Mission Estates Homes by Robson Homes in Fremont (Mission Area) location?

Asked by Mission_buyer, Mission San Jose, Fremont, CA Mon Mar 15, 2010

I like the homes that Robson Homes is building in this community but am concerned about the location. This community is right next to 680 and Mission Blvd so traffic and noise is a concern. Property is also next to a Gas station (Shell), McDonald's and Park n Ride.

Should I be concerned about buying a home (expensive one) near a gas station?

I always see homeless people around Park n Ride area; should I be concerned about safety?

Proximity to McDonald's - traffic, cooking smell, should this be a concern?

I always hear location, location and location from Real Estate people. This community is in much desired Mission District with good schools, close to freeway (maybe too close) but should be concerned about it's proximity to above listed businesses and Park N Ride?


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Luiwen, , Fremont, CA
Wed Apr 6, 2011

These houses are totally fabulous. I live in the meadows court neighborhood and when I was buying my house many home owners were nit picky and had similar discussions about negatives. We were discussing "Mission Estates" in a 50+ get together and the uniform opinion was that these estates homes are very hi end, superb architecture, meant for rich families and have a nice aristocratic look. No one said anything about the gas station or freeway. Then I went and saw the homes for myself....maan they were stunning !!

If I hadn't bought recently(5 years ago) I would have bought a Mission Estate home in a snap.I would suggest that the future home buyers should look beyond the gas station. I think the 4000+ sq feet homes that are priced at 1.65 million are a very good deal. I havent seen a 4000+ sq. feet home in the mission area for less than 2 million. So think of the return on investment 12-15 years later. Factor in standard inflation, fact that the schools are in the top 50 list for the entire USA...yes entire USA not just California. Even schools from Saratoga, Cupertino, Palo Alto dont make it to this list. Houses that are 10-20 years old above 4000 sq. feet go for about 2.1 million. 15 years later worse case lets say the price of houses stay the same(highly unlikely) imagine your mission estate 15 year old house going for 2.1 million and others 30 year old house going for 2.1 million, which one would be more attractive to the buyer ?? Obviously Mission Estates !!
Hope this helps to others that are in the decision making process. I dont work for the builder so please refrain from questioning my authenticity regarding the opinion.
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Mike, Home Buyer, Fremont, CA
Fri Feb 4, 2011
D-Man, I disagree with your comment. Lack of better looking community did not stop me from buying a house in Mission Estates but it was a CONCERN for me. Others in this thread have given you feedback that they decided NOT TO BUY because of the lack of esthetics in the community and the entrance. A friend of mine who is interested in buying also decided not to because of the same reason. Another thing which others have clarified in several posts but it seems is not clear for you is that no one is complaining about HOA being $21 more than HOA of Avalon Heights. They are all questioning the VALUE that the HOA is providing for $197.It would also serve your current buyer and future buyers better if you took this concern to Robson or if you are Robson then do something about it. Oh and please dont take this feedback and apply it to the next set of houses that Robson is building. If you want to do something about the feedback then do it HERE at MIssion Estates. By the way I should thank you for not being sarcastic this time. It is good to see a respectful post from you.
Hi Roy, I did not take advantage of Robson's option to sell the previous house to them, but I do think that it is very nice to have an option like that.
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Mike, Home Owner, Fremont, CA
Thu Jan 27, 2011
D-Man, sorry to say your statement that "community entrances are not necessarily desirable in fremont" is not accurate. Many communities on Mission Blvd. have a good entrance and the reason is because they are desirable and liked by people. If you ask all the home owners who bought the property I am sure all of them will tell you that they would like to see a good entrance.

Hi Roy,

I was in the same boat as you. I have been very happy about my purchase at Mission Estates. I had the same concerns that you have mentioned below but the positives outweigh the negatives.
Robson Homes are very well built, I had a good buying experience(except that Charles Baldwin guy, he is quite annoying).
I had minor issues with the house after the keys were handed over, they promptly fixed those issues. Any new home or old home will have some minor issues, the important thing to me was the willingness of the builder to fix it and address it. They stand by what they built and their Customer Service is very good.
I cant understand why the HOA is so high but I am guessing that after all the construction is over we might get to see more value from the HOA.
Freeway wasnt a concern for me as it helps me get to work quickly. Also the houses are not really impacted by the freeway. My friends live in the WS area where their house backs the freeway and that is not good. But here I dont see the freeway as an issue(personal opinion), its reasonably far away. I can see it from some rooms but the noise does not reach the backyard or house(windows open).
About the earthquake faultline, any where you live in the bay area you would be on some or the other fault line. I stretched myself to buy this house and have been living here for 6 months, so far I am very happy with the purchase.

