How much marketing should I expect of a realtor? Mine has listed the house, then done nothing more. Thank you, Rhonda

Asked by Susan, Wed Mar 13, 2013

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Marita Topmiller’s answer
Marita Topmi…, Agent, Indianapolis, IN
Wed Mar 13, 2013
One more comment while we are speaking of appropriate
Realtor actions: You've gotten a lot of great, off the cuff pieces
of advice in this forum, Rhonda. But soliciting your business
away from your agent is not one of them.

The best advice you got: Speak with your agent. There's lots going
on that you don't see. You and your listing agent are a team and
you should feel free to chat about what's working, what's not and
what your team could be doing now.

And remember, all the marketing in the world cannot sell a home
that's over priced. So, keep watching the market.
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Thanks Laura, I was surprised at the blatant unprofessional ethics displayed by a few of the agents here. I had to say something!
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Great answer, Marita! And thank you for clarifying that agents should not be soliciting themselves to work with Rhonda when she is under contract with another agent and his firm.
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Pam Smith &…, Agent, Greenwood, IN
Wed Mar 13, 2013
Price, curb appeal and inviting interior are the key to a house being sold. Then most agents that are savvy utilize social media such as facebook, craigslist, blogs and most good websites automatically can be set to feed to approximately 20-60 sites as well that people search.

Open houses, whether agents want to be honest or not, allow agents to get buyers leads. Maybe 1 open house in 500-1000, might and I stress might, sell a house.

Price, curb appeal, inviting interior and visibility on the internet are keys to a successful sale, bottom line. Flyers in the box on the exterior of your house are good, they can generate phone calls to your agent about your home.

Take a look at some HGTV shows or home shows. Then walk in to your house as if you are a stranger and view it from a strangers perspective. Is it cluttered? Is it warm and inviting? It is amazing what we overlook in our houses until we look at it through a strangers eyes.
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Christopher…, Agent, Indianapolis, IN
Wed Apr 3, 2013
My standard of practice is to create a calendar of marketing events (listing, postcards, open houses etc.) and share that with my sellers. That way they are able to have peace of mind and clarity of process. I check in after each marketing effort and share the results. During the sale of a home there is a flurry of activity when the listing begins and then again during negotiating of the contract through closing. The time in between those two events is always a waiting game. I hope that helps
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Carrie Vande…, , Indianapolis, IN
Wed Mar 27, 2013
My first question is, have you voiced your concern to your agent? We get very busy, especially in this market. The job of the listing agent is to cause the sale, not necessarily bring the buyer or even show the house. I am sure that there is much going on that may not be verbalized. Just ask your agent, I am sure they will tell you what they are doing.
I also agree with the other comment about condition and price. The Nation Association of Realtor's says that if you have 10 showings and no offer, your home is either overprices or poor condition. This is information gathered by consumers (your buyer), not other Realtor's. Good luck.
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Fran Lazerov, Agent, Indianapolis, IN
Sun Mar 17, 2013
The posts have been very informative. Much work is being done behind the scenes, ie sending flyers to other agents, putting ads in various publications, tweaking the remarks section on the blc sheet whenever there is a change, open houses, brokers open houses, office tour, etc. The bottom line is, though, is the property in showable condition and is the price competitive? All the ads and open houses in the world will not sell a house that is overpriced and/or needing updating or cleaning. A good idea would be to get feedback from showings, which I assume your agent has shared with you. Take the remarks seriously, but not personally. Your agent will tell you what you need to hear, not necessarily what you want to hear. This is not rocket science. LIsten to your agent's suggestions and follow them.
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Marita Topmi…, Agent, Indianapolis, IN
Thu Mar 14, 2013
Thanks Peter. I appreciate the time you took to set your answer right.
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Peter Knight, Agent, Fishers, IN
Thu Mar 14, 2013

I need to apologize to my fellow Realtors. I was out of line in suggesting that you should "call me". As I said, you should first ask your agent to explain his/her marketing plan, preferably in writing. Based on that, it is up to you to decide if it meets with your satisfaction. Also look at your listing agreement; does it say "Exclusive Right to Sell"? If it does and you are still not satisfied, ask to speak with the "Principal Broker"; perhaps he/she can suggest a solution.

Peter Knight
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I had like 3 paragraphs typed out when I went to make an account it cleared it ugh, don't you hate that??

Okay so anyways basically- I don't see what you did wrong you told her that she should talk to her realtor first then call you if she isn't satisfied, I didn't read other comments but if someone told you that you were wrong im thinking they are jealous because they didn't think to do are advertising!!! whether its because you care about her situation or just doing your job is why you posted your information, either way you tried to help her & your clients!! (= If I needed a realtor I would call you. and Rhonda, im so sorry I cant help you but if I was selling a house I would probably advertise myself but not sure if that is why you hire a realtor? Ive never sold houses..just bought them. Good luck to you Peter & Rhonda (= -Amy
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Julie Barnett, Agent, Lebanon, IN
Thu Mar 14, 2013
In reality, your agent should have gone over the marketing plan with you when speaking to you about listing the house. Getting the listing into the multiple-listing service is an important step for many reasons, one being, so that other realtors can see that the house is listed in case they have interested clients. If you didn't talk to the realtor about what YOU expected as far as marketing goes, you can always call the person and discuss it after-the-fact.

