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Cathy, Home Buyer in Palm Desert, CA

I have a disabled co-borrower and we are buying a house "As IS" and the inspection turned up a dangerous stove, we are very concerned and

Asked by Cathy, Palm Desert, CA Sun May 29, 2011

have been told wait for apprasier, that did not see a problem with the 30 year old stove that has a problem with turning off fully. We want the home but the stove is dangerous and we don't want the stove and we fill uncomfortable about the home. So now what?

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It's summer time in that beautiful place called Palm Desert. Forget the stove and buy a good BBQ. Come winter think about the stove and an grant. I have a low income and handicapped client that I recently sold a home to that was just awarded a 12K grant for all new appliances i.e. cooktop, oven/stove, refer, micro, garbage disposal, washer/dryer, AC and water heater. Something to think about.
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Pull out the stove as far as you can,
You will see a valve for the gas line.
Turn it 90 degrees.
This will turn off the gas until you can replace the stove.
good luck and may God bless
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If you're getting a good deal on the purchase of the home don't be penny wise and pound foolish. Close the deal and buy a new stove.
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I would suggest making sure, via the report, the only problem is the stove and not plumbing leading to the stove. If the stove is the only problem you need to weigh the expense of a new stove. If you feel the only issue is a stove replacement, and the home is sound otherwise it may benefit to proceed. If you feel this is a deal breaker, express your concerns to you agent and find out what other options you may have. I feel as though a stove problem should be something you can resolve with a limited stress level prior to closing.

Good luck...
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Cathy throw the stove out and spend 350.00 on a new one. I would never decide on buying or not buying a home based on appliances.
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Unfortunately for you, if the FHA appraiser put in his report that the stove is in good working shape the seller does not have to replace it for you to obtain FHA financing. If you love the home, a stove is a small investment to have peace of mind.

Best of luck!
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Most Fannie Mae foreclosures are NOT sold in move in condition. There is always repairs, paint, carpet and other fix up costs to make the house attractive to flip. I assume you are still getting a good deal even knowing the seller is making some money on the deal. A replacable stove is not a deal breaker.

David Cooper. Las Vegas Foreclosure Buyer's Agent in Bank Owned REOs. 35 years experience. FReee List +1-7024997037...davidcooper@lasvegaswinner.org
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The home is FHA financed with CHDAP second.

My inspector found the problem. The appraiser said appliances in good shape. I though "WHAT!!" but I can buy a stove the home and gas company will install for 42-78 depends on couplings. I have no plans to pour money into this home needlessly. modest simple upgrades, curb appeals, work save up more money and buy another home later on. I have been told the seller is not negoitating at all. The home is a fannie mae flip, bought at 90,000 sold at 121,500. I have never spoke directly to the lender, only the broker speaks to them.
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You can ask the seller to contribute money towards the repair or replacement of the stove. Its a safety hazard. There are options, if you are not comfortable with the stove and do not feel safe, never let someone bully you into making a decision.

Is this conventional or FHA Financing?

You can call or email me if you have further questions,

Paul Deibler
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Glad to hear that not only was your questioned answer, you got the home!!

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For years we have dreamed of a home. We have and the APR is locked at 4.6 with APR 4.725. We have priced a stove at a scratch and Dent. The selection was excellent and we found some things as we plan to do some remodeling anyway. We close in a few weeks and we have less more due at closing. My broker is my agent which I don't think I would have gotten my house with her. It is an older house that needs work and no special assessments, nohoooooa'ss, and the taxes are really low. It is not in Palm Desert and I will the wonderful city and its great people. Thank you TRULIA for all the wonderful people on the net. I do plan to buy again in a few years, so, I will be back!!! IT has taken 4 years of researching, credit cleaning, no buying anything, tears, fears, offers rejected, shoddy real estate people, and I really wanted my plain old box, and For 4 years, I have shopped and decorated for this day, for new fencing etc. Am I scared? heck yeah. My disabled parent is going back to school and I will continue just school and work. WE ARE HOME OWNERS and in our journey of a 1000 steps, we have about 600 more to go. THANK U ALL, for helping through. We looked for homes for a week. Saw 5, made offers on 5 and got the one I did not like the most. In a town I did not like the most.
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Besides the stove --- what else did you find that are safety issues?

Everything is negotiable -- you can submit a request for repairs/replacement. Between you and the seller, provided that both want to close this transaction, there may be some concessions made.

If that fails --- buy a new stove. The cost isn't that prohibitive. At least, you'll have piece of mind.

