In Stuart Fl. ,River Pines complex There are a large number of identical townhouses for sale. Is there a?

Asked by Ian Cummings, san jose del cabo, bcs, mexico Wed Feb 13, 2008

reason or reasons for this? I am interested in this complex

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John, , Sanford, FL
Sun Feb 22, 2009
The Homeowners Associations are a bunch of people who have nothing to do but harass residents and the manager is the worst ! I gave mine away just to get away from them, it would have been a nice place if not for them! I should have realized they were crazy when my wife and I had to be interviewed to see if We Fit!
BEWARE associations are the Worst and this one is probably close to the TOP!
Also check out ALL the other fees that you have to pay monthly !!
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Sploitz85, Home Buyer, Stuart, FL
Thu Jan 19, 2012
Several of the responses in this thread are obviously members of management. I can't think of a single human being who would give an unbiased review and include the words "lush" and "gem" in it.

Anyways, now you can hear the honest truth.

The HoA in this place are doing their best to mimic the Gestapo of Hitler's Germany. Guests are given warning notices on their cars (even when parking in GUEST spots) threatening that their vehicle will be towed. New residents are only permitted to move in once all the snow birds have left, which is rather unfair to homeowners looking to fill a vacant room. The facilities are terrible, and the "lush, tropical landscape" as some other 'reviewers' have described it consists of grass and a few palm trees. Some people are just frighteningly easy to please, I guess.

After paying HoA fees, nothing but threats from said HoA have been delivered, demanding repainting of surfaces that former owners neglected, when in fact it looks no different than the other residents' homes.

I have a feeling they want to bully people who are less than 75 out of here and turn this place into a retirement home.

STAY AWAY from River Pines unless you enjoy being bossed around by the Third Homeowners Reich.
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Chistianwork…, Home Buyer, Stuart, FL
Thu Feb 2, 2017
Bought a townhouse here last year. Could not be happier with our decision. Quiet and beautiful. Surrounded on two sides with State Park land, another side is the Miles Grant Golf Course and the fourth side is another very quiet and lush development, WoodRidge.
There is no new townhouse development in Martin County that matches River Pines.
Martin County is one of the jewel counties in all of Florida.
Super cool living here.
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Fhfhfyt565yt…, Home Buyer, Stuart, FL
Wed Jun 29, 2016
River Pines is looking better than ever.

Great lifestyle. Wonderful neighbors.

No Motorcycles or pick-up trucks. No sales to investors. Must be owner occupied.

Best run HOA in Martin County.

Average of 4 homes available at any one time. 400 homes on site

A lush and beautiful setting off the beaten track yet with in minutes of every amenity.

NOTE: If you are a thoughtless jerk you may be certain this place is not for you. Only decent folks may apply.
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Williman, Renter, Wellington, FL
Thu Mar 12, 2015
Can anyone update this post? There are 4-5 units for sale and as a potential buyer that makes me question if the complaints below are still valid. Thank you.
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Ron Klein, Renter, Stuart, FL
Sun Dec 30, 2012
Also, the HOA fees at River Pines are very reasonable.. $150 dollars a month. taxes are about 1200 dollars a year or so and insurance costs about $575.00 a year.

very good numbers.
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Ron Klein, Renter, Stuart, FL
Sun Dec 30, 2012
The prices in River Pines are now headed back up and the last of the great deals under $100,000 on the way out.

I love the area and the way the place is run.

This is one HOA that will not put up with redneck nonsense like pickup trucks, motorcycles, etc.

The folks complaining on this site are exactly the type of lowlifes that are targeted by the HOA and one reason why it is such a quiet and lovely place to live.

If you want to live with the typical garbage that fills some of these townhouse complexes then dont move here.
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EXCUSE ME!! That is very rude to assume that someone who has a nice - new $40K truck, that is not a commercial vehicle, is a redneck or lowlife. Many individuals own a truck these days and they are not beat-up or loaded with construction equipment. Isn't this a view of the 80's. At the very least River Pines could have an area for guests to park that have a truck who are staying over night. Both of my parents hold a doctorate degree and retired from professional careers. They just prefer to own a very, very nice truck and they can't even visit. CRAZY!!
Flag Sun Dec 30, 2012
Rachel Stafa…, Agent, Stuart, FL
Tue Jul 17, 2012
Rachel Stafani At present there are 14 listings in the community. It is a great community
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Bostontom, Home Owner, Boston, MA
Sat Jul 7, 2012
Last time I posted here was a few years ago.

