country are new to pool issues.
I recently received a call for a prospective buyer asking why so many homes in my area have a green house attached to the back. He was referring to the screened pool enclosures many pools have to keep the mosquitoes and leaves out and opens the home to an incredibly large outdoor living area that both bug free and secure.

You will find a pool under an enclosure will take 3 minutes a day and perhaps an additional 5 minutes one time a week to maintain a pool. Those pools without enclosures will require you to walk around the pool with a long handled butterfly net to pluck the leaves and occasional toad from the water.

Now, you may want to chat with your home inspector, real estate agent or Pinch-a-Penny employee regarding converting a chlorinated pool into a salt water pool. There are real benefits.

If you want others to attend to your pool maintenance and don't mind allowing access to your pool area, you will find the service very affordable. $30+ depending on what needs to be done and size of the pool.
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Lisa Reeves, Agent, Tampa, FL
Mon Jul 16, 2012
The cost of maintaining a pool is usually minimal. The time it takes to take care of a pool is more of the issue; especially if it isn't screened and you have a lot of trees. You can get decent service for about $50 a month or self maintain for less.
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You have to cover pool cleaning and maintenance service. It depends on how big your pool is and the area you live. A lot of times the environment can cause a problem when trying to keep a pool up and running. I know in some areas you are going to have to pay for the weatherization of the pool. There are a lot of different factors you need to look at. http://www.paradise-poolservice.com
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Janeth Rector, Agent, Tampa, FL
Mon Jul 16, 2012
Pools are beautiful and a great place to spend the weekend right at your house. Also they might make the home more attractive for resale. I believe $50 to $70 per months will afford you a reliable company. If you do it yourself, all you have to do is take a sample of the water to the closest PInch a Penny and they will tell you exactly what to add to the pool. The chemicals will probably run you less than $25 a month.
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Connie Mitch…, Agent, South Padre Island, TX
Thu Aug 28, 2014
I would recommend choosing a licensed and bonded professional pool company. You weather is a bit cooler there than here in South Texas, but your pool service will need to do extra cleaning in the summer months vs winter months.

Service, pool chemicals, filter cleans, and equipment upkeep average $120 per month. Cheap pool chemicals will eventually break down your equipment and can cause issues to the plaster. We manage about 25 pools that are sparkly blue year round :)
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Michael Jose…, Home Owner, Gulf Breeze, FL
Mon Aug 18, 2014
There are many pro's and con's to owning a pool. Home owners ins increases with a pool as it's a liability. Pools are fun but it is a lot of work cleaning the pool, chemicals. There is also costs in pool liner that typically can last anywhere from 5 years and some may go up to 12 years. The average is usually around 10 years. It will had to utility costs. A Gunite pool will last much longer than a pool liner but it is more costly to put in but worth it in the long run. I've seen some homes that have pool heaters which I think is a complete waste of money unless it's ran by solar panels. If you have a community that has a pool you might be much better off without one. Many people who never had a pool don't realize the amount of work to maintain a pool. Some people think they will use it all the time but end up only using it occasionally. It all comes down to personal choice. Some people would rather have a community pool and not have to deal with maintenance and costs others really want their own pool. It will get expensive if you plan on hiring a pool company to maintain the pool, cleaning and chemicals ect. If you have that much money to spend on these services go for it but if not I wouldn't get a pool home unless you plan on doing it yourself.
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Jim Soda, Agent, Lakewood Ranch, FL
Mon Jul 16, 2012
Sandy: Pool Service in our area runs from $70.00 to $95.00 per month. Salt water pools are in the higher stated range. Service companies usually inspect pool every week, add chemicals and scrub or brush the sides. Make sure you get a service company with experience and knowledge of the pumps and pool heaters. You can also take care of it yourself with a little help from Pinch-a-Penny and like pool supply stores. Pools always help re-sales. Where in Missouri?
Jim Soda ... TheSodaGroup.com
Keller Williams Realty
Serving the Greater Sarasota and Lakewood Ranch Areas
Web Reference:  http://www.jimsoda.com
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Yael Hatfield, Agent, Tampa, FL
Mon Jul 16, 2012
I would agree regarding Pinch a Penny. Just take a water sample and they will tell you what chemicals you need. As far as using a company to maintain a pool with weekly service can be approx $80-120 depending in the type and size of the pool and depends on how much debris gets in it.
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Angie Sherid…, Agent, Beach, ND
Mon Jul 16, 2012
Hi Sandy,

You can maintain the pool yourself for just a few dollars a month in chemicals from Pinch a Penny or any pool supply company. If you want to hire a pool service to come in, it will cost you between $40 to $50 a month for a weekly visit.
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I'm sure $50 a monthy sounds silly in CT where 1 in 100 houses have a pool. Not the case in Florida where 50 in 100 do. Travel times/costs are galaxies apart.
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40 to 50 a month? What kind a service you get with that? CPO professional? Well trained pool crew? Probably not, and maybe you are putting yourself on a great danger letting those companies that charge that low.....You get the service from what you pay.....I always say that, if it's too cheap, be very careful......One question, do you know that some of the chemicals used in pools are CARCINOGENICS? And if the technicians are not trained enough and or CPO certified they can ruined your pool? and the biggest danger, they can poison your pool your ground around the house and even ruined your entire life using chemicals without proper knowledge?
Think about having a U$50,00 dollars pool service again, it might cost you more than just money in the long run, it might cost you your health......Swimming pool is something that needs proper handling and proper care.....be careful......
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Chris.partip…, Home Buyer, Tampa, FL
Wed Apr 26, 2017
Here in south Florida I spend about $100/ month for my pool service. I use Sentry Pool and Spa, they are wonderful. I can always count on them showing up, and my wife feels safe cause Sentry Pool and Spa is Veteran Owned.

