We are first time home buyers relocating from San Francisco to the Denver Area, any suggestions?

Asked by Katie Betsworth, Arvada, CO Sun Jun 20, 2010

We both have good credit and are looking to get away from renting. Looking to move around November. Any general advice is welcome.

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Julie Reddin…, , Highlands Ranch, CO
Sun Jun 20, 2010
You have such an abudence of answers already! I relocated here 5 years ago and lived in 4 different houses before finally settling in - yes in 5 years! I know you are probably anxious to set down roots but just ensure you are totally confient the area is right for you. Websites are ok and arm you with information but like when your gut will tell you you have found 'the home of your dreams', the same applies to areas - so I recommend you visit lots of them before you find 'the one'.

I know some areas have been mentioned but everyone's tastes and and choices are totally different. What 'I think' might be good area might end up being the complete opposite of what you really want. An agent needs to know everything (well not quite everything but close) about you, your partner, your future plans, your lifestyle etc. Architecture of the home will dictate certain areas, if you want a lot of land, modern lifestyle, family plans? .
What fun! This is such an exciting time for you. First home, new city. Take your time and interview an agent that you feel you would like to work with (trust me they will be your new best friend ), Read the article below to get a better understanding. Happy to discuss my Relocation experiences - trust me I visited every area imaginable before finding 'the one'.
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DeLUX Team R…, Agent, Littleton, CO
Wed Jun 23, 2010

You have made a phenomenal decision to move to Denver!

In a recent article in Forbes Magazine Denver was rated #2 as the best cities to buy a home.

According to “National Geographic” magazine Denver was picked as one of the top 10 cities in the U.S. for providing energy-efficiency, the least polluting and the healthiest living environment. The Green Guide presents the top 10 environmental leaders, cities whose “green achievements” set the standards for other cities across the nation.

You’ll find a great selection of homes for sale that meet your specific needs throughout Denver and its suburbs allowing you to select the best home on the market that meets your criteria and at reasonable prices due to the current real estate market conditions, this is a great time to buy especially for first time home buyers. Like any other investment you want to buy when prices are low. As you probably already know interest rates are also low making this a perfect time to buy your new home.

Denver’s climate is mild and semi-arid. The city receives approximately 8-15" of moisture a year, comparable to Los Angeles California, and it records 300 days of sunshine a year (more than San Diego or Miami Beach), Denver has the perfect climate! Winters are pleasant with an average daily high of around 52 degrees. Snow does fall, but it usually melts in a short time due to the Chinook winds that blow down from the mountains. Winter days often reach 60 degree Fahrenheit.


One of the first things you should do is research Denver and its suburbs, we can help you get started by going to our web site http://www.RealEstateMetroDenver.com and viewing our “Local Info”, “About Denver” here is the URL: http://www.realestatemetrodenver.com/local-town3.asp . You’ll also want to know about Denver’s neighborhoods we can help you there as well just go to http://www.realestatemetrodenver.com/local-neighborhoods-den… .

Once you have done the aforementioned you might want to actually come to Denver prior to relocating from San Francisco to tour Denver and its suburbs. If you decide to visit we can help you there as well just contact us and we’ll make arrangements to provide a personal tour of the entire metropolitan Denver area, NO HARD SELL., we provide the ultimate in real service it is the way we work, this statement is verifiable by going to http://www.realestatemetrodenver.com/quotes.asp and seeing what our clientele have said about us and the way we work..

While visiting our web site feel free to take advantage of everything we offer including taking virtual tours of our Featured Home For Sale, here is the URL http://www.realestatemetrodenver.com/myhomes.asp?filter=yes&… You can also use our special IDX feature to search for your new home, this feature extracts new listings other agents and companies have entered in the MLS (multiple listing service) and e-mails them directly to you, its fun and free and again with no obligation, just service.

Let our years of experience, education, and knowledge help you.

Metro Brokers/DeLUX Team Realty, Inc. our family helping yours.

