Lakewood Park in Beechgrove, TN

Asked by Tim, Pennsylvania Sun Feb 24, 2008

We're looking at houses for sale in the Lakewood Park Area in Beechgrove, TN. 37018. Can anyone suggest how the area is as far as safety, convenience to shopping & just general facts of the area.

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Sue, , Bell Buckle, TN
Thu Apr 9, 2009
My husand and I bought during the first year the park was selling lots. (Early 1980's). The concept for small vacation lots, was good in the begining, but by 1986 had gone to the dogs! Security was a joke, they slept thru their shifts, and i had to call the sheriffs dept. on two occassions, because rednecks wandered into our lots causing problems,and once two men were sexually harrassing me and trying to force me into our vacation home with my young children watching on. Luckily my husband returned and pulled a handgun on them.From that point on we were armed while on the property.
The bathhouses were dangerous as well. My husband would sneak into the womens side to be with us while we showered in the larger handicap stall.
Management was almost nonexistant, except for at the sales office. They kept up the office to look really nice.Our road was to get power lines right away but years later when it was finally installed, we and 3 other property owners went to sign up and were totld that we would have to cover the entire cost to hook up to it becouse the other owners were not interested! We figured it wasnt worth the some $5,000,00 (for Each of the 4 owners ) plus the meters and connection fee's and monthly bill.
Every weekend, we invested a lot of hard work , money and time there (we built our lil cottage ourselves as a family project) just to be robbed during the week. Locks were cut, windows broken, doors kicked in, even when we left nothing of value there. Even the childrens old toys were stolen.
One of the last times we were there , we heard that our next door nieghbor had spent time in prision for child rape charges. We were shocked, as we really liked them and they were weekenders , just like us!
When we finally decided to sell it, NO ONE would buy it for any price! In the end we just walked away! We never payed any more taxes on it or any membership fee's as well.
I dont know whatever became of our lot and cottage. But walking away was much easier than the struggle of making it what it could have been.
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Opal19801980, Home Buyer, New York, NY
Mon May 15, 2017
I went there and looked around.. lots of trash everywhere.. no gate.. no one around to answer questions.. closed on a Monday.. not business like.. the lots are cheap.. nothing to locate them by.. some roads do t have signs.. people are nice.. the assessments need to be done by the law.. I looked I we some paperwork a land owner had and it's not up to par to say.. so we are looking into it more before we decide to buy.. make sure your not getting ripped off. There is money there but you need to figure out who's pocket it is going into.. the roads need work.. the trash.. so the money being paid isn't going towards to many things in the park.. before you buy.. take all the paperwork to a lawyer.. make sure that this HOA is going by the book.. ask questions.. I did.. and we meet with the lawyer tomorrow morning.. remember paperwork paperwork and check the taxes.. good luck..
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Cy Line, Home Owner, Beechgrove, TN
Fri Jan 13, 2012
To anyone considering Lakewood as a homesite. Lakewood has improved greatly in the last 4 years we've been here. The sherriff dept. has cleaned out a lot of riff raff. I walk the park with my dog regularly and know others who do. I have never had any problems and you can pick a different route every day because of the streets.The trustees have recently said we had the quietest holiday season they remember with no crime issues. There are now security cameras at various locations. There is a beautification committe you can get involved with that volunteers to improve common areas-weeding, planting and projects like reroofing the gazebo. There is a major push on cleaning up vacant lots and the trustees have been sucessful in winning judgements against these property owners. They recently were awarded $76K from the county for back assessments on property they had taken for taxes from 1999-2008. We hope this will send a message. It really is a pretty park with the need for more $ for road improvements and cleanup. The lakes are clean, there is no alcohol allowed at the public beech and the assesments also stock the lakes. (don't need a perrmit if your are a property owner). Read the local newsletter (pick up at office) or website at
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thank you for the new review as we have a few people in our family that are looking to buy lots there and this is why I was researching it online. Thank you for the link too!
