I want to fly in after XMas to view some properties I have found on Trulia. What is my best process for identifying and enlisting an Agent?

Asked by Nmcd2009, Miami, FL Sun Nov 18, 2012

I have identified 11 properties in the Ft Lauderdale and Miami area that fit my type of house and price range.

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Heriberto Rivera Beltran’s answer
Heriberto Ri…, Agent, Kissimmee, FL
Sun Nov 18, 2012
I disagree with previous agents. having someone who knows both area not necessary will help you. Contact one agent on each area and work with whoever treat you well. it is not about the property but the service they offer you. Once you decide which agent to work with he/she should be able to show and help you with the process on any of the area.
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Good answer - Real Estate 101 No your market :)
Flag Sun Nov 18, 2012
Beth Jenkins, Agent, Miami Lakes, FL
Sun Nov 18, 2012
Good Morning,
I suggest that you make direct contact by calling several agents, which I am sure will answer your question here on Trulia.
You can look at agents' profiles here on Trulia to see how engaged they are in the real estate market, but ultimatly you will need to speak to several agents so that you can get a feel for their experience and if they have your best interest in mind-- and who also can identify the different questions that will come up during your search process.

I am an experienced agent that thrives on customer service and have successfully worked with many clients that I have met here on Trulia.

Please feel free to browse my profile and call me at your convenience.

I look foward to hearing from you,
Beth Jenkins
South Florida Brokers
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Brian Kantor, Agent, Miami, FL
Tue Jul 16, 2013
I would start looking about 2 weeks prior to arrival. This way you will have current inventory. The inventory is changing rapidly and you can get an Idea leading up to when you will arrive but your start to look should be a few days prior to getting here. You can look at the agents profiles and read comments. The best thing to do is pick up the phone and interview see if you like the agents personality, approach, and ability to communicate what your needs will be going thru this process.

If you would like to discuss I would be happy to talk about possibilities and finding you your new home..

my office number is 786-505-7352
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Ana Benitez, Agent, Pembroke Pines, FL
Thu Jun 27, 2013
If you do not know anyone that a friend or relative can refer, try contacting numerous agents online that you research and see which one provides you with good fast service, one that is experienced and patient and will be able to give you the time you need.
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Eric Davis C…, Agent, Miami, FL
Wed May 8, 2013
Shopping for property online is a great tool to give you an idea of what may be on the market and to provide additional information, but it is only the starting point. The information can be dated or false. The best way is to actually speak with a professional who can email you properties that are ready and active. I set my clients up with their very own web portal to help them look online at theIr convenience and email all forms upfront to give you time to fill them out. We create a plan of action based on your needs and time frame and revisit that if something should change. Call 786.529.5478 or email me at MoveRealEstate@yahoo.com

"We Move RealEstate"

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Irina Karan, Agent, Aventura, FL
Fri Jan 4, 2013
First off, many properties on Trulia were sold a long time ago - and never updated.
So, I would not rely on this info.
To find an agent - use Find a Pro tool on Trulia, or just pick a few local agents (based on their answers) and interview them to see what their advice would be in your particular case.

Hope this helps,

Irina Karan
Beachfront Realty, Inc.
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Beth Jenkins, Agent, Miami Lakes, FL
Thu Nov 22, 2012
Hi Nmcd2009,,
I thought of your question when I read this blog on Trulia:
http://=www.trulia.com%2Fblog%2Ftaranelson%2F2012%2F11%2F6_unexpect… target="_blank" rel="nofollow">http://www.trulia.com/blog/taranelson/2012/11/6_unexpected_a…

There are many situations that can arise in the buying process, and having a trusted and competent agent will make all of the difference!

Beth Jenkins
South Florida Brokers
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Sophie Bamps, Agent, Miami Beach, FL
Wed Nov 21, 2012
I understand it can be confusing as to where to go for representation,
Referrals from friends or family is usually a good way, you could also pick a real estate company which is reputable and pick one their agents or simply contact anyone you find online whom you feel might be a good fit for you.

Best of luck,
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Shelby Vaney…, Agent, FORTLAUDERDALE, FL
Tue Nov 20, 2012
Hi, we are happy to help and work both areas, we can help you get the best deal possible

Carl Vaneyssen
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Terry Farnsw…, Agent, Lisle, IL
Mon Nov 19, 2012
Hi Nmcd,

Simply call up a licensed Realtor to help and show you the properties.

Hope this helps!
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Stephen McRo…, Mortgage Broker Or Lender, Tampa, FL
Mon Nov 19, 2012

Since you've done all the preliminary work and already identified the properties, all you need is a realtor with a Lock Box Code to arrange for you to see them and submit offers and other standard "busy work" needed to close.

