I am going to buy a brand new house, actually, is still on construction. Do I still need to get it inspected? If so, when can I ask it?

Asked by magnolia2000, Edmond, OK Fri Jul 13, 2012

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Leah Brown, Agent, Yukon, OK
Sun Jan 6, 2013
You should ALWAYS get a home inspected before you purchase it. And with a new home, because it hasn't been lived in, some of the kinks may not have been worked out yet. An inspection gets you one step closer to finding any errors or small adjustments that can be made before you move in.
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Andrew Thomas, Agent, Oklahoma City, OK
Thu Feb 26, 2015
You should ALWAYS get a home inspected before you purchase it. And with a new home, because it hasn't been lived in,You also want a 3rd party to look over the the work. Builders build so many homes and at times can overlook the smallest details.........
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Randy Stoker, Agent, Carmichael, CA
Wed Jul 23, 2014
Once your new home is completed the builder will perform a final inspection and normally warranty the house for 1 year. I would definitely obtain a second opinion (home inspection) to make sure everything was built properly and functions correctly. The home inspector may be more critical since he is not selling you the house.
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Frank Hornst…, Agent, Rehoboth Beach, DE
Wed Jul 23, 2014
Always get a home inspection. Just because it is new does not mean that there will not be problems.
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Sharyn Willa…, Agent, Blanchard, OK
Tue Jul 22, 2014
From the voice of experience I say DEFINITELY. I purchased a home (before I became a realtor and din't know anything about real estate at that time since it was my first home). I ended up paying over $20,000 over the years as a result. Builder didn't respond, went to mediation, didn't show up and later went bankrupt (after doing the same thing to several of the new homes that were built during that same time)...YES....trust, but verify
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Darren Webb, Agent, Edmond, OK
Tue Jul 22, 2014
Yes, a home being purchased whether it's a 200 year old home or a brand new home should be inspected. With a new home the inspection will unsure the construction was done properly, and help to prevent expensive repairs in the future that could of been detected.
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Dawn Dettlaff, Agent, Guthrie, OK
Mon Jan 13, 2014
Yes you should always get home inspection.
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Josh Barnett, Agent, Carney, OK
Thu Jun 27, 2013
Yes you do and go over this with your Realtor.
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Brenda Khour…, Agent, Moore, OK
Wed Jun 26, 2013
Yes, as I am sure other Realtors that answered told you the same thing, you should always get a home inspection. You also may seriously think about getting an structural engineer's inspection and report.. Engineers inspect the foundation; the drainage; the rafters, stiff backs and all other boards used in constructing everything above your ceiling in the attic; as well as any stress cracks in the concrete foundation, garage flooring, sidewalks, etc., and brick or rock veneer. It is surprising how many times you find these stress cracks or something else that may be fairly easy for the builder to repair now but, if not found, could be very damaging and expensive down the road. An inspection and engineer's report are the best money you can spend prior to purchasing a new or existing home. After all, most people are spending more on the house they are buying than anything else they have ever purchased and plan to stay in the house for a substantial amount of time. If any problems are not found at time of purchase, and before warranties expire, then it could cost you, the homeowner, a considerable amount of money and heartache. By the way, many builders do not offer structural warranties at all or they are deficient in their coverage. This is not to make you think builders are not to be trusted because I am not saying that. Just protect yourself and you will never be sorry.
Brenda Khourie
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Josh Barnett, Agent, Carney, OK
Sat Oct 27, 2012

The builder can also use your inspection as a punch list.

Josh Barnett, Realtor
Metro First Realty
Web Reference:  http://www.1ListingFee.com
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Jean Oxford, Agent, Branson, MO
Mon Sep 24, 2012
Inspect, inspect, inspect! The purchase of a home is a huge step in you and your families life. Few people have enough emergency money put back to cover the cost of many home repairs. Spend the small amount of money to have the inspection done by a reputiable inspector.

You might contact the Edmond building inspector concerning when is the best time to have an inspection done. They should be inspecting the project at different phases of the build. Example: wiring before sheet rock is hung.

If the builder offers a warranty, get it in writing. Verbal offers are hard to fight in court.

Enjoy your new home!
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Jeff York, , Oklahoma City, OK
Sat Jul 14, 2012
I concur with the others. It doesn't matter if it is a new home or not. It is only as good as the quality of work done by the subcontractors. I have seen new homes that failed to have an electrical outlet installed. How did we know? The inspector could not get the whirlpool tub to operate, pulled the access panel off and saw that it was not plugged in. Problem was there was no place to plug it in. I saw an entire house that didn't have the groud wires connected to the switches. They were to the plugs, but not the switches. Insulation gets blown into the drip pans of the HVAC and hot water tank that will clog the drain. They have found windows that were not chaulked in and it one 4 year old house I sold in January the spriklers were aimed at the house and there was mold in the wall. Yes, have an inspection done on a new house.
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Ryan Hukill, Agent, Oklahoma City, OK
Sat Jul 14, 2012
I suggest that every home buyer hire a home inspector, regardless of the age of the home. Better safe than sorry. A home is a man-made product and humans make mistakes sometimes. Things can be missed, and mistakes made, even in a new home. Good luck, and feel free to reach out to me if you'd like some names and numbers of reputable home inspectors in the area.
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Wally Kerr Y…, Agent, Edmond, OK
Sat Jul 14, 2012
Absolutely. Builders typicall offer a one-year warranty that covers materials and workmanship for one year after the closing date, but there are scores of items that generally come up on a "punch-list" inspection by a good home inspector. You'd be surprised what you'll find in the attic, over closets, on the exterior and above ktichen cabinets. Though it's a little more than the cost of a regular home inspection, a punch list inspection is highly recommended. I really like Oklahoma Home Inspection, 405-366-8889. They service the entire OKC Metro area, and Fred Stuart has been in the business 25 years and has sat on the State Board of Inspectors for years.
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John Phillips, , Oklahoma City, OK
Sat Jul 14, 2012
Have you already done a contract for the home, if you have not you should involve a realtor, You are building in the Edmond and Deer Creek area and Edmond will inspect the home at all phases of the building process, I am telling you this just to help your thoughts,

I have sold many new homes and I have had a few buyers request a home inspection, is it really necessary, that would be your call, If you have a Realtor he or she should be able to do a complete walk thru with you at time of completion to do the final punch list for closing,

If I can assist you in any way please contact me but if you do have a Realtor ask them:

John Phillips
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Jonathan Por…, Agent, Billings, MT
Fri Jul 13, 2012
The inspection period should be indicated in your buy/sell. I know that in Montana, the builder must warranty the home, but I am not sure about your state. I would think that there is a similar requirement. It is always a good idea to get a home inspection for your protection.

You should consider involving a buyer's agent, as they will work with you and represent your best interest as a buyer.
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