But if there are other issues, and you'd prefer to withdraw your offer, that's another matter.

Good luck!
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The appraiser usually doesn't inspect appliances. My guess is that your agent wants to know if the value will be questioned and then address all concerns once the appraisal is in and all inspections are back.

A stove should be able to be addressed, even in an as-is if it wasn't disclosed prior to the inspection. The seller can say no, but it can be a negotiable item. It could be a minor repair or may need to be replaced. As stated, it is negotiable and a home warranty will cover future discovered unknown issues. Have your agent ask if the seller has seller home warranty coverage on during the listing, this may cover some repairs.

I was just down visiting family in Palm Desert last week, it is a lovely community and I was surprised at the low prices of homes. It is scary to purchase a new home and your feelings are normal. Once everything is said and done you will feel very different. Owning a home is powerful and exciting.

All the best to you.
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My little home is a standard sale and a FNME flip. I am looking for stoves now. Meantime, I just barbeque for a while. beside it needs some more things, cabinets, dishwasher, stove, tub, faucets, shower stall, it is a 1979 home. Yep, I need doors, windows, ........but at 900 a month, my one bedroom cost more. I have a disabled person in the home and I worry. That is all. The knob keeps the gas going even when you think it is off.
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Hi Cathy,

CJ has pinpointed some great solutions here. I agree with the home warranty, which serve the owner very well with many areas of the home. You may want to call the inspector to ask for more detail of his opinion. That may lead you to more solution options.

Kind regards,
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Cathy -

If the appliance can be made by a simple service call with an appliance repair that may be the less expensive way to go. AS IS with bank sellers (REOs short sales) is more difficult but a well written letter with the repair request and an estimate to repair and replace with like kind.

Worse case scenario it can be repaired and you can move on, safely.

I would also suggest purchasing a home warranty. When it or other appliances need repair it will save you a great deal of money over the first year of home ownership. Many home owners continue the service after a year. For more information search home warranties on line for offerings.

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If the inspector said that the stove is dangerous, then the Stove must be repaired or replaced by either the seller or by you, the buyer.


The question is who is going to repair or replace the stove.

If the seller stands firm on the "as is clause" and will not make any repairs, your options are to either continue the transaction and accept that you will be the one responsible for repairing or replacing the stove. the alternative is to cancel the transaction during your contingency period.

You need to consider whether there are there other homes on the market in your price range that you will be happy with, or is this only home that you will be happy with.

If there are many other homes available that you will be happy with, then you might want to consider cancelling the contract during the contingency period for inspections, if the seller will not make the necessary repairs or replacements.

However if there few if any homes available that you will be happy with, you will probably be better off to accept the stove "as is" and plan to pay to make the necessary repairs or replacement.

I recommend that you get estimates for the cost of repair or replacement of the stove from qualified and responsible service providers, and consider this cost to be an added cost of the home. If the added cost is acceptable to you, then I recommend that you continue with the transaction.
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Thank you all so very much. you are all right. I can a stove, just one to cook on for now and a better one later with my next income tax. I close in few weeks. Could not have made it through the process without the good people on trulia, when we get scared. So, may GOD bless you all with high sales and profits this year.
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Can the stove be replace with new one? How much does it cost? If there is gas leak, then you agent should notify the seller's agent to get it fix.
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If the stove is a problem for you, and if it's a gas stove also a possible hazard, ask your agent to submit to the seller a "Request for Repair". You agreed to buy as-is but that does not mean you can't ask for anything after inspection. Especially if you signed the as-is addendum PRIOR to getting the inspection done. They may say no and then you are stuck with it, but it doesn't hurt to ask.
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do you want the house bad enough and have sufficient funds to replace the stove? If not, go with your gut and walk away. I don't see how an appraiser wouldn't see a problem with a stove that won't shut off.
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An unsafe stove has to be addressed and of course replaced if it is 30 years old before causing any damage. Having said that everything is negotiable in a real estate transaction, if you have agreed to purchase the property “AS IS”, that is what you have agreed to do and accept the property with its imperfection, i.e. having a bad stove. It is no different than buying a used car, you cannot expect that everything about the car is perfect. Having said that, it is customary to expect a seller to address any health and safety items as part of sale of their property but in your case, you had agreed to purchase “AS IS”. My last advice to you is keep a big-picture outlook and not let cost of a stove ($500-$1000) get in your way of purchasing a home that you like….Best of luck.
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