What you need is access to the actual MLS "BROKER SYNOPSIS" on each property which shows the commission percent the property is offering, the transaction fees being charged to consumers in addition to the commissions points and the listing agent's contact info located at the bottom section that realtors see on the MLS. Consumers don’t see this info in the "Client Synopsis" they're sent which has this important info covered up with the Buyer’s Agent’s info instead.

With access to the BROKER SYNOPSIS you can see how much of the Equity is being given out in real estate commission points, so you can benefit from retaining part of this otherwise Forfeited Equity in addition to negotiating you best price on a property.

Again, since you’ve already done the all the important work with the online search to identify the 11 properties, I can assist you in identifying the right Buyer’s Agent who will offer REALTOR REBATE. These professional realtors will accept a reasonable Flat Fee of as low as $2,500 and REBATE you back any commission points over the Flat Fee that the properties are offering Buyer’s Agents.

Example: $300,000 paying 3% = $9,000 - $2,500 Flat Fee = $6,500 REBATE to buyer

pay for Closing Costs
pay for Attorney Representation for Buyer
pay for Rate Reduction to desired rate of: 2.375%
pay for Home Depot, Lowes, Best Buy Gift Card
pay for Home Warranty
pay for Home Improvement / Repairs
pay for Debt payoff
pay for Moving Company
pay towards down payment (on certain programs)
pay for the 1st full year of home ins.
pay for taxes and ins. escrows
pay for home repairs
pay off credit card debt and auto loans
pay off collections and judgments
pay to lower the sales price
pay for new furniture
pay to upgrade all new appliances
pay for home remodeling and additions
pay to have home painted
pay for weekly pool maintenance
pay for credit repair
pay for landscaping
pay for monthly lawn care
pay for new A/C system
…and/or even pay prior realtor for their efforts

NOTE: consumers should shop lenders and realtors for their Best Overall Deal.

Steve McRory
Pro Option Mortgage/ Florida
Ph: 888 662 4404
Prior Service U.S. Marine Corps
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Beth Jenkins, Agent, Miami Lakes, FL
Sun Nov 18, 2012
Yes, of course you can change realtors if you are not happy with your choice. I actually have never asked a buyer to sign an Exclusive Buyers agreement, there should be the option either party to decide to end the relationship.

I feel it is getting a little complicated with all of the information you are receiving here. It is not as overwhelming as it seems. There is not a way to ever address all of the different situations that may come up in any given transaction, every one is different.
Every agent has a "Broker of Record", which is basically the Manager of the Real Estate office that they work in, and who should always be available to assist and offer second opinions on any situation. My Broker is very hands on and is always available to go above and beyond in every situation, as I am.
It is not always the largest office that is the "best", I have worked at both large, nationwide brokerages and small brokerages, and my small boutique compay where I now practice has been the best experience in my real estate career.

Don't let it get too overwhelming, you can even meet a few agents in person when you arrive, but it is best to decide before you make the trip as time is of the essence when you are looking at properties during a limited time frame.

Best of Luck!
Beth Jenkins
South Florida Brokers
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Stephen McRo…, Mortgage Broker Or Lender, Tampa, FL
Sun Nov 18, 2012
As long as buyers don't sign an Exclusive Buyer's Agent Agreement they can switch realtors if they feel they're not happy with the service you are receiving.
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Nmcd2009, Home Buyer, Miami, FL
Sun Nov 18, 2012
After selecting a realtor to represent me what is the process? Is there a binding agreement between me and the realtor for a stipulated period of time? Or am I able to change realtors if I made a wrong choice?
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Sandra Sanna, Agent, Tarpon Springs, FL
Sun Nov 18, 2012
Send me your contact information and I will have the top agent in that area contact you.
Coldwell Banker is #1 in sales and professional relationships with clients on a dead-line
as yourself.
You will be very impresse with the tour our agents present to buyers on a short time frame to look.
See my site for current data and I will make sure to have the top agent contact you and set up a tour for you.
If you plan to pay cash, please bring a brief paragraph from your bank stating you have X amount of funds (your price range) so an offer can be presented immediately. Or if getting a loan, contact Stephen Walsh Coldwell Banker: at 727-265-5270 for a 24 hour pre-prequlifying letter. Or, your financial institution. Whichever you are most comfortable with.
You must be prepared to get a great deal. Hope this enlightens you. Good luck.
Sandra Sanna
Coldwell Banker
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Stephen McRo…, Mortgage Broker Or Lender, Tampa, FL
Sun Nov 18, 2012

Finding the “RIGHT REALTOR”

As a Florida Mortgage Broker who has been in the business since the 90’s, through the highs and lows of this rollercoaster called the Florida Real Estate Market, who has extensive experience dealing with realtors all over Florida, I can't stress enough how important it is to shop realtors in advance.

As you’ll soon see, there are a lot of realtors in Florida who want your business, so shopping for that “Right One” can be overwhelming! There are literally thousands of realtors to choose from in FL, and most are decent realtors who do a decent job to get you a decent deal, but as a 2012-2013 buyer you want an Extraordinarily Good Deal!

