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How to choose a buyer's agent?

Asked by Veekay, 48084 Wed May 13, 2009

I am currently looking to buy a house in the Troy area in Michigan and I have a question. Are there agentsthat specialize as buying agent? What should I look for in choosing a buyer's agent?

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Cicely Brook…, , Birmingham, MI
Wed May 13, 2009
Ask your friends. Interview. You are looking for someone to represent you. There are many agents who can help you. Most agents that work with buyers will represent them quite well. Look for someone who "hears" what you want and will go out and go the extra mile to get you what you want. Happy to help, but I'm just one of thousands.
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Pam Bava, Agent, Rochester, MI
Sun Jan 1, 2012
Since this question was originally asked in May of 2009, I would hope Veekay has found a buyers agent and has bought a home. Then again he might need a sellers agent right about now...... only kidding
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Ruth and Per…, Agent, Los Gatos, CA
Sun Jan 9, 2011

There will be several buyers agents in Troy.

Veekay work with someone you are comfortable with talking , communicating, and has the experience
To get the job done in an amicable manner.

Good luck.
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Dana Daley, Agent, Troy, MI
Wed Oct 27, 2010
Most agents are buyers agents when working under a buyer agency contract - as most buyers do prefer buyer representation. I would recommend a local full time experience Realtor.
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Lang Premier…, Agent, Clawson, MI
Wed Jul 21, 2010
Hello, I am an agent at Keller Williams in Troy, MI.

Meet with a qualified buyer’s agent, preferably an accredited buyer representative. A good buyer’s agent will determine your needs and goals in detail as well as educating you on the community or communities of your choice. In addition, he or she will determine your motivation level so it can be matched appropriately. Your agent should also ascertain just how you would like to be contacted and how frequently as this varies from one person to another.

I have written a post that outlines the entire process. You may find it helpful.
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Ron Rovtar, Agent, Boulder, CO
Thu Jun 10, 2010
The best way to choose an agent is to get recommendations from people you trust, then interview these agents to learn what they know about local real estate and negotiating a deal. You also want a commitment from them about communicating with you regularly. And you want to make sure your choice is a personality that you feel comfortable with.

Ron Rovtar
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Nadia Jones-…, Agent, South Lake Tahoe, CA
Thu Jun 10, 2010
Hi Veekay!
My name is Nadia. I am an agent in South Lake Tahoe, Ca. To answer your question, yes there are agents that specialize in working with buyers only. But, I would like to let you know that all fields of real estate are connected. For example, an agent may have a house listed that is just what your looking for. But, since you only want to work buyers agents you could very well limit yourself and you could miss out on an opportunity. I know that in some areas there are agents that work as a buyers or sellers agent. So you will have to find out if that is the case in your area . What is more important is finding the best agent. One that really knows the market. One that can educate you about the market and communicate information to you. Also you want someone who is really going to listen to you about your wants and concerns. I hope this helps.
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trulia, , 17815
Wed Jun 9, 2010
I am a full time agent in Bloomsburg, PA, so, my answer will be based on PA's rules.

I would look for an agent with an ABR (Accredited Buyer's Representative) designation because that agent has taken the time and effort to take classes and specialize in Representing and Negotiating for Buyers. In addition, I would talk to them to make sure I feel comfortable with them and their work ethics - returning calls in a timely manner, works during the evenings and weekends, etc. -bacically, someone who will be able to fulfill YOUR needs.
Some Buyers would choose a top agent in a company who already service several clients; think about how much time a REALTOR can devote to you if he/she is already busy. Hope this is helpful, Best Wishes to you.
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Bill E, Home Owner, Madison, WI
Tue Jun 8, 2010
You might consider working with an Exclusive Buyer Agent, one who ONLY works with Buyers.

This will avoid the inherent conflict of interest that comes with an agent who works for a firm that has both Listings AND Buyers. It is difficult to work for two masters and do the best possible job for both,.

One way to find them is NAEBA: National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents. They have a referral service to locate one in your area.

