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Relocating to Scottsdale AZ

Asked by Angie Vogler, Charlotte, NC Sun Jan 24, 2010

My husband and I are thinking about relocating to Scottsdale but have no idea where to start searching.

We like the spanish style, 3 car garage houses we have seen with tile floors. We are looking for a private pool and a nice quiet community with great views. Looking to spend up to $300K, any suggestions on where to start would be a great help, thanks!

We plan on coming out to get a better feel for the area but want to do as much homework as possible before that.

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Hello Angie,

I moved to Scottsdale in 1991 and never looked back. It is a great place.

A great place to start your research at the city website....try http://www.Scottsdale.gov, and http://www.Phoenix.gov (because some neighborhoods in NE "Scottsdale" get services from the city of Phoenix).

The next step is to find an experienced, qualified agent to help you. Good idea to go with a name brand company http:// http://(www.remax.com) where you will find the most knowledgeable and productive agents in our area.

Good luck,

Dan Gonen
"Working harder for you since 1993"
RE/MAX Excalibur
Web Reference: http://www.AZluxury.com
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Wow, you've certainly picked a stellar market to move into in terms of the realtor resources at your disposal. Scottsdale is a unique choice. I've lived in Arizona for 24+ years, spending much of that time in both Scottsdale and Tucson, and also having lived in Bisbee and Douglas.

Arizona is a beautiful state. $300k in Scottsdale will give you quite a few choices. I'd caution that overall, Scottsdale's real estate is more expensive than the rest of Phoenix's metropolitan areas, but it has grown tremendously during the last 20-years and there are many developments that will have fantastic offerings.

The school systems in Scottsdale are excellent, but some schools are better than others. If you can find something in McCormick Ranch in the $300k range, I would personally recommend that area due to the school systems, and the ease of resale you'll experience. Even if you do not have kids, that area, and areas surrounding "McCormick Ranch" are going to provide you with excellent amenities.

Though, it's possible you may be slightly priced out of the area, depending on the type of home you're used to living in.

With that said, there are tremendous opportunities as one heads toward Fountain Hills and onward throughout the area.

My advice is to interview three separate realtors who work in the area. Personally, I do not think it's relevant to find someone who has lived in Arizona for 20-years. The vast majority of Arizona residents are transplants from one state or another, and few adults were actually born in AZ. It's a peculiarity of the state, but also evidence of just how quickly the State has grown.

What I will say is that the experience level within AZ varies to a tremendous degree, and even more than in California there was a time not long ago when everyone you knew, was seemingly a "real estate pro." It is one of the states that suffered greatly from a plethora of questionable valuations, from all involved in the real estate process. Largely those individuals have left the field, and there is a new breed of highly ethical realtors who are ready and willing to serve you and your husband's needs.

As you can see below, and whom ever posts above, all of the realtors are extremely professional and times have changed greatly over the last 3 to 4 years. Nonetheless, I would still highly suggest that you interview a minimum of 3-agents, before settling on an individual whom will provide you with outstanding service from start to finish.

Arizona is an incredible state, and while Scottsdale is an amazing community, I would encourage you to take a look at Tucson, AZ , as well. For $300,000, in Tucson one gets quite a bit more for their money, perhaps 50% more, but then again the culture of the city is far more laid back and that simply might not be what you're looking for.

So, congrats. on deciding upon such a fantastic state to live in. I've lived in CA, AZ, Washington, DC, PA, NY, France, HI, and a few other states, all for varying degrees of time, but I continue to maintain residency in AZ. It's just fantastic on all levels, from the friendly people, to the food, to the incredible climate, you're going to love it.

Coming from Charlotte, you're going to love the welcoming attitude of your new neighbors and you'll feel right at home, before you know it.

I'd be happy to provide you with additional referrals if none of the realtors below suit your needs, though knowing many of them, I must say that this thread has attracted some fantastic agents and brokers, and you'd do well to be served by any one of them.

I'm very happy to welcome you to the State I call my home!

Best regards,
Eric M. Abrams
CA DRE#R01862927
Arizona & California Resident and Real Estate Broker
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Run a search on Google in that area and use the keywords "Home Buyers Scouting Report" and the city in which you want to live. Once you find Realtors who use this resource, interview them. It's hands down the best way for you to look for homes locally or from afar. My clients absolutely love this free resource.

