We are looking at a home in Jackson Park Highlands. 1) How do you find out what the house last sold for- not

Asked by Name, Chicago, IL Wed Aug 13, 2008

what they have taken out in loans 2) This is a short sale. It is a beautiful home completely redone. Is this area worth investing in? Does this area hold value or go up or stay the same?
3)You get more for your money here than in Hyde park or Kenwood.
I love the neighborhood more than any other place we have seen but wonder if neighborhood will love us. Is this a well integrated community? I have gotten some mixed feelings from realtors there mulitple times. For example,.( I overheard her telling another couple (same skin color) some significant things she did not tell me- we were in the house at same time. I got the feeling there were certain preferences for color of skin. .. And we did not have dark enough skin? ? We are new to the area. Confused.

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Mcd, , Chicago, IL
Wed Aug 27, 2008
As the last poster stated, opinions vary, but their's seems to be one of ignorant or willfull naivety. He/she states things as fact that are just flat out innacurate.
Yes, crime does and will happen everywhere, and is relative to many things; but not to opinions.
What it is relative to is gangs, drugs, unemployment, poor education, dysfunctional homelife (both Economical and Emotional.) and overall opportunity. The prevalence, or lack of all these things within neighborhoods directley affects their level of crime.

One can kid themselves and think, "Oh everywhere and everyone is the same. You have just as good a chance of getting car-jacked at one corner as you do any other or, every house can get broken into anywhere."
If one believes that, go ahead and move to Englewood and see how long you last.

DO NOT base your opinion on what the Media reports. They pick and choose their stories. Things happen every night that don't get major runs unless they're uniquely horrific, (Landlord getting set on fire by ex-tenant) or happen in a "Good Neighborhood (Woman getting beaten by Homeless Addicts.)
Yesterday in 003 some dude shot up an entire block with a High Powered Fully Automatic Assault Rifle. I'm talking large chunks of bricks taken outta walls. The shooter escaped and no one was shot, so I doubt the general public will even hear about it.
If that happened in Hyde Park, I guarantee there'd be News Trucks all over the scene. Reporters would open with, "Early this morning Residents of this usually quiet neighborhood were awaken in fear by the sound of rapid gunfire," as the Camera's zoom in on the destruction.

Also, the GIS site (Officially known as CLEARMAP) is a very useful tool to Research/Track crime, if you know how to use it correctley.
Anyone who does would know that the crime rates between the two areas aren't even close.

These numbers don't lie, and there's nothing funny or laughable about them:
Crime Statistics Summary for the last 12 months -
District 003- (Highlands, Woodlawn, Grand Crossing) -2544 Occurances, Rank- 05 out of 25 Districts
District 021- (Hyde Park, Kenwood, Oakland) - 727 Occurances, Rank- 16 out of 25 Districts

DIstrict 003- 35 Occurances Rank - 03rd
District 021- 05 Occurances Rank - 17th

District 003- 113 Occurances Rank - 02nd
District 021- 26 Occurances Rank - 22nd

Are 35 Murders VS. 5 a baseless opinion? 2,544 Violent Crimes VS. 727? 113 Rapes VS. 26?

So far as the basis for my "supposed opinion", it is derived from first hand experience of patroleing the streets of 003rd District, my relationships with Officers all over Chicago, and my knowledge of how to utilize "CLEARMAP."
Not from seeing a few drug dealers here and there, or knowing someone who saw on a carload of gangbangers. To me, that's a baseless opinion.

The common thinking among Officers of 003 is this. If you want to work in a "slow" District where you won't have to work too hard, you go to 021. If you want to chase bad guys, drugs, guns, and hot cars every day, you work in 003.
004 and 006 Districts crime rates have spiked out of control and are currentley similar to 003, but they all make 021 look like a Utopia.

I'll again state, I'm not bashing residents who live in the Highlands or 3rd District as a whole. There are many good people there who shouldn't have to deal with the criminal element that they do. I come into contact with many of them when they need Police assistance and I personally couldn't afford a single house in there on my salary even if I did want to live there. But the fact is, it's in a far worse area than Hyde Park or Kenwood.

I agree that Beverly is a great and safe neighborhood. Very similar to the Highlands with large well kept older homes, spacious lots, etc. It does have some dicey areas (East of Longwood Ave.) but is large enough that most streets are secluded from bad areas by more than just a few blocks.
Mount Greenwood isn't bad but is as far SouthWest as you can go within city limits.
Garfield Ridge is pretty quiet too, except for areas close to Midway Airport. (Depending on which block your on, and which direction the planes are coming and going, you risk haveing to put up with some very loud noise.)

