Is Sundance HOA in Buckeye AZ a safe place to live? How's the community Overall?

Asked by Sandra, Buckeye, AZ Wed Oct 29, 2008

I am in the process of buying a home in Sundance HOA in Buckeye AZ. Can anyone give me more information about this community, crime, vandalism, neighbors, schools etc. is this a safe comminity?

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amyleapeters…, Home Owner, Buckeye, AZ
Tue May 6, 2014
Stay away from Sundance HOA! Our home is being foreclosed due to unpaid fines for some car that isn't ours being parked on the street. Just making sure your mortgage is paid every month isn't enough anymore these days. We were not going to pay fines for a car that is not even ours that keeps getting fined $200 every night for parking in the street, worth fines in upwards of $3500 plus $1200 in late fees plus another $2700 in court and attorney fees for the forclose they just filed. (More than $7000 total). Apparently, they love to foreclose because they want to purchase the property for dirt cheap and flip it as they have at many others. I just read how they foreclosed a home of a guy in the military, who was currently oversees, due to some unpaid fines of only less than $700. He had no clue that they forclosed his $300,000 home, and get this, re-purchased it themselves for $3,500 at auction! How is this right? The head of the HOA should be put in jail for the schemes they are pulling!
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Jeremy_red, Home Owner, Buckeye, AZ
Mon Jun 6, 2011
Its not a bad place to live. The people are nice, but the HOA is a real pain in the neck. I take care of my yard and I've already been threatened with fines on about 4 seperate occasions. Once for building a veranda in my front yard that I never built. My neighbor had over $800 in fines and his yard always looked nice. Now they are hiring another security company to patrol our neighborhoods at night and issue the residence citations for parking in front of their own house overnight, which they call "permanent".