I still have my place and I love it here in the winter months.

The HOA are sticklers for the rules and the community is one of the best in Martin County because of it.

Just a great place to spend time. Quiet and lovely.

Like the rest of Florida some units went into foreclosure and the price of the units for sale otherwise are below replacement value at this point.

If you want a great place at a great price, now is the time.
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Linda, , Stuart, FL
Sun Nov 20, 2011
Wow, was I surprised to receive an email saying there had been activity on this thread since it was over two years ago that I posted a reply here!

First of all, River Pines townhouses have fallen quite a bit in price in the last two years. Not sure if they're done falling. is estimating their value at about 75K. Quite a drop from $249! So glad we bought ours so long ago. I think there are many more foreclosures and short sales now than there were two years ago. You can pick up one of these babies for as low as 70K, maybe lower for a short sale. You might see some listed for the high 80s and 90s. Forget that, they will not sell anytime soon. These people are just in denial. Reality will sink in eventually!

In the late 90s they had dropped in price too and were going for the 50s and 60s. Quite a bit of market variability. Hard to believe we'll ever see over 200K again but you never know.

Nothing much has changed in the past two years other than the prices. It's my perception that there are many more renters here, but I don't know how accurate that perception is. We get very infrequent communication from the board, often you don't hear anything for six months or more. Though the renters are supposed to be pre-screened, I'm not sure that they all are. Some seem pretty dicey. Still have a couple of sex offenders here too. (They're everywhere folks!)

Nothing new with the board. I'm not even sure who's on it anymore. The meetings are still in the daytime so working people are effectively shut out. I suspect the board likes it just fine that way. I doubt much has changed in the make-up of the board. They're a group of old folks who most likely miss the stimulation of their working years. Understandable. The property manager is sort of full of himself, not a very friendly type--I think the board has him under their thumb, and he's employed at the pleasure of the board, so I guess the board is right to have him under their thumb!

This place truly does have a very "eighties" feel, like things haven't changed since these units were built. The rules are ok, I really have no problems with most of them, at least not enough to try to "Occupy River Pines" and throw out the board. Working folks have no time for being on the board and enforcing the rules. Problem is, even the board enforces the rules only selectively. Not sure how the selection process works!

I love the "no trucks" rule and hope they never change it! River Pines is definitely NOT a fishing community and you can't have a boat here, so you don't need a truck to haul one. Even "nice" trucks are still trucks, and lots of trucks around make a place look red-necky--not the look River Pines wants. It may be an unfair characterization, but that's the rule and if you don't like it don't buy here. It's one of the rules they DO enforce!

Now is a great time to buy. Just remember, you're limited on what you can drive, pets you can have (renters can have none at all) how many people can live in your unit, how often and to whom you can rent your unit and what you can do to your unit. (Not much--and resistance is futile--you must assimilate!)

For snowbirds (I hope to be one soon!) they're great. Throw up some hurricane shutters and beat feet out of here once the average daily temp tops 80! I think the units are good investments at the price they're at now. I'm actually thinking of picking up another one if the price is right!
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Unhappy, Home Owner, Stuart, FL
Sun Nov 20, 2011
If you want friendly people from the Homeowners Association or Management - Don't buy in River Pines.
Although some of the units are nice - As you can see below from someone else's comment - You cannot contact anyone.

The condo mafia is always watching. They are still living by the rules from the 1980's.

I understand not having commercial trucks - but new trucks with 4 doors are nicer than many of the cars you see covered up in the parking lot. My family cannot even visit me for a few days and drive their "nice" truck without getting a ticket. Many of the folks are real busy-bodies and can't wait for you to "break" one of their "old / outdated" rules.

Stuart is a fishing community - and what do you usually pull a boat with - a TRUCK!!

With the economy turned up-side down our unit is worth much less than we financed. With all of their rules, we can't rent it when we are not using it.

Hey - maybe you should buy in River Pines - then we can out vote the present leadership !!
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Linda, , Stuart, FL
Sun Sep 20, 2009
Most likely a combination of things, as another poster pointed out. At the peak these townhouses were going for up to $240,000! Anyone who bought during the peak and had an ARM probably got caught way upside down. There have been some foreclosures so that's probably part of it. Also, the older people who live here do die off, so those units become available. Lots of old people, so more vacancies to come in the future.

Young couples outgrow them pretty quickly and move up.