If you have any home mortgage questions for AZ, feel free to contact me. I am a direct banker who can help you close a loan smoothly and on incredibly aggressive terms.

Have fun searching for a home.
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great!,...welcome to the neighborhood! i welcome the oppertunity to assist you with your move.
i have a team of professionals that can make your move simple.please feel free to contact me with your concerns. i am here 24/7. let my team of pro's make your move stress- free.
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Dear Angie,
How wonderful to be moving to the Valley fo the Sun! I have lived in Scottsdale for almost 24 years, raised my children here and still love to see the sunrises and the sunsets. At your price point, I can recommend several areas to find the type of home you are looking for and in a wonderful neighborhood. You might consider a the following zip codes: 85250, 85258, 85259, 85255, and 85260. As an Accredited Buyers Rep I have extensive experience in working with buyers and know the various areas and neighborhoods of Scottsdale very well. there are also communities which border Scottsdale, which may be a bit newer that would also qualify. One of the original Scottsdale communities is McCormick Ranch, in zip code 85258. the homes are a bit older, built around 1980, but the location cannot be beat and most have had updates and upgrades that bring them up to date in look and the lots are so nice with greenbelts and lakes in the community. So much to chose from, so have some patience. Feel free to contact me anytime for additional information.

All the Best,

Gloria MacKay
Keller Williams Arizona Realty
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Hi Angie,

I believe that Scottsdale is one of the best places to live in the United States. I am a real estate broker/owner of Az Realty Results L.L.C. in Scottsdale. I have lived, or helped clients buy or sell a home, in every part of the valley. I have also lived in many countries around the world, and many different states.

The first step to getting the home you desire, be it Scottsdale, Tempe, Fountain Hills, Phoenix, Glendale, or any of the other cities in the area, is to find a Realtor that will listen to your needs, and desires for the type of home you both want and need. They need to be able to get to know you and your husband, and the only way to do that is to listen. The Realtor you decide to use, also needs to be able to take what they know about what you want, and make a perfect fit with the local area. The Realtor should also be keeping in mind, as should you, that you may find you like a different part of the valley, after you have been here awhile, so the purchase you make needs to be one that you can sell, and at least make you purchase price back, in a short time, say one to two years.

The second step you should consider, before you arrive, is to find a lender to get pre-qualified with. The Realtor you decide to use, should know several great lenders, so you can decide which one you feel more comfortable working with. You need to get your loan in place, before you start looking at homes, so you feel comfortable with the payment, and the amount of money you need to put down to purchase your home.

When you come to look at homes, you will want to be focused on what you are looking at, the areas, schools, if you have children, shopping, roads, commute distance, if you are working away from home, and many other things. You will not want to be thinking, can I qualify for this home, what will my payment be on this property, is this Realtor really understanding what I want, or are they just telling me to buy this property because they think it is a great deal, and it really does not work for us.

When you are ready, you will find many people that will be ready to help, there is no shortage of Realtors, and lenders, in the greater Phoenix area. You should call, and talk to several before you make a choice. I would like you to consider giving me a call, when you start your process. You will find my contact information on the website below. Welcome to the valley.
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Hi Angie,

Welcome to sunny Scottsdale, AZ. If you are considering financing your new home purchase, the agents here require you provide them with what is known as an LSR (Loan Status Report). An LSR is a form the lender fills out for the buyers to sign and provide to their Realtor.

Sellers today, including the "Seller Banks" controlling all the foreclosures, are now requiring that the entire LSR be completely filled out before they will even look at your offer, so you may want to consult with a local lender familiar with the process.

I am happy to forward you an LSR for your review if you are not familiar with it. I have found that it is much easier for my clients to be pre-approved for their loan while they are still in their current home before they pack up all the necessary paperwork required for their approval.

If I can help in anyway, please don't hesitate to contact me at 480-422-5095.

All the best,

Roswell Moore, CMPS
Certified Mortgage Planner
(480) 422-5095 Direct
Web Reference: http://www.ezAZloan.com
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First, I want to welcome you to Arizona...

