If you're getting an inspection report, should you attend the inspection too?

Asked by Trulia Charlotte, Charlotte, NC Tue Apr 16, 2013

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My NC Homes Team’s answer
My NC Homes…, Agent, Chapel Hill, NC
Tue Apr 16, 2013
If you are the buyer with out a doubt you should attend it will give you the best chance of really understanding how your home got put together and allow you to have an organic conversation with the inspector about any issues they do uncover. I highly recommend to all my buyers that they attend.

As the buyer broker I attend all inspections. Our buyer hired us for our experience and knowledge. I feel it my obligation to be there. I close on average 1 transaction a week, it takes a lot of time to attend all these inspections and yet I do it and my clients notice and appreciate it.
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Hannibal Col…, Agent, Brooklyn, NY
Tue Jun 18, 2013
I dont see why not. It'll be a learning experience at the least. Best to be informed
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williammich…, Other Pro, Charlotte, NC
Tue Jun 18, 2013
good idea Leonard Dunikoski
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Leonard Duni…, Agent, Rumson, NJ
Tue Jun 4, 2013
You will learn A LOT by attending a home inspection. Not just about that particular house, but about what you should look for in ANY house (including what you should keep an eye on once you own the house).

Don't be afraid to ask the inspector any questions that cross your mind. Most home inspectors are glad to share their knowledge.

There's a great book you should buy for yourself called "The Home Reference Book". It's available online from a Canadian company called CarsonDunlop. If you look for it at a bookstore or at Amazon.com, make sure you're getting the latest version (2012). It's not cheap ($59) but it's worth every penny, and it will help you "understand what house systems and components are supposed to do, and what happens if they don't".


Leonard “Len” Dunikoski, GRI
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Kawain Payne, Agent, Seal Beach, CA
Tue Jun 4, 2013
The buyer as well as the buyer's agent should make every effort to attend the inspection.

Kawain Payne, Realtor
Prudential California Realty
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David Johnson, , Charlotte, NC
Tue Jun 4, 2013
Buying a home could be the largest single investment you will ever make. To minimize unpleasant surprises and unexpected difficulties, you’ll want to learn as much as you can about the newly constructed or existing house before you buy it. A home inspection may identify the need for major repairs or builder oversights, as well as the need for maintenance to keep it in good shape. After the inspection, you will know more about the house, which will allow you to make decisions with confidence.

If you already are a homeowner, a home inspection can identify problems in the making and suggest preventive measures that might help you avoid costly future repairs.

If you are planning to sell your home, a home inspection can give you the opportunity to make repairs that will put the house in better selling condition.

Remember the inspector is trying to do his job, questions are welcome, but distractions and questions not related to the inspection can take the inspectors focus away from the task at hand. We always recommend to our client that the attend the inspection.
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Daniel Fisher, Agent, Charlotte, NC
Sun Jun 2, 2013
Good afternoon:
A home inspection usually takes several hours. I strongly recommend that the person who hires the inspector meet with the inspector at the property near the end of the inspection so that they can review the deficits. If you appreciate an answer, please give thumbs up. For the most helpful answer, please say thanks with a best answer click.
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Jay Taylor, , Santa Ana, CA
Tue Apr 23, 2013
I agree with @Larry. As you are the buyer then self inspection will be more reliable and useful than by a home inspector. They usually spend a few minutes on inspection and give a rough report which I don't think is so reliable.
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Kip Randolph, Agent, Charlotte, NC
Tue Apr 16, 2013
You should always attend the inspection if possible. The inspector will usually spend a few minutes at the end going over what they find and then put the information into a formal report. If there are problems, it helps for you to know immediately. I always attend the inspection with my buyers.
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Kathleen Tur…, Agent, Charlotte, NC
Tue Apr 16, 2013
A buyer should always attend an inspection if at all possible. The inspection is a great time to learn more about your new house, for example, important details such as where the main water shut off is! Most inspectors are more than happy to answer a buyer's questions about the functionality of house's mechanical, electrical & plumbing systems. At the end of the inspection, the inspector will go over his findings with the buyer, so that when the report arrives, the buyer has an understanding of what the report is describing.

As an agent, I like to arrive at the inspection towards the end. The inspector's client is my buyer, not me. I prefer that my buyer has an opportunity to interact with the inspector without me being in the way. I really only need to be there to hear the inspector's findings so that I know what to be prepared for as we move into repair negotiations.

Kathleen Turner, CRS, ABR, ePro, Certified Paralegal
The Kathleen Turner Realty Group
Keller Williams Realty
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dave, Agent, Charlotte, NC
Tue Apr 16, 2013
In Charlotte, NC. I ALWAYS show up for my home inspections. i coordinate the inspection on behalf of my buyers and make a time that si conveint for them and ensure I can make it as well.

The day of inspection I usually arrive about ten to fifteen minutes early and go over with the inspector the potential issues we have seen while looking at the house to make sure the house is in good shape. The inspector goes through the whole house but addressing the things we were concnerned about.

During the inspection if there is an issue that they feel can be maajor concern they will address with me and the buyer at that time. otherwise he generally waits to the end and walks us through the house showing the items he found wrong. These are all included on his inspection report with photos. but it is easier seeing and knowing exactly what he is talking about......

it also helps when we are asking for repairs to be done knwong what the inspector found wrong and where it was located and explaining it better to them....

Dave diCecco
Coldwell Banker United
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stephen webb…, Agent, Kirkland, WA
Tue Apr 16, 2013
Always always have the property inspected even if it is new! And be there with the inspector and the agent representing you should be there as well. Ask questions until you have clarity on every issue the inspector mentions. How much will it cost to remedy. Than you will have clear persepective when negotiating with the seller.
Sometimes if the seller will not fix the issue you can offer to raise the price to include the repair.
There is a very good artilce on Inspections and negotiating at Your-Road-Home.com. And the article, Snags, Snares and Ptifalls will serve you well.
Web Reference:  http://Your-Road-Home.com
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John Siddons…, Agent, Charlotte, NC
Tue Apr 16, 2013
I think you should definitely attend inspections. Sometimes reports can be vague and you can really miss the severity of an issue, or freak out on something small if you are not at the inspection to discuss the issues with the inspector.

You're making one of the largest purchases of your life, at least show up for a recap with the inspector at the end of the inspection!

John Siddons
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Sandy Curtis, Agent, Hagerstown, MD
Tue Apr 16, 2013
If you are the buyer and paying the inspector, yes, you should go to the inspection. Trying to decipher what is inspected and recommended vs being there and have it pointed out to you so that you understand completely, I find it easier to understand when you are present
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Sandy Curtis, Agent, Hagerstown, MD
Tue Apr 16, 2013
If you are the buyer and paying the inspector, yes, you should go to the inspection. Trying to decipher what is inspected and recommended vs being there and have it pointed out to you so that you understand completely, I find it easier to understand when you are present
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