KB sales person told me not to bring an agent. Do I need one for a new home?

Asked by NewKBbuyer, San Antonio, TX Mon Jan 7, 2013

They mentioned if I bring an agent they will have to pay them a commission fee, they could use that money to pay my closing costs... What do you all recommend? this is my first home purchase.

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David Rudd /…, Agent, San Diego, CA
Thu Jan 10, 2013
Wow~ That is really unfortunate that the sales person advised you not to bring your own representative. In short, no you do not have to have one. Just like in court cases you do not have to have a lawyer represent you.

Although sales people whom work for the builders are often quiet good, many are just beginning their career or attempted a career as an agent and chose to go the builder route.

Most importantly, they work for the builder, not for the buyer. They sell builders homes all week long. They understand how to steer the conversation to benefit the builder. With a real estate professional representing you, this type of sales speech is often side stepped. Instead, a good agent should go in with their own value comparisons, have questions for the builder, speak to recent buyers and negotiate the best price for you.

After the sale, your agent should have the name of a licensed and qualified inspector. Often times, buyers think because their recently purchased home was "new" there should be no defects or repairs required. Some of the largest repair work I have seen has come from new construction!

Good luck with your purchase.
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S_lloyd27, Other Pro, San Antonio, TX
Thu Jan 10, 2013
I own six homes so I would gladly take off 3% and do my own due diligence. BUT (big but) the answers here are spot on. A good realtor may help you avoid some pitfalls and even if they do not earn every penny of their commision at least the greedy wealthy builders have to share a little.

Also you may make a great connection with a local realtor, they can tell you a lot about the area you are looking in and can steer you in the fight direction to shop the financing (yes shop it, the builder may not be the best deal you can get). Plus your agent may know of a nicer area with similar prices or of a better builder who is offering great incentives.The KB person is not going to tell you that you can get more for your money at the competiion, or that their neighborhood borders a bad area. Plus If and when you get ready to sell and assuming you had a good experience, you will be able to call on this person to help you market your home.

So.....pick someone that took time to answer, ask friends and family, or someone you work with for a referal to a good agent. Don't be afraid to tell them you are going to meet more than one agent and "interview" them to find someone your like doing business with and If they are a professional they will appreciate that and not pressure you( a friendly follow up call or two is not pressure).
You will be giving this person the oppurtunity to earn up $3000.00 for every 100K you spend. So I think its important to give my money to someone I like.
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Jason Campbe…, Agent, San Antonio, TX
Wed Jan 9, 2013
First of all.. what the sales person said is not accurate, and they would get in a lot of trouble with KB if their management found out.

The price or incentives on a KB home do not change if you have a buyer's agent or not. They pay commissions to Realtors out of a seperate fund and it does not limit your ability to get the closing costs negotiated.

KB Home has always had a long standing commitment to reach out to the Realtor community and parther with us as much as they can. They have a very clear understanding that if they operated like that, they would be out of business pretty fast.

A buyers agent is very valuable to have on a new home. We can help you to get a better deal on the home, get you better financing, and if you are building the home, its an extra set of eyes on the construction that can keep watch on things while you are at work.

You don't have to have an agent, but I will tell you... it is nice to have someone by your side that knows how everything works, and represents you and not the seller. This can help with repair issues, or any other items that come up. We are a third party that is not emotionally attached, and our goal is to get you the very best deal possible, watch your back, and be sure everything goes as smoothly as possible.

It's your call... but dont let them talk you into the old "i could use the realtor commission towards your closing costs" because they don't do that. That was a shady thing to say to you to be honest.

Jason C Campbell
Platinum Top 50 Finalist
Option One Real Estate
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Jean-Mark Co…, Agent, San Antonio, TX
Tue Jan 8, 2013
I used to be a KB Home sales person and that is simply not true. They build in the commission for realtors and give incentives for your closing costs. I was also a customer service representative for KB Home and know what the warranty consits of and how it works. In my time as a KB employee, I found that buyers need to have representation, especially from someone who knows the process and what to look for, I bring that experience to my clients.
I own a KB home and I'm very happy with my choice and I've had several clients purchase from KB Home.
It would be my pleasure to help you as well.
Mark Couture
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Sally Butler, Agent, New Braunfels, TX
Tue Jan 8, 2013
Lots of good information and advice. Pick an agent and let them help you....after all that is their profession.
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yes this will be nice option
Flag Wed Jan 9, 2013
Adrienne Nug…, Agent, San Antonio, TX
Mon Jan 7, 2013
I say have representation. It costs you nothing to have representation but may cost you a lot of heartache without it. Good luck and I am sorry to hear someone at a builders location would give you that information. I would be more than happy to help you out.