There are a ton of resources out there to aid you in your search, but truly the best option for you is to find a Realtor. It is very important that you find a Realtor that is familiar with the area and can help educate you on the different neighborhoods, price ranges and available properties. Furthermore, I suggest finding a Realtor you can trust and that you get along with. You will be spending quite a bit of time with them so feel this is often an overlooked component but very important.

Because you are a Buyer, this should all be provided free to you as the seller pays commissions in Arizona.

Good Luck in your search and if there is anything I can do to help, do not hesitate to ask.

Chad Tornabeni
Capital Realty
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Good day Angie,
Many great resources are available to you now prior to your visit. I suggest doing some neighborhood shopping online prior to the visit and then plan your trip to tour the area to see what amenities fit your family and the neighborhood will narrow you down to the home search. A couple good sites are GoogleEarth.com (download) to get birds eye views of actual scenery/homes/shopping etc and then while http://www.azneighborhoods.com is not my site I've had others enjoy that for determining subdivision information and then you are welcome to visit my site at http://www.DesertRidgeLifestyle.com to put in your area and see what homes are for sale in your price range. This will allow you to now see what homes are worth in each area and are there any in your price point. This research will give you added knowledge about our market so the trip out will not be so overwhelming. I can send you a relocation guide as well if you'd like and would recommend a call to your preferred lender, or one that is recommended to you from resources on this site or once you select your Realtor have us advise you as most important to any business is the team we as Realtors work with. I can help if you have any questions via phone or email or text. I don't mind.
All my best to you,
Laura Myers
Keller Williams Arizona Realty
#1 JD Power & Associates in Customer Service 2nd year in a row
#1 Ranking Arizona for best Real Estate Companies (#1 opinion poll for Arizona) 2nd year in a row!
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HI Angie,

I would recommend that you start interviewing Real Estate Agents for the job as your Realtor. This person will be an invaluable resource and will give you the the information that you need to make good decisions. As a potential home buyer, you may find great benefits in allowing an experienced, full-time, exclusive Buyer's Agent to assist you. So, start with finding the right agent first and then go from there.

Exclusive Buyer's Agent
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Dear Angie:

Hi, welcome to Scottsdale (soon). I have lived in Scottsdale for 23 years. There are some detached homes under $300,000 with a pool in your price range in Scottsdale. With three car garage that thins it out somewhat. However, there ares some other considerations regarding desired location and commute to consider also. Don't rule out Fountain Hills, Caver Creek, Northeast Phoenix in your search.

Here is a video from my website on Scottsdale living you may enjoy while you are still in NC. Click: http://www.arizonahomesland.com/liveandplayinarizona.html

If I can answer any more questions or show you some homes or land, feel free to give me a call. I would be pleased to help you.

Regards, Jeff

Jeff Masich, Realtor®
Arizona Homes and Land
HomeSmart Real Estate
Web Reference: http://ArizonaHomesLand.com
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First I think it's a great idea we need good people here in AZ.
I'd like to invite you to take advantage of a great new service my team is offering FREE.
go to
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Here is a link to the 10 homes that match your general criteria list above:


Here is a link to a FREE Relocation Guide:


Here is a link to the BUYER'S ADVISORY with many website links that will allow you to check out an area before relocating:


I hope this helps.

FREE LIST with pictures updated daily!
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Funny that Patrick commented in here since he was the REALTOR that came to mind for your homebuying. He is a straight shooter and will give you the answers you need to here. Isn't that what we are all looking for? I recommend you give him a call.
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Hi Angie,
It's a good idea to do as much homework beforehand as possible. I work mostly with buyers as I am an Accredited Buyers Representative and coming from another state can be very confusing. You look at homes on the internet and have really no idea where they are located and if they really look like they do when you see them in person. I was working yesterday with clients from Milwaukee and they happen to be looking for homes under $300,000 in Scottsdale with a pool and did not like many of the homes they saw because of the work needed on them. They said they looked a lot different on the internet than they did in person. I have to be honest with you, but it's going to be difficult to find a home in Scottsdale with a 3 car garage and a pool and a view for $300,000 and under. You will find some, but not a lot and they might need work or updating at that price. I'd rather you know upfront what your options are. Of course if you can live with a 2 car garage you will have some more options.

I have some good ideas of other places that have some great views that would fit your criteria. There are also some very nice communities with a community pool, clubhouse, etc if you didn't necessarily need private pool.

