Is wind in North Palm Springs an issue for re sale?

Asked by Betty Smith, Calgary Tue Sep 2, 2008

Hi, I am thinking of purchasing a home in the Northern part of Palm Springs (North of Vista Chino) but have been warned about wind. I have heard that the wind blows sand around, into the pool, etc, making it very unpleasant. But I find it hard to believe that in an established neighborhood with homes, fences and trees, the wind would be a huge factor. So I am looking for some input from those experienced in these matters; is the wind a REAL issue, and what percentage of those looking for a home choose not to even look in Northern PS? (I am worried about re sale value).

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Paul Kaplan, Agent, Palm Springs, CA
Tue Sep 2, 2008
I have lived in the North Ed of Palm Springs myself- I have been selling homes in the north end for over 8 years. The wind is something to consider. There are some buyers that refuse to look at anything north of Vista Chino. Likewise, I have buyers that aren't interested in South Palm Springs either, because they think it is too far from the downtown.

Prices, however, are typically lower in the north end compared to comprable properties in South and Central PS. So its a matter of compromise. If you're looking specifically at a mid-century home, Racquet Club Estates is a phenomnal historic mid-century neighborhood- prices here have actually sold higher then similar homes in Central Palm Springs, because this neighborhood has really evolved over the years. Buyers will pay a premium for an architectural property. Because of the affordability of many homes in the north End compared to other areas, I don't think your resale will be specifically affected negatively.

As far as the wind, it is not constant. The main windy months are when the weather patterns change- in the fall and late spring. Most people buying a 2nd home in Palm Springs, aren't here during those months anyway. There may be other days throughout the year that are windy, however, it could be windy all over town, just the nature of the desert. If you're buying in a built up neighborhood, however, there usually isn't that much sand. However, if the house you are buying is adjacent to the open desert, sand will be an issue that you will have to deal with. Some clients actually LOVE living in the North End- the wind will keep your pool cooler in summer months. You also tend to have less bugs in the north end. The views I think are the best in the valley, in the north end of town because you can look right up the canyon where the tramway goes. There's also a lot of development going on in the north end, including the newly renovated Riviera Hotel which will be a hot spot for Palm Springs. Additionally, the Racquet Club is being restored with the reopening of the famous Bamboo Room. Historically the major resorts in town were built in the North End.

Best of luck with your decision. And I'll be happy to answer any additional questions, as well as give you a list of clients to contact that live in the north end, to get their own personal experience.
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Mrz, Home Owner, Los Angeles, CA
Fri Jun 1, 2012
My mother recently purchased in the Northern part of Palm Springs and yes it does get windy but it isn't ALL the time. As mentioned by Mr. Kaplan it tends to be windy during the seasonal changes (fall and late spring). However, even on windy days my mother has no issue with sand at all (she lives in a development and her home is not on the outer fringe of the development so that no doubt helps). There are some days when the wind is a bit much but on other windy days, especially when it's hot, it's actually nice to have some wind to take the edge off of the heat.

She lives in a great development and loves her home. It's a great new-construction house with tasteful 'spanish-style' architecture, solid build quality and a great floor plan. Purchased for a great price I might add. Homes are continuing to sell in the development so clearly there is a market in the Northern area.

No home or location is perfect of course. The flip side of the windy days are so many days are spectacular and a reminder of why desert living is so wonderful.
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I bought a home in North Palm spring last year. I was a little concerned at first but liked the idea that it would not take long to to it from Newport Beach. You do have very strong winds a few months out of the year, however I have not had issues with wind in the pool. I actually prefer the views and serenity of it. I also love the views. If I buy another home, it will be the North side.
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Joeinsfo, Home Buyer, Palm Springs, CA
Tue Jun 2, 2015
Don't be fooled. Almost all of the desert is windy. Constant wind, sand, dust, just miserable.

Sand in the pool, dust in the air and your lungs. Cars, houses and you get absolutely filthy.

Do yourself a favor and move elsewhere, anywhere, but the Coachella Valley.

If the wind doesn't get you, the crime, inconsideration, selfishness, and materialism will.

Don't forget, the desert is old people, gays and Mexicans.

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Disgustingly inappropriate.
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really that is so rude!
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"Don't forget, the desert is old people, gays and Mexicans."
I always like to find out what intolerant people think about my real estate choices...
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Spencer, Home Owner, Palm Springs, CA
Sun Sep 25, 2011
My partner and I own a 50's Alexander home near the Riviera Resort ( Alexander Estates ). We love the area, it is full of charm and although it can have more wind than areas further south we have found it not to be an issue at all for enjoying the home. This area is close to the heart of downtown palm springs and all the best dining and shopping. On windy days I have found that some of the surrounding south areas like Ruth Hardy Park are also windy. So the difference where we are located is not dramatically different. I am sure there are areas further east and north that may be a great deal worse so keep that in mind when shopping. I do not think they would build one of Palm Springs best resorts ( The Riviera ) if the wind was such a problem at this northern location.
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Windy, Renter, North Palm Springs, CA
Tue Mar 15, 2011
If wind bothers you, don't even think of buying in the north end as you will be sorry. I recently moved to the north end into a rental and I can only thank god that I am not buying the place. The house itself is great but the wind here is the worst I have ever experienced and I wouldn't buy a house here at any price. I say this as I know that there are others that will feel this way as well. The sand gets into everything and you can't have your windows open. My garage is a sand pit with sandy grit all over the floor, everything inside and patios all the time. The gardener comes once a week to blow all the mess away but the fact is that he could easily come every day! With all the foreclosures and good deals out there, don't throw your money away by buying a wind blown property out here! I would think it would be very hard to resell and when you did, would most likely not be market price due to the wind and sand issues. Dinner out on the patio?...I don't think so. Pretty things in your china cabinet? You will have to clean it out at least once a month as the wind blows sand and dust through the window and door cracks and it gets into everything in your house. I know because I am living the nightmare and can't wait until my lease is up so I can move out of here! Hope this helps.
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Elaine Stewa…, Agent, Palm Desert, CA
Fri Sep 5, 2008
Wind is definitely an issue, and there is blowing sand in some neighborhoods. If you are here full time, it can be annoying. If not, you can certainly avoid the windy months. There are some great neighborhoods in that area that are not affected by wind quite as much. I would consider seeing all of the neighborhoods in Palm Springs and I am sure you can find something great.
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Lynda & Steve…, Agent, Palm Desert, CA
Tue Sep 2, 2008
You are wise to consider all factors that may affect resale. I can understand why you find wind a "huge" factor in established neighborhoods. However, as you approach I-10, the wind blowing from the west, through the mountain pass, does become a significant factor. And when the winds are blowing, sand is blown in from the still vast undeveloped areas in North Palm Springs and Desert Hot Springs.

I know many people who live in the wind tunnel throughout the valley, from North Palm Springs to Indio, and are happy where they live because of the other many positive qualities of their respective neighborhoods.

Regarding resale, price is the great equalizer. A home in a wind tunnel area will, typically, sell for less than the same home in one of the less windy areas of the valley. (Note: at certain times of the year, the wind and sand area annoying no matter where you live). As to the percentage of people who will not even look in Northern PS, it will vary according to the type of home you are considering. More price conscious buyers will still consider North PS because, as mentioned above, the prices will be relatively lower. For the less price conscious buyer, you will be eliminating a fairly large percentage of buyers.

If you are still interested in buying anywhere in Palm Springs I refer my clients to Brady Sandahl, a reputable, knowledgeable agent. If you are interested in the more central part of the valley, i.e., Rancho Mirage/Palm Desert, I will be glad to help you. Lynda Stefani 760-406-1063.
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