We are looking to build at either Candelas or Leyden Rock. I am concerned regarding Rocky Flats and 470. Any thoughts on future resale in either area?

Asked by Stephanie Heine, Arvada, CO Mon Oct 28, 2013

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Scotlas1971, Home Buyer, New York, NY
Thu Jun 2, 2016
I would NEVER live there! That area around d and including the Rocky Flats Superfund site is part of the biggest cover-up in our time. Plutonium leaked into that soil and contaminated structures are presently buried on the current "no go zone" on the center of the Wildlife Refuge and some online resources claim the concrete encasement is failing. Either way, Pu has a 24,100 year HALF life, its particulates are easily made airborne, and it has been openly recorded that the ENTIRE site was not remediated! Pu is one of MANY carcinogenic chemicals released into the environment there, none of which just disappear like the developers would have you believe.
I implore you to find an equally pretty home elsewhere, where you will not be potentially jeopardizing you and your family's health!
Web Reference:  http://WWW.Candelasglows.com
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Evdmeer, Home Buyer, New York, NY
Fri Dec 4, 2015
Hello Stephanie,

I sincerely hope that you chose a safer place to build and live...
Both Candelas and Leyden Rock are contaminated.
There's no way around that.
There's plutonium dust all over these places: measurable and proven.
Surviving relatives would have a problem with future resale.

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jacksonbrown…, Home Buyer, Arvada, CO
Sun Feb 9, 2014
Truth is, there is nobody looking out for your best interests here. It's a very contaminated site, and anyone that says it's been fully cleaned up is either misinformed or not telling the truth.

If your only concern is resale, that's a different question. Maybe you can get away with it by passing the plutonium risks on to someone else. But don't be fooled by anyone with a profit motive.

A hundred years from now people will say, "OMG can you believe those poor people did that?".
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Hello Jacksonbrown,
You're talking common sense, thank you!
Below, there's someone feeling "safe living in my home at Candalas", now that's an uninformed opinion.
The man can't see the difference between radium/radon and plutonium!
Man, with plutonium we're talking abour alpha radiation!!
Inhale that stuff and it's all over and done with....

Indeed, relax. I would advise to take some Prozac, and a shrink!

Flag Fri Dec 4, 2015
That isn't the truth... it's your uninformed opinion. As someone who worked in the nuclear industry for 8 years, has done his homework on the cleanup and continued monitoring, I feel safe living in my home at Candalas. Funny thing is, most people who are concerned about this area have no issues with living without a radon mitigation system, in a brick home, and take no issues with taking flights... all of which provide measurable exposure to radiation. have a banana and relax.
Flag Fri Jan 16, 2015
Lynn Zenger, Agent, Arvada, CO
Mon Oct 28, 2013
You pose two good questions. The issue with the future development of W-470, is a plus, in my opinion. It allows better access to those areas you are considering, and I view that as a benefit. The highway isn't there yet, and based on the past experience, it may be many a year before we see that in place. I would just make sure that the lot I chose to build on was far enough away from the proposed highway, that you wouldn't have a road/noise stigma. Location is everything, they say!
Your second question about Rocky Flats, is a little more complex. I am not a scientist and cannot tell you what residual effects from the use of radioactive materials still may exist in those lands surrounding the original Rocky Flats plant. Having turned that land into a wildlife preserve may say something about what is thought of the continuing hazard(if any). If you're concerned about the presence of radioactive contamination, I guess the best way to determine that would be to have someone test the area, and specifically the lot you were considering building on. The issue of Rocky Flats and its impact on the surrounding environment has raged the whole time I have been a Realtor, but I'm not sure that issue is as much a concern today, as it was 35 years ago.
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Does anyone have a report they could share, I keep hearing that studies have been done, but I haven't seen a single report or assessment that shows otherwise. Has nobody done a phase 2 environmental assessment?
Flag Tue May 31, 2016
In fact there is a concern today, since many former residents are sick and others have died. To due the community concern, a health survey is being distributed in 2016 by Metro University in conjunction with the Rocky Flats Downwinders, a community organization made of past residents and concerned citizens. Residents can sign up at http://www.rockyflatsdownwinders.com
Flag Sat Mar 19, 2016
Hello Lynn,

"but I'm not sure that issue is as much a concern today, as it was 35 years ago"
How's about a guaranteed 24,000 years (halflife) of alpha radiation?!
Test the area? That's allready been done, and plutonium is there in detectable amounts!

