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Jon,  in Atlanta, GA

What do you think of Lake Arrowhead Georgia for a Vacation home? I found it on www.lakearrowheadlots.com

Asked by Jon, Atlanta, GA Mon Oct 15, 2007

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Oh and another thing Becky Babcock is an agent who deos not own a home at Lake Arrowhead again most are HOA EMPLOYESS AND AGENTS TRYING TO CON YOU INTO BUYING A UGLY HOME
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I mean 130 a month 200 a month for condo thats 330 a month for nothing
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That's because you're being raped by Jim Haslam of HMS Golf and the Purcell developers. We are in the same boat in Diamondhead, MS. The developer and his buds in HMS mngt company get all the money and suck your dry. Golf is dead.
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I bought a foreclosed townhouse the latter part of 2011 and am almost finished renovating it - just about gutted both floors. I love going there to get away from the hustle and bustle that the metro area serves up everyday. Personally, I sometimes think my HOA fees are too high and then I remind myself what it includes. That being water, garbage and maintained landscaping, etc. I hope they don't go back up again anytime soon, though, because it is just a 2nd home, but I absolutely love Lake Arrowhead and I don't even golf. There are numerous trails, pools, a restaurant and the water is beautiful. The people are very friendly also.

Yes, there are older areas that have fallen into decay, but those places can be snapped up for next nothing. Plus, these belonged to the first settlers. I wish I known about it back then, it must have been incredibly charming.
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One of the best features of Lake Arrowhead is that it was designed primarily as a second home community, not as a subdivision which is the current orientation of the new "Owner/Managers" - aka: Johnson Development.

As a consequence of the Second Home Community orientation of the past, residents bought and build homes to suit their personal desires - not the dictates of any central planning entity, nor generally, to impress their neighbors. Thus there was a large variety of home plans from the rustic, minimalist, to the showy and extravagant.

However the real justification for this posting is to suggest to "John in Ellijay" that courtesy of the Second Home Community orientation, he would be tolerated here even though he writes/acts like a boor.
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Then you have this maggot Richard as a neighbor, which is more than enough justification to burn the entire community to the ground.
Hopefully one of these days he'll do the right thing and hang himself.
For your safety, here is his address so you're sure to avoid him:
222 White Eagle Drive
If you don't believe me, call him up.
I guarantee you won't last two minutes on the phone listening to him before you throw it against the wall and smash it with a brick.
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Oh I almost forgot to say there is a junkie side to Lake Arrowhead and the condo fees double 130 a year for the gate then another 200 for the condo fees plus the fees keep going up maybe thats why halk the neighborhood is up for sale. Most of the positive comments on here are from the HOA employees
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Lake Arrowhead is way over priced if you want to buy anything under 100 it's ugly and the Hoa fees suck. Most of the people who run that scam are rude when on the phone when asking ??? and gives you the wrong answers Dottie just sounds like a bit when talking to her the other female sounds like she is on drugs and Pitt Watts has no clue whats for sale in his own neighborhood. Do not buy! It is not worth it half the neighborhood is up for sale and there is a reason why they just wont tell you.
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We just hiked the new trails at Lake Arrowhead and they are fantastic! It is like hiking on the Appalachian Trail! I posted some pictures of the creeks, ferns, mountain laurel, and more on my blog at http://www.BeckyBabcock.com.
Web Reference: http://www.beckybabcock.com
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I own a home in Lake Arrowhead for 7 years now. We moved to FL in 2004 and rented the house out for several years. I love Lake Arrowhead! I have just recently decided to put it up as a vacation property...only so we can use it as well as family and friends! Our property is in Highpointe and I love it! I have lived on the intercostal in FL in Sarasota, Palm Coast and now in Merritt Island with a boat and I still miss the summer, fall and spring in Lake Arrowhead! I think Lake Arrowhead is a great community!
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*Letter to Lake Arrowhead Property Owners.*
*August 12, 2008*

This letter is intended to be part of ongoing communications with Lake
Arrowhead (LA) residents. Since the Lake Arrowhead Volunteer Fire
Department (LAVFD) is among your primary responders to fire, property
and, God forbid, life-threatening emergencies, we felt obligated to open
a direct communication line to all residents.

-Did you know? Lake Arrowhead Volunteer Fire Department, Inc. is a
not-for-profit corporation originally founded by LA residents to address
emergency circumstances. All property owners have automatic authority
to vote on issues concerning LAVFD.

-Did you know? 70% of all front line responders are volunteer's -- these
are the brave folks who directly respond to emergency calls. This ratio
holds true in Cherokee County and nationwide.