Hope that helps!
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Dhoang3400, Home Owner, San Jose, CA
Sun Apr 6, 2014

This message is for those who didn't purchase a home @Mission Estates in 2009-2010. Location is very important, however, when the market is up, anything and everything goes!!! Basically, you missed your opportunity to make a huge profit during the downturn and now you can only dream of those old prices. The location of my previous home in Mission San Jose was backed up to Mission Blvd and next to the power line sold in 2010 for twice as much as what I paid for it originally. So location is not the only factor you should be looking at, market trend is another factor. Every home will eventually have a buyer. What more can you ask for, buy a new home at Mission Estates with good schools during the downturn and resell for a huge profit 10-15yrs down the road.
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Arti Devaki, Agent, Fremont, CA
Mon Jan 16, 2012
Well the way it is said we cannot find Mr Perfect or Miss Perfect in our life it goes for the home too.

We all do adjustments in life so do in home. I have been showing Mission Estates to my buyers and have visited these home no of times and yes i am closing too. Everyone have for sure different views. As nobody is same we all have our own " say".

These homes do have all what a family needs to live a happy life not fighting and compromising on the space.They do have huge lot easy to maintain and ofcouse top of the line upgrades.

But yes what i have seen and i am struggling to find the right home for my buyers in Mission Area as i do deal with the area exclusively should say Mission do not have inventory for new homes at all and even if it does have sold like a hotcake as did sold a 4 yrs old robson home on palm place it went like a hot cake.

So beautiful Brand New homes i am sure blessed are those who have bought and as i know only 3 left wow from the total of 32.

As my buyers say we are inside people who live life inside the homes and do not hang around :) Beautiful floor plan and with huge backyard with hardly a noise facing the nature.

I would say the one who liked have bought and shall buy. Few more to GOOOOOOOO ......... !

And again Mission Area would look forward to new homes. But not much space left the sad part.

What i do believe that each one of us have a pre-destiny where we all land up under a shelter written for us.

Wish you all the best.

And would be more than happy to help anyone interested to buy or sell.

408 480 7334.
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Tiim, , Fremont, CA
Fri Apr 8, 2011
My personal opinion, nothing compares to owning a brand NEW home in an elite school district.
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Uat, Home Buyer, Fremont, CA
Thu Apr 7, 2011

I was one of the early buyers in Mission Estates. I think Approximately there 6-8 homes left in the community and about 20-22 homes have been sold already. 20+ multi million dollar homes being sold in ONE year in these economic times is a very good sign. One can imagine what the demand would be once the market picks up for those who are thinking of resale. This investment has a lot of room for the prices to go higher.
The area is beautiful. There is no house behind my house so I get very good views from 70% of my house.
This is a good time to own an estate home. Each house has a good land size.
Three things that I like about living here are.....
1. Beautiful views to the hills from my backyard and view of the bay from the front of the house.
2. Walk on Linmore up the hill, it is gorgeous.
3. A very family friendly community. All the neighbors are highly accomplished and most of them are employed with Top companies in the valley. (Who in Mission isnt :-) ?)
I dont have any negatives or concerns about living here and every day I feel proud about the decision to buy a mission estate home.
Good luck......!!
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D-man., Home Buyer, 94538
Fri Mar 18, 2011
Mike, let me break it down for you. Mission Estates is located right outside a McDonalds, Park N Ride, a gas station, and a noisy 680 freeway. The original poster was kind enough to point these things out. And of all those negatives, I don't understand why you're so tunnel-vision focused on the road ENTRANCE to the community. Like I said, even if you built a beautiful, elaborate, entrance, Mission Estates would STILL be located right outside a McDonalds, Park N Ride, a gas station, and a noisy 680 freeway.