Flag Fri Dec 4, 2015
Soumakdutta, Home Buyer, Arvada, CO
Tue May 30, 2017
I think there are lot of misinformation floating around about getting a house there. I'm also considering buying houses. The thing I've failed to see from people saying don't buy a house there is the lack or proof or evidence. I haven't decided yet if I'm going to buy a home there or not yet but here are some things that I've found:

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Any more links or further comments on the area? We just found out about all this and my head is spinning from all the information.
Flag Wed Oct 4, 2017
Since writing this can you share anymore links?
Flag Wed Oct 4, 2017
Thanks. We're also considering this area. Can I ask what you decided to do?
Flag Tue Aug 15, 2017
Mulliganplum…, Home Buyer, Arvada, CO
Thu Oct 6, 2016
I did a great deal of research on the matter before we felt comfortable buying a home in Leyden Rock. Looking at downwind maps, soil tests, water tests, some early environmental impact statements for the Parkway, results of three cancer studies in the surrounding area and where Leyden Rocks is located I feel very comfortable buying in Leyden Rock.

With Leyden Rock I am more concerned that it is built on top of huge coal mines and part of it is right next to a large dump. Not many studies were done on the impact of the coal mine and the damage left from the mining operations. The dirt was so bad, the developers removed FEET of dirt and brought in new dirt.

Now Cadelas that is another story. That subdivision had too many red flags for me. Do your own research, they are many well written websites for and against building there. You never hear people talking about those subdivision on the east of Indiana for areas south east of Rocky Flats. There are serious down wind concerns for those people.
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Patty Ranber…, Agent, Arvada, CO
Wed Oct 8, 2014
Those are good questions! C-470 is going to run through the area, and can be viewed on the maps at the model home "headquarters". For re-sale, you definitely want to consider where your (possible) home is, in reference to C-470.
Rocky Flats. As soon as it's brought up, you can get all kinds of opinions! The subdivisions (in Candelas) have disclosures, that are worth reading. If it were me, or my customers, I would have them read up on Rocky Flats, the clean up, and what the various opinions are from those who really are in the know. Ultimately, are you comfortable with the location?
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jacksonbrown…, Home Buyer, Arvada, CO
Sun Feb 9, 2014
If you like living on top of nuclear waste then go for it! The effects probably won't show up for several years.
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Robert McGui…, Agent, Denver, CO
Sat Nov 2, 2013

Good answers below. Also the Builders have soils reports and other reports that they will share with you to prove in their eyes why it is a good investment. you will also need to do your own diligent research from the county records and reports that should be available.

Robert McGuire
Your Castle Real Estate
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Terry Leach, Agent, Westminster, CO
Tue Oct 29, 2013
Hi Stephanie,
There are several housing developments surrounding Rocky Flats e.g. Rock Creek, 5 Parks, Whisper Creek and everything down wind of Rocky Flats ie all the homes located adjacent to Standley Lake. None of these markets are suffering from a price hit or lack of popularity because of Rocky Flats rather they are all popular areas with good sales statistics. There will always be conspiracy theories about the area and those who will shy away because of those stories but the statistics say resale won’t be a problem based on adjacent neighborhoods.
W470 also known as Jefferson Parkway will go through at some point; it is essential to keep traffic moving as the area develops. Highway 93, 128 and Indiana are already heavily traveled thoroughfares which during rush hour can be slow. Consequently I think it not a matter of if but rather when! And after they build it, I believe it will be seen as an enhancement to the area. I personally think Jefferson Pkwy will end up following Hwy 128 to Hwy 93 (north and west of Rocky Flats) and connect to C470 via 6th Ave. rather than following Indiana but right now it is not going anywhere politically or physically.
If the thought of Rock Flats bothers you I encourage you to do a little soul searching. My experience is; when folks have a deep rooted concern about something it haunts them until the day they move to a different area. Having said that; Arvada is a wonderful community and I love living here.
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Erin Houston, Agent, Arvada, CO
Mon Oct 28, 2013
Hi Stephanie,
The only way to over come a house that is located by a highway or another area of concern is by price. These are all factors to consider when deciding if this is the right purchase for you. On the flip of that, west Arvada is booming and the Ralston Valley school district will help maintain your resale value. As an agent I try to let me clients know how big of a concern this area really is and help them walk into the transaction with their eyes wide open. Rocky Flats is a big deal and I am not sure that would be a risk I would be willing to take (personally).

Good Luck!

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