C. Barnes
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Darlene Siler…, Home Buyer, Beechgrove, TN
Tue Sep 19, 2017
I really depends which area of Lakewood you are looking at. The front is nice and pretty safe. The back has turned into gypsyland and drugs. 140 drug arrest last year alone. Closest store is on property. McMinnville has a great Walmart. Murfreesboro is 15 minutes away. About the same to Manchester.
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Cotlod22, Home Buyer, Beechgrove, TN
Sat Sep 10, 2016
I should also add,
The private lake is a no license required lake for land owners and guests.
There are sometimes issues with folks with property bordering the lake saying folks are trespassing, but in reality, the 10 feet from the shoreline around it is PUBLIC property.
Street maintenance is covered under the HOA fees that if you think about it, is very reasonable.
They have 1 (used to be 2) bath houses that are free to use. (showers, toilets and sinks).
I myself, am thinking about buying a few more lots and coming back. Nice, quiet living.
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Docmartinwor…, Home Buyer, Beechgrove, TN
Fri Jan 22, 2016
I bought my property in 1997 at Lakewood Park. i put a home, septic system, driveway, porch and carport in. In all of the years that I have lived here and raised my kids here, we have never had a break in, the neighbors and very nice, considerate and helpful. The roads could be kept up better and the garbage bins need to be emptied more often though. The items at Ben's store are way to expensive and the Southern Star is a place that no one should ever go to. It is a very rowdy and violent bar. I have witnessed two fist fights there. I have not had any problems with theft at my property but I would advise anyone wanting to buy property at Lakewood to first find out about the neighbors you will be having. Many folks call this park "Meth City." The park is a bird sanctuary. Many beautiful birds and wild life. The lake and ponds are generally pretty calm. If you are a bird lover, we have a lot of bird activity. Many squirrels, rabbits, etc... One day I even found a 4 ft. long rattle snake skin on my side walk when I came home from work. Spend a little time in the park and do a lot of praying before you purchase any property at Lakewood.
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Paby5, Home Buyer, Beechgrove, TN
Mon Oct 26, 2015
Is Lakewood Park a safe place for a Tiny House?
Where do I go to find out about leasing property for my Tiny House in Lakewood Park Area in Beechgrove Tn?
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As long as you stick closer to the South side where it is more populated you should be fine.
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Unforgiven01…, Home Buyer, Beechgrove, TN
Thu Jul 9, 2015
is plot 64 building sites
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johnnytesar, Home Seller, Beechgrove, TN
Mon May 13, 2013
no ... but I have a semi wooded lot 3 blocks from the beach and bathhouse ill sell ya if you need.. 81 x 187 clean neighborhood. its on Cheyenne. I listed it on Craigslist last week. $7,500 615 663 4851 its zoned for residential and is big enough for septic and is on high ground... ! holler at me if you like. or anyone interested.
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Lakewoodres, Home Buyer, Beechgrove, TN
Thu Mar 15, 2012
We have issues just like everyone but get a bad rap sometimes because we are such a small and close community. The truth is, it is a very nice place to live and in the three years I have been here, I have made great friends and would never go back to the city!

Shopping is a bit inconvenient if you are used to the city, but I got used to it. Dollar store within 15min and good for emg.'s, food stores are in Murfs or Manchester about 25mins.

It is primarily a white population, but (surprisingly) I do not see prejudicial issues. So that's good. We have a Newsletter (free at Ben's Market or the Office) 6$/yr to have it mailed to your house and a website.

Come out and see Lakewood and see if it's your style!
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ALSO, when reading these posts, note the dates of the posts. It is important to know that Lakewood has made many improvements within the last few year. I heard they did have some bigger problems just before we move to the park.