Call us toll free @ 1.888.LUX Team (1.888.589.8326)
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Maya Thomas…, Agent, Key West, FL
Tue Jun 29, 2010
Order a copy of your credit report. A recent buyer I met had 8 parking tickets from a vacation to San Francisco 6 years ago. You will want to take care of any problems you find so that you are ready to buy. Then get a pre-approval letter from a lender.
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Suz A, Agent, Longmont, CO
Tue Feb 22, 2011
*** UPDATE ***

Hello Katie!

Hope you are doing well and enjoying your search. Call me if you need any assistance with a purchase in the area. I will be happy to assist.

I have a new web site you can check out, too.

PML of Longmont, CO
Web Reference:  http://www.suzrealestate.com
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jo, , Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles, CA
Fri Dec 17, 2010
Your best bet here is to take a mini vacation and go to CO. and check it our yourself. Drive around all the area's and see what fits your needs and lifestyle...

Good luck on your relocating :)
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Suz A, Agent, Longmont, CO
Tue Dec 14, 2010
Hope your search is going well, Katie!

Here are some headlines that might help you hone your search.

Rockets to Rockies: NASA Helps Build Colorado Economy

Boulder ranks third in Cybercities survey

Denver-area home resales down 28% in October, prices up 10%

UQM reports lower second-quarter loss

Best of luck!

Call any time. 720 810 0683
at PML - Longmont's property movers
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Kimberly Ryan, Agent, Highlands Ranch, CO
Tue Dec 14, 2010
check out the Communities "tab" on my website for a description of all the neighborhoods in the Denver area
Kimberly Ryan
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Theresa Bruc…, , Aurora, CO
Mon Dec 13, 2010

SInce I am answering your question in December have you purchased a home yet? Now is a great time to buy there are plenty of first time buyer programs and inventory throughout the Metro Area. Location, Condition and Value are the points you should be looking for. Find a lender and a Realtor that will help you in the programs available right now for first time buyers. Qualify for a program before you begin looking so you know what you have to work with and what you will need in the way of funds.

Have a wonderful Christmas
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Donna DeSino, Agent, Walnut Creek, CA
Wed Oct 6, 2010
Hi Katie-

Congrats on your move- I lived in Colorado for 20 years (graduated high school and college) and I LOVE
COLORADO. I would rent and check out neighborhoods in different areas and keep in mind your commute.
Denver has really grown and the highways get pretty congested (like everywhere else). Be sure to find a good lender along with your Realtor so you can get pre-approved and know how much you can afford and are comfortable paying each month.

Best of luck Katie!
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Simon James, Agent, Denver, CO
Mon Oct 4, 2010
Firstly, congrats on moving here! Denver is great - I have been here 3 years and don't see myself ever leaving.

I am going to follow what many others have said - unless you know the area well already, renting first will probably be your best bet. Maybe find a short term rental (6 months or so, maybe even 3) so you can begin to see which area will suit your needs. There are so many neighborhoods in Denver, each with their own feel and personalities (yep I believe a neighborhood can have personality!), you wouldn't want to buy somewhere that on the surface met your needs, only to discover a few months down the line you actually prefer a different neighborhood that you still could have afforded.

However, if you are determined to buy, you NEED to find a realtor who knows the areas you are interested in extremely well. Probably someone who lives, works and plays in the same area you are interested in, and made the decision to live there for similar reasons to you. So if you want to be in or close to downtown, someone from there. If you want to be in Highlands Ranch, someone from there, etc. You get where I am going with this....

I live and work in and around the downtown area, so if you would like any advice, even from a renting perspective and areas to explore while you make your decisions, please feel free to get in touch.

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Suz A, Agent, Longmont, CO
Sat Oct 2, 2010
Hello Katie:
Hope your search is going well. And ... Hope you're narrowing your search to include Boulder County, too.
Of course, I am biased and I'm going to say Boulder, Longmont and Boulder County are great places to live.
But the national and local press say the same thing. I rounded up a few links for you to look at.

Prices have remained stable and even edged up in a few places, and that can be a good thing for buyers,
too. We all like stability. What's really great these days is interest rates have dropped so far. On Friday (Oct. 1, 2010), rates were the 4.30s. That used to be what we got for passbook savings accounts. How's that for
a sign of how things have changed?

