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I have a home that I am not crazy about, but I am afraid to get into the bidding wars (when buying) because my budget is limited.

Asked by Mysusan, 91801 Sun Sep 22, 2013

My house has been a money pit from day one. Is it better to just improve it and try to learn to love it again? I have bad neighbors in addition and have been forced out of the job market.

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Sheryl Arndt, Mortgage Broker Or Lender, Woodland Hills, CA
Sun Mar 13, 2016
You may utilize a 203k loan and add onto your current home or buy another one. You will need to study where you want to move and then study listings. You will need to be pre-approved to be able to meet an agent to view and submit offers on any homes of your choice.

If you figure out what cities/zip codes you are considering, minimum number of bedrooms and the maximum payment/price you are looking to achieve you can be emailed listings to fit your search criteria. Your email address is needed to set you up for the automatic daily updates.

You may qualify FHA from fico scores between 500-579 with 10% down or minimum 580 fico score may qualify FHA 3.5% down. You may consider a 3%-5% grant down payment program up to 417k from a minimum 620 fico score which does not have to be repaid.

You may consider 3% down conventional from a minimum 620 fico score or even 5% down conventional with NO Mortgage insurance (Lender paid MI) up to 417k. You may qualify for as low as 5% down up to 1.5 million from a minimum 720 fico score.

It only takes a few dozen questions to qualify, go over your options and email you listings to study and compare. Here are some links to study as well as web reference links to many loan program pages offered...

Sheryl Arndt, Real Estate Broker - Sr. Loan Officer CA only
Veteran & VA/CalVet Loan Specialist
REO & Short Sale Specialist
Credit Repair At No Cost
ALL Loan Programs Available
23+ Years Experience
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9am till 5pm by phone Monday thru Saturday, Sundays by appt., EMAIL ANYTIME 24/7 or
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, ,
Mon Jun 22, 2015
I would start by getting per-qualified for a loan. If you can not buy a suitable house after losing your job it is all a mute subject really.

Then put your house on the market and start looking for another house. You will then see if your house is going to sell at a price you need, and you will then have an idea of what the market is doing.

By that time you will have the information you need to make up your mind. It may be that you may not be able to get a good a house, you may be able to get a better house.

This is really the only way to know, but yes it is a lot of work.
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pryineyes, Both Buyer And Seller, Alhambra, CA
Sun Oct 13, 2013
You must be on Arroyo Ter
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carlos parra…, Other Pro, Monrovia, CA
Wed Sep 25, 2013
Do you really need advice on something like this? It is so personal.
If your heart and your mind are of the same opinion, it seems the answer is obvious.
Construction costs are not going to get any cheaper and neither are house prices.
Even if house prices level out, mortgage rates are going to go up.
Putting off the decision will only make it more costly, no matter which way you go.
Remember the bidding wars go both ways, when you sell, you might get a better price than you think. It is still a Seller's market
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Elena Piedra, Agent, Northridge, CA
Mon Sep 23, 2013
Wish you well Susan and .....yes, keep enjoying your pets, as an animal lover, it 's one of the best medicines for the soul.
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Thanks. I don't have good family support to help and it's a decision that will take me a while to find out what is best for me.
Flag Mon Sep 23, 2013
You can take your pets to the new house!
Flag Mon Sep 23, 2013
Cesar Aviles, Agent, Alhambra, CA
Mon Sep 23, 2013
Get 3 Marketing opinions... Talk to Camelia Vera, Tom Berge Jr. and then Cesar Aviles.
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Susan Bo'ur, Agent, Manhattan Beach, CA
Mon Sep 23, 2013
I wish you the best. Neighbors that show that much attention to your life, is because they don't have one of their own. I would feel sorry for her and ignore she's there.
Take care.
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Camelia Vera, Agent, Arcadia, CA
Mon Sep 23, 2013
Mysusan, I will pray for you and your situation. You need hope and thats what I'd like to offer you. Call me if you want to talk without someone being a pushy salesperson. 626-484-4500
I was once in a situation where I had a lousy neighbor and before you knew it, the neighbor was gone. So I can relate.
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Mysusan, , 91801
Mon Sep 23, 2013
I appreciate all of your answers. I have no money right now to move or improve. I am just starting to make plans for the future.

