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What about homes for sale with chinese drywall?can u test before sale>?

Asked by Jmatson428, Caloosahatchee, Cape Coral, FL Fri Feb 18, 2011

a few homes are listed as"signs of chinese drywall". is the seller responsible to point this out to the buyer, can sales be contingent on this issue?

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Toxic Chinese drywall inspections are not expensive. Most buyers don't realize that a home may have been renovated with the toxic drywall. Lowe's has a class action suit because they sold it throughout the US. You can access several links including the government’s link with information and photos about this toxic substance on my homepage at The government had very little money to do any studies regarding this substance and in essence said that the people and babies who died from exposure were going to die anyways. No toxicology studies where done on their bodies or the drywall. The government has pretty much closed the book on this issue. The State of Florida will give you a great tax deduction if you admit that you own a property with Chinese drywall because it has little to no value. It does not take much toxic drywall to kill a venerable baby so how much is in a home is not even relevant.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission and the Dept. of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) have prepared "Interim Remediation Guidance" because homeowners wanted to do something to begin the process of repairing their homes. "The guidance is designed as a conservative, common sense approach to the challenges facing homeowners, and is offered in advance of a complete understanding of certain scientific matters at issue." Replacing all the Chinese drywall in a property is an interim solution. Chinese drywall permeates all the porous surfaces of the property and furniture. Electrical and some of the plumbing components of the home are also being replaced.

You may access the links mentioned above and topics like Buyer Beware, 21 Critical Mistakes Buyers Make and more important information for all buyers at
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If it says "signs of chinese drywall" you can rest assurded it has it.
Now the real question is how much?
Were only a few sheets used? Is it in the whole house? Did the testing Company really find it all?
Will all the electrical have to be replaced? The insulation? Copper plumbing? All the duct work?
Will the whole house have to be stripped to bare studs?
There are places that will test and any Agent worth they salt will add a chinese Dyrywall addendum with a submitted offer on any house in order to protect you the buyer. If your buying at Auction than NO there is no inspection period, It can cost up $85 per sq to remediate
Are you really getting a bargain or a headache?
Will you always have to disclose of it past presence, which may stigmatise the property and hurt sales in the future? IT'S A GAMBLE !!

Best regards ,
Susan Callahan, ABR, CNS
Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate LLC
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If their are signs of CHinese Drywall, then the seller must disclose the information. In an AS-IS contract, you have an inspection period in which you can walk away for any reason.

The best way to test a whole house is with the X-ray gun. Google it. =)

HAve a Great Day!
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You should also check permits , lots of older homes have been rehab after Charlie or just updated, ck to see the year work was done and have inspector focus on those areas..
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Sellers are supposed to disclose the presence of Chinese drywall if they are aware that the home has it. To cover yourself, make sure that your contract is subject to an inspection for Chinese drywall and hire an inspector to check for it.

Good luck with your purchase!
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Hi Jmatson, please be sure to test for chinese drywall which is a huge problem in many areas. Get an inspector; read my blog for more information.…
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If the defective drywall is known to the seller, then yes they must disclose. However, in bank owned properties, the seller will have no knowledge of defects to the property. Therefore, you are making a purchase "as is with the right to inspect", which means that if your offer is accepted, you will be given an inspection period which should absolutely include a defective drywall inspection. If anything comes up during the inpsection that you are uncomfortable with, you can withdraw your offer without penalty.

It is normal practice in this area to have a defective drywall addenda presented along with your purchase offer, so yes the sale can be made contingent on this issue.

Not only is financing a home with defective drywall an issue, but insuring these homes is also a problem. Not only does cost to remediate far outweigh the savings in most cases, but there is simply not enough information available at this time that tells us how safe these homes are after remediation.

Christine Lussa
Maranatha Realty Group, LLC
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you need to do your dilligence before......most sales will be "as-is" is buyer beware.
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The chinese dry wall that you are referring to was sold in bulk and went to certain regions and then dispursed through local retail. I recall reading about this issue a few years back. If my memory serves me right the treasure valley never saw any of this product come in to the state. Like the other comments you recieved disclosure and having your inspector checking in to this product.
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You should have a Chinese drywall inspection done and make sure you have ample time to have all of your inspections done written in your offer. If it turns out the home has Chinese drywall or other issues you don't like you can cancel your contract to purchase.
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You may test and inspect before purchase. There are a few new methods of testing being used.
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If the house has chinese drywall: 1. it will be disclosed 2. you have right to inspect.
Home inspection agency will perform a test and detect a chinese drywall.
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As part of the contract you can request a Chinese Dry Wall Disclosure form where the owner has to disclose any and all knowledge about this. But you still should have an inspector look for this regardless of whether you get the disclosure or not.
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Good Morning,

Look for a home inspector who specializes in detecting the chinese drywall.

The home should have a disclosure too.

Happy Home Hunting!
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There are different types of tests that can be preformed to detect Chinese drywall. I would recommend looking at these different forms and decide what is best for you. From a Lenders prospective many Lenders will not financing a property that contains or did at one point contain chinese drywall. So even if the property was remediated you may have problems financing making your property less marketable.
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Most agencies today require a "Chinese Drywall" addendum that explains the concern for this material. Read it carefully and ask for an explanation if it is not understood.

Chinese drywall is normally easily detected but extremely difficult to remediate. We recommend that when writing an offer that you have your agent include a contingency that protects you from this nuisance. Make you home inspector aware of your concerns and they can check to be sure. It's a matter of pulling a few electrical cover plates and examining exposed copper wire. If the normally shiney copper is "black" you have tested positive. This is the easiest of several ways to identify the problem.

Good luck,

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After the seller accepts your offer you do have the right to an inspection. The timeframe for inspection will be specified in the contract. Visual inspection for defective drywall is part of a full home inspection with most inspectors along with other methods of testing.

Legally a seller has to disclose any KNOWN material defects - if they have knowledge they are obligated to share that with any potential purchaser. There are some agents that will disclose signs/evidence in the confidential remarks section of the listing vs the public remarks section so it is possible that certain listings will be positive without & you may not realize it unless your agent fully reads the listing.
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