But the great news is, of course, the great homes here.


Call if you need more information or a guide. BTW: I'll be putting up a listing in Niwot today.

Have a great weekend!

720 810 0683
PML - "the property movers"
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Kevin Olson,…, Agent, Colorado Springs, CO
Wed Sep 29, 2010
Denver, I love it! It is a very diverse city, and if I were you I would honestly rent for 6 months or so to get to know the city to find where you want to be. The city has nearly everything to offer, just find the spots that make you happy. I spend a lot of time in Denver and the areas with the most curb appeal aren't necessarily the places I would like to live. A place like this is great because you will find a spot for you, just takes a little time!
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Jaryd Takushi, Agent, Denver, CO
Wed Sep 29, 2010

I would suggest doing a short term rental when you arrive in November. Craigslist has been pretty successful for me finding qualified tenants. In Nov. you will be in a good position to negotiate some better rental terms because there are not many folks out moving.

When your ready to buy I would suggest picking up a copy of 5280 sping real estate Issue. Hopefully rates stay low and you have more purchasing power in 2011. I wish you well and safe travels.

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Esther Harns…, Agent, Littleton, CO
Wed Sep 29, 2010
Hello Katie
Well as first time homebuyers, hopefully you've created a checklist of what you want (proximity to work, walkscore, schools, features your new home must have, etc.). With that said, then the hunt for your new home can begin assuming you've got a pre-approval letter from your lender! I'd love to apply for the job to as your buyer's agent. I can be reached at 303-902-1435. Cheers and Welcome to the Mile High City! Esther Harnsberger, Realtor, Keller Williams Realty Success, LLC (Note: Keller Williams has been ranked by JD Powers and Associates...check out the press release: http://www.jdpower.com/homes/ratings/home-buyer-ratings/sort…
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Amber Page,…, , Denver, CO
Wed Sep 29, 2010
HI Katie, not sure if you are still thinking of purchasing your first home but if so i have a couple of suggestions. I live in North Denver and love it. Since you are from the Big City of San Francisco, im assuming that you are kind of hip to that lifestyle and the burbs are not really your thing. With that being said since you have a pit, unfortunately you wont be calling Denver county your home. Some good alternatives in my opinion are Wheat Ridge, Lakewood & Arvada. With Wheat Ridge city limits starting right on the West side of Sheridan you can still be so close to the Denver Highlands and Sloans Lake areas (super cool neighborhoods close to the city). I love Arvada because of Old Town Arvada. This is a great little community with tons of restaurants and fun bars. I love Lakewood because of its amazing access to the mountains if you snowboard or ski. Belmar is also located in Lakewood and its a cool outdoor shopping area. let me know if you need any help with your home purchase or have any questions! you can learn more about me at http://www.lohihighlands.com
good luck

Amber LaDuke
Buildings-Residences Denver
Web Reference:  http://www.lohihighlands.com
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Ann O'Connell, , Boulder, CO
Thu Jul 8, 2010
Hi Katie - if you're at all interested in the Boulder area, drop me a line if you come out here to visit, and I'd be happy to give you a tour.

I'm originally from San Francisco, and most recently lived in Palo Alto before moving to Boulder. Despite having grown up in the SF Bay Area/Monterey area, my husband and I fell in love with Boulder, and moved here knowing it was where we'd want to live for a long, long time. I think you'll be pleased with what you can afford here versus SF. Boulder is still expensive, but entry level real estate is far more reasonable here than in CA.

P.S. Hard to believe, but there's a sushi restaurant here that my husband swears is better than anything in San Francisco, if you like sushi!
Web Reference:  http://www.oconnellhomes.com
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Corey Dwan, Agent, Crested Butte, CO
Thu Jul 8, 2010
Call my good friend, aggressive and attentive real estate agent Jim DeSteiguer at 303-910-9907. He will not let you down.