My final suggestion to anyone thinking of moving to a specific location is this:
Take a drive around the area you're considering between 9 and 11 o'clock on a Saturday night during nice weather.
This will give you a clearer indication of what an area is really like.
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Mcd, , Chicago, IL
Fri Aug 15, 2008
I "work for the city" (code for cop) and work in Grand Crossing area which the Highlands fall within. While there are many beautiful homes in there, the entire area is surrounded by poverty and high crime on all sides.
If you weren't aware, there's only one way IN and OUT from the South (Alley on 71st between Cornell and East End), One way IN from the West (69th and Stony), and One way OUT from the East (69th and Jeffrey).
All other thoroughways in those directions have been intentionally rendered into culdesacs by the addition of high curbs. It was done to keep trouble out and seems to have helped as there's relatively few problems in there, but I'm not kidding when I say just how bad the surrounding area is. A crack dealer was just murdered on 71st the other night and he was running out of the Highlands at Constance as he was chased down and shot. This is not uncommon around there.
Neighbors wouldn't be a problem. People take care of their property and keep to themselves, but don't hesitate to call 911 if they do see something suspicious.
My guess is the Realtors didn't want to bring up, or know how to handle the issue of the neighborhood's demographics. Put simply, if you're not a person of color, you would greatly be in the minority. Of course they're not going to tell you Not to buy there, but they know at some point you'd figure out that the Highlands is basically a 4x4 block island of very nice homes in the middle of a very bad ghetto.
The other downside is that due to the area's poor economic standing, there's almost nothing in the community to benefit from. No Theaters, Shopping, Restaurants, etc.
Just fast food joints, Dollar stores, and coin operated Laundromats.
The upside is that the Museaum and Downtown are just minutes away via LSD, and yes you will get much more house for your money than you would in Hyde Park.
Property Values shouldn't decrease due to it's Historic Landmark status.
Some people think/hope the area is changing for the better with current building renovations, and U of C's expansion southward, but I don't see this happening anytime soon if at all.
Hate to seem like I'm bashing, but you say your new to the area and need to know there's drastic differences between neighboring areas.
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Graduate, , Chicago, IL
Sat Sep 6, 2008
Hi there! I've read all of the comments mentioned above and can both agree and disagree with a lot of the comments. The Jackson Park Highlands is definately a community with large homes and beautifully landscaped yards but it is also one that is a tight knit community. Generally when neighbors move-in (be they minority or non-minority) someone on the block will host a get together for you to get to know each other, as well as other people on your block. Some of these reasons do stem from the violence in the surrounding neighborhoods, because so often you will see people up to no good walking down the street and the neighbors and people who work for them like cleaning people and nannies are also always aware. This neighborhood really looks out other. If they notice something odd they will let you know and if they cant get you they will call the police.

It is also interesting that there is diversity, as on one block on euclid for example there are 4 different continents represented, so its not just a matter of black and white. The chairman of the Jackson Park Highlands association is actually caucasian and is looked to as any other neighbor in the community. As far as the people, there are several professors from the university of chicago, film producers, judges, doctors, dentist, brokers, musicians, and politicians who live in the neighborhood and are very active in making positive impacts. From personal experience of about 20 years, id say this is a pretty philanthropic neighborhood. So that realator was clearly not representative of what this neighborhood values in a neighbor. Its like a home with everyone who is warm but in the sense of family. I find that half the neighborhood even goes to the church on 71st and Jeff, Bryn Mawr.

