I am looking to purchase a home in the zip areas of 29579 or 29588 location, I live out of town and wanted to

Asked by WLCT, 29579 Tue Apr 28, 2009

purchase a primary home in this area. I recently visited MB and contacted a realtor. Who took me around to look at several houses. I had in interest in a home in a development where the builder and i couldn't come up w/an agreed upon purchase amount. Needless to say I now have this realtor under contract as a buyers agent. I now back home surfing the net looking for a house. And, I just don't feel that my realtor is actively helping me search for homes. I am finding houses on my own as new listings and inquiring about these homes. How much responsibility does this realtor have other than sending me listings through a drip listing ?? I am feeling frustrated.....

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Russ Richard…, Agent, Myrtle Beach, SC
Sun Mar 31, 2013
I think you deserve proper representation. Discuss your concerns with your agent and if the agent does not meet your expectations, you can withdraw your agency agreement.
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Anthony Schi…, Agent, Myrtle Beach, SC
Tue May 27, 2014
Making a sound purchase is no easy task and you must be prepared especially in a fast paced market such as it is here. I would take the time to consult with an experienced agent here in the area, preferably myself, and get all your options layed out for you in detail. Once you are prepared to make a sound decision you will be ready to pull the trigger on that one specific property that is that good investment.
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Kim Davis &…, Agent, Myrtle Beach, SC
Wed Mar 20, 2013
As far as the buyer agency, I would review the terms and maybe have another discussion with the agent to clarify what specifically you are looking for in a community (proximity to beach, price, natural gas, amenities, construction type) to help eliminate areas. Identifying the area that best suits your need is key and that will require some time on everyone's part. Find an agent who is familiar with all areas of the beach as many agents only work in specific communities or areas and having grown up here, I can personally testify that each section of the beach has unique characteristics that newcomers will have to experience through time. Perhaps you can make more visits or have many more discussions with the realtor. As far as construction, that varies from one spectrum to another from large companies to custom small builders with unique finishing touches. I'm not sure of your price range but one of the top selling communities is Plantation lakes which features custom homes: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pBY3Dsg5zwY&feature=share… Also, being out of town should not create a barrier. Once we understand what clients want and place importance on, I preview homes and video them and put them on You Tube with a link so it's almost like being here. I'm sure they can get photos and more details if you are interested in the areas and homes. Good luck! It's a fabulous place to call home!
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MaryAnne Dor…, Agent, Myrtle Beach, SC
Mon Oct 18, 2010
I have read through the responses. Please look at it from the other point of view. We have many people that are looking to purchase in this area from other areas. Sometimes it is very difficult to determine the serious ones from the not so serious ones. I know that sounds as though I am making excuses for this agent, but I am not. Have you expressed your desired time frame and urgency in finding that perfect home? You may want to try communicating with your agent about those items first. Does this agent understand the level of service you are expecting? Some people get really upset if you contact them to often. I think you need to open the lines of communication up with this agent and if that doesn't create the desired results for you, then you need to look into finding another agent. There are so many qualified agents here in Myrtle Beach that will be more than willing to give you the service you desire. Communication is the key. Good luck with your situation.
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I disagree about the serious from not so serious. It is the job of the buyer's agent to find properties that may spurn their interest. What else does the agent do, answer the phone and collect their commission? No one else gets money for doing nothing.
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Kp, Home Seller, Myrtle Beach, SC
Mon Jul 13, 2009
I'm not sure about your question but I have a newly listed home for sale in Carolina Forest that I would love for you to look at. 5036 Billy K Trail is my address, 4BR, 2 bath, fenced yard, beautiful landscaping, 199,000.
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Sherree Thom…, , Myrtle Beach, SC
Mon Jul 6, 2009
Wow, I'm so sorry to read of your fustration. As you can see there are several really professional Realtors here in the area. When interviewing realtors for your purchase, find out if they are a fulltime Realtor. With the market the way it is, several have taken on jobs to suppliment thier income, hense hurting thier ability to be commited to you.
I live in 29579 and would be delighted to provide you with some info.
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Sherree, great point! I know it's difficult for realtors who are part time to meet needs and can't be flexible. That is key for buyers!
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Doug Procter, , 29576
Thu Jun 25, 2009
Larisa, you have come to the right person on my site. The agent you are referring to is doing you an absolute disservice even if you didn't sign a Buyer Agency agreement. You deserve the highest degree of customer service either way, something that I personally take extremely serious not only during the actual purchase process but it continues after the sale at the same high degree.