Adrienne Nugent
Reliance Residential Realty
(210)788-1450 Direct Line
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, ,
Mon Jan 7, 2013
Did you write a contract yet? If I wanted to have an agent represent me, and the site sales person had told me not to have one, I would make lots and lots of noise with the sales manager. You might be able to have one brought in even now. It never hurts to ask.
Good luck
Barbara Heath Coker
Sr. Licensed Loan Officer
100% Home Loans All Over Texas
Web Reference:  http://www.thecokerteam.com
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Justin Werner, Agent, San Antonio, TX
Mon Jan 7, 2013
Which KB community? And which salesperson?
YES, you need an agent for any home purchase, preferably an ABR, Accredited Buyer Representative that specializes in helping buyers. The commission fee is built in regardless, either your buyer agent who represents you gets it, or KB's salesperson, who represents the builder (NOT YOU!) will get it. If they are offering closing costs, you should get those regardless. SOUNDS REAL SHADY THAT THEY DON'T WANT YOU REPRESENTED!

Justin Werner, ABR, CRS, SFR
Accredited Buyer Representative
Certified Residential Specialist
Short Sale & Foreclosure Resource Certified
RE/MAX Exclusive
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San Antonio, TX 78216
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Bowersgroup, Home Buyer, San Antonio, TX
Mon May 2, 2016
Yes yes yes you need a buyers agent to protect your interests!,,,
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Lisa Moroniak, Agent, Ashburn, VA
Thu Apr 28, 2016
I'm seeing more and more unethical behavior with builders discouraging buyer representation. Immediate benefit to the buyer aside, it's almost as if builders don't realize the bigger picture is that agents are constantly asked about their reputations from potential buyers.

My answer to the question is absolutely sit down with at least two agents with a list of questions, then choose one to be your second set of eyes and guide during this 3-12+ month process. There are plenty of opportunities to not serve yourself as best as you could have if you go unrepresented.

Personally I have a 14-point checklist of value-add interactions for buyers of new construction.
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Terri Hutchi…, Agent, Short Hills, NJ
Thu Jan 7, 2016
First the discussion on specific interest rates does not apply. We wouldn't know what the builder has agreed to pay a cooperating broker and that really shouldn't matter to "NewKBuyer" I am a Broker/Realtor and I would advise you to hire the services of a professional who would represent you. They may be able to negotiate price, incentives, terms, etc. on your behalf.

If you go directly to the KB Sales Person, I don't necessarily agree with others that you will not be represented and the KB sales person works only for the builder. That may be the case where you are considering buying but it is not the case in New Jersey where I work. In the scenario where someone wants to put in an offer on my listing, it is considered dual agency and the agent works for both buyer and seller.

I do agree with one of the other realtors that an agent working on your behalf should be able to negotiate closing costs for you.

Lastly, if you went directly to the sales office and your agent didn't go with you or register you, you may be stuck with the KB sales person. If you went, did you fill out/sign anything?

If you need a referral for a good agent in this market, please call me.

Terri E. Hutchinson
Broker, Green
Keller Williams
488 Springfield Avenue
Summit, NJ 07901
(973) 722-3330
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Thekbhomedan, Home Buyer, Bradenton, FL
Tue Apr 30, 2013
KB Homes is having a lot of problems in Florida. Are they having the same issues in Texas? Take a look at some of the pictures and videos are problems these homeowners are experiencing...http://TheKBHome.com
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Luz Magaly I…, , San Antonio, TX
Mon Jan 14, 2013
My recommendation is to have a Realtor help you. KB sales person can get themselves into a hot problem because it is unethical for a sales counselor to tell any client coming in, especially a first time home buyer, not to have representation from an agent. KB sales person wants to get paid more and they work for the builder, not there for the client. Realtors on the other hand are there for the client and fight to get the best for the client, especially a first time home buyer.
If you need help. Please let me know. You need representation. Don't be fooled. Always remember that all sales counselors that work with a builder are there for the builder, that is their job...to sell as many properties for the builder as possible...that is how they are also compensated in sales.
Hope that this helps you.