That being said, the appeal of the MSJ schools and well appointed interiors has allowed Robson to sell these homes for 1.5-2M or so successfully. The houses are already priced according to demand and the speed at which Robson needs to sell them. So why on earth would Robson feel compelled to spend even MORE money (read: cut profit) to build a new entrance that wouldn't sell homes any faster?

Buyers have tons of reasons why they like or dislike a home - front door facing wrong direction, don't like round windows, don't like the number "4" in the address, etc. It would be impossible for any seller/builder to cater to 100% of the possible criticisms people have. You and others may not like the lack of a grand community entrance. I can tell you that buyers in Mission Estates are probably not idiots. Therefore, you can't "fool" them into ignoring the McDonalds, Park n Ride, and gas station right outside just by constructing a nice looking archway to drive through on the way in. And perhaps the traffic, noise, odor, and chemical exposure that these things bring don't bother you personally, but they are a concern for most people. Buyers who would NOT buy because of the McDonalds, Park n Ride, gas station, and freeway, are not going to suddenly change their minds if Robson builds a nice gated entrance to the development. And honestly, this poor location in MSJ is the biggest objection people are going to have, and revamping the entrance is not going to change their minds.

Bottom line is this. If you wanted an improvement to the community entrance, you should have negotiated that into your contract. Why would you expect any builder to cough up their already low profits and build something additional for free? For FREE?! Just because you complain? Get real, man.

If you have you heart set on a grand community entrance, perhaps you can take it up with your HOA. I'm sure that if there's enough demand among your neighbors, they would be happy to increase HOA fees to raise money for the improvements to the entrance. However, given that people are up-in-arms about the lack of value of your current $197 HOA, I doubt that's going to happen, my friend.
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Hunin, Home Buyer, Newark, CA
Fri Mar 18, 2011
Can someone who has been living there give some insight to us ?
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D-man., Home Buyer, 94538
Fri Jan 28, 2011
Mike, I'm sorry to say that just because some communities on Mission Blvd have a "good entrance," it doesn't necessarily mean that the general buyer pool in Fremont is demanding one as well. To illustrate, ask yourself this. Did the lack of an elaborate community entrance prevent YOU from buying a house in the Mission Estates? Did it prevent your neighbors from making their purchases? So clearly it didn't bother you or your neighbors enough to prevent you from buying.

On the other hand, constructing an elaborate entrance costs the builder money, and guess who would be paying for it? You guessed it: you and other buyers. Judging from the bickering about a paltry $21 difference in HOA's, I can only imagine your response if you were to find out how much extra you would have paid for that entrance. And once again, you can erect a marble archway with 100-year old vines and granite pavers, but at the end of the day, you're still right behind McDonalds, a Shells station, and a busy part of Mission Blvd. right next to a freeway onramp/exit.
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Bobby, , Fremont, CA
Fri Jan 28, 2011

I don't think there is an issue at Mission Estates, but anytime you are that close to a gas station it's always a good idea to read the Natural Hazard Report in regards to possible soil contamination and also have a soil inspection done on the property you are interested in.

Mike, great point about the earthquake faultline. As a realtor this is one of the toughest questions I face on a daily basis and my answer is always the same. If it's strong enough it's going to affect those on or off of the faultline. Everyone in California is at risk, so whether you live in a house, paratment, or mobile home there's no hiding from this natural disaster.

Also, those of you who have purchased a new home if I can give any advise it would be to stay on top of the defects/repairs that you note throughout the year. You have a 1 year warranty from the builder and you should write down all defects/repairs that you see and turn them in every 2-3 months. I know the builders will hate me for saying this, but they always try to deflect the defect/repair as a maintenance item. Be diligent and in some cases hire a contractor to determine the issue prior to giving it to the builder, so you know in advance what the issue is and you can dispute the builders excuses.
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Roy, Both Buyer And Seller, Fremont, CA
Fri Jan 28, 2011
Hi Mike,
Thanks for your posting. I am still undecided. I got pre approved for the Mission Estates.
The concern for me is I will be stretching my budget a lot to move in. If in the unlikely hood of needing to sell the house I do not want to loose money and any future buyer looking at it will ask the same questions I am asking. At that time the advantage of being a new house will not be there. Moreover the house will not have a finished back yard so there will be some cost related to that.

We also found a 12 yrs old house with a really big back yard that we are contemplating at a little cheaper price.