I think asking someone you know, like and trust about their Realtor is a great way to start. Then you can interview, question and get a feel for whether or not you would be comfortable working with them on the long and occasionaly difficult route to home ownership.
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Cheryl Allen, Agent, Denton, TX
Thu Jun 3, 2010
Find an agent you feel you can trust and who is genuinely interested in you and your wants and needs.
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Wayne Schnab…, Agent, Sioux Falls, SD
Thu May 27, 2010
I also agree with the last post. You want to check out how they communicate and how in touch they are with the market. Maybe try to google them.
Most important is they will not push you to buy beyond your means. Personal references are some of the best directories, but check them out more online. Are they here? Are they on zillow? Do they even have a webpage?
This tells you how in touch this agent is because they are able to find you all of the houses available to you in your area.
Hope that helps!
Wayne Schnabel
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Chris Fritch…, Agent, Coon Rapids, MN
Fri May 21, 2010

1. How do they communicate?

2. Do they have testimonials or references?

3. How long have they been in Real Estate?

4. What resources do they use to find my dream home?

5. Are they available to me within a reasonable time frame?
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Jeremy Sulak, Other Pro, Brighton, MI
Thu May 14, 2009

So you understand that there are different types of agents out there, sounds like you have done your homework. Now you just need to find an agent that you feel good about and trust, someone who can show you the facts about the homes you like and tell you all there is to know so you can make the best decision for you.

I have a document @ my office that can explain all the different levels of service to you, it has been helpful for all of my clients. Now you have me wondering why I do not already have it saved to my pc. haha

Would you like me to send it over to you?

Best Wishes

Jeremy Sulak
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Bill E, Home Owner, Madison, WI
Thu May 31, 2012
Fred....BUYER Agent...not Listing Agent
#4, #5, #6 are all irrelevant to this 2009 discussion
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Bill E, Home Owner, Madison, WI
Thu May 31, 2012
Yep. A must-read blog from someone who is writing about Buyers Agents but hasn't bought a house. Like a travel writer who hasn't left the house.
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TroyHomeBuyer, Home Buyer, Troy, MI
Thu May 31, 2012
As a buyer I just wrote down some expectations I had from an agent.
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Ryan Moran, Agent, Naperville, IL
Mon Mar 12, 2012
Ask your friends/family for referrals of agents that they have used in their past real estate transactions. Word of mouth is one of the best ways to locate agents that can help in the home purchase process. There are agents who specialize in working with buyers but most agents represent both buyers and sellers in their business. Be sure the agent you are using is knowledgable about the area you are looking to buy in. You can do research online to learn about an area or neighborhood but an agent who regularly works the area will have valuable insights to share.
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Julia Seglund, Agent, Montrose, CO
Fri Mar 9, 2012
Yes there are agents that specialize in Buyer Agency. You should look for their designations such as ABR, Accredited Buyer Representaitve. â–º 0:40â–º 0:40 Watch this video. I am an ABR.
Buyer Agent works for you to get you the best price. Listing agents, (the name and face on the For Sale sign) works for the Seller. Trying to get the best price for the seller. Get with a trusted agent, sign a Buyers Agency agreement (employment contract) and be loyal to them as long as they are doing their job to your satisfaction. You may have to pay them. Either through the Listing company or directly for the successful close of your property. They are worth every penny!
Julia Seglund, Keller Williams Colorado West Realty
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ian cockburn, Agent, New Orleans, LA
Thu Mar 8, 2012
1) Get someone with experience in real estate - buying and selling
2) Look for qualifications and certifications in the industry such as ABR or SRS certifications
3) do NOT use a part time agent..this is your life at stake not your life as a steak...get serious with someone who understands, lives and breathes your market in Troy.
4) Ask a potential agent / broker about referrals and what is the latest deal they worked for a client
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Paul, Agent, Town of Dane, WI
Wed Mar 7, 2012
The question reads "How to choose a buyer's agent?'. NOT: "How do I pay someone to work against my better interests?"

The Listing Agent works for the Seller. Earns (1) commission.

The Buyer Agent works for the Buyer. Earns (1) commission.

The "Dual Agent" works for herself. "Earns" (2) commissions.

Who would you choose?
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Reema Sharma, Agent, Glen Oaks, NY
Wed Mar 7, 2012
find the property that interests you and contact the listing agent, also ask them to show other properties
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gabriel palo…, Agent, Pompano Beach, FL
Tue Mar 6, 2012
The question is forever new to those that never worked with a buyers agent before . It is a simple process just like choosing your own dentist. With special attention focusing on a professional service that caters to your special needs without as little pain as possible.
Buyers agents are like dentists you can't live without them. We are both licensed and fully equipped with the latest gadgets and tools of our trade. We are here to serve and protect you from those dreadful germs and bacterias known as FISBO's .
Buyer's agents are more sophisticated than the standard Realtor. Somewhat like an oral sergeant. We are called to operate where others dare not tread. With a steady hand guided by experience we examine all options and probe before we extract the right property delicately and surgically. Our commitment is to make you smile. After each operation we do wash our hands and get ready for our next patient. The one thing we don't do is drill around cavities but we do however screw around listing agents. Some needs to be anesthetized as they are convinced that we are messing with their commissions but we make them feel comfortable and reassure them that the commission is traditionally paid by the seller but if they work with us to get a great price well hell, we could get paid even by the buyer. In the end all is well we buyer's agents take care of our own and we leave the listing agent to soothe the seller after we are through with them.. Sometimes it get's messy but it comes with the territory.
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Pat Chadwell, Agent, San Jose, CA
Tue Mar 6, 2012
You sure can find an agent that specializes. Look for an agent with experience not only working with buyers but also in the area that you have interest in. The Realtor can often direct you to other areas that you might not even have considered but which provide a great alternative.