If you would like to contact me and talk about other options, please feel free to email me or call me anytime.

Best regards,
Lorrie Feld, ABR, GRI
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With all of your responses said, Everyones credentials out there , many quality agents to choose from. Our specialty is scottsdale foreclosures and bank owned purchases, you will have many to choose from. My suggestion spend a day here with us to narrow search area down as scottsdale is extremely large and your price range allows location flexibility.Thanks for opportunity
Ron 602-350-0113
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Good Morning Angie,

Where to start?
Well you have a great idea of what type of home you want and that is a great start.
A few questions would be are you relocating for work? How long of a commute would you prefer?
Is this your final house, how long do you plan on living in this home?
Are there school age Children? Are there any pets?Do you like to walk or hike? Are there any golfers in the family?
Would you prefer a community with a clubhouse? Is your heart set on Scottsdale or would Paradise Valley do?

Yes the relocation process can be overwhelming.

The type of home you prefer reminds me of a relocation I completed for a Wisconsin couple.
Here`s the video, at least you could get a better idea of the homes interiors, and what you could expect from my services.

I am a full time Realtor, and would like to apply for the job.

Good luck
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Mr.P, Other/Just Looking in Arizona
Hi Angie,
There are now some great buys in Scottsdale. You definitely need someone that specializes in the area and knows the different neighboorhoods in your price point, with great locations and schools! I live in North Scottsdale and know the area quite well. The real estate market is a little different to say the least, so you need to be aware of the difference between a lender owned home ,a short sale and regular sale. I am not sure if you own a home right now, but there is the $8000 first time home buyer tax credit extended until April 2010. Depending on your situation, leasing for a year is another option. This way it allows you to get familiar and then make that committment. Many Realtors say buy now and it is a good time buy with home prices and interest rates historically low. But sometimes clients new to the area need a little more time with their search so they will lease for a year. Whatever you decide Scottsdale is a great place to live.

There are many questions to ask,,and if you decide you want to work with a Realtor, I would be happy to assist you with your home search. My phone number is 602-793-9300.
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Hi Angie,

You'll love Scottsdale!!

What exactly are you looking for? We would be happy to provide you with information about the area and email you properties for sale meeting your search parameters. Just respond back to this email with your search criteria, ex) price range, square footage, location, # of bedrooms/bathrooms, etc... I'll then email you up-to-date listings meeting the above criteria as they appear in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) within 24 hours, no obligation of course.

We look forward to your response

All the best,
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Hello Angie,

Scottsdale is a great place to live for people of all ages. With everything from great schools to great hospitals, Scottsdale is one of the most fiscally responsible cities in America.

Over the years I have helped dozens of individuals relocate, take a look at my website at http://www.DonMarquart.com. I am a Charter Member of the Premier Marketing group of Realty Executives. This is the oldest and most distinguished residential real estate group in Arizona. No group sell more residential real estate than the Premier Marketing Group.

Feel free to give me a call at 602-284-3000 or drop me a note at TopAgentAZ@gmail.com.

Best regards,

Don Marquart
Web Reference: http://www.DonMarquart.com
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Hi Angie,

Welcome to Arizona! A good start would be to put your financing in order. Since I work with many different agents, I can refer you to someone that meets your profile and needs. If you would like to discuss financing, please consider my services. We are the 4th largest lender in town and offer exceptional customer service and competitive rates and programs.

I can be reached at 480.650.8602.

Good Luck!
Ted Canto
Sr. Mortgage Planner
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If you would like I can send you listings of homes for sale in Scottsdale that fit those parameters. Or you can go to my website and search yourself. My website is http://www.OnlineArizonaHomes.com or you can e-mail me at David@OnlineArizonaHomes.com or call me at 602 763-6363.
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Hello Angie - I handle relocation for Prudential in Ohio. I highly recommend you find yourself an agent to help educate you about the area your would like to relocate. A trained relocation specialist has the skills to assist you through this process. I found a Prudential office in Scottsdale for you - 16260 N 71st St, Suite 100 Scottsdale, AZ 85254 scottsdaleoffice@pruaz.com Phone: 480-505-6300. I suggest contacting the manager and asking for a relocation specialist. You do not need to do this on your own! Let someone who is educated about this market assist you with the relocation. Best wishes to you! -Jennifer Allen
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