Doug Procter
RE/MAX Southern Lifestyles
"Above the Clouds"
Web Reference:  http://www.DougProcter.com
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Michael Atwo…, Agent, North Myrtle Beach, SC
Wed Apr 29, 2009
Interesting! I certaijnly feel for you. What I read into this is that your agent is simply waiting on you to pick up where you left off. I would call them and make sure they and you feel you both are working together on your purchase. What happens to a lot of us is that now you have left and we did not get you what you want. So the communication is not there. I would recommend getting back on the same page with your buyer's agent. Set up a concrete plan of action together of what both expect. This is in section 3 & 4 of the Exclusive Right To Buy Buyer Agency Contract. Then if you cannot get that accomplished let them know if writing that you are removing them from their duties as your buyer's agent. Remember to write the a letter to the Broker in Charge when you terminate the contract notifying them including the agent that you no longer are seeking their services and then locate you another agent. Section 15 of the same contract allows for this provision. "It can be changed only by a subsequently written instrument signed by both parties" so ask for a signature from them both. Most agents will do this if they are ask in writing. If you do not get this and you feel this is an issue then you can contact the board here.
Then look for an agent that want your business.
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WLCT, Home Buyer, 29579
Wed Apr 29, 2009
Thanks to all for your responses and advice, as it is difficult living long distance; I know
what I am looking for in home and have communicated my wants and needs to my agent. What area of MB I was interested in purchasing a primary home, layout and size of home etc etc. However, I really don't hear from the agent other than when I call or email a listing that I found online and ask for information. I am only receiving listings daily from the paragonmessaging.com and nothing from the agent personally. So it is obvious the buyer/agent relationship is not a solid relationship.

I guess being a first long distance purchaser looking to purchase a home out of state long distance; could be complicated and challenging than I had originally thought. Long distance relationships w/ an agent is even more difficult.

Without getting into great detail of the "chain" agency that I am under contract with(agency is not one of either folks responding to my questions!) I am also finding it difficult to
have the courgage to call my agent and basically fire them. I generally like the agent but I should have seen the warning flaggs prior to signing the contract. I should have asked the question "do I need to sign a buyer agency contract" when the agency is submitting an agreement to buy real estate when I submitted an offer on a home. I'm I required to sign this agreement when I am submitting an offer???? I am under contract w/this agent until mid June.
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Debbie Workm…, , Myrtle Beach, SC
Wed Apr 29, 2009
My name is Debbie Workman and I am a Realtor with Prudential Burroughs & Chapin Realty. Judging by your responses, (many of us Prudential agents) I hope you can see why Prudential was rated #1 in customer satisfaction by J.D. Powers and Assoc.
Unfortunately, just like with any field,, there are some that work harder than others and take their job more seriously. Those that don't are usually not very successful and I have to say that my motto has always been that a satisfied client is my best advertising tool. I don't feel the need to reiterate what was sent to you in your other responses, just would like you to know that I can understand your frustration and guarantee that not all Realtors are alike. Below are excerpts from testimonail letters I have received from prior clients:
"Debbie's persistence to find you just the right home is unusual in this business because she listens to your needs and takes your concerns to heart." Ruth E.
"We didn’t expect the relative ease at which the transaction transpired. Thank you again for your excellent responsiveness throughout the process. Even though we were over 450 miles away the communications went smoothly." Glen & Brenda B.
If you would like to contact me directly, my numer is: (843)877-6120 and my email address is: dworkman@sccoast.net
Feel free to browse my website for additional properties: http://www.DreamHomeAtTheBeach.com

