What are the safer areas of the Sacramento area to buy a house?

Asked by Karen, San Jose, CA Fri Mar 13, 2009

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Terry O'Call…, Agent, Sacramento, CA
Fri Mar 13, 2009
Hi Karen. Good question but difficult to answer without the appearance of discrimination. There are a lot of nice areas in Sacramento, some with higher crime rates than others but overall a very nice place to live. I have included the Sacramento County Sheriff website where you can research crime reports in specific areas. On our website there are also some links to schools and community information. Good luck.

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Uncle Steves…, , Sacramento County, CA
Sat Mar 14, 2009
I like to look at schools and city infustructure. Elk Grove is in Sacramento County and is a great area for family life. Good schools and a great general plan that has added to the value of real estate. Crime is always an issue where you have a populated area of people, the larger the population the more crime. If you would like to get a FREE list of government owned homes for sale. These homes are located in popular Elk Grove neighborhoods. http://www.previewbankownedhomes.com
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Sue Archer R…, Agent, Palm Harbor, FL
Sat Mar 14, 2009
Blaquewraith, thank you , you made my point.

If to determine 'safe neighborhoods' is to only consider crime,then you will see high priced neighborhoods, like East Sacramento (95819) showing high crimes, just as well as lower priced neighborhoods. So the question of 'safe' depends on what you want to measure for safety.

Here are some websites that I have gleaned before off of Trulia from some of the highly knowledgable realtors here. These refer to crime records. There are other websites for other factors that might give a buyer information related to their idea of 'safe'. Some may or may not still be active:

Crime Information


Last, the fact is, there are hard and fact LAWS from prohibiting a realtor or professional from STEERING someone from neighborhoods. Just like The Fair Housing and Fair Credit laws, these laws are to protect the consumer.

A realtor will provide you whatever information you need to make an informed decision. Some other factors you might want to conside. Being located in San Jose, I'm assuming you're looking for investment property? If so, you might also want to consider some other factors, as well.

Good luck to you!!
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Blaquewraith, Home Buyer, Sacramento, CA
Sat Mar 14, 2009
I dont see calling a spade a spade discrimination! As long as the data you supply coincides with the statistics for the area . The perceived safety is what 99% of what people base their opinion on! Take a look at the crimemapper stats for various zips across Sacramento, Its a shocker!! Take Stockton blvd and Fruitridge rd area for instance, The Stockton blvd corridor is known for being a prostitution "stroll" amid rows of motels that line the avenue. The perceived level of safety in that area is low as that is what one expects and hears of, as well asd the superficial assumptions made by the 99% of people afraid to call a spade a spade for fear of discrimination!! Well since that assumption is based on cliches rather than hard data it in fact is discrimination to label a area unsafe when statistically it is in fact "safer" than say east sac or River parks 95819 zip!!! based on the national average of crime being a score of 100 the 95824 Stockton blvd area scores a 74 !!! not too bad!! Now for the stunner!! The highly sought after "safe" east sac 95819 zip rates a 340 !!! Primarily the reason is that in East sac the rate of car theft is 1,200 or 12 times the national average!! The rmainder of crimes reported fairly paralell each other !! So the people who are afraid to say oak park or meadowview is dangerous while East sac or Land park are safe should be afraid to voice their opinion as it isnt based on factual data but rather adherence to the cliches without actual knowledge of statistics for their evaluation!! It cant be discrimination if thats not what your opinion is based on!!
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Jim Walker, Agent, Carmichael, CA
Sat Mar 14, 2009
Besides checking out crime statistics from the sherrifs and police departments, you may also want to consider environmental hazards such as special flood hazard zones. While the floods may only occur once or twice a century they can be catastrophic when they come.
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Sue Archer R…, Agent, Palm Harbor, FL
Fri Mar 13, 2009
Getting beyond the quesiton of 'what area is safe' is not only relative to crime statistics in the area, but other 'perceived safety' of a neighborhood. I have a vietnamese investor client who prefers to rent her units in the vietnamese communities as she feels it is 'safer'. I have someone who's family lives in an area that many others might consider 'less desirable' but she knows well and wants her kids to remain in the same school and close to what is familar with them.

As realtors, we cannot designate areas as 'safer' than others, for both legal reasons and for logical reasons as even the million dollar home areas experience some risk for safety. We can, however, be the 'source of the source' and provide you resources where you can learn information such as crime reporting, tenant laws in terms of nondiscrimination, and proper obligations of landlord/tenant relations. school testing scores, and various other information where you can become informed in selecting investment properties that meet your interests. It's best to be sensitive to legal issues involved in buying investment property, and the ultimate selection of tenants for those properties.

If you are specific as to your question on what information you would like to review, I'm sure we can give you even more resources to help.
Web Reference:  http://www.suearcher.com
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Tamara Dorirs, Agent, Carmichael, CA
Fri Mar 13, 2009
Hi Karen,

As you see by now, we real estate agents can't answer a question like that. As a professor of real estate also, one thing I tell my students is that while we cannot give our own opinion of particular neighborhoods, we can encourage our buyers to do some investigating.

While crime reports are one way, I also advise that you drive through a neighborhood you might be considering in the evening hours. In addition, I recently had an investor client who wanted to buy a rental property in the Carmichael area, but the unit was only a block away from some apartments and he was concerned about the potential crime component. Besides having him take a drive around at night, I also encouraged him to knock on some of the neighbors doors and ask them how the crime and noise seemed to be. People will share with you what they know----it's just that real estate agents have certain codes of conduct that do not allow us to pass judgment or give advice on any particular area.

Hope that helps a little :-)

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