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Concered Pro…, Home Owner, Manchester, TN
Thu Mar 15, 2012
The lakewood park trusees have gone to far now. Not just cleaning up old properties without a court order, but also stealing the property owners belongis. I recenty had them take and destroy over twenty thousand ddllars worrth of my personal belongings. they dug up a fourteen year old magnolia tree, two fourteen year old boxwood trees and two other expensive bushes that were fourteen years old. They ran over a killed two rose busches and a plum tree also. They take the law into their onw hands and violate peoples personal propety without a court ordr. They break EPA laws by burning things on property such as siding and plastic off of cooper wires to see the scrap metal for profit. They ask for park volunteers and tell them that they have a legal right to do so only for these volunteers to become criminals against their own will. I will be suing them here directly for property damage to place and destruction of personal property. They also dig holes in the yard of the lots that they clean up and bury the reamains of old trailors and jusnk in the ground. Many people have well water and this dumping like a landfill will eventually seep in to the well water. I will be notifying the EPA to conduct an inspection. I know of a cuuple of lot they have ckeaned up but have know way of cantacting the property owners to let them now that now only hast their lot been cleaned up without a court order but their personal belongings are sold of to the highest bidder. My neighbor who lives in Florida had her house burnd and they cleand it up. They toook her Large swimming pool and pump, shed and trampoline and any other item of value that they could sell. These trustee's break the law and somebody has got to stop them and I plan on being one that tries. Dont move to Lakwood Park. They only follow the rules of the park when they want. For example you are supposed to have a house of at least twelve hundred square feet to move into the park and it has to be no more than five year ofd. I had a nineteen hundred square foot modular home they let a very small tin home move in besides me that was way to small thus lowering my property value by thousands of dollars. The people who moved it were not bad people and I got to know them. They have since moved out and I asked them how they got the permit to move the small house in and they replied they just had to slip the right person the right amount of cash and they turned a blind eye. Also in 1999 when I purchased my home new another trailor moved in that was a 1977 model that looked like it was about to fall apart. I asked that owner how he got the trailor moved in and he replied that he just did it and did not even get a permit. They follow the covenances when it is convenient for them and turn a blind eye when it benefits them. They also look to clean up properties where there is something of value for them to take. There are many trashy locations in the park. Criminal also hang out there as well as many drug dealers. They move into summer houses and start making meth labs. I was personally robbed fifteen times while living there. I has two cars stolen and a boat right from my drive the minute I left home. I could not turn all of these into my insurance company because they would drop me or raise my rates so high that I could not pay them. I would be more than glad to sell my corner lot for a loss just to get rid of it and lakewood park forever. When you sell you will take a beating. The property values in their have dropped by over fifty percent. Just saying I would take my advice.
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I am not located in New York, actually in Manchester
Flag Sat Oct 28, 2017
Looking to buy , I know this sounds crazy after your post but I am a single mother going to school, working, and raising my son with no outside assistance. I need cheap
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Wow, well, the trees are still there, no EPA laws broken...are you the idiot that showed up risking innocent people's lives then claimed you were bi-polar? COuldn't read all of your post because the lies turned me off and your spelling and grammar are that of a 6 year old. Not sure people posting on here wanted to read your insurance and negligent sob story. By the way, ALL of the community is sick of looking at your property at the entrance to our park. Wouldn't fly in any city, so get a grip and clean up your place.
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Happylakegir…, Home Owner, Beechgrove, TN
Fri Jan 27, 2012
I live in Lakewood and I can attest to the major improvements in the past few years. I went back to school to pursue my bachelor’s degree and as a single mother with limited income; I needed to live somewhere more affordable and one thing many of you are certainly correct about is the price of property here, it is dirt-cheap. I can assure you that could not find lake living cheaper anywhere! My father built a house in Lakewood so he could move out here when he retired; he was living in downtown Nashville but has always owned property out here and visited regularly. Anyway, I moved here almost 3 years ago and at first things seemed little scary, seeing torn apart campers and burnt down trailers can cause a little anxiety for anyone, right? However, they are being cleaned up slowly but surely, the biggest problem with that is finding the people who have abandon these properties and getting permission to make the improvements. We have bunch of great people volunteering time and equipment and are more than willing to help make this a great place to live and visit again! It really is not some community of societies unwanted, I promise! Moreover, I do not live in a run-down trailer or shack; I live in a house with running water, electricity, wireless internet, and even get hi-def. TV. It is much better than living in Murfreesboro. Why? In Murfreesboro, I had a nice apartment in a great part of town yet it still had more criminal activity than I have seen in Lakewood. I live in a place where my son can ride his bike up and down the street while I do homework in the hammock on my front porch, we can go fishing anytime we want, we have a beach that is not overrun with people, and I can walk my dog around the lake, no fear at all. We ride four-wheelers and golf carts around, visit with our neighbors, stop by each other’s houses just to check in, it is peaceful! We are for the most part, a community of great people, some are what you would call “common”, and some have chosen to leave successful careers in the city and retire where you do not hear sirens or gunshots daily! My screen doors are always open and I have not had a single problem. I know many trustees personally, and at least 2 of them ride by my house daily just checking on things. I can assure you that even the security officer in my apartment building in the city never did that!