Luz Magaly
Action Realty
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Claudia McSh…, Agent, San Antonio, TX
Sat Jan 12, 2013
It is always an advantage to have an experienced agent on your side, working in your best interest. A sales person is only working in the builder's, and apparently, in their own best interest. A good realtor should advise you which neighborhoods are best for you and give you the best resale value. They will also help you to make smart decisions on upgrades and help you negotiate an even better deal.

S_lloyd27, I am glad you see the importance of being represented by a competent realtor. However, I am one of these realtors, that earn EVERY penny of their commission.

Claudia McShane
Joyce Klein Realtors
Web Reference:  http://www.SAHomes4Sale.net
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Carl Bishop, Agent, San Antonio, TX
Thu Jan 10, 2013
They are lying. They are working for the builder. It will benefit you more if you use a Realtor to work for your best interest. I can negotiate a better sells price and get all of your closing costs paid. I could even get them to throw in a gargage door opener for no extra charge. The builder has to pay out more if the customer brings a Realtor and that is why they discourage it. Give me a call anytime. I can make it happen. 210-778-0789.
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M S, Home Buyer, Austin, TX
Wed Jan 9, 2013
I agree with last answer.
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Bill Eckler, Agent, Venice, FL
Wed Jan 9, 2013
Of course they did.....go in solo only if you want to be part of builder sale people expression, "It's like shooting fish in a barrel." The bottom line is they prefer that you are not represented and use only their services. Builder sales people represent the builder and woul like you to believe they represent you as well....obviously, there can be a conflict of interest with these arrangements.

Make no mistake, regardless of the type of real estate transaction, all buyers and sellers should have their own personal representation. So, do you need an agent...No! Should you have an agent....absolutely! Hope this information is helpful.

Good luck,

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Jim Olive, Agent, Key West, FL
Wed Jan 9, 2013
Holy Smokes! How many agents are there in San Antonio??? I think there are more San Antonio agents on this thread alone then there are in all of Key West!! Good advice from all of them, though. Sounds like the salesperson you spoke with is interested only in increasing his/her pay for this sale. Don't help them do that at your expense...
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opondomusa, , 10020
Wed Jan 9, 2013
The biggest thing your Realtor will do for you is to help you negotiate. Remember, the seller's agent is going to help out their client as much as possible, and therefore, will try to get you to pay top dollar for the home. Your Realtor, on the other hand, wants you to get the best deal.
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Leah McNamara, Agent, San Antonio, TX
Mon Jan 7, 2013
A point of clarification regarding an earlier post from an out of state agent. The KB person is not acting as anybody's agent. He/she is an employee of the builder (KB), and as such is not required to hold a Texas broker's license or even a saleperson's license.Therefore there is no issue of agency. This buyer is currently not represented - period.
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Rosie Kelch, Agent, San Antonio, TX
Mon Jan 7, 2013
This is not true and if the onsite agent is telling you that then I would guess they're trying to hide something from the buyers that a Buyers agent would be able to help you make the right decision
...As a Buyers Agent, I get paid by the builders and cooperating Brokerages in return for showing their products... House are priced with commissions included, paid by the seller to represent you, "the Buyer"...It would be against your best interest especially if the seller has already included commissions to the price of the house, more profit for the Builder, and NO Representation for YOU...
In short, I would be happy to provide you with comprehensive, high-quality buyer's service. I can assist you with your purchase on a Newly Built Home (I work with all Home Builder in San Antonio), Pre-Owned Home, Land acreage, For Sale by Owner, and all Foreclosure Properties. Please don't hesitate to call or email me. I look forward to the opportunity of earning your business. More importantly, to adding to my list of Satisfied Customers.

Contact me any time,
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Dorene Slavi…, Agent, Torrance, CA
Mon Jan 7, 2013
Oh, they did....did they?
Well if your KB agent represents the seller, how will this individual also represent your interests? Not very easily I would guess. This is called "Dual Agency" and it's illegal in many states. I believe the statement is also unethical as well.
You have a right to proper representation and if this representative would rather not pay for it, that's not your problem.
I see rough waters ahead so I recommend you look for a really good "Buyer Agent" to help you with this purchase.
You will be glad you did!
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Linda Lorenzo, Agent, McKinney, TX
Mon Jan 7, 2013
I would definitely report that site agent to KB. Builders want to have good rapport with local real estate agents and I don't think this sales person is representing the builder in the best light. As a former site agent it is easier when buyers have their own representation. Also if something goes wrong or you have any problems who is going to bat for you?
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Terry Farnsw…, Agent, Lisle, IL
Mon Jan 7, 2013
The representatives that are on site at the various homebuilders don't want you to be represented, because as stated below - they'll have to split the total commission, paying a portion of it out to your agent. That said, I've never encountered a situation where they blantantly told my clients not to "use" me for the purpose of them keeping more of the commission.