But to answer your question, the people in this area are great, but if you want to live in peace without the Sundance HOA threatening, and harrasing you with fines I suggest you look somewhere else.
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Verna, Home Owner, Buckeye, AZ
Sat Mar 29, 2014
What are the Hoa fees being used for?Just for administration? Sure isn't paying to keep up the common areas.......Dead plants,weeds,broken glass,garbage,I could go on and on.They are worthless and bcause of their irresponsibility my home is not worth much.Who driving thu the community looking would want to buy here unless they are used to the ghetto and slum lords like the Hoa...So sick and tired of it!!!!!!!!
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Shortgrl06, Home Buyer, New York, NY
Fri Mar 28, 2014
We made the mistake to move to buckeye and into Sundance because we didn't know better. We received a letter within a couple months saying we are being fined 100.00 for weeds and 100.00 for our trash can being left out repeatedly even though they sent out 2 warnings within the last 6 months. The problem with this is that we received nothing and hadn't been there that long. Plus the trash wasn't left out and we didn't have weeds. We hired a company to prevent any weeds after that so we could make sure and I only took out the trash while the truck was going down my street and I would wait and then put it away and I still ended up getting another fine for the same amount and same thing. But didn't actually get any letter. Went to the property manager and asked for the paper and she couldn't find it. The HOA couldn't either so it got dropped.... STAY AWAY! Plus the dogs around here bark and bark all day and night. If you like little yappy dogs barking non stop and running all around the neighborhood like they are in Mexico, by all means, save a load of $$ for fines for nothing and move right in.
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countriemom1, , Buckeye, AZ
Mon Jul 22, 2013
I lived in Sundance for 9 years and the HOA is really bad. The area I lived in they seemed to pick and choose who they were going to harrass. Everyone always leaves there garage doors cracked in the summer so it doesn't get to hot inside, my neighbor across the street kept getting nasty letters and threatening to fine him if he did not close his door. No one else got that notice. I was fined $50.00 because a tree branch hung over the side walk, now the branch was 11 feet above the sidewalk and it hung over 1 1/2 inches I know because my neighbor helped me measure and take pictures after fighting with the HOA for 2 months they didn't make me pay the fine. I could tell you lots of stories that happened to me and other neighbors. The first 5 years I lived there the HOA was great then someone else took over and the entire neighborhood calls them the "Gestapo" and there is a man that rides his bicycle around the neighborhood after 11:00 pm with a note pad and writes any little thing out of place and sends it to the HOA, I know because I caught him up on my fence with a flashlight looking at my backyard! That is trespassing, I told the HOA if I ever caught him in my yard again I would call the police and tell them that maybe he was a bugler, or peeping tom, he's called the "Neighborhood Nazi". Ask lots and lots of questions in the neighborhood about the HOA in that area. Some are not to bad but the one in this area is horrible!
I loved living in Buckeye and I will move back out there again but I will NOT live in an HOA area I will find an older home. Good Luck....
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SundanceHOAs…, Both Buyer And Seller, Buckeye, AZ
Wed May 30, 2012
HOA sucks but the neighborhood is good never had a problem til the dog hating neighbor other wise when people are out n about walking jogging with dogs or kids they are very friendly once in awhile you get the speeder but what neighborhood doesnt loud music sometimes its a community the kids there not too bad i have a park behind my house and a few houses away is the walkway leading to it there through there all the time never had a problem its a nice place but HOA needs to get there faces out of there butts.
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Laurie, Renter, Buckeye, AZ
Mon Apr 2, 2012
HOA is a joke! I just got off the phone w/ them re: issues w/ the neighborhood kids lighting fires & smoking pot at the park by my house, also the kids here ring doorbells at 11pm-1am and run, all the dogs in the neighborhood are barking cuz of the kids running & laughing at night (mind you these are kids ages 11-14 who should be in bed). Buckeye cops are worse. HOA did NOTHING. They could give a rats ass as long as you pay your fees every month, thats all they care about. They could care less. They give you a fine if you have 1 damn weed in your rocks and God forbid if you dont get home from work til late at night & your trash bin is still at the road, you get a fine too. They assume everyone works 9-5pm. They dont exterminate the parks for roaches so in the summer time when your cute little kids are laying in the cool grass they have roaches crawling on them. You can see the roaches come out of the grass when the sprinklers come on. It's so sick.