The community is aesthetically lovely. It's a nice place to just walk around. It's kept up very well, looks much nicer than Emerald Lakes up the road. It's mostly very quiet. To me it doesn't seem really "neighborly". You can walk around the whole mile of Riverboat Drive and not see a single living person sometimes. Other times you may see some folks walking, running or cycling. It seems people pretty much keep to themselves.
There are rules, and mostly I like the rules. No pickup trucks or commercial vehicles or motorcycles are allowed. No unregistered vehicles or broken down vehicles are allowed. No big dogs--a good thing because big dogs make big messes and people don't always clean up. There are limits to how many people can live in a unit but I don't think that's enforced.

Over the years I've lived here (about nine) I've seen a general relaxing of the rules to the detriment of the complex. I don't believe they check out renters as much as they should. To that effect we have had (and still have) some unsavory people living in some of the courts, including people on the sex offenders registry and just some druggie, lowlife types. Some owners will rent to anyone. The HOA doesn't monitor this as they should and if you complain you get absolutely nowhere. It's really too bad. These people are the minority but they are still here and affect the quality of life here. Pool rules are frequently not enforced.

On the other hand, the HOA gets on people for the strangest reasons! The group who make up the HOA are just what you would expect here in south Florida. Very senior citizens who have become curmudgeonly and cranky. The younger residents (and I mean anyone under 65) laugh about it. The property manager is rude and obnoxious. I don't think he actually realizes this. He works for the HOA and does their bidding I guess. I think this is about the same no matter where you live. It just seems that the type of people who want to be on the HOA board are similar everywhere. However, they do serve for no pay (though I would guess there are many non-monetary perks) . The place looks beautiful so no complaints there! You have to give them credit for that!

Eventually they will also be gone, and others will take their place.

It's hard to get information about anything that goes on here. Almost all the meetings are held during working hours--therefore only the retired folk can go, and I think it's set up that way on purpose. The property manager's hours are quite limited, and again, if you work during the day you'll never see him, because there are no evening or weekend hours.

A couple of years ago someone started a website, but it disappeared, and there has been nothing to replace it. You can't contact the HOA board via email, or even the property manager. Very frustrating. Again, I attribute this to the advanced age and lack of internet savvy of the people on the board, and of a great many of the residents. Someday this will change, as another generation steps in.

The units themselves vary from vintage 1981 interiors with all original fixtures, to totally remodeled. Some have screened patios, some don't. You don't have much leeway to change anything outside--you can't even plant a shrub without permission from the HOA. You can grow whatever you want inside your fence.
The one flaw in the layout of the units is that there is a bathroom right off the little dining area. I mean RIGHT THERE. If you're working at the counter in the kitchen, or eating at your table, you get a nice view of the toilet. I don't know about anyone else but this was a terrible idea! I have to keep the door closed when I cook and eat. I just can't enjoy a nice meal while gazing at a toilet!

Overall this is a really nice place to live. Just remember if you have any kind of problem, you're mostly going to be on your own. Luckily there aren't too many problems.

It's not a good place for young kids. There is nowhere to play. In fact other than the two pools, there is no clubhouse or anywhere else to gather, no playground, nothing. This community was really not designed for families with children, and the townhouses are really too small for more than two people, in my opinion.
One very important thing!! The cell phone service is practically non-existent! All carriers! You'll need a landline!
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Dm1111, , Stuart, FL
Thu Jul 9, 2009
One of the most charming aspects of River Pines is the lush tropical feel. River Pines is located east of A1A (Dixie Highway).
Adjacent to River Pines to the south is a state park that stretches for a few miles . To the east , the complex is adjacent to the Inlet and the ocean beyond. At night you can hear the ocean waves.
To the north, directly across the road is the Miles Grant Country Club with a golf course that stretches the length the River Pines complex.
River Pines is simply a great place to live year round or if you are a snowbird.
The townhouse interior layouts are classics.
Two bedrooms, two full baths upstairs.
Livingroom, dining area and kitchen with 1/2 baths and washer/dryer area downstairs.
Each room has a large sliding glass door. Upstairs have two small balconies.
All enclosed in a private 20x24 ft private patio.
Each resident gets two parking spaces as well as plenty of room for guest parking.

NOTE: Now that the Chinese drywall problem in Florida is becoming such a huge issue it is important to note that River Pines has NO problems relating to that issue. Many newer homes in the area are suffering major problems related to that.. River Pines is more desirable than ever in that regard.