You should call them if you are in South Florida.

Sentry Pool and Spa


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Bruce, Home Buyer, Tampa, FL
Tue Feb 28, 2017
Here's some great information from The Swimming Pool Place in Miami, Florida. It compares the cost of Salt Water Swimming Pools vs Chlorine Pools: http://theswimmingpoolplace.com/Salt-Water-Pool-vs-Chlorine-…
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Mbe4224, Home Buyer, Tampa, FL
Wed Sep 16, 2015
I own and run a pool service in Tulsa Oklahoma. 3 time a week service cost $60 per week.
That is for a 30k gallon pool with trees surrounding it. This cost does not include chlorine or other chemicals pool may need. Exposure to sunlight will greatly increase chlorine usage. Heat decreases chlorine's effectiveness. At 85 degrees, pool will use 3 times as much chlorine as at 65 degrees.
Any company that doesn't keep a close watch on water balance, will endanger the health of those swimming. That is why your pool person should have a operators permit with the local health dept.
If they don't, your health is at risk, and so is your pool finish, along with your pool equipment.
SO, buy cheap, get cheap
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Pool service companies in Florida can hit 3 customers on the same street of 10 houses. Much different world in Tulsa. 3x a week service in Tampa is ridiculous, particularly given most people have enclosures here.
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Derrick Sly, Home Buyer, Albuquerque, NM
Fri Nov 7, 2014
If it's an industrial pool, almost nothing. You have to fill it and that's it. If you have machines working in it, then you need to maintain those. The water doesn't have to be fit to drink from or swim in, so that saves a lot of hassle.
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Michael Jose…, Home Owner, Gulf Breeze, FL
Thu Aug 28, 2014
Between the added electrical costs and chemicals you are looking at probably close to 60-70 a month. You also have to clean the pool and brush it often to keep it clean.
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davis-partri…, Home Buyer, Provo, UT
Thu Aug 28, 2014
That really depends on several factors. There are different available types of pool maintenance services. Some are passive and take place automatically and only require replacing a filter on occasion. It may also depend on the size and type of pool you have. http://www.davispoolservice.com/got_pool_problems.html
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Christopher…, Home Owner, Outside U.S.
Wed Apr 30, 2014
Looks to be around $50 / month.
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Carmen Sanch…, Home Buyer, Mineral City, OH
Wed Nov 21, 2012
Ahwatukee pool service can be really expensive. I have found that shopping around is the smartest way to find the best deal. I would check with those homes that have pools to see what they actually pay in your area.
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Lynn Brock, Agent, Sarasota, FL
Tue Jul 24, 2012
Sandy, Owning a home with a pool can be delightful!

Maintenance of a pool would fall under several categories, above ground mechical equipment, motors, filter, heater, electrical circuits, a pool auto cleaner, brushes, strainer and chemical balancing kit, water chemistry and water level.

If you are handy, then you can familiarize yourself to conduct the daily/weekly maintenance duties on your own. There is an abundance of do it yourself pool stores that provide a variety of support services just for this purpose.

Or you can hire a pool company to test and adjust the water chemistry weekly and check the efficiency of the motors, filters etc.

If you will be leaving your pool unattended for a period of time, then you'll want to find or hire someone to monitor the water level in the pool. Too much water will breech the pool and spill on to your lanai or too little water may impact the motors while running possibly burning them up.

The surface of the pool will have to be maintained.

The cost of the pool service will be approximately the same as lawn care.

Having a pool can be delightful on a hot summer day.

Best regards,
Lynn Brock
Brock Realty Inc.

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Alma Kee, Agent, Tampa, FL
Tue Jul 17, 2012
Another thing to consider is the pool surface. If the surface is marcite and at the end of it's life then you need to budget for at least $2k depending on the size of the pool. Pool pumps will need to be replaced, too. If there is a pool cage, if the screening is old, plan on setting aside money to replace the screens, too.

Pool homes are aesthetically pleasing and have a significantly higher demand when selling. To install a brand new pool with pool cage and pavered deck it may cost about $30k.

All the best,
Alma Rose Kee, PA
Future Home Realty
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I see a quote from a local pool company in my area (mid-atlantic) for twice a week service of $175 for up to a 16x32 pool.. This is much higher than what I am seeing for Florida, so probably travel time gestation into account here, too, where homes are really spread out.
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