I do have a "Gladys Kravitz" for a next door neighbor, and she puts her nose into my business.

I never have lived anywhere when my neighbor makes it his/her business to see the way I live. I have a disability and no income right now, so making a change TODAY just isn't possible. I will possibly come into some money in the future, but cannot make definite plans.

I am home a lot and I just want to be left alone to have my pets and enjoy new friends!
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The money is in your home...
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Annette Law…, Agent, Palm Harbor, FL
Mon Sep 23, 2013
"I'm not crazy about my home."
"It's a money pit!"
"I have bad neighbors!"
"Forced out of job market."
"Afraid to get into bidding war."
Important decisions are often difficult. Without a job, the concern of entering a bidding war may be very presumptive. Buyers and sellers have many, many options. Which option is most beneficial to you requires a thorough analysis of your situation and evaluation of your options.
If you are serious, you need to do what serious peple do.
Pick up the phone and call a real estate professional.
It will prove more beneficial than collectiong opions from strangers on the internet.
Three California agents have provided their telephone number.
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Cesar Aviles, Agent, Alhambra, CA
Mon Sep 23, 2013
To get out of your situation consider selling it at today's great prices and move out to a less expensive area.
Simply, all you need to do is dial 626-757-5550 And I'll sell it for all is worth! CASH at close of escrow!!
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Elena Piedra, Agent, Northridge, CA
Sun Sep 22, 2013
Every house, every seller is a different situation and you are right about the bidding wars that are going on right now. Saying this, I was wondering if the reason that you're not crazy about your house is because of the floor plan, the design or the decoration and if one of these or all of them apply to your case, I could make an appointment to look at your house. I am also a home stager and interior designer and I could provide you with some ideas to stay at your house and enjoy it. Of course, I will work with your budget. Now, if your problem with your house is the neighborhood, then we will need to discuss your options or alternatives to sell and what and where to buy.
You can call me at my cell at (213)434-9900 for any questions you might have or to make an appointment. Good luck in whatever you decide to do!
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I have pests, both 2 footed and 4-footed in and around my home. The house is just too small and I am tired of being a minority, being white in this city :-(
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Camelia Vera, Agent, Arcadia, CA
Sun Sep 22, 2013
I'm sorry to hear about your situation. All homes require maintenance. Perhaps a smaller home or a condo with low HOA fees would best suit your situation. Depending on your age, maybe even renting in a senior housing complex may be something that you may consider.

The neighborhood that you buy into may not necessarily have bidding wars. Additionally, lots of Buyers determine their budget and stick to it. They don't involve themselves in bidding wars because in the end, it's all about whether you can afford it.

Sales have cooled down a bit now that we are entering the fall season. The best thing is to sit down with a caring professional that can help you look at your options. Maybe there are other options you haven't thought about that might help you in your situation.

Let me know when you can meet. 626-484-4500. I'd be happy to review your situation with you.
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Simon Campbe…, Agent, Miami Beach, FL
Sun Sep 22, 2013
If you are not happy where you live, it is not wrong to consider moving. Here are a few things to think about.

* What is the market value of your home (might want to check with a real estate agent)?
* If you sell it at market value, will it be able to pay off your mortgage?
* How much is left over to put on a new home?
* Are there homes in your area that you would like in your price range?
* Would you be eligible or financially qualified to get a new bank loan?

If you can answer these questions positively, then there is nothing wrong with selling the home you hate and finding one you love. Go for it.
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Susan Bo'ur, Agent, Manhattan Beach, CA
Sun Sep 22, 2013
I'm sorry to hear this.
These are tough decisions, but only you can make them.
You should be happy where you live, if not and you're able to sell and purchase elsewhere, that might be the direction.
However, without being employed, unless you can pay all cash for a new purchase, you will most likely not qualify for a loan.
If I can be of further help, please feel free to email me directly.
Good luck to you.
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Mack McCoy, Agent, Seattle, WA
Sun Sep 22, 2013
Susan, I suggest that you prioritize. Getting a job, improving your house, or going out to buy another one - which is most important to you?
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