The representative/agent you are talking to works for the builder. They are paid to sell homes, and upsell you on as many upgrades as they possibly can. They are representing the builder's best interest, and looking out for THEIR bottom line. It would wise to have someone looking out for, and representing yours.
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Kelly Spicer, Agent, San Antonio, TX
Mon Jan 7, 2013
You absolutely need representation. The KB sales person told you that because they would have to "split" their commission on the sale of the home with your representative.
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Scott Godzyk, Agent, Manchester, NH
Mon Jan 7, 2013
First thing is if you already viewed the new constrcution without an agent your opetions may be limited. The FIRST STEP in buying is to get a buyer broker. Where you want new construction make sur ethey are WELL experienced in new homes. your buyer agent can assist you in getting prequalified and inform you have hpow new constrcution works. If you have a buyer agent you can certainly ask teh seller to pay your closing costs. The seller pays the listing agent a fee which they then split with a buyer broker so it does not affect the sellers ability to pay any of your closing costs. The agent was wring to say that to you and could face a huge liability for such bad advice.
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, ,
Mon Jan 7, 2013
Ooh, KB is usually a great partner with the Realtors, and for them to be this blatant in cutting them out to pay closing costs is surprising to me. I would be interested in other Realtors' opinions.
Barbara Heath Coker
Sr. Loan Officer
100% Home Loans All Over Texas!
Web Reference:  http://www.thecokerteam.com
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Cora Hagerty, Agent, san antonio, TX
Mon Jan 7, 2013
Buyers representation is FREE, the commission that the builders will pay is not going to add to the price of your home. if the builders tell you that you don't need an agent , that raise a flag. there are some incentive that we as an agent know that the builders might not volunteer to tell you. So if you can have a representation without a cost to you why not take advantage of that and hire a realtor that you can trust, after all you are buying the biggest investment in your life.

I hope everything works out for you. let me know if you need help.

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Marty Shields, Agent, San Antonio, TX
Mon Jan 7, 2013
Builders have the cost of an agent built into the cost of the home. Most builders are helping with closing costs also. If you want an agent contact one and bring them with you to the contract signing.

Marty SHields
Real Living/Best Homes
210-725-9607 cell
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Marty Shields, Agent, San Antonio, TX
Mon Jan 7, 2013
It's always best to have some one on your side during the process. Just having someone tell you not to bring a realtor raises a red flag. The agent you choose is free to you as a buyer and may even contribute to your costs since it looks like you've already done most of the work.

Marty Shields
Real Living/Best Homes
210-725-9607 cell
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Leah McNamara, Agent, San Antonio, TX
Mon Jan 7, 2013
Given the circumstances, I recommend that you talk to a Licensed Real Estate Broker. I would be happy to speak directly to senior managment at KB on your behalf.

You can call or text me right now on 210 379-2799.


Leah McNamara GRI BPOR
Best Practices Realty
Call or Text: 210 379-2799
email: Leah@BPR.co
Web Reference: http://www.BPR.co
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Barbara A Ay…, Agent, San Antonio, TX
Mon Jan 7, 2013
You absolutely need an agent...that goes w/o saying. Especially if your a first time buyer or a new home buyer. There is almost always something that we step in for on your be-half. Whether it be an issue with the interior or exterior of the home that is our job to protect you.Builders agent no matter how polite...it's understood that their first obligation is to their Seller in this case the "Builder". So in your best interest please if not me call one of us responding to your question pls.Thank you and Good Luck....