Besides knowledge and experience, I would look for the agent keeping up on real estate - getting training to stay current, knowing the laws that affect the real estate industry. One that will not only guide you but will offer their opinion if they think one property might have issues to look into further. Of course, you will need to be able to fully trust them and know they are watching out for YOUR best interest.

Hope that helps.
Pat Chadwell, broker
Realty World - Residential Specialists
408-927-6565 x 11

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Tom Sommers, Agent, Lakeville, MN
Thu Dec 29, 2011
Depends on what type of home you are buying. If you are including foreclosures and short sales make sure the agent has had success in negotiating these. Ask how many homes they sell per year and most importantly are they a full time agent? I would not hire a part time agent.

Good luck.
Tom Sommers/Edina Realty
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Gordon Buck, Agent, Pleasanton, CA
Thu Dec 29, 2011
Hello Veekay,

I have read many of the answers that a lot of the agents have written and they are all good and they are all correct. One of the bigest things other than what has already been mentioned shoud be to listen to yourself. You may find an agent that has a great reputation and can back up what they are telling you but if you don't click with them you shoud move on. We have become friends with most of our clients and that is not because of our reputation but because we truly care about them and we have that special bond.
Good luck with your home search.
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Vera Gonzalez, Agent, Sterling Heights, MI
Fri Jun 24, 2011

One that listens too what your needs are that you feel comfortable with.

Ask your friends interview a few go with your gut.

Good luck,

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Kevin Jordan, , Tucson Green Valley, Sahuarita, AZ
Fri Jun 24, 2011
Interview, find out why they're a Realtor and why they're working in the area. Check on the local State Website for Realtors to insure they're in good standing. Make sure they're asking you the right questions and listening so they show you what you're wanting in a home.
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Dennis Conwe…, , Philadelphia, PA
Thu Jun 23, 2011
Not all state have reached the point of seperating agents into exclusive catagories such as buyers and sellers agents.
However,when looking for a buyers agent i would look for one who has a ABR accredation which stands for Accredited Buyers Representtive.These agents usually have a little more experience and to gain the accredation additional education is required in real estate related courses.
Regardless of anyones credentials it is still important to interview the agents to determine their knowledge of your desired areas,such as are prices appreciating or depreciating and if so by what percentage.In Philadelphia we have actually had properties selling for over asking price in certain areas of the city.
Hopefully,you will find this of some help.Good luck and get going as there has never been more to choose from and rates so low
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Mimi Davies, Agent, Santa Monica, CA
Wed Jun 22, 2011

Agents representing buyers must be able to communicate effectively and be responsive. At the end of the day, all buying agents are likely to have access to the same source of information on the prospective properties. The difference will be how well they'll use the data to find you the picture perfect property. You want to make sure they understand your taste and needs.

If your friends and relatives bought property in Troy and used agents, perhaps ask them for their opinion and meet with the agent. Have a chat, and get a feel. Good luck and hope you enjoy home hunting.
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Gerard Carney, Agent, Spring Hill, FL
Tue Jun 21, 2011
You need to know where you want to buy, you need to interview a few agents from that area. Ask questions and see if you feel comfortable with the agents you interview. Best is to give the agent all the info as to what you are looking for and then see if they repeat that info back to you, if they this agent heard and comprehended what you told them, If they are off slightly it is okay, correct them, but if the spout back what they feel you should fit into, this agent has an agenda and it doesn't include your desires. You wish ask if they are good with returning phone calls since you will want them at the other end of the phone when you need them. Ask this one question with agents you feel could work with you, Ask it like this, "If we find a nice home we like, how will we know if the price asked is a good price?" Walk away from any agent that does not say they will not do a CMA on the homes you really like! A buying agent has little more to do than to make sure that every home you look at is indeed a fair priced home, Houses that don't fit fair market and are above market value can be treated with a different offer strategy than on at fair price. We are buying tool, so you want one that works right for you and that has many gadgets. Have fun searching for your new home, and if it happens to be in Florida you go looking please give me a call!
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Don Maclary, Agent, Virginia Beach, VA
Sun Jan 9, 2011
Interview a few agents, Have a conversation with them and ask them to email you info on three places fitting your criteria. See who understood your needs the best and go with them. But first put their name in google and see if they show up with any real estate activity.
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gabriel palo…, Agent, Pompano Beach, FL
Sun Jan 9, 2011
An agent that has your interest at heart. Dedicated to listen and perform accordingly. Naturally it helps if he is handsome has a nice car and has enough money to put gas in it.
You have winner when he knows his way around town and knows where the motivated sellers are including for sale by owners. He should be smart enough to show you only properties that you can afford and interested to make an offer on. Polite not aggressive but diligent to please and perform. Capable to negotiate for your best interest terms and price. Trustworthy to support questions that need to be answered. Responsible and careful in completing all tasks regarding inspections, financing,title review . Cheerful at all times especially when the deal closes. Respectful and thankful for your business. Proud when you have recommended him to some of your friends. Tired at the end of the day but with positive results but as he is about to sleep the phone rings. Yes I am a buyer's agent you are where? No problem I will be there in 30 minutes.
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Derek Bauer, Agent, South Lyon, MI
Wed Jun 9, 2010