-Did you know? There are two paid County firemen stationed at LA's
Station 17. They are on call by the County for surrounding areas. During
the severe storms of a couple of weeks ago, they were pulled from LA and
reassigned outside the property. Had the LAVFD not been available, we
would have been without immediate emergency coverage at LA.

-Did you know? The majority of fire equipment, including fire trucks,
Gator, oxygen apparatus, etc is owned by LAVFD. Funds for this equipment
have come from various fund-raising activities over the years. We have
an agreement with the county whereby they provide the funding for
ongoing operations like maintenance, insurance, etc.


-In the past, facilities used to house fire/rescue equipment and perform
weekly training regimens were leased by the Developer directly to LAVFD

-About a year ago, the Developer sent LAVFD a letter terminating our
lease. After legal review, it was determined they could not evict us
until Sept. 30, 2008.

-In a follow-up letter dated May 2, 2008 the Developer sent another
eviction notice with the September date. In their letter, they stated
"To avoid any misunderstanding. ..any prior offer to provide alternative
locations to Lessee has been withdrawn".


-Simply stated, we are without appropriate facilities effective
September 30, 2008. There is no concrete plan or commitment for an
alternative site to the current Station 27 location.

-The Developer has stated in no uncertain terms, they will not enter
into a continuation agreement with LAVFD beyond the eviction date of
September 30, 2008.

-To resolve the circumstances, County Commissioner Harry Johnston has,
on behalf of LAVFD, spearheaded an effort that led to a proposed lease
agreement between the County and the Developer. At best, the new
facility would be available in the Spring of 2009. The timing begs the
question as to what LAVFD is supposed to do in the interim -- after all,
how do we protect and serve without facilities??

-While LAVFD is dramatically influenced by the decisions of the
Developer and the County, we are not directly or legally involved with
their decision making process.


-As stated above, we have no viable facility plan or location commitment
beyond September 30, 2008. We are optimistic that concern for public
safety/common sense will prevail and LAVFD will be allowed to remain
domiciled at Station 27 until the alternative site is ready. Beyond our
optimism, there is nothing of substance to support our expectation.

-Separate from the facility discussion, looming ahead are some
potentially thorny issues involving LAVFD and the County -- they have to
do with coverage area's and reporting/responsib ility. Will keep you
posted as these issues develop.


-Just a quick note to acknowledge and commend the highly trained folks
who serve as our front lines for virtually any type of emergency --
these are truly extraordinary people. They, like all of us, have jobs,
kids, all of life's pressures and yet they manage to devote a
significant amount of their personal time to serving our community.

-Please note, this is our first attempt at communicating via email.
Standard letter mail is very expensive and time consuming.

-Kindly discuss the Station 27 issue with your neighbors also ask them
if they have received this email. If not, please forward them a copy or
ask them to please check the LAVFD website at http://www.LAVFD.com

-Stay SAFE!!

/* LAVFD -- Board of Director's */
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In general, buying a vacation home now is a good idea; it is one market segment that the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) expects to recover in 2008. Demand is predicted to go up as Baby Boomers look to buy vacation homes to eventually retire to. In the right location, resale outlook therefore looks good in a few years if that if your intention.

NAR further estimates about half of vacation homes are within a hour's drive of the owner's primary residence (depending on where you are in Atlanta's traffic, this is probably true for you). The key is to be able to get away when you want and return when you have to without too much time in the car, especially if the vacation home needs your attention for an emergency.

Another consideration is financing. If you aren't paying cash, a mortgage lender will probably require at least 20% down for a second home in this market environment, and you will probably not be able to exceed 28-36% of your income toward total monthly expenses, including any current mortgage and other outstanding debt such as a car loan or credit card. Hope this helps!
Web Reference: http://www.AskAgentLisa.com
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I just went up to lake arrowhead about 3 weeks ago. Gorgeous lake, a little small but still very nice. It is not that far outside of atlanta, not to far outside of Canton GA and easy to get to. The good news is that lots and homes are affordable. If you are looking to rent the property while you are not there to offset the cost of the property, you may have one or two takers but I wouldn't count on it being rented full time. Most people from Atlanta and the surrounding areas view Blue Ridge across to clayton and the Dahlonega / Lake Lanier area as the week long and weekend vacation spots.

The neighborhood is a little older but there are some really nice small vacation homes at the very end of the north side of the lake.