Did you take advantage of selling your house to Robson homes?
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D-man., Home Buyer, 94538
Wed Jan 26, 2011
Wilson, do me a favor and get over yourself. If your personal tastes don’t jive with the Mission Estates, then don’t buy there! Nobody is holding a gun to your head and forcing you to make an offer. I know this must come as news to you, but “community entrances” are not necessarily desirable in Fremont, irrespective of your personal desire to have one. Fremont is not a newly developed city consisting of a bunch of planned developments bunched together. More importantly, Robson, or any developer, for that matter, isn’t going to waste money constructing an elaborate entrance that would only appeal to you and 0.1% of their potential buyers. And buyers purchasing in the $2M price range are not as stupid as you portray them. Planting some flowers and putting up a sign isn’t going to change the fact that there is a gas station and McDonalds a few hundred feet away, and the cars on 680 are whizzing by. If your primary goal is a quick commute to Milpitas and to purchase 2 neighboring homes, yet you’re not interested in Mission Estates because you don’t like how the ENTRANCE to the community looks …. well good luck to you my friend!! I’m sure there are plenty of existing homes in southern Fremont that are for sale side-by-side with grand entrances…oh wait, are there!?
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Subi, Home Buyer, 94089
Wed Jan 26, 2011

what if they do have the underground leak in the gas station ?
Does that devalue it below 1.6 million ?
Can't they do something to fix it?

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Wilson Guth, , San Ramon, CA
Wed Jan 26, 2011
D-Man, PLEASE keep your sarcasm to yourself. Here people are discussing the postives and negatives of mission estates. If you cant add value then just KEEP SHUT.
Read Bobby(Realtor's) email carefully, he/she is not talking about $21 extra. He/She was stating that the HOA of $176 for Mission Estates is not justified compared to other communities. Feel free to throw couple of hundred dollars every month from YOUR pocket into a garbage can. Before suggesting that the realtor(Bobby) is frugal why dont you turn to the multimillion dollar builder and ask his reasons for not doing something ?

No one here is suggesting to have "Mission estates Tract Homes". I live in San Ramon and many communities have a good entrance and people below are suggesting a good entrance to COMPENSATE for the Gas station being at the entrance.
Now if you disagree you may gracefully do so, whats up with this useless sarcasm ? I am guessing you are either the builder or his sales guy and if that is true then either do something to make things better or share meaningful information that can help buyers with the decision making process.

Talking about my personal situation, I dont have kids, so school district wasnt a factor for me. The reason I checked Mission Estates was because I could get 2 new houses close to each other and shorten my commute to Milpitas.
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D-man., Home Buyer, 94538
Sun Jan 23, 2011
Since I last posted, several others have come up with excellent, well thought-out reasons NOT to buy here.

Firstly, I agree, the builder should have constructed an elaborate entrance to the community, complete with palm trees, granite gargoyle statues, and barbed wire fences. Nowadays, people are not looking for unique houses with character and privacy in the $2M range. They want to live in a planned unit development with cookie cutter houses that are spaced closely together on small lots so that they can get that neighborly community feel, and nothing is able to emphasize that more than a big sign at the entrance that "Mission Estates Tract Homes."

Nowadays and in the future, buyers won't care about school districts. This is why Avalon, which belongs to the Irvington HS attendance area, is much preferred over MSJ, since Avalon has a gated entrance. Buyers know that gated entrances get their children into Harvard, not API scores above 900. The HOA fees are also a very important consideration, because it's $21 more per month in Mission Estates!!! $21!!!!!! Let's not forget that $21 is a large portion of the montly mortgage on a $2M home, so this is a real deal-breaker. Such a shame.