Security is also a joke. They drive by so fast (one time) and they come around every so often...(not enough) they dont pay attention to whats going on. If they drove a little slower maybe they'd see the fire in the park!
They're letting ANYONE live in Sundance. When I 1st moved here 1 1/2 yrs ago it was a nice area. Now it's full of ghettolicious people w/ their rap music blaring in their car when they drive by, parties on weekends, punk kids bullying other kids WAY younger than them and parents not caring at all. You might as well live in South Phoenix!! We are moving out of Buckeye & I cant wait!! You can get a house just as cheap a lot closer to civilization! Oh and when the wind blows it reeks like cow poo! DONT MOVE TO BUCKEYE!!
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Crystal Archer, I am not familiar with Sundance, looking at it for a client of mine. I would suggest looking at Maricopa, also a Meritage adult community, or any of the other communities. I am a Realtor and a resident and do recommend it highly. We have lots of people relocating from across the country. Mission Royale, also Meritage adult community, in Casa Grande is a good choice. I would like to help you in your new home search. You can contact me at Terry Sperry, Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage.
Flag Tue Oct 27, 2015
I know that this is an old post...what cities would you suggest? my husband is applying to transfer to the power plant near we are looking for cities near there. :)
Flag Sun May 31, 2015
You actually saw security?? I lived there 9 years and never ever saw even one! I don't blame you for moving, I did.
Flag Mon Jul 22, 2013
Verna, Home Owner, Buckeye, AZ
Sun Oct 23, 2011
I think that the community is safe enough,but the Assocaition picks on very minor things.I have been sited once for sdigging a small hole in my yard to plant a plant,went to Lowes to buy plant and planted it,but Assocation must have driven by in the few minutes I was gone and a week later got a citation!.But yet I have complained twice about dogs and nothing has been done.I opened my garage door the other day and within a few seconds I had 3 dogs in my house!!.I like dogs,but I respected my neighbors enough that I gave up my dog because I knew that she would bark at everything.These people here just do not have the respect of their neighbors and the Association does nothing about it.So,would I buy here again? The answer to that is a big NO..And my neighbors have got weerdss that arent taken care of and nothing is done about that.So,you decide if you would like to live under these conditions.I have to keep my house for another year,but when that is up,I am going to try to at least get my money back by selling or rent it out to someone else that can stand the aggrevation of dogs and dictatorship
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Azgrif21, Home Buyer, Buckeye, AZ
Thu Aug 11, 2011
The HOA is a major negaive when looking to buy or rent a house in Sundance. Don't move here unless you like people driving around peeking into your yard looking for the slightest. They sent me a letter with a fine for $100 to trim my tree, the letter said second notice but it was the first one I recieved! I am moving out of this place as sson as I can.
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Michael Ford, Renter, New York, NY
Fri Apr 28, 2017
How can a community get rid of the HOA? What a joke here in Sundance
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Skassimd, Home Buyer, Buckeye, AZ
Sun May 22, 2016
The HOA has a final surprise and extracts $934.18 from you at closing when you sell. More specifically $800 for "disclosure fees," $50 for "update fees," and $84.18 for "working capital." The HOA is ridiculous. You don't want to be subjected to it.
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Jesse, Home Buyer, Buckeye, AZ
Tue Dec 22, 2015
Funny thing about HOA's are that they are home owners in the same subdivision. I am the president of another HOA located close to Sundance. The problem with the HOA is twofold; first, the HOA board is not the heavy here, the property management company the HOA employs is the enforcement. The HOA board then decides how "over the top" the management company should be on enforcement. In many cases, the HOA board is so out of touch with their community that they allow the management company to completely control the property. When I was elected to the HOA in my subdivision, the property management company was aggressive, rude and used intimidation to "shakedown" the owners. I am happy to say the two years later, we have cleaned house on the HOA board, and flipped the paradigm on the property management company. The management company is paid by the HOA, so they are supposed to take direction from the HOA board, which is elected by the community. The owners are ultimately in charge of their own property, and can dismiss the current HOA board with 2/3 majority vote from the owners. If the management company challenges the decisions of the HOA board they can be fired, and their contract voided due to their own breech.