One other area budget property area that is also revitalizing is up on Lake Hiawassee outside of Murphey North Carolina / Blue Ridge GA. The neighborhood is called Bear Paw. It is older and most of the homes would need to be updated but it wouldn't cost you an arm and a leg to have a lake view (and HIawassee is a much nicer lake than arrowhead. It is at the far north end of the lake by the dam.
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As Kristen says: "there are 116 homes for sale"...out of a total of ?? What percent is that? Information on Trulia puts the monthly average at less than five homes sold per month...in fact, some months there are no sales at all. It's not fun when you want to sell; but no-one wants to buy, even at deep discount.
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Most of the homes that are For sale means the Hoa fees keep going up and most are moving the HOA will not give you a honest answer thats why I will not buy at lake Arrowhead
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If you decide to choose Lake Arrowhead as your vacation choice than I know a builder who is looking to dump some of his investments. This would mean a loss for him but a an incredible opportunity for a buyer. Lake Arrowhead is said to be one of the most desirable places to live in the near future. It is definitely worth going to see. Please feel free to call or email me anytime. :) Valerie 770-262-8480
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Hi Jon...does your friend still wish to negotiate on a house or on Lake Arrowhead?
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Lake Arrowhead is nice for Vacation and year round living. I have lived in Lake Arrowhead for 4 years. It is a very nice, quiet and peaceful neighborhood. Currently there are 116 homes for sale, from $89,000 up to $749,000.
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Lake Arrowhead is close enough to Atlanta to be a terrific resale in the future as Atlanta builds further north. There are some great deals on houses as well! It is one of my favorite communities, please give me a call and let me send you some homes and lots to your email address!
Thanks, Julie Starling
"2007 Prudential Georgia Realty Realtor of the Year-Cherokee Office"
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Lake Arrowhead in Waleska, Georgia has a lot to offer as a vacation home. There's a new clubhouse being built and the golf course is being worked on. There are many lots for sale as well as some very nice homes. Homes sizes range from weekend cottages to large homes. The lake is beautiful and there are great water activities. It is still close enough to the city so you can enjoy the night life.
I will be happy to answer any other questions you may have.
Barbara Carrio
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The new management group at Lake Arrowhead, Johnson Development, seems to be attempting to convert Lake Arrowhead from what it has been for the past thirty years, ie, a vacation home community, into what JD's other properties are: ie, a subdivision. Gated community sure...but also one proudly flaunting it as a "restrictive covenant community"...and you had better pay attention to this latter aspect when considering buying here. The list of no's in the covenants, which are increasingly being legally enforced, might give you pause. Caveat emptor.
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I just launched a new website focused 100% on Lake Arrowhead that might help you evaluate the community: http://www.Lake-Arrowhead-GA.com. Best of luck to you!
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Jon - I've been to both Lake Arrowhead and Lookout Mountain. They both have pluses and minuses to consider. With Fall in full swing, I'd say that now would be a great time to plan a road trip in a convertible or weekend getaway to each and decide for yourself which you like best. Happy Trails to you!
Web Reference: http://MyGeorgiaHomes.com
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Vicki Masell…, Real Estate Pro in Duluth, GA
Thanks for the advice. What is a compairable community to Lake Arrowhead in the Lookout Mountain area? Where can I get more info on Lookout Mountain?
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It is a wonderful area. However, if you are looking for more peace, more nature, being realitively close to the city life, then the Lookout Mountain area is a better location. The prices are typically lower and the amenities typically greater. Also there are up to 8 State and National parks and Forests within a few minutes and much larger lakes ie; Weiss, Chickamauga, and Nickajack.
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My family owns a second home at Lake Arrowhead GA. We love the lake and mountains, plus golf, tennis, and other amenities at Lake Arrowhead. We take sunset cruises in our pontoon boat and pull our kids and their friends beind our ski boat on tubes, wakeboards, and kneeboards.

Lake Arrowhead is a unique lake because it is in a private gated community so it is less crowded and more pristine. It is 540 acres and up to 90 feet deep, with very little water fluctation over a 12 month period, since it is not a flood control or power generation lake. Homes are 50 ft from the water's edge, providing incredible views. There is a boat ramp and boat storage available for homes off the water.

I am a Realtor and sell a lot of mountain, golf, creek, and lakefront homes and lots at Lake Arrowhead GA, including giving tours of the lake via my pontoon boat. My parents have lived at Lake Arrowhead GA for 20 years, so I am also familiar with the history of the community.
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It's a beautiful area and the lake is wonderful. As far as housing goes it's a mixed bag. There are some really nice properties there and also some very basic homes.

I reccomend sticking to newer homes in that community. There are many other similar communities in N. GA that I would also suggest looking into before making a decision.
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Jon, Lake Arrowhead is beautiful and located not far from Atlanta. There are many full time residents who started as vacation homeowners and stayed permanently. What are you looking for in a lake home? There are many lakes in the NE Georgia or Western North Carolina area. What amenities would be desirable and how close to your current home are you looking?
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