I can tell that everybody here is much smarter than Robson. They probably have no clue how to price their homes based on prevailing market conditions, so that they sell a certain number each month a homes and turn a profit on their investment. It's just a matter of time before they're forced to sell at fire sale prices, and I'll be sure to scoop one up for $500k.
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Wilson Guth, , San Ramon, CA
Sat Jan 22, 2011
I ABSOLUTELY agree with you all about the builder's lack of focus on the entrance.
The builder cannot do anything about the gas station or freeway but he CAN put a wall and engrave it with the word "Mission Estates" (how hard is that ??). Put some palm trees or do something to add more character to the community. Worst case just copy the lighting that exists on Mission Blvd. near the downtown area(Starbucks area). I currently live in San Ramon and was planning on buying two houses next to each other one for me and one for my parents. I figured if I bought two houses in Mission Estates, my commute to Milpitas would be a breeze and I could enjoy the beauty of living in a brand new house.
I was planning on buying both houses WITH CASH. But the thing that turned me OFF completely was the builder's lack of effort on the entrance to the community. I contacted the sales office about the lack of attention to the entrance and did not get a good answer so I decided to look else where.
The builder has built houses worth 60 million dollars, why not spend a couple of thousand on the entrance ??
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Bobby, , Fremont, CA
Thu Jan 20, 2011

On the surface $1.6m for a 4,000 sq ft house in the Mission San Jose area is a pretty good deal but again it is all relevant to the location. Take a look at the natural hazard report and make sure there is no contaminated soil from the gas stations under ground tanks.

The other thing is, if you like the house and plan on living there for a while, then you should purchase based on your needs today. If this is a dream home for you and you think you will stay there more than 6 years of course god willing your job and everything else remains stable then I would go for it. My point about location can be summed up like this. I can take any house and modernize it with updates to the interior and exterior for my enjoyment and future value when I sell, but I can't lift my property off the foundation and move it to another location. The location is fixed, condition is not.

Go for it if you like it, but if you are buying directly from the sales office please review the docs carefully. New home builders change the contracts into there favor so you have to read it very clearly before signing.

Thank you,
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Subi, Home Buyer, 94089
Wed Jan 19, 2011

Thanks for your answers on this board...
I understand the $2M houses are not worth it compared to Avalon estates..

But how about a 4000SF house on a 6500SF lot...6 BR/4Bath near the gas station...with decent views...at 1.6M...

Do you think that is a reasonable price ?

Appreciate your answers...
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Roy, Both Buyer And Seller, Fremont, CA
Wed Jan 19, 2011
Did anyone here bought a mission estate home?
I am in a boat where the price is little high and I will have to stretch myself to pay the mortgage.
I am unable to decide whether to pull the trigger.
My son is still in elementary so have couple of years till it become very important due to middle/high school.
My concerns are
1, Contamination of ground water due to the shell gas station underground storage tank leaks.
2. Earthquake fault line nearby.
3. High HOA with no facility.
4. Noise due to proximity to freeway

Positive aspects
1. Very good design of interior
2. Mission School District
3. New home so upto latest code
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Bobby, , Fremont, CA
Tue Jan 18, 2011
I think it's a good deal for someone who is willing to compromise a bit on the location. These houses are priced according to its location which is closer to 680 freeway and the park and ride lot. Just like you stated you are not a fan of the big lot, there are others out there that won't mind the freeway noise and appearance of the entrance into the community. Everyones needs are different.

Thank you,
Web Reference:  http://www.nijjarteam.com
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Paul, Renter, Fremont, CA
Sun Jan 16, 2011
Totally agree with Peter !! I live in the heritage estates and that has a better community feel than the estate homes that Robson has built. There are things that are synonymous to owning an estate home like classy layout of the community, gated entrance, distinct look to each house etc. I do feel that Mission estates has an identity crisis. The entrance is just below standard !!
The houses are beautiful from inside, they have excellent floor plans and it seems like Mark Robson has paid attention to a lot of details. These mansions(yes I really mean mansions), are very well built in my opinion. I am personally not a big fan of huge lots as they are a hassle to maintain especially the hilly backyards.

Bobby, I am also interested in knowing the answer to Mark's question about the houses that are priced at 1.48. Isn't that a good deal ?
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Bobby, , Fremont, CA
Wed Jan 12, 2011
No doubt Mission Estates offers very nice houses, but if I were buying I would have purchased in the earlier phases closer to the Gas Station than the later phases that are now closer to the Freeway. Down the line the freeway noise will be an issue for some buyers. We have had similar issues in Cameron Hills where some houses are close to the power lines as well as Warm Springs where some houses back the freeway. Over the past 3 years buyers have become more and more particular about location and are shying away from these houses.