They say that approx. 68% of consumers end up working with the first or second buyer's agent they contact. Unfortunately, soon after many buyers feel Stuck, commitment to working with the "WRONG realtor!" But Buyers feel obligated to work with that realtor throughout the buying process, all the while wishing they had shopped and interviewed more realtors in advance to find that “RIGHT ONE.”

So here’s a quick 5 item test to help identify the “RIGHT ONE.”

Find one who:

1. treats you as if you are buying a $5,000,000 property

2. is willing to disclose that they have good credit and scores over 700 with no Foreclosures, BKs or Short Sales

3. has a smart phone so they can answer all your calls and emails quickly throughout the buying process

4. is an actual real estate broker or buyer's agent who DOES NOT have to split the 3% commission points and willing to offer Realtor Rebate to buyers willing to get Pre Approved in advance

5. will agree to send you the actual MLS "Broker Synopsis" on all properties which has the Commission Points the property is paying and transaction fees vs. the MLS "Customer Synopsis" which covers up this info at the bottom section with the Buyer's Agent's info

................Then, here’s a simple 2 step way to get your Best Overall Deal…

contact the realtors you think you like and listen to what they say they’ll do for you. Then ask them to refer you to their very best “Preferred” or “In-House” Lender. Listen to their best purchase strategy and ask for their best written quote on an estimated sales price, on a TBD (To Be Determined) property address.

contact me, I’ll present my best purchase strategy, show you what my realtor partners can do for you. Then compare to see which team offers the best purchase strategy and your best overall deal.

You’ll be shocked at the difference you’ll find with such little effort!



NOTE TO CONSUMERS: shop multiple Lenders and realtors for your Best Overall Deal!

Call me today, I actually answer and return phone calls.

Steve McRory
Pro Option Mortgage/ Florida
Ph: 888 662 4404

Prior Service U.S. Marine Corps
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Beth Jenkins, Agent, Miami Lakes, FL
Sun Nov 18, 2012
Hi Again,
I would say that the area you are looking at would be fine for one realtor to handle.
I am very familiar with the Ft. Lauderdale area as well as Miami, and have done business in Lauderdale. I do agree that having 2 agents would be a bit confusing, and I feel that if you retain the services of one agent you will get the best service, but again it is best to interview each.

I hope that helps,
Beth Jenkins
South Florida Brokers
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Lara B, , Boston, MA
Sun Nov 18, 2012
I would recommend sticking to one agent, who is willing to travel with you and knows the areas otherwise you might find yourself in a situation where neither of two agents would be willing to perform well knowing that you are already working with someone else..
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Nmcd2009, Home Buyer, Miami, FL
Sun Nov 18, 2012
Thx for your replies. I should have been clearer with my question. Is it typical for an out of country buyer to rely on 1 agent to arrange for and show them houses reaching from north of Ft Lauderdale down to southern Miami? Or would looking to enlist 2 separate agents that are more local to each area be more appropriate?
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Lara B, , Boston, MA
Sun Nov 18, 2012
Hello and thank you for your question!

The process of finding a good real estate agent should't feel stressful for you at all. There're few key factors, that you should keep in mind while identifying a professional that fits you best:

Ask the agent if he/she is a full time agent
Ask "How will you keep me informed about the progress of my transaction?
Ask an agent if he/she has all of the tools handy for you: if there's a mortgage company he can recommend, interior designer, repair services, legal adviser, CPA etc.
Ask your agent where he/she lives (you want local agent , who has his hands on the pulse of the community and knows exactly what's going on there)
It is important that your agent is knowledgeable
Make sure your agent is online

And, of course, interview few of them to make the best decision possible!

If you need more tips, you can contact me directly, and I'll be happy to answer your questions.

Also, let me know, if you're coming out of the country, I can explain for you how the process works for the international buyers since this is what I'm specializing in.

Evgeniya Jenny Rakitina.
Related ISG Int'l Realty.
Website: http://jennyrakitina.sef.mlxchange.com
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Annette Law…, Agent, Palm Harbor, FL
Sun Nov 18, 2012
Hello Miami home Buyer,
As Beth so accurately stated, troll the profiles and CALL the agents that appeal to you. If you use the 'contact' button, you are revealing your level of commitment. Don't do it.

When you do connect with an agent, you must have them enroll you in the local MLS system. This is where the inventory of homes that are really for sale exist. Resist the temptation of asking your agent about the fictitious homes for sale you WILL see on Zillow and Trulia. This will be a waste of everyone time. Stay focused on the MLS or the search resources the agent provides.

How do you identify the right agent?
Well, if they answer their phone, that is a clue!
IF they listen more than they talk, that would be another important clue!
If they ask probing, intelligent questions reflective of an experienced real estate consultant,, that would be a real clue!

Welcome to the Sunshine State!
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