Unless your home has been up for sale for a long time, I would say that you may be 'stressing' over this a bit early. Give things time to begin the process, call your realtor and inquire about the marketing plan and let him/her know what you expect in a marketing plan, and then make your home as 'showable' as possible by decluttering and fixing it up so it is as saleable as you can get it. When a home is listed, it is a collaborative effort on the part of the realtor and the seller in order to make the home sale as quick and smooth as possible.
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Mary Ann Ave…, Agent, Indianapolis, IN
Thu Mar 14, 2013
I always go over a definitive marketing plan during the listing process. Communication and follow-up are key.
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Mack McCoy, Agent, Seattle, WA
Wed Mar 13, 2013
You should expect them to do what they said they'd do, Rhonda Susan.
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Bill Eckler, Agent, Venice, FL
Wed Mar 13, 2013
The bottom line is that you shouldn't have to do guesswork on this....if you did your homework before listing your property.

We always recommend that sellers request, in writing, a copy of their comprehansive marketing plan that is specific to your property. This should include everything both they and their company will be doing to prepare, present, and sell your home.

With this as a blue print to success, all you need to do is follow their plan to see what is and isn't being done. It's serves as a wonderful way to keep everyone (including you) on track.

Done correctly...there should be no suprises!

Better late than never!

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Kimberly R.…, Agent, Indianapolis, IN
Wed Mar 13, 2013
I agree with everyone that has posted here. There are a lot of marketing activities that the homeowner never sees because they are "behind the scenes". When I take a listing I provide my clients with a marketing calendar showing my marketing efforts for the first 30 days. This helps them "see" what's being done on their behalf. They also get email updates on how many people are viewing their listing on, etc...
Talk to your agent. When you listed the home did you talk about communication? And what type and how often?
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Claire-Anne…, Agent, Indianapolis, IN
Wed Mar 13, 2013
Every agent is different and has their own methods.
You should definitely discuss your concerns with them and if nothing improves, with their broker manager. Ask to see their efforts. You might be surprised by what they have done - or unfortunately what they have not done.
For me personally, I place the standard sign and fliers but also get homes posted on over 60 internet sites, I run numerous ads in the Indianapolis Star, I send mailers, I even advertise on TV...and that is really just the start of what I do.
Hope that helps.

Feel free to call if you have any questions.

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Peter Knight, Agent, Fishers, IN
Wed Mar 13, 2013

I agree with the other agents' comments. There are a number of behind the scenes activities that agents do to market a home. Ask your agent to provide you with a list. Then if you are still not satisfied, tell him/her so and asked to be released. Then call me. Peter Knight, (317) 529-4178.
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Peter, I suggest that you remove your comment asking the seller to be released and to call you. It's a violation of the Code of Ethics.
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Laura Feghali, Agent, Stamford, CT
Wed Mar 13, 2013
Hi Susan,
What did your agent say about marketing your home when you first met to discuss pricing your property? Has he performed everything he said he would do? I suggest that you ask and discuss it with him to determine exactly how he has marketed your home so far and what his future plans are.

Best wishes!

Laura Feghali
Prudential Connecticut Realty
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Marita Topmi…, Agent, Indianapolis, IN
Wed Mar 13, 2013
Hi Rhonda,

The extent of the marketing includes a lot of facets, some which you
see, some you don't. Marketing also involves hours on the phone,
taking pictures, sending listing announcements, price drop
announcements, publishing the listing in real estate magazines, the
sign in your front yard, open houses, tweets, fb, etc.

I suggest you speak with your Realtor about your expectations and
about what is really being done. And then remember, after all is
said and done, most buyers find their new homes via the mls on
the internet.

Thanks for asking and good luck !

Assoc Broker
Prudential Indiana Realty Group
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Avery Garrett, Agent, Greenwood, IN
Wed Mar 13, 2013
I actively market my listing with videos, social media, Craigslist, and open houses. It takes more than a sign in the yard and a listing to sell your home. Feel free to call me at 317-721-2274 if you would like to discuss further.
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Tony Janko, Agent, Avon, IN
Wed Mar 13, 2013
Every agent is different. You should really share with your agent your concerns. Many times, things are done to market a home that the owners do not know about. We need to do a better job educating our clients on what we are doing. Give your agent a call, and ask that may be happily surprised by the answer.
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Diane Grinn…, Agent, Indianapolis, IN
Wed Mar 13, 2013
Are you on which puts you into, zillow , etc?
There is often many "behind the scene " things done. Ask your realtor what all has been done and how many web sites your listing is on.
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