To all potential buyers: Do you think something is wrong with a house if it only has 1 or 2 pictures online?

Asked by Adam Pasquale, 01602 Fri Nov 21, 2008

Please comment! How important are the pics?

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Ken Lambert, , Exeter, NH
Sat Nov 22, 2008
Hello Adam- If I'm scrolling down Trulia or other sites and see a home of some interest with only one shot from the street, I would question how the rest of the house looks, especially the interior, etc. People tend to thiink the worst. I think any listing online should have 4 pics minimum.
Hope that helps a bit. Thanks, and Good luck,

Ken L.
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Ed Triboski, , Oxford, MA
Fri Nov 21, 2008
Pictures on listings are very important; in fact the more good pictures the better. Buyers rely on pictures to determine whether or not they have an interest in a property. There can be several reasons why a property has only 1 or 2 photos.
Examples: The listing broker doesn't have an enhanced presence on, sellers and/or their tenants don't want their personal property photographed, the property may be a foreclosure where it is customary to only post 1 photo, etc. When I only see 1 photo of a property I usually think that there is something wrong with the listing agent and not the property.
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Interested in…, Both Buyer And Seller, Northridge, CA
Thu Mar 26, 2009
The pictures are a MUST! I don't even note the location of a property if it has no accompanying photos.
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Anne-marie S…, Home Buyer, 01609
Thu Mar 26, 2009
Another point worth mentioning: sometimes, a house looks very small or unappealing from the outside. Viewing interior pics that reveal a well-maintained and decorated home can increase the home's viability as a purchase. Many buyers cannot afford remodeling for the first few years after they purchase a house. They can deal with that delay, if the interior is in good shape. It's easier to live in a comfortable home with a shopworn exterior than vice versa.
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Mrs.mita, Both Buyer And Seller, Merrimack, NH
Thu Mar 26, 2009
As a buyer, pictures are VERY important! I won't even look twice at a house without enough pictures. I want to see the outside and the main rooms including the living room, dining room or eating area, the kitchen, and the master bedroom. If just one of these pictures is missing but the size of the missing room is listed and I really liked the other pictures, then I'd still see the house in person. Of course, the more pictues the better. There are so many properties out there so I rely on pictures to decide which ones are worth my time and I will go see in person. There are just too many properties out there to waste my time on the ones without pictures.

Having a lot of pictures can be beneficial for the seller too, because as a seller I know what a pain it can be to prepare the house for a showing, so I like knowing that the people who are coming to see the house already liked what they saw.

If there are no pictures of the inside, I do tend to wonder if something is wrong with the house and just assume it must be really ugly inside. It has crossed my mind that there might not be something wrong with the house, but maybe the sellers don't want to put pictures up. If that is the case I feel that those types of sellers are probably hard to work with because I'm sure their realtor told them about the importance of pictures and they are being hard headed or there is something wrong with the house. Either way, no pictures lead me to assume there is either something wrong with the house or the seller so I just move on to the next house.
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Anne-marie S…, Home Buyer, 01609
Sat Nov 29, 2008
As a potential buyer, I avoid listings lacking photos. The Seller and Realtor should understand that people are visual. The purpose of internet marketing is to attract potential buyers, often well outside the local geographical area. If there are no photos, I assume the house is a disaster and not worth the time to look at it. Even when a house requires updating, photos can be beneficial. They allow buyers to see the home's current state and determine if it's worth their while to remodel and update it.
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Gayle Sabol,…, Agent, Leominster, MA
Tue Nov 25, 2008
Listng photos and virtual tours are very important. Buyers often exclude listings without pictures or virtual tours regrdless of whether or not they might have an interest in a property.
There can be reasons why the listing broker does not have multiple photos such as the home has not been staged and looks very busy or messy. The home may have tenants in residence who do not wish to have photos taken or the furniture the does not enhance the listing.
In the case where the square footage is small it may be most difficult to take good photos of the home. However, there should be some effort made to show the community or the exterior of the home to assist the buyer in deciding if the home is worth a look.
Gayle Sabol-Sabol Associates
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Caroline York, Agent, St Petersburg, FL
Sat Nov 22, 2008
As a buyer I am not interested in looking at properties that I cannot preview on-line. If the Realtor is too lazy to get the pictures then I have to assume he/she is not going to be very great at the rest of the sale either. I want the complete picture before I see a property.
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Bob Hill, , Scottsdale, AZ
Fri Nov 21, 2008
An out-of-state buyer will consider pictures very important.
We have had many requests for "more photos" even though every room was photographed.
However, if the home is an "ugly duckling" --- it may not be a good idea to add more than the one showing the front of the home.
We all try to give best impressions, but sometimes there is no "best." Best of luck to you.
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