The more I look into the details, the more confused I am...

Asked by Pu, Village Of Five Parks, Arvada, CO Mon May 21, 2012

It seems difficult to find out precisely what was released at Rocky Flats. The information is just not there. I read a short book written by an insider who says Rocky Flats workers have lower cancer rates than normal. Then he states he has had cancer twice. The EPA and DOE all seem happy about the Wildlife Refuge, except the warnings about where not to go and what not to eat or drinkand etc etc..; You can fish in lakes, but do not ingest any... and it seems there wasn't just a fire at the plant in 57 and 69, but in 52, 53, 54, 55, 56, etc... ; It is all overwheleming. Why did the AEC put this thing 16 miles from Denver ? Hanford and INEEL and the others are all in the middle of not much. Why cant I find out about releases ? (Tried HSS EPA DOE etc etc) And strangely ... can anyone point to some health consequences of all this ? I HAVENT FOUND ANY DOCUMENTED. This is all very weird to me and I didnt find out until after I was looking into moving there. Clarity anyone ??

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Mike Papanto…, Agent, Arvada, CO
Mon May 21, 2012
If you can't find the information you need to satisfy your concerns, I would suggest you find a different area to move to. It's not worth all of the uncertainty. You will never feel comfortable living there. I would be surprised if the five parks development would have been allowed if the risks for exposure were high. There's a reason why part of that area is reserved as a wildlife refuge.
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Joetta Fort, , Arvada, CO
Mon May 21, 2012
I just remembered a moment from when I worked at Hanford, prompted by your comment about Rocky Flats being a wildlife refuge. Whenever deer would wander onto the 'reservation', they were killed and tested for radiation. These were deer that lived off-site, and I typed the ensuing report. Every time, the radiation in these animals was higher than background.

I asked the engineer what was going to be done about this spread of radiation into areas that were deemed 'safe' for hunters, recreation, etc. He said, "We'll send this report to the DOE. They'll file it and forget about it. And our job is done."

I remember how I felt at that moment. And I repeat - based on what you know now, make the choice that gives you peace. You'll never get the full story.
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Joetta Fort, , Arvada, CO
Mon May 21, 2012
I worked at the Hanford site for 7 years back in the 80s. I typed reports to the Department of Energy for the Radiation Control and Environmental Control groups. I'm not a scientist but I understand the lingo of the nuclear industry better than most, and I can't make sense of these reports.

I have no idea how you would get the full details. If there are higher levels of Pu in the soil and water of the area, how high are they really? I mean, what impact would they actually make on health? I remember when I worked at Hanford people were fond of saying that the amount of radiation exposure we were limited to in a year was less than people get during a coast to coast airplane flight. Yet, when people are told they get an extra dose of radiation from flying, that doesn't stop very many people from flying.

My advice to you is, you now know more about this subject than 99% of the people who live around the Rocky Flats site. Make the choice that will give you peace. There are lots of nice places to live. I remember a neighborhood that had a very similar feel to it, it was in Lafayette or Longmont. I'll find it for you if you might be interested.

For myself, I intend to disclose the vicinity of the site to anyone who wants to buy in Five Parks, just as I did in my post about other new neighborhoods in the area (…).

But people will make their own choices. I disclose all the time that Stapleton is built on a past Superfund site, I suspect that's why those homes don't have basements (although I don't know that for a fact). But it's a 'cool' and 'trendy' neighborhood, so people still buy there. They don't use me to buy there, because they don't want to hear bad news. So, I lose business but I would want to know that fact if I was considering buying there, so I disclose it.
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I would like to know the vicinity of the superfund site. We are considering buying a home in Five Parks. Thanks.
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Jim Smith, Agent, Golden, CO
Mon May 21, 2012
The head of CINQ, Rob Medina, or I can put you in touch with people like LeRoy Moore who can give you more specific information. Call me at 303-525-1851 for contact info. Or email
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Phil Rotondo, Agent, Melbourne, FL
Mon May 21, 2012
It's clear to me that hindsight is 20-20.
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