Again simply from a personal standpoint I like Avalon/Ponderosa Heights better, but my reasons may differ from others. I am not stuck on Mission schools and actually prefer Irvington because my kids like the diverse programs (good mix of art, music, sports). I am also a big fan of the large lot. You will get 25k-35k lot in Avalon as opposed to 7000-8000 in Mission Estates. The houses are not on top of each other due to these larger lots. I also like the HOA better in Avalon. Mission Estates charges almost as much as Avalon for a fraction of the amenities. Avalon has a 24 hour guard and gate, lots of plants and trees, a couple of parks, basketball courts, volleyball courts, bbq areas, walking trails, view points, etc. All of this for $197 per month as opposed to $176 at Mission Estates. You also have some amazing views in Avalon and Ponderosa Heights as well.

I hope this helps.

Thank you,
Bobby Nijjar
Nijjar Real Estate Group
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Mark Chen, Home Owner, Fremont, CA
Tue Jan 11, 2011
I COMPLETELY agree with Peter that the builder should do something about fixing the look of community entrance.
It seems to me like the builder hasnt put his heart into building this into a great community for all the homeowners that would be living there.

Question for Bobby Nijjar, when you look at Robson's biggest homes in 2 million range, it is obvious that going to Avalon Heights is a smarter choice. But how about their smallest homes that are being sold for 1.48 million ? Is that a good option for someone who is looking for a brand new home ?

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Bobby, , Fremont, CA
Mon Jan 10, 2011
From a personal stand point I do not like the location and do feel it will turn some people off when re-selling in the future. On the other side of the coin, it is Mission and buyers will buy, I just wouldn't spend that kind of money for that particular location. I would rather put my money in Avalon or other areas of Mission Hills. Avalon is gated and has some very unique homes with large lot sizes. Just my 2 cents.

Thank you,
Bobby Nijjar
Nijjar Real Estate Group
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Peter, , Fremont, CA
Sun Jan 9, 2011
Hi Mission_buyer,

Your questions are valid but I wouldn't be too concerned about the gas station or Mc. Donalds.
The builder should do something to make the community entrance more beautiful so that it can decouple the business from the residential area.

Let's face it, Mission area is a highly reputed neighborhood in the silicon valley. Majority of the folks living in the mission area are affluent and it has AWESOME schools. Mission SJC high school is the 30th best school in entire US.
There are a ton of homes in the 2 million range.
Considering all of this, I wouldnt pay much attention to the gas station.
If I had the money I would definately buy a home at Mission Estates. I saw their model home today and was impressed !

If the builder puts some thought to the entrance by placing some nice lighting, palm trees and a nice Mission Estates Logo, the place would look GREAT !
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D-man., Home Buyer, 94538
Mon Sep 13, 2010
Reading some of the sensationalist comments here, you'd think this Mission Estates development is actually built on top of some nuclear waste site and next door to the state prison. Let's put things into perspective. The houses are located in the MSJ district. They are 3200-4500SF or so. Just reading these two facts means you already know they're going to sell for at least $1.3-1.5M+. Sticking a McDonalds and a Shell station near one of the entrance streets isn't really going to change that, unless you think that a brand new house in the MSJ district is somehow worth less than $400/SF.

But don't take my word for it. You can easily do your own "comps," and look at what houses in neighboring communities sold for. Here's one, from a block away. $1.33M for 2640SF, built in 1977 and ugly on the inside, sold 6/10. Two others, also a block away, both sold for >1M and >$400/SF as well.

So, like it or not, irrespective of your personal opinon of what constitutes a good "location," the prices people have paid to live in this particular part of MSJ have established the price and fair market value of the area. To them, the price is good for the "location." Just because you would never consider buying a house near McDonalds/Shell and you absolutely must live in a "purely residential" area, doesn't mean that there aren't plenty of buyers who could care less about these things. Sure there may be some potential buyers who are deathly afraid of the gas station blowing up, but that doesn't mean there won't be a whole line of future buyers who happen to drive to work on 680 and would love to live in a brand new house in a brand new community just minutes walking from MSJ high school. Now, I did not purchase one of these homes, but I personally think they're quite nice, and I would suggest that you refrain from calling the people who did buy one "suckers."
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Msjbuyer, Home Buyer, Fremont, CA
Mon Sep 13, 2010
Actually the Cameron Hills area is pretty nice. Some homes in MSJ are not too old (built in late 1980s, 1990s) and are in purely residential areas. These are more preferable locations than right next to a busy street and next to a gas station and a McDoanld's.