Debbie Workman
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Doug Procter, , 29576
Tue Apr 28, 2009
Myrtle Beach Real Estate
As a professional Realtor and ABR working in the Pawleys Island, Murrells Inlet, Litchfield, Garden City, Surfside Beach, Conway and Myrtle Beach real estate areas, I will guide you through the entire purchase process, from viewing homes and financing and negotiating on your behalf to making sure the final contract is in your best interest:
-You will have full access to ALL Myrtle Beach real estate including Pawleys Island, Murrells Inlet, Garden City, Surfside Beach,Litchfield, Conway and Myrtle Beach market, even listings not yet on the MLS, through my professional South Carolina real estate affiliations.
- My expert Myrtle Beach real estate knowledge of the area should be invaluable to you, not just in terms of real estate, but also the local economy and more.
- Every local real estate market has its own trends and opportunities. These can vary greatly. The Pawleys Island, Murrells Inlet, Litchfield, Conway and Myrtle Beach real esate areas are no different! I will help you to understand the local market!
- What is the true market value of the home you are interested in? Is it priced too high? Is it a bargain that you should jump on? I help home buyers make decisions like this by providing up-to-date comparative information, and I'll make sure that YOU get the best value for your money.
- Negotiating with sellers can be stressful. I'm a Certified Real Estate Negotiator (CREN) and will help you in the negotiation process, so that the final contract includes your best possible terms and conditions.
- You should know everything about the property you are buying! You and I will view every home that you are interested in, together. And prior to making an offer you will be fully aware of any and all inspections available to you.
- Have confidence when signing documents! Contracts can be complex and vary from state to state. I will give you the full benefit of my Myrtle Beach real estate knowledge and experience.
I truly hope to have the opportunity to earn your business and represent your best interests in your search for a new home in the Pawleys Island, Murrells Inlet, Garden City, Surfside Beach, Litchfield, Conway and Myrtle Beach areas. While you will view numerous homes on the WEB, your actual purchase transaction requires Realtor knowledge and attention to detail to ensure you are well represented. Try this site as well, instant results, constant follow up and personal correspondance http://www.Doug.MoveToMyrtleBeach.net

CALL ME TOLL FREE AT (866) 922-1057 or EMAIL ME AT DProcter@DougProcter.com
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Donna Ogle, Agent, Murrells Inlet, SC
Tue Apr 28, 2009
I'm sorry to hear that you had a bad experience as buying a home is a major investment. It is important that you are comfortable with your realtor and their interests of taking care of your needs.
If you feel that you are not getting the service you deserve look at your contract and check the date. You can also simply ask to be released from the agreement.
I wish you luck what ever you decide to do and also would love the opportunity to work for you.
Sunny Days,

Web Reference:  http://4yourbeachhome.com
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Shirley Calp…, Agent, Summerville, SC
Tue Apr 28, 2009
Under Item 3 (Broker's Duties) of the Buyer Agency Contract your Buyer Agent should be diligent in locating suitable property for you. If you feel that she/he is not fulfilling their duties, you should first discuss your frustration with the Buyer Agent to try to resolve the matter. If you still feel that it has not been resolved, askf for and sign a Release form, releasing you from the Contract. Once executed you can choose another Relator or Accredited Buyer Representative (ABR) to assist you. Any questions, email me at scalpas@sccoast.net.
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Maria, , Myrtle Beach, SC
Tue Apr 28, 2009
Both Realtors have given you great advice. This is especially important if you are still interested in the home with the builder, check your contract for experation date or ask for release.

email: mariacaspento@kw.com
web: http://www.yourmyrtlebeachhomes.com
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Cory Van Note, Agent, Myrtle Beach, SC
Tue Apr 28, 2009
Hello. I am sorry to hear of your frustration. Now more than ever you need to have a Realtor on your side that you are comfortable with. You will know when you have the right one. You will not question whether or not they are doing the right job for you because their actions will prove they are. With that being said, in order to be relieved from your buyers agency contract, you must ask the agent to provide you with a signed, written release of contract. This agent should have no problem providing this to you. I have never been asked for one but if a customer was not happy with me, i would not feel comfortable making them work me. Buying a home in another area or state is hard enough without thinking you have the wrong people on your side. Good luck with your purchase and please make sure you have a good, experienced Realtor representing you especially if you decide on new construction.
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Deborah R. M…, Agent, Garden City, SC
Tue Apr 28, 2009
What period of time did you specify on your buyers contract? You can request to be released from that agreement and then go with any other Realtor that you chose. I would love to help you. Email me at drmorris@sccoast.net with your info and I will contact you.
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