In the past couple of years there has been a MOVEMENT, the property owners here are a force to be reckoned with, they are cleaning this place up. They are fed-up, sick and tired of people looking down on them for the name of the community they choose to live in. It seems that people have finally decided enough is enough and the problem will not be fixed without action!!
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Volsfun48, Home Buyer, Monteagle, TN
Thu Nov 3, 2011
do not think of buying in Lakewood until you look at is terrible...squatters have taken over with old tin sheds for houses etc. very run down and very unsafe
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Sean, , Beechgrove, TN
Mon Aug 9, 2010
I am currently selling a 3 bedroom 2 bath in the park. Very nice double wide. I have been there for 4 years and had no trouble there. I have out grown the house and looking for something bigger. I am the second house on the right when you come in threw the front entrance on Rimfire. Drop by some time and take a look.
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how much you asking?
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Enote, , Murfreesboro, TN
Thu Mar 4, 2010
Long ago my wife & I purchased a lot, think the street in Lakewood was, Spence?
Actually I had purchsed the lot from a friend back then in Nashville, TN.
As I recall the park fees then were $25 per yr. some maintenance & $35.00 per yr. for road something.
Then there were property taxes paid to Manchester, Coffee Cty.
There were quiet a few lots back then that fees were owed, some were sold cheap.
We were members of land owners then. There use to be a large entrance gate, used an entrance card to access the park.
Later on some guy called my home in Nashville every Sunday telling me someone there told him I wanted to sell our lot. I told the guy we weren't interested in selling & I had no idea what idiot would tell him we wanted to sell the lot.
Either way I figured to get rid of him & the Sunday calls I'd put an unbelieveable high price on the lot. This nut actually bought the lot from us.
Months after the sell I received a letter from Lakewood office people informing me I owed yearly fees. I called & told them the lot had been sold to this guy. He is to be paying the yearly fees plus he had purchased other lots there as well.
Sure was sort of strange, the entire lot deal.
Even though as I read about thief & other break - ins there, I'd like to look at some more lots now in Lakewood but the last time I went there there was no entrance gate, no security & I couldn't seem to find out about anything other than a lot of real setate signs though out the park.
If anyone can assist please reply.
Thank you all very much for your replies as I've read about Lakewood as it is now.
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Jay, , Coffee County, TN
Fri May 29, 2009
sorry to say i have to agree with sue on this one!! I lived in that park for about 4 years and knew alot of people there.most are good people but the bad ones numbers have grown and it is a shame.i know of other cases like sues and also the arsons that are going on as values have dropped to next to nothing and even considering the current economy if you were to try and sell your home there you wouldnt get nearly its value.i was a frequent patron of the southern star bar and grill used to be a fairly good place to go and kick back untill the outsiders and trouble makers were allowed to take it over.the friends and people of the park i used to see there no longer go there or anywere else in there for that matter.