Corey Dwan
Benson Sotheby's International Realty
970-596-3219 Cell
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Kirsten Gurm…, , Boulder County, CO
Wed Jul 7, 2010
Hi Katie, I was JUST talking about how much I love San Francisco! You'll love Colorado just as much. I am partial to the Boulder County area. You'll find some of the best restaurants in Boulder. My tip would be to ask a sampling of agents who they like in terms of lenders. Real Estate agents know who's who in the lending world and they'll be able to recommend somebody that's easy to work with and offers the lowest fees. I would be happy to share a few of my favorites if you'd like. Once you find a good lender, find out what you qualify for ... and get several quotes, everyone will have a different answer and offer different deals. From there ... you can start your search. Since you've got several months I'd start working with an agent who has a robust website and has the ability to set you up on an automated search. At Pedal To Properties we can set up a personalized account that will notify you the minute a new listing matching your criteria hits the market. In addition, our searches will help you investigate communities. Good luck with you move and I'd love to do whatever I can to help should you need assistance. Take care, Kirsten
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Ric Del Vizo, Agent, Sarasota, FL
Mon Jul 5, 2010
I would strongly recommend that you obtain the services of an Accredited Buyer's Representative in your search for a new home. It costs you nothing and can save you thousands...besides, it's always nice to know that you have someone working soley for you and your interests. I would be happy to provide you with a recommendation if you would like. Ric del Vizo, Licensed Real Estate investment Consultant, rdelvizo@gmail.com. Ciao! and Good Luck!
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The Kinslow…, Agent, Centennial, CO
Sun Jul 4, 2010
Hello Katie,

I love describing many different areas in Metro Denver. Helping people who are moving here from out of state is a lot of fun, especially when you finally come out and find the house and area that you were hoping for. You might want to pick a few different Realtors from this site and email back and forth with them until you decide which one specializes in the area that best suits your needs.
Purchasing a home in November should be O.K. November and December are normally our slowest months for sales so perhaps prices will be a tiny bit better. Of course, many Sellers just pull their homes off the market during those months so your selection may not be as good.

Enjoy your search for a new home,

Sandy Kinslow
The Kinslow Team
Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage
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Dallas Texas, Agent, Dallas, TN
Sat Jul 3, 2010
Recommendation determine value of home for your purchase WHICH may govern what communities fit within your personal and professional obligations.

Have agents interview you based on your statements made

Research for local magazines or newspaper articles which publish "top suburbs" Our local magazine just published their bi - annual report of Best Suburbs of Dallas....

Web Reference:  http://www.lynn911.com
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Michael Dvor…, Agent, NYC, NY
Tue Jun 29, 2010
I would be happy to recommend a local Boulder real estate agent that can help guide you through the process of buying your new home.
Web Reference:  http://MichaelDvorkin.com
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Suz A, Agent, Longmont, CO
Fri Jun 25, 2010
Hello Katie!
Congratulations! You will love home ownership and Boulder County.

I'm going to venture a guess that you are accustomed to great restaurants. (That's what I loved about San Francisco - and of course, the million dollar views - when I lived nearby.)

Boulder is called a mini-San Francisco owing to its cosmopolitan atmosphere and great restaurants. Longmont has some qualities that match Boulder. It has great restaurants. Both cities are family-friendly. There are great schools, hiking trails, and a plethora of activities year round. If you're looking for a more affordable home, you'll find that you can typically buy more house just up the road in Longmont. There are other satellite communities, too. Lafayette, Niwot and Louisville are close by.

If you would like to hear, more you can use my email address to request local publications. Or call 720 810 0683.

720 810 0683
Tuxedo Real Estate/PML
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Ron Rovtar, Agent, Boulder, CO
Wed Jun 23, 2010
Hi Katie:

Bring your skis!

Oh, and about buying a home. Don't forget to check out Boulder County. Though Boulder City can be expensive for first time buyers, some other areas are more affordable. And this is a great area to live in. Beautiful view and great people!

Enough said.

