Should I find another agent?

Asked by Chald, Bellevue, WA Thu Aug 2, 2012

My agent showed me a lot of houses over the course of 6-7 months, and I feel that she is getting frusted/tired as time goes by because nothing has materialized (one offer outbid by cash buyer). Although I understand her position and appreciate the work she has done for me, I am growing increasingly unhappy with her work as well. She rarely calls me any more (only called me once in the last three months) and during the last showing, which was done at my request about a month and a half ago, she was on the phone most of the time. There have been some houses I wanted to look at recently, but I feel as if I will be bothering her by requesting another showing. Although a part of me feels guilty, I feel our relationship has run its course. Should I find another agent? If so, am I obligated to let her know although we haven't talked for quite some time (1.5 months)? I did not sign anything with her, by the way. Thank you in advance for your advice.

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Michelle Gonzalez’s answer
Michelle Gon…, Agent, Los Alamitos, CA
Thu Aug 2, 2012
Buying a home can be tough, It can be frustrating for both agent and buyer when looking at so many homes and nothing is going through. Over the 6-7 months how many offers have you submitted? Are you just looking and not writing offers? If you are writing offers are they competitive offers or are you submitting low ball offers? Sometimes buyers think their agent isn't doing their job but fail to take into consdieration the offers they have been writing may be the problem. I think you should talk to your agent and express your feelings she might feel the same way you do. Good luck with your home search.
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Bill Eckler, Agent, Venice, FL
Fri May 24, 2013
Before you "throw the baby out with the bath water" it may be beneficial to ask yourself, what is my role in all of this? Why haven't I found the perfect property? Am I really ready to commit to buying now?

Being real...your agent likely has doubts about your sincerity and level of motivation at this point. Is she wrong? Only you can answer this question....It's really too bad when people fail to look inwardly regarding their problems and seek to blame others.

The issue here may be one of, is your agent the real problem here, is it really me that's the problem, or is it a combination of the two of us?

Sounds like it may be time for a "sit down" with your agent and put all your cards on the table. You can "hold'em or fold'em!"

Just keeping it real,

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Jen Waldman, , Glenview, IL
Thu May 23, 2013
I hope that you are in your new home as I write this and everything worked out.

However, just to let you know, that is NOT how a Realtor should behave. I understand it can be frustrating, but she is supposed to be your advocate. No matter how busy I am, I do my best to make each client feel as if they are my only client. Follow up is important.

I usually start my new relationship with a buyer's counseling session to go over the entire process. The client fills out a worksheet and I set them up on an automated search on the MLS to receive properties. I have the client get prequalified to find out the price range and we go from there.

Let me know if you want to meet for a buyers counseling session....

Good luck

~ Jen Waldman
Coldwell Banker Glenview
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Paul Cionczyk, Agent, GLENVIEW, IL
Wed Apr 3, 2013
Hi There Chald,
Following up with you to see if you ever did find the right home for yourself?

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Ruth and Per…, Agent, Los Gatos, CA
Thu Jan 31, 2013
Hi Chald

Sadly, it is clear The Relationship Has run its course.

Good luck.

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Mark Puett, Agent, Cheyenne, WY
Thu Jan 31, 2013
Many good comments here.
Sounds like your agent has written you off or maybe there has been something in her life that has been keeping her away. It's up to you how you would like to handle that.
Are you serious about finding a home?
Are you prequalified?
Do you have your goals written down about what you want in a home and your lifestyle once you find the home?
Once you have these items together call a couple of agents and have a talk with them and have them email you some properties to see if they are on track with your vision. Be open that you are just looking for now, but you should feel a connection with one of them and follow it. Be respective of their time...
Buying a home is certainly a business decision, but it is also a deeply personal process for many people... You shouldn't have to wait 6 weeks to have your needs addressed.
Many Blessings,
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Jim Simms, Mortgage Broker Or Lender, Louisville, KY
Fri Aug 3, 2012
All successful relationships require three things, time, commitment and communication. Most Buyers AND Sellers do not have a strong relationship with their Realtor, just saying…

I know because I deal with all of the parties in the transaction. Many Realtor/Client relationships are off center. One side or the other has a misconception of the ground rules/expectations of the other party. I bet you spent a lot more time talking about homes than about your team concept. Prove it to you… Do you know how many homes your Realtor sold last month? Does your Realtor know how much money you have to work with? I know, I know guys, it’s not your job, don’t jump on me. Just pointing out it is a two way street. If you pick another Realtor and do the same thing you’ll probably get the same results. A good Realtor is not an indentured servant, you don’t call your doctor at 10:00 at night, neither should you call your Realtor after hours. GASP, did he just say that? I am just point out that buying a home is about as important as getting a medical check up, maybe more important. Treat your Realtor with more respect than you do your doctor, you’ll be paying for this home a lot longer than the bill for a check up will take.

The great thing is you get to choose, toss out the time you have invested with this Realtor and start over or offer to take your Realtor to lunch or dinner and clear the air. Ask if your expectations are realistic. If you are seeking a home at a price that doesn’t exist it doesn’t matter how many agents you have, chances are it isn’t going to work out so well. Maybe you will discover the agent doesn’t want to work for you. In that case, ask them what you can do better next time and make sure you pay for the meal, good luck,

Jim Simms
NMLS # 6395
Financing Kentucky One Home at a Time
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Alan May, Agent, Evanston, IL
Fri Aug 3, 2012
It sounds as though she may be just as frustrated.

If you've had no communication for six weeks, or so... and you haven't signed an exclusive buyer's agreement (not commonly used in our area)... you have no obligation to let her know. You can find another agent whenever you'd like.

If you want to, you can drop her an email that says something to the effect of "Thanks for the work you've done on our behalf over the past 6-7 months, but we're going to go a different direction for the future...."
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Phil Rotondo, Agent, Melbourne, FL
Fri Aug 3, 2012
You answered your own question...."I feel our relationship has run its course"
Enough said.
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Scott Hulen, , 64068
Fri Aug 3, 2012
Being a Realtor® isn’t easy and many in our industry go out of their way to be nice and not offend the consumer. Generally a realtor® is only compensated if a transaction is closed, this means if your Realtor® has shown you 50 homes and written a couple of offers they probably have 70-80 man-hours invested with no return on their investment. This can be very frustrating to all parties as many lose interest and the lines of communication begin to break down. Being nice and polite in our industry (customer service) is a must but a relationship based on honest communication should also be at the forefront. There are over 700 properties listed in your area according to Trulia and it appears the frequency at which properties are sold and added to existing inventory is high. Based on this “limited data” if I were your realtor® I would have a rather polite & frank conversation with you about your goals, strategy for purchasing a home and if we could work together to achieve the goals. I personally have politely sent some consumers down the road because they were not realistic about the process and with the goals they had I was not willing to represent them. No hard feelings but they were not a good fit for my business model. So before you “dump” your current realtor® set an appointment with them and have a polite & frank discussion and strongly encourage the realtor® to give you honest feedback at least then you will know how to move the wheels of progress forward. Good Luck!
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