Mold in the home via slab foundation? Mold is sheetrock in the barn walls?

Asked by, Roseburg, OR Mon Jan 23, 2012

Hello I am looking for a home as a first time home buyer. Im GREEN and do not want to get burned. Does a slab offer contaimination of mold into a home from the soil. The home appears dry and OK. There is a pool in the ground. I have mold issues in the home we live in now and do not want a big mold issue in the future for health reasons. I need to move for health reasons.
Also, the barn is metal and the roof is insulated but the walls show mold in some areas where water has gotten in? If the sheet rock is removed, how does the barn become de-molded and safe to store fabric items in for future sale (inventory). The barn has a dry dirt floor and was never used for animals.
Once the barn walls are done can a simple elevateed wood floor be installed inthe barn for a simple cheaper wood surface to store fabric items that are boxed and the storage racks that are metal? Ie a 2x4 on their sides supporting plywood up off the floor about 4 inches. Is this cheaper then concrete?

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Richard Chasm’s answer
Richard Chasm, , Roseburg, OR
Mon Jan 23, 2012
Mold can be a very serious heath risk to some people and generally it is not good for any of us to breath the spores. If mold is of special concern to you it is best to reserve the right to have a specialist do an inspection. This also identifies the specic molds involved. This can be done as a contingency of an offer along with the cost of any remidies. Generally sunny, well drained places have less mold than damp shady places and the solar location of a house will have a lot to do with the mold, moss and mildew issues a resident will face.
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, ,
Fri Jan 27, 2012
Already great answers here. My two cents is to talk to a mold inspector because they know what it will take to fix and what is the best solution to keep it mold free. Who better to advise you on this? As a Oregon Mortgage person involved in transactions with home buyers with concerns like these I found inspectors are your best solution to make sure you get the full picture and the most up to date solutions.
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Lana Lavenba…, Agent, Grants Pass, OR
Mon Jan 23, 2012
OK you are asking many questions and roaming all over with them. Your best bet in finding a home without mold is simply to have an inspector inspect for mold. If they tell you there is none in the home - you should be fine. As of this date (being in the business 20+ yrs) I have yet to see mold from a slab via the soil. The barn is a totally different issue. Anytime you have a building accessible to weather and varmints you have issues. You could have mold, you could have rot- you might just have mice/rats or insects get into anything you store in the barn. A simple wood floor is great to stack things on or use metal racks but as you know "things" can still get into what is stored.
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Michael Malo…, , 42140
Tue Jan 13, 2015
I second getting a good inspector or some other dude to come by and get the place cleaned out of mould if you're concerned about it, especially in the storage areas like the basment and the attic. But don't let the mould put you off getting a place that you think could fit your family. Mould is much easier to take care of than looking for a home that you have a connection with.
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Joseph Keres…, Agent, San Antonio, TX
Mon Jan 23, 2012
Mold is caused from moisture sitting - if there is mold there is a moisture problem somewhere going on where or what ever it may be - eliminate the moisture and you eliminate the mold. Once all moisture has been removed the fungi can be killed by you or a specialist and there should be no way for it to grow back.

Get the seller to have a certified mold inspection at their cost so that A) you can find out if their is mold B) you can find out the severity of the problem C) you can find out the source of the problem D) you can find a solution to the problem and what it might cost.

Good Luck
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