Good luck
Ron Rovtar
Prudential Real Estate of the Rockies
Web Reference:  http://www.rovtar.com
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Ethan Besser, Agent, Englewood, CO
Tue Jun 22, 2010
Hi Katie,

Welcome to Denver, you have made a fantastic choice! I recommend that your first step should be getting an idea of the different neighborhoods in Denver by going this link on my website

I love to help people and would like to offer myself as a resource for any questions about Denver, real estate in Denver and creating a life in Denver for free and for no obligation. I specialize in reconnecting people's lives life from their previous city to their new life in Denver. I help them get affiliated to religious organizations, clubs, banks, doctors, vets, and even nail and hair salons!There are so many different areas of town, that I recommend that you tour the different areas.

I specialize in Family Relocations and offer a free, no obligation day tour of the city!

Also, I provide a Free Relocation Packet that includes:
* Cost of Living Analysis
* Salary Comparison
* Crime Comparison
* Moving Cost Estimate

Thanks and feel free to contact me anytime for questions or information on your move.

Best regards,

Ethan Besser
Keller Williams - DTC
Cell: 303.856.8980

Click Here to get a Market Snapshot of your neighborhood

The Besser Choice in Real Estate!
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Kimberly Ryan, Agent, Highlands Ranch, CO
Tue Jun 22, 2010
Denver offers many lifestyles and identifying which one you would like to have will be the first step. I always start my Relo Buyers with a "lyfestyle Tour" of the different areas in Denver. This may include Evergreen as well as Downtown. Of course we like to get in front of a trusted lender so we know what price range to identify as well as making sure that your employment situation meets the conditions of the Lender.
How about a quick weekend trip to take the "tour" and meet me.
Love to help
Kimberly Ryan
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Chuck Strau…, Agent, Denver, CO
Mon Jun 21, 2010
Hi Katie:
I'm sure that the advice give here has been helpful.
I love working with first-time buyers and out of state buyers. I'm a Denver native and I get really excited when someone chooses this amazing community to call home.
There are so many variables (location being prime) that it would be very difficult to answer your question straight up. That being said, I am somewhat partial to SE Denver (I grew up in that part of town and still love it).
Best of luck. I am very confident that you will absolutely fall in love with Colorado and Denver.
Chuck Strauss
Keller Williams DTC
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Lisa Hoffman, Agent, Evergreen, CO
Mon Jun 21, 2010
Hi Katie,

Very exciting and good luck to you! Denver is a big area, that's for sure, but if you decide that you are interested in checking out the beautiful foothills west of Denver, please let me know and I would be happy to send you some information. The foothills is a very large area, and some of the bigger towns up here are called Evergreen, Conifer, Morrison, Genesse/Lookout Mountain and Bailey, but there are others too, so a map is always a good place to start. The properties tend to be larger than you would find in Denver and closer to the mountains, but are a further commute if getting into Denver quickly is important to you. It all depends on what is important to YOU. I think a good thing to do when you get to Denver is to get a map and spend several days to drive EVERYWHERE......all directions around Denver and see what you like.

Let me know if I can help.
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Derrek Patri…, Agent, Greenwood Village, CO
Mon Jun 21, 2010
If you decide to buy in Littleton, Highlands Ranch and Lone Tree I specialize here. I live here, buy here and sell here!

Web Reference:  http://www.derrekpatrick.com
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MODUS Real E…, Agent, Denver, CO
Sun Jun 20, 2010
I have had two couples that are friends of mine move here from SF in the last couple years. They might be worth talking to since they know both cities well and could give you an idea of which neighborhoods are comparable here to ones in SF. One couple bought a few blocks from Sloans Lake and the other couple is renting in Capitol Hill until they settle in and learn their way around town a bit more. I'm sure they would be willing to chat. Feel free to give me a call if you are interested in their contact info and good luck with your move.
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K, Home Buyer, 92678
Sun Jun 20, 2010
Hi Katie,
We recently relocated from California (Southern) and are leasing until we can find a place that feels like home. While we are closely watching the home ads, I would recommend you lease at least a year to find where you belong. Colorado is beautiful, but since each city/town is different it would be a pity for you to purchase and then find it's not exactly where you want to be. It's not easy here to quickly sell a house, like it isn't in California.