No offense to the coffee county Sheriffs dpt. but they are not in there patroling enough which is understandable considering the size of the county,which brings me to believe they need a security officer in there again and preferably a licensed one this time.Sheriffs dpt. cant stay in there 24/7 and usually only come when called,again thats not thier fault they have alot of calls to take and area to cover.the last of my family just moved out of there and only moved just outside the park just to get out of there.outside the park is great no problems at all with any kind of vandalism.the home they were selling was broken into and the person that did it was caught with our property stored at his girlfriends mothers house in the park.i wont mention his name here but he was a frequent drug user and he knew my law enforcement background and still had the brass ones to steal from us.not to long after the theft the home was burned along with others in the park.Anyway like robbie this has been my .02 cents!!!
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Robbie Benson, Home Buyer, Nashville, TN
Thu Aug 14, 2008
Lakewood Park. I love it!!! I have friends that live and have a business there. They are totally satisfied. They do live close to the lake. Oh, you should see the sunrise over that lake, absolutely beautiful. There are some problems in the Park and they are slowly being taken care of. Yes ,the sheriff''s patrol is there often, but, that 's a good thing. They are cleaning it up. Lakewood Market and Grill (formerly Lakewood Pizza) is under new management. They have wonderful food and they sell a few groceries and a beer too. The Sheriff is also getting rid of the roaming dogs. People will bring their unwanted animals and just dump them off. Such a shame. One of these days Lakewood Park is going to be a fantastic place to live and the lots will go sky high. Just my .02 worth.
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Michele, Home Seller, Manchester, TN
Fri Aug 8, 2008
My job takes me to Lakewood Park on occasion. In all honesty, I would not want to move my family into Lakewood Park, due to squatters that have been a problem in the back area of the property, abandoned camping trailers that have been salvaged of their sheet metal, people living in storage sheds, etc.. Stories in our local paper have indicated problems of theft and problems against the county for back fees, etc. Properties in the back of the development have signs warning trespassers to stay away (mostly due to squatters and thefts). Some of the areas have been cleaned up a bit in the last 6 months, but they have a long way to go. I do not go into the park without a co-worker with me. With all this said, if you purchase property closer to I-24, outside Lakewood Park...the Beechgrove area is absolutely beautiful with rolling hills and wonderful views. Murfreesboro is approximately 20 miles down the interstate with great shopping and nice places to eat. Manchester is also 15-20 miles the opposite direction of Beechgrove. It is certainly smaller than Murfreesboro, but a nice town and known to be the "home" of Bonnaroo. The Beechgrove area is great and offers awesome views, but I would gather more information before purchasing within the park.
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Megan Manly, Agent, Nashville, TN
Sun Feb 24, 2008
I used to live not too far from there and found the area common. It doesn't forward a big-city life, but that's not what everyone wants. As Charlene points out, it's close to Murfreesboro, which has tons of great places to shop. They've just opened up some really nice plazas there recently, too. I personally LOVE Bell Buckle, which isn't too far away either. The Moon Pie Festival there every year is a great piece of Americana. If you are in rural Pennsylvania, you'll love the area. If you want something more lively, you may want to move a bit north from Beechgrove.
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Charlene Ric…, , 37355
Sun Feb 24, 2008
As a Realtor, I cannot suggest an area as safe or not. There are web sites for neighborhood statistics etc. Exit 97 Beechgrove then about 8 miles and you are in the country. There are some homes and many mobile units. There is a yearly association fee $85? Three small lakes to fish and afforadable housing. Shop in Murfreesboro. Hope this helps!
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As a former resident/lot owner from 08-13, I can say it isn't that bad for crime (though we did have a random arsonist roaming around for a couple of years who has been caught). The HOA fees used to be $75 per year, per lot owned. It may be 85 now? That covers mowing of the 1st 10 feet of any property bordering a street. Pretty much the ditch line. My home was in the South side of the park, which was quiet, and had good friendly neighbors. Combination lots are what you want to look for. They give you more zoning freedom. The camping lots on the North side are just that. Camping for no more than 6 months residency per year. The South side is where more theft is frequent due to lack of population (witnesses). Ben runs the local on site gas station/store and is a very stand up guy. There is 1 tavern on site, yet most times it is quiet and behaved. The Boro and Manchester both are about 14 miles away, so shopping isn't too much of a hassle. It is in Deerfield School district.
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