Power line polls, transformer box, and multiple poll tension lines found in backyard of new build after land was cleared. What can I do?

Asked by Manuel Figueroa, Houston, TX Sat Sep 15, 2012

As the title describes; is there anything I can do about moving a power poll with tension lines attached to it, and a transformer box that has appeared on my lot after the builder has cleared it? I'd pay pretty much anything to get these items moved to the outside of my backyard fence, and not the inside where my kids will be playing.

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James Richar…, Home Buyer, Johns Island, SC
Wed Aug 16, 2017
So you haven't even called the power company yet to inquire before posting here and freaking out?

You haven't even called the developer?

You haven't even called the agent?

And when told to call the town, you replied what do you mean "the town" Seriously?

Are you really that helpless? SMH. And THANKS for following up with what the conclusion was to have helped others...
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Ruth and Per…, Agent, Los Gatos, CA
Thu Oct 2, 2014
Hi Manuel

That is terrible, did you not walk the lot?

How was it missed, did you not see the pole and lines ?

This should have been disclosed to you before.

Good luck
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Mark McNitt, Agent, Houston, TX
Thu Oct 2, 2014

Typically there is no way to move items placed by the utility companies. The developers plot out the lots for construction and provide easement rights allowing the utility companies to install electrical, gas, water, cable, etc that will be connected to all of the future homes. Always a good idea to walk a piece of land around the parameter before purchasing.

The builders typically will discuss these issues with you before you sign. If you were building before any of the utilities were put in (this is happening as the builders will use generators until the utility companies can catch up and install their equipment/polls) you might not have known where these items were going to be installed. However, you mentioned you could see the poles from the street. About every other home gets the transformer box. Same with the cable box. Power poles are typically on the edge of the neighborhood (sounds like your situation). Not much you can do once they are installed. You might be able to speak to Centerpoint in regards to the tension wire supporting the pole in the middle of your yard, maybe that could be moved to a different spot.

Have not heard of any safety issues regarding these items. It is typically not a pretty to look at. Most homeowners installed small fence or bushes around the items so you cannot see them and make it difficult for kids to get near. It should not effect you when it comes to selling the home.

Sorry not much good news from us. Good luck with your build.

Mark McNitt
m 832-567-4357
Bernstein Realty, Inc.
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Aaron Sims, , Birmingham, AL
Sat Sep 15, 2012
Is part of your back yard in the power company's right of way? if so, there isn't much you can do I wouldn't think. I would definatly contact them and be the squeaky wheel so to say and see if you can get it resolved to your satisfaction. Also, possibly speak to a local real estate attorney. I am surprised that you could have bought property and not been informed about the lines/right of way.
Best of luck!
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The lines are obvious from the street. There's no way I couldn't have known about the lines crossing behind the houses. From what I could see though the pole seemed to be on the other side of the fence and not running directly into our backyard (too many tree's and bushes to really get the whole picture). When the lot was cleared and the survey stakes were down, you could visibly see that the pole was in the yard (on the far left) with 2 anchor points coming down at approx a 45-50 degree angle to the middle of my backyard (I'm assuming this direction was to zero out the resultant force due to the other 2 lines). This is when it really caught my eye. I wonder how much it costs to push the poll back 8-9 feet to the other side of the fence since there are only lines on it and plenty of slack (transformer is on the ground).
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Catherine Co…, , Houston, TX
Sat Sep 15, 2012
You should call Centerpoint Energy Co. and see if they will help you. It will reduce the value of any home you have built to have that in your yard.
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I'm aware of that Catherine, that is why I'm asking if anyone knows if someone has moved their utility pole before, and the general cost.
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Andy Taylor, Agent, Houston, TX
Sat Sep 15, 2012
Are the poles and transformer close to the back fence? If so, just move your fence. it will be way cheaper than moving the power poles!
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I just found out that the one (1) point pole & transformer are on a Centerpoint easement in our backyard. Our back fence is actually a brick/stone fence that extends along the border of our neighborhood. In other words, it is not our fence, so it would be impossible to move.
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Christopher…, Agent, Tarrytown, NY
Sat Sep 15, 2012
Hi, I would also call the town and see what they can do to help as well.

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What do you mean by call "the town"?
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Alain Picard, Agent, Puyallup, WA
Sat Sep 15, 2012
I would call the power company and ask them if there is anything that you can do.
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They are closed on the weekends, so I will call them on monday. What I really wanted to know if you heard if this kind of work has ever been done, at what cost, and if I will have to pay it.
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