My suggestion is to gather your community together and regain control over your HOA. Go to the meetings and demand answers from the board. If they cannot provide the answers and change needed, then the board needs to be removed and/or replaced by competent owners that will force the change. Many of the HOA's were hurt financially during the lapse in the economy and use this as an excuse to extract more monies from their residents under the guise of fines or penalties. However, they must prove that the violation is legitimate and provide proof in the form of pictures and documentation. If they cannot, the fine is void. Secondly, there is procedure that must be followed to add a lien to your home, and many courts are not supporting these liens from HOA's.

Sundance is a huge community and encompasses quite a bit more than just the local neighborhoods, so the processes may vary a little, however, they cannot fine a person for a car parked in front of your home that is not yours. The community does not own the streets, the city does. You should be able to take those fines to the justice court and have them all dismissed. Secondly, if the car is continually in front the home, the owner of the home can call the city and have it removed at the car owners expense. Unless there is a regulation that Sundance negotiated with the city on overnight street parking, the HOA or management company has no control over public roads.

Buckeye is a great place to live, do not let the HOA's scare you away, just do your due diligence and investigate your community before you move in. Check with residents that live there, and don't limit yourself to one subdivision. Buckeye is a big place and there are plenty of options out there.

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sglshannon, Home Buyer, Buckeye, AZ
Sat Nov 29, 2014
The HOA will harrass you! It doesn't matter if it's life or death... they will fine 100.00 for your car being in the front of your own home. Come on your property and will not answer questions
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SundanceHOAs…, Both Buyer And Seller, Buckeye, AZ
Wed May 30, 2012
well im finally looking to get out people are very nice and friendly except one neighbor complained about my dog barking 3 times in like 5 mins called buckeye pd. yet when im home they dont have the decency to say Hey your dogs been barking or anything just gave me a dirty look and that was that. HOA is a freaken joke ive paid like 1200 dollars because every minor thing i work from 5 am til my work is done which is late in the evening. i have a wife that works from 6am til 5 pm 2 small kids. we are not home majority of the time cuz we are working and the 1 or 2 days off we have we do our shopping and what we can clean ive notified this HOA but never get a response ive called left messages and next thing you know im fined its BULLSpIT for the amount we pay quarterly sundance HOA isnt kept up
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Laurie, Renter, Buckeye, AZ
Mon Apr 2, 2012
Oh and I forgot to ad the house behind me 2 houses down was vandalized BAD by the neighborhood punk kids & I mean BAD!! The windows have all been boarded up because they threw bricks thru them. If you look in the front window it looks like a murder scene in the living room. There's red paint all over the walls, ceiling & floor. Looks like someone was killed in there. The neighbor kids brag about what they did. I've called the realty on the sign to inform them of who did this 3 times & no answer. Left messages, no return call.. This shows they really don't care. Cops dont care either. It's hear say.. gotta catch them in the act!! Really???
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Kev, Home Owner, Buckeye, AZ
Fri Feb 24, 2012
I live in Buckeye, The HOA that runs it are not at all on the up and up. I got a letter about a "non" running vehicle in my driveway. There was no such vehicle I have two and they're in the garage if not being used. I called to tell them what the deal was and all I got was, "Did you move the vehicle?"
Campanella is the idiot i spoke to on three different occasions until I threatened to hire an ATTY.

The realtors that keep telling you about reading the rule book are full of it.....
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Tom Campanella is a bias Nazi. I am so glad he didn't win the race for Mayor. they do pick and choose who they will fine. we get fined for my husband parking his work VAN in our OWN drive way, but if you go just around the corner on our street there is a van just like it and they dont fine him. I know i asked. there are at least 7 other vans like ours but we are the only one getting fined. This HOA is bullies and are starving for money. they will fine you for everything. I keep getting fined for having cars parked on the street and they are not even ours. I ask the HOA why am i being fined and one lady says i didn't get fined that it was just a warning but on my bill it is charging me. tell me how this makes sense. me and my husband spent a combined 13 years in the military and this is what we get to come home to.
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Jeremy_red, Home Owner, Buckeye, AZ
Fri Oct 14, 2011
Don't listen to these realtors. They just want your $. All HOA do have rules, but some, like SUNDANCE HOA are mis-managed and will nit pick every stupid rule they can because they have been given the power to ruin your credit score if you don't comply, they can also put a lien on your house. Do you want someone breathing down your neck, telling you what to do and fining you at your own house? Think twice.
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Adriana Harr…, , Buckeye, AZ
Thu Oct 13, 2011
It is a nice place to live. Before you buy in Sundance ask the Agent for copy of the HOA rules. You need to read it. Then you decide if you really want to live there. All HOA has rules to follow.
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Bet you live in a trailer out in the desert
Flag Sat Nov 29, 2014
Jason, Both Buyer And Seller, Buckeye, AZ
Wed Aug 31, 2011
DO NOT BUY A HOUSE IN BUCKEYE, AZ WITH HOA! What a rip-off! The management company, Associated Asset issues fines for non existant violations. I guess that they need to engege in fraud to offset their losses due to the downturn in the housing market. If you dispute their bogus fines, they then just sue you in court to collect the money. I am counting the days to ESCAPE BUCKEYE, AZ! If you buy a house in Buckeye you are a fool. If you buy a house in Buckeye, AZ with a HOA you are an idiot! You have been warned!
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Paul Welden, Agent, Scottsdale, AZ
Wed Oct 29, 2008
Hi Sandra,

To get the information you request, your agent should have given you a copy of the buyer advisory, which is a 9-12 page booklet that tells you where to go online to get this information. If you did not use a buyer's agent to buy your home, then ask the seller's agent for a copy of it. It's also possible that the department of real estate website has this booklet to download.

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