It does not matter if the home is new or if you can customize it. Location is the most important consideration in real estate. Thats real estate 101....

Please save your sarcasm for the people buying into these non-ideal locations and paying top dollars. Unless of course you are one of them?
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Ws Homeowner, Other Pro, Sunol, CA
Sun Sep 12, 2010
D-man -

Was your tongue firmly implated in your cheek? There were some legitimate concerns but some folks might think you are serious given your tone. I think the McDonalds and gas station conerns were of a traffic nature not obesity and explosions. Not everyone would understand that your response was sarcastic given the demographic of the area isn't steeped in American humor.
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D-man., Home Buyer, 94538
Thu Sep 9, 2010
Interesting comments. Yes, I agree that people should be concerned about the gas station nearby blowing up. Gas stations are dangerous and they explode all the time. We should all purchase electric cars. The landside risk is also a legitimate concern. Landslides occur all the time in Fremont, and they tend to wipe out large neighborhoods at time causing widespread suffering. All those people living in the hills of Fremont (Avalon and Cameron Hills) must be serious fools because they will certainly be tumbling down the hill the next time it rains. And definitely, if you live nearby a McDonalds, you'll probably develop obesity and heart disease because everyone knows McDonalds causes these things. You don't want heart disease, do you?

As others have pointed out, location is everything. You've got to be a "sucker" to "pay the big bucks" for these newly constructed homes that are built to the latest code and have interiors that you customize, and are warranted by the builder, when there are plenty of 40 year old homes in MSJ with green wallpaper, asbestos ceilings, and a termite problem that your inspector missed.
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Msjbuyer, Home Buyer, Fremont, CA
Sun Sep 5, 2010
I agree with the earlier posts. This location is not good. Period. Why even spend time thinking about it? Let some suckers pay the big bucks for these homes. They will have a hard time reselling.

You may be able to get a nicer home (little older) for that price (maybe a little smaller) in a better location in MSJ. In my experience the age of the home begins to matter only if you can see issues with the structure or if the building codes have changed to make certain materials obsolete etc.
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Jay Jay, Home Buyer, Fremont, CA
Wed Apr 21, 2010
As always, this is reflective of those years a few back when home prices were inflated and over priced. It is a bad location. What if there is a landslide from the hills behind these homes? The noise level is terrible from 680 and you will definitely get the McDonald smell. What if, heavens forbid, there is an explosion at the the Shell gas station right below these homes? The homes look nice but very bad location. Only the desperate will purchase these homes to be in the Mission San Jose high school.
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Sl, Both Buyer And Seller, 94539
Mon Mar 29, 2010
You are correct - the location is not ideal.

But if you are desperate for a home in the MSJ school district AND want to live in a NEW large house, then the pros may be able to overshadow the cons for you.
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Home_buyer, Home Buyer, Fremont, CA
Thu Mar 25, 2010
Hi Mission_buyer,

I am not surprised no one has answered your question. I am NOT any kind of agent and looking for a nice home to live just like you. In my opinion Mission Estates is going to be fiasco in terms of the price given the location of the place. You are absolutely right in raising these concerns. I have the same concerns and leaves me thinking which idiot is going to spend 1.5+ million dollars for a house in such a bad location. It leaves me wondering if the builders get any kind of expert opinions when they decide to buy homes and do they even do some kind of study regarding the location/ prices/ needs of local community etc. Look at the Regis homes in Niles, they have dropped their prices like crazy, still need to come down to justify those houses next to bart line and next to a busy street. Agents will not come forward to tell you this because their commission depends on the price of the house and lower the price they get less amount in that transaction. I am wondering if in this particular area of the country are buyers considered fools or what. I am sure the builder will find some idiots to buy these hyperinflatedly priced homes and this so called great bay area will continue to go down because of such idiots, we have already seen that, haven't we?
-Frustrated home buyer
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Mission_buyer, Home Buyer, Mission San Jose, Fremont, CA
Thu Mar 18, 2010
No Real Estate agents out there who specialize in Mission Area who would like to answer this question?
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