Of course all the realtors suggest purchasing right away, but if you aren't familiar with the areas and politics of each area you might be better off waiting.

Good luck, whatever you do!
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Esther Harns…, Agent, Littleton, CO
Sun Jun 20, 2010
Hi Katie
As 1st time homebuyers, educate yourself on the process steps. See http://x291571.yourkwagent.com/atj/user/BuyerResourceGetAction.do

After working with al lender to determine how much house you qualifty for, THEN hire a realtor who acts as your buyer's agent. Remember a buyer's agent commission is generally paid by by the seller. Make a list of the "must haves" in your new home, i.e. close to work, specific schools, walkability score, #beds/baths, etc. ) Share your dream home criteria with your realtor who will search for matches. I'd love to help you find your 1st home in the Mile High City. Welcome to Denver. Esther
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John Keene, Agent, Denver, CO
Sun Jun 20, 2010
Hi Katie,

Hopefully you've found the other answers useful, as I would agree with most of what has already been said.

My family and I moved to Denver from Chicago 4 years ago and live in the Stapleton neighborhood. Stapleton is a great place, and it seems most everyone here is from somewhere else, putting us all in the same boat. In fact, we have some neighbors who moved to Stapleton about the same time that came from the San Francisco area.

I think that is part of why there is such a strong sense of community here. That, and the fact that Stapleton is designed around the new urbanism concept, which promotes the use of common space to draw neighbors out of their houses forcing everyone to get to know one another.

You might get the feeling that I'm a little bias, but if you want to know what others are saying about Denver, check out my blog where you can find a link to the 5280 article about "where to live in Denver".

As also stated below, I would agree that you start discussing loan options with a local lender. While the tax credit has expired there are still some Colorado first time home buyer programs available. I have a few name I can give you if you are interested.

Lastly, I would suggest you make a trip out here over the summer and have a Realtor show you around. Just like looking at properties online isn't quite the same as viewing them in person, you need to experience the feel for a neighborhood to understand it.

Best of luck,

John Keene
Live Green Real Estate
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Vicki Porter, Agent, Denver, CO
Sun Jun 20, 2010
Hi Katie,
It is great that you are looking into this now so that you can be an educated buyer when the time comes. I teach a class through Colorado Free U called ABCs of Home Buying. Here is the link to the course description:
I also wrote the book, The Colorado Home Buyers Guide, and here is the link for that
I would be happy to answer any questions you have, as I represent lots of first time home buyers. You should also check out the info on my website, http://www.IdealPropertiesofDenver.com
Vicki Porter

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Bob Durack, , Denver, CO
Sun Jun 20, 2010
Hi Katie,

I have worked with several buyers over the years who were relocating from the Bay Area. Seems like most of them started their searches in Downtown Denver...looking at lofts, condos and townhomes. Some purchased in that area, while other expanded their search to the surrounding Denver residential neighborhoods...which offer a mix of old and new...condos/towmhomes and single family homes/duplexes. It really comes down to your specific preferences and how close to Downtown you want to be.

I have lived and worked in Denver since 1982 and would be happy to share my knowledge of the Denver real estate market with you. Prior to your move in Nov, you should consider coming out for a weekend to just drive through Denver's neighborhoods. Most buyers who do, pretty quickly narrow down their search to a couple of specific neighborhoods.

It is a great time to be a buyer...and Denver's market is no exception. Whatever your price point ends up being, I am sure that you will find just the right property here in Denver to meet your specific wants and needs. Best of luck with your search and your move here to Denver. please don't hesitate to contact me if I can be of asistance.