Have you selected an agent, or are you still interviewing?
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Dallas Texas, Agent, Dallas, TN
Sat Jun 5, 2010
Reason why many home buyers select my team fact I took the time interview you obtain AS much information data I can in order assist you in locating a home.

Including explaining the process.

An agent who jumps in a car w/o fact finding is an agent I would run from how do they know what you want.

Our interview takes from 30 minutes to one hour. I upon completion I usually forward many blogs I have made authored statements to for their records.

Lynn911 Dallas Realtor & Consultant, Loan Officer, Credit Repair Advisor
The Michael Group - Dallas Business Journal Top Ranked Realtors
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Terri Vellios, Agent, Campbell, CA
Mon May 31, 2010
I'm in California so my answers will be state related.

Go to open houses and meet agents there.
Ask friends, family and co-workers for recommendations.
You can also get recommendations from other agents who are great resources.
Here are some Questions:
- Do They work full time which includes weekends.
- Are They a member of the local and National Realtor Associations and local MLS
- They should have an active license and you can look up the status on line .
- How long have they been in Real estate? How many buyers (closed) have they worked with?
- Do they work on a team? Do they have a mentor?
- Do they have a car (you'd be surprised)
- What real estate education do they have
- When they are not with a client, what does their day, week look like?
- Do they specialize in the area you are looking? House, Condo, type of property?
- How would they handle a for sale by owner
- How familiar are they with Investment Properties, Short Sales and Bank Owned properties
- How familiar are they with the contracts?
- What % of their sales are with buyers?
- How many active buyers are they currently working with?
- Do they also list properties? If so, how many listings are they servicing now?
- What other experience do they have which adds to their knowledge homes, and the market place?
- Do they carry insurance, Errors and Omission, Auto, Other?
- Besides the MLS what else will they do to help find your home?
- What is their philosophy of negotiations
- How will the communicate with you? How often?
- Will you sign a Buyer/Broker agreement?
- What does their list of service providers look like? How have they screened those providers?
- Did they get their Real Estate education on Line, in College?
- Do they have any other certifications?

I'm sure there are other great questions out there. I would look for the following qualities.
- I like and Trust them
- They have the education, experience and skill in the area, contract, and people skills.
- They have referrals
- They will go above and beyond
- They work full time
- They communicate in a manner which fits my needs (tell them communication to me is.....)
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Derek Bauer, Agent, South Lyon, MI
Wed May 13, 2009
Good evening, Veekay.

Good question, and great thought process. There are a litany of questions you could ask individual agents, but in the end I encourage you to answer the following for yourself, regardless of how you get there:

1. Do you LIKE the agent?
2. Do you feel you will both COMMUNICATE effectively?
3. Do you TRUST the agent?
4. Can the agent demonstrate SKILL and INTEGRITY?
5. Is the agent IN-TOUCH with current markets and the important issues affecting you?

As an agent that works the Troy / Rochester market, I would like to be considered for an interview and the job of representing you. Although my main office is West Bloomfield, I also have offices in Troy and Rochester Hills that I would be happy to meet you at (my Troy office on the corner of Long Lake and Livernois). Feel free to visit my website below where you can search two different MLS systems (your area is serviced by two different systems), order the latest market reports, and so much more.

Enjoy your evening, and I hope to hear from you.

Professionally yours,

Derek Bauer, Associate Broker / Realtor
Real Estate One
734.678.4745 - cell
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