The property value continues to increase.. and there are actually two ways in the highlands, one is at 67th and euclid and the other at 67th and constance i think, there may be a few other ways out as well though it is like a maze. There truly arent many shops, however if you think you would love the concept of being on the boarder of a golf course and walking just steps to the jackson park harbour looking at the boats and eating lunch or just steps further to the beach.. its the perfect location. Also there are no alleys, which i think slashes the crime rate and sets it apart from any other neighborhood in chicago. As far as the price.. perhaps you could inquire with the office of alderman leslie hairston, its in the 5th ward.
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Wayne Beals, Agent, Chicago, IL
Sun Aug 31, 2008
I've been working in all of these neighborhoods, morning, noon and night for years. The highlands are great, and so are the communities that surround it.
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Name, Home Buyer, Chicago, IL
Sun Aug 31, 2008
I am the one who asked initial question above. I went to Clear Map as advised. A correction should be noted to below posters- it is in district 0332. I suppose a smaller subset and that narrowed the search somewhat and yielded better or more specific data about neighborhood.
Thanks for the tip on ClearMap.
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Hi if you are still interested in the Jackson Park highlands are, I have a double lot for sale! The owner has builder contacts and is also a licensed plumber. Please let me know if you or anyone is interested, great price, please drop me an email at pocsports@yahoo.com
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Wannabuy, Home Buyer, Chicago, IL
Tue Aug 26, 2008
Well I guess opinions very, but I live in the Hyde Park/Kenwood area and a cable guy murdered someone in my building last year and I have seen a couple of drug dealers. In addition, there is a culdesac at 47th and I believe Ellis or Ingleside where criminals escape cops....so I guess it is relative to how people think about areas. Hyde Park and Kenwood are predominantly minority areas so no matter where you go in the three neighborhoods, if you are white...you are the minority. I like Hyde Park Kenwood, but it is extremely over rated and in addition the crime rate is 3 or 4 on all counts. You should go to the CPD GIS website and look up crime for yourself. It is so funny how some of the comments have no basis. Look up crimes for yourself and you will laugh at some of these so called opinions. Oh and the other day a friend of mine was in the parking lot in hyde park and had to call the cops because 4 teenage boys were sitting in a car in the parking lot off of 51st and lakeshore and one was cleaning a gun...so please get a grip and quit being so scared. I used to work in Lincoln Park on of the highest crime areas I have worked in and one of the richest, but since white people live there it is safe...lol funny. Btw, the Gold Coast had a huge open air drug market until it was finally busted on the news the end of last year....so it is your choice if you want to know the truth and feel safe or to think you are safe because you are in a white neighborhood. If you notice, the only neighborhoods that are thought of as nice and safe on the south side is Hyde Park and Kenwood simply because there are more white people....but you never here about Beverly being the lowest crime area in the city of chicago which strategically goes unmentioned because it is on the south side. Beverly might be far a way but it is diverse, safe and has good schools oh....AND it is on the South Side. Look it up on Wikipedia and within the first few lines you will learn of its low crime rates and that it is indeed on the South Side of Chicago. Btw, a realtor cannot tell you their preference for a neighborhood especially if it is related to crime.
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Wayne Beals, Agent, Chicago, IL
Wed Aug 20, 2008
I am so happy to hear that you found the Highlands!

This neighborhood is one of the best that Chicago has to offer and for far too long, buyers throughout the city have not been aware of it's existence. This is a double edged sword, though. Because of its seclusion, which is somewhat intentional (just try to find your way out or into the neighborhood without guidance), the Historic character and stable community have seen very little change, even during the last boom. This has also kept prices low, but the homes seem to appreciate consistently over time.

You are exactly correct, you get a whole lot more house for your money here vs. Hyde Park and Kenwood, with a very similar aesthetic. Large lots with medium to large homes, historic architecture, incredible landscaping, access to Jackson Park and the Lake, etc.

In general, more and more people have been discovering South Shore. The Highlands is the most exclusive community in South Shore and it has been getting more attention over the past few years.

My experience with the Highlands has been very positive. I have met some great people and I think they would make you feel very welcome.

I will note, however, that one of my clients, who was looking here for a home in May had a interesting experience. They feel in love with a huge Tudor home on Constance. I followed up with him a couple of days later and he had dubbed it the "neighborhood that time forgot," citing the fact that all of his colleagues knew nothing of the area. Seclusion has it's price I suppose.

As far as previous sale prices go, ask your agent to look it up for you in the public records. You can also call or email me anytime for assistance.
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Kristin Coll…, Agent, Oak Park, IL
Thu Aug 14, 2008

The Jackson Park Highlands is a very old and established neighborhood. I am quite sure you will be VERY welcome. Proud homeowners have bought, live and STAY in this wonderful pocket. Buyers have an excellent investment in this area. You would be close to everything...lake, museums, downtown...and steps from the golf course! I am very familiar with this neighborhood so please give me a call or an email and I will be happy to assist and answer any questions/concerns you may have!

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Tino Martinez, , Illinois
Thu Aug 14, 2008
what is the address? I'll look it up for you.

Tino Martinez
First Capital Mortgage
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