Bob Drack - Broker Associate
Distinctive Properties
(O) 303-316-2148
(M) 303-5203857
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Nate Abbott, Agent, Denver, CO
Sun Jun 20, 2010
Hi Katie-

There are many great neighborhoods in Denver. I have a great website that will probably be the most helpful in your search. My office is located in the Highlands neighborhood and we focus on urban living. On our website you can find information on different neighborhoods, pricing and housing stock. You can also set up a personal search and save your favorites. Check it out, I think you will like it! http://www.DenCoLiving.com Feel free to give me a call if you have any questions.
Web Reference:  http://www.DenCoLiving.com
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Leslie Monaco, Agent, Greenwood Village, CO
Sun Jun 20, 2010
Hi Katie,

I would have to agree on most of the area suggestions that have been posted below (Lowry, Stapleton, Cherry Creek). Here are a few others that you may like: Wash Park, Highlands, LoHi and Observatory Park (all are very hip and trendy and great places to live!). When you get to Denver, I would drive around and explore as many areas as you can. If you would like a free tour of the city and these areas, I would be happy to give you one.

Welcome to Denver!

Leslie Heldenbrand
The Kentwood Company
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Chris Merman, Agent, Denver, CO
Sun Jun 20, 2010
You are in the drivers seat as a buyer in Denver. Other then getting a qualified Realtor and lender involved in your search and having done some research on what your money will buy here, I would get ready to be aggressive on price and terms. Many great Realtors will help you thru this sometimes confusing process. I would also deturmine what neighborhoods are the most desireable to you before looking at homes. I this buyers market, your chances of finding the perfect home in most any neighborhood is really high. More advice and links on helping you can be found on my website: http://www.chrismerman.com
Web Reference:  http://Www.chrismerman.com
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Joetta Fort, , Arvada, CO
Sun Jun 20, 2010
You've gotten some great answers so far. I agree with getting hooked up with a buyer's agent who loves their job and goes the extra mile for relocating clients. You should 'google' the name of any agent you're thinking of working with, read their blog posts, etc., see what they're like. Welcome to CO!
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Derek Camunez, Agent, Denver, CO
Sun Jun 20, 2010
Hey Katie...Denver is a beautiful city! Been in real estate over 25 years, so I have lots of great knowledge on places to live here...All of the previous answers were right on target! I focus on Lowry, Stapelton and Cherry Creek...Largest areas of newer homes, and price points of various ranges! Best on your search! Contact me for details...Derek, Owner RE/MAX Avenues...derek.camunez@remax.net
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Jenny Lane, Agent, Superior, CO
Sun Jun 20, 2010
Hi Katie,

Glad you are considering Colorado! It's a beautiful state and the Denver metro area is a great place to live.

Some people here choose to live close to work, others close to where they like to "play". There are advantages to both obviously, but it just depends on your lifestyle. There are some great loft and condo options in Denver if that is where you'd like to be. There are also great option in the suburbs or foothills if that is your slant also. Boulder is a great little town and close to the mountains, as is Golden.

Commuting here is not even comparable to San Francisco so living farther out from the city is not such a big deal, although the public transportation system isn't as robust as SF.

Think about your lifestyle and where you'd like to be and that should get you started. If you'd like more information, feel free to contact me.

Best Regards,

Jenny Lane
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Robert McGui…, Agent, Denver, CO
Sun Jun 20, 2010

My advice would be to get associated with a local colorado lender and a Denver Realtor. Once your parameters are known such as price, style of home and community, older or newer home, and any other particulars; a good Realtor can narrow down your search and send you specific listing and community information that meets your criteria. Our listing emails can be automated or manual and full of interior photos and virtual tours when available. Please let me know if i can help you further or if you have any other questions or concerns. Meanwhile check out my website below for more info and an up to the moment home search engine.

Robert McGuire ASR
Your Castle Real Estate
Direct: 303-669-1246
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Leah Thomas, , Denver, CO
Sun Jun 20, 2010
There is a plethora of options in Denver, from single family suburbs to downtown lofts to the New Urban areas like Stapleton or Lowry. It depends on the lifestyle that you want, where you will be working, etc. Need garage, yard for pets? Price range? Close to parks and trails?

First, I would suggest contacting a local lender to see what you would qualify for. I can suggest some to you that I trust with my business.

If you have an idea of price range already, shoot me an email with more specifics about your lifestyle and some of the questions mentioned above. I'll send you some properties to give you some ideas and more info on the areas that you might want to check out.
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