As you can see, I love this area and the River Pines complex.

The folks who have taken responsibilty for overseeing the homeowners association are fair and firm. They do a great job of keeping River Pines a tremendous place to live. I have great regard for their dedication and am NOT related to any board
On the contrary, in the past the board has asked me to conform to certain minor complex rules. The issues were addressed by them in professional manner and I was only too happy to comply.

River Pines is the best value in Martin County.

Identical townhouses in over developed Jupiter are selling for 50-70% more.

The value in River pines is simply great.
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Audrey, , Stuart, FL
Thu May 21, 2009
We have a unit which has been totally remodeled in the past two years that we put on the market and after nothing but neighborhood lookers we pulled. Part of the problem is that the "association" will not allow any signage, even for open house days, indicating that a unit is for sale which practically eliminates exposure to buyers. Keep in mind that Florida is in general alot of winter residents in this type of intracoastal development with many of them older and not computer literate. Since realtors are doing primarily online marketing it really creates a bottleneck effect when trying to sell to those very people.
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Tom, Home Buyer, Stuart, FL
Mon Mar 9, 2009
River Pines is one of the hidden gems in Martin County.
95 lush, beautiful acres adjoining miles of State Park and the Inter-coastal preserve .
Great for bikers, birders,kayaking or anyone who loves the outdoors.
To get the full effect you must take a look at the Google map shot of the area.
Peaceful, ultra quiet and safe yet with in a minutes of every amenity and major shopping.
River Pines is the best buy on the Treasure Coast.
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Gabe Sanders, Agent, Stuart, FL
Wed Dec 3, 2008
Dear Ian,

River Pines was built in 1981 and there are a number of factors why so many are on the market. Some investor activity, some a reflection of the economic time and an aging group of residents. They are not all identical as to some owners have made some customizations and updates inside and outside the units. But the basic floorplans are the same. They are called DiVosta Quads.

If you would like an update on currently available homes in River Pines or notifications of new listings, feel free to contact me from my web site and I'll set you up.
Web Reference:
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Paul Ockers, Home Buyer, East Bridgewater, MA
Mon Dec 1, 2008
ccondos listings river pine
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Audrey, , Stuart, FL
Sun Aug 10, 2008
Not sure if you are still inquiring about the neighborhood but if you are I can offer you up a bit of info. We live in River Pines community having moved from Palm Beach County to Stuart in Martin County approximately two years ago. The tax base is significantly lower, the people are friendlier, and there is much much more control on the expansion of the community to builders. Due to that Stuart did not end up becoming the concrete jungle its neighbors to the north and south did. The neighborhood is convenient for walking, biking, swimming, and backs up to a state preserve that goes all the way to the intracoastal. To get a real sense you should Google it.

If you have an interest we do plan on relocating next year, around April to june, to Portland and will be selling our unit. We will be listing sometime in February so if interested email me. All of the units are two bedroom, two and 1/2 bath, with kitchen, living room and dining area on the first floor. My husband is a contractor so has redone most of our unit bringing into the current year. email is
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Sandy Krisch…, , Saint Lucie County, FL
Mon Apr 7, 2008
There is no specific reason for this, other than the market is a true buyers market here in Florida, we are seeing this all over our area. I have lived here my entire life, and been doing Real Estate for over a decade. We saw the same thing in the late 90's after a lot of FHA backed loans were going into foreclosure and some neighborhoods were saturated with homes for sale! I have viewed nearly every home in this community, and they are investors, "normal" people who lost jobs and are losing their homes, retirees who have lived there 20 years that area downsizing (do not want stairs), and younger couples who are moving up to larger single family homes now that they are affordable. It is not a bad area, or one that will not keep value, if that is what you are thinking. This neighborhood has many features that others like it do not (lower HOA fees, private boardwalk and canoe/kayak area to river, dock for fishing/picnics, etc...)!! Great neighbors and friendly people...lots of people jogging, walking dogs, biking, etc..through the community! Let me know if I can help....good luck!
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Katie Murphy, Agent, Stuart, FL
Mon Mar 17, 2008
Hi Ian,
This area had quite a few investors at the end of the boom in 2004 and 2005. Many were not able to turn them over to make a profit and; therefore, they are on the market. I know River Pines well. Can I assist you in your search? Katie Murphy, Keller Williams Realty 561-452-2160;
Web Reference:
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