Thank you,
Barbara A Ayala,ABR
Keller Williams Realty
210.696.9996 x 257
210.845.8252 direct
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NewKBbuyer, Home Buyer, San Antonio, TX
Mon Jan 7, 2013
Since the KB sales rep told me not to bring an agent, I visited the KB home site and talked with the agent. I guess Im out of luck now... Did not realized I needed to bring the agent with me on the first visit...
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Trudy Pape, Agent, San Antonio, TX
Mon Jan 7, 2013
In a simple answer..."Yes"! Whether you are a first time home buyer or seasoned. Keep in mind the sales counselor is representing the builder; which in this case is KB. Who will be representing you? This is where a REALTOR comes in to assist you with the purchase process. Dangling a carrot; which in this case is money, is not the best for you. Hiring a REALTOR to represent you costs you nothing; however will bring a great deal of reassurance to you in the long run.

Best Regards,
Trudy Pape,

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Jose Novelo, Agent, San Antonio, TX
Mon Jan 7, 2013
Of course, You need to have a professional to look up for your best interest. Would you go to court and face a judge in a criminal case without representation? Please call me.
Jose L. Novelo
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Carolina Gar…, Agent, SAN ANTONIO, TX
Mon Jan 7, 2013
OMG, it is in your best interest to have representative in any "Real Estate" tranaction, it like you going to court without an attorney. You need anyone with the knowledge to negotiate on your behalf. Please call me if I can be of any assitance with this one or any other Real estate concerns. Have a great week.

Carol Garcia
Better Homes & Garden Real Estate/ Bradfield Properties
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Trina Cannon, Agent, San Antonio, TX
Mon Jan 7, 2013
You definitely want someone that represents YOU, not the builder. An agent will be able to help you through the entire process and their services are absolutely FREE to you. Let me know if you would like some help. Good luck!

Trina Cannon
Century 21 Northside
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Tracie Hassl…, Agent, San Antonio, TX
Mon Jan 7, 2013
You bet! Always have someone on your side. It costs you nothing and keeps the builder focused on providing you the best product they can provide
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Monica Barri…, Agent, San Antonio, TX
Mon Jan 7, 2013
I have been told by builders that the agent's commission comes from one budget and does not affect the sale's price. A builder's rep should never tell you not to bring an agent, that is very unethical and is in opposition to your best interest. I would find an agent and let them handle all the contract details for you, because the builder's rep is only looking out for his/her interest, not yours.

Monica Barrientos
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Shail Patel, Agent, San Antonio, TX
Mon Jan 7, 2013
For your best interest, get an agent to represent you. If you have further questions please contact me and I will explain in detail why it is in your best interest to have an agent.

Shail Patel
Keller Williams Alamo Heights
(210) 454 2904
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Reggie Hock, Agent, San Antonio, TX
Mon Jan 7, 2013
In some situations the on site sales person receives a larger commission if the buyer is not represented.

The amount of the seller's contribution is determined by the type and amount of the loan by law.

If you purchase a home without being represented, you are taking your chances that you are treated in your best interest or in the best interest of the home seller.
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Frances Lopez, Agent, San Antonio, TX
Mon Jan 7, 2013
I agree with Stefanie, get an agent!! Builders already have the real estate commission factored in each sale. The salesmen will probably make more money and look out for the Builder's interest. You need someone on your side and protecting you, and it cost you nothing to work with an agent.

Good luck,

Frances Lopez
RE/MAX Exclusive

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Brenda Mullen, Agent, Garden Ridge, TX
Mon Jan 7, 2013
Hi NewKBbuyer,

The sales people at the new home sites work for the builder and do NOT represent you...they represent the builder.

It is my strong opinion that you get your own representation in any home purchase, new or otherwise to represent you! On a positive note, builders and sellers generally pay this fee to the buyers agent, so you get representation for free.

By the way, they are going to give you an incentive anyway, bringing an agent does NOT hinder you in any way financially. Whomever told you that is telling you a lie!

If you need help, please feel free to call me. I would be happy to assist you with a new home purchase.

Brenda Mullen
Realtor®, ABR
RE/MAX Access
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Tabitha King, Agent, San Antonio, TX
Mon Jan 7, 2013
It is always a good thing for you to have your own representation. The agent can negotiate upgrades for you and look out for you.

Call, email or text me anytime. I'm a full time agent

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Stefanie Pat…, Agent, San Antonio, TX
Mon Jan 7, 2013
Yes - you should always have an agent represent you.

Stefanie Patterson,
Coldwell Banker D’Ann Harper, Realtors
Cell - 210-501-9133
Fax - 210-468-1868

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