How much does it normally cost to have an entire heating system installed in a house? In a home that used to have baseboard heaters for example.

Asked by jovi-b, Portland, OR Tue Feb 19, 2013

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Betsylucinda, Home Buyer, Putnam Valley, NY
Sun Nov 22, 2015
how much does a forced air heating system cost
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Hollie Trues…, , San Francisco, CA
Tue May 12, 2015
It's hard to guess how much it might cost to put in a whole heating system, since different companies will charge differently and it will depend on what part of the country you're in. I would call around to a few different companies to ask for estimates. Hopefully you can get some for free so you can start budgeting around what the estimated cost might be.
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Caleb Hart, Renter, Orem, UT
Thu Feb 12, 2015
You could always talk to a heating contractor about that. I'm sure there's a lot of variables that go into an installation. I'm sure that the size of your house is the most important factor. It also depends on what material your floors are made of.
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You guys are both right, it all really depends on a lot of things. I would make sure that you do your research well before purchasing. Our house is pretty big, so it costs a lot to heat the whole thing. But like Lynn said, you should definitely talk to a heating contractor.
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I think it depends on a couple variables. If I were you, I would call the heating contractor you plan on hiring and seeing if they can help you. They should be able to give you a general price and help you know anything else you're looking for. I would definitely start by doing this!
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jimfurgeson88, , New York, NY
Wed Jan 7, 2015
I think your answer would depend on how big your house is! I think your best chance of getting a good price range would be to have a heating professional come look at your house to give you a price! I recommend looking at a couple of companies and finding the cheapest!
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Kelsey Compa…, Home Buyer, Provo, UT
Wed Dec 3, 2014
I think there are many things that would affect that amount. For example how big or small your home is. I would recommend getting a quote from a local company.
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I think it depends on the house! I would call a heating contractor to get a quote on how much it's going to cost. This should be able to help you get everything you need. Good luck and I hope everything works out for you!
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I agree, Kelsey, it really depends on a lot of factors. One, being the size of your home, and another, being the type of heating system you wish to install. Different heating services have different methods and types of heating systems. I also agree that you should ask around and get few quotes before choosing one.
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Betty Schram, Agent, Vancouver, WA
Sat Nov 8, 2014
The best person to answer this is an HVAC professional. In my industry of expertise I am comfortable sharing with you that the type of heating system can make a difference in the resale of your home. I lived in a home for 31 years with wall heaters and found them to be very efficient in the sense that I could turn the heat way down in the rooms I did not use and just heat the rooms I spent most of our time in. Homes with a heat pump and furnace are more desirable to the general public.
I previewed a new energy efficient home a builder in the area is building and they used the new ductless system that will provide heat or air to each individual room. They are larger than a wall heater and hang up near the ceiling in each room. The builder had an upcharge for the ductless system over putting in a furnace.
I hope this information helps.
Betty Schram
Berkshire Hathaway Home Services
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I agree with, Betty. There really isn't an accurate way to generate a quote without more information. Professional heating contractors are the only people who are qualified to do this. The size of your home will probably be the biggest factor. Pricing also varies by location.
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Myersjulie31, Home Buyer, Blakeslee, PA
Wed Nov 5, 2014
If you are wanting to completely replace the system, it will definitely depend on the size of your home. You should also probably check with a few different services to see who would provide a good price. I would make sure that you are getting a good service and that it will last a long time so you don't have to fix it soon!
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I agree with you that you should contact a few different companies for price quotes. I would always make sure you are getting quotes for the same equipment though. It is hard to compare quotes if they are quoting different quality of equipment.
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fosterkicks99, , 78052
Thu Aug 21, 2014
The size of the house and number of heaters definitely will be major factors deciding that. You may want to consider another kind of system. There have been improvements to heating/cooling systems over the years.
Michael Foster
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Troy Jensen, Agent, Vancouver, WA
Thu Apr 10, 2014
If you have no ducts the new ductless systems are nice, a good option to heating and cooling and work well.

Thank you
Troy Jensen, broker
Professional Realty Srvc of WA
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Cathy Bergen, Agent, Battle Ground, WA
Tue Feb 25, 2014
So are you saying you have no duct work at all? This is achievable through some new technology. However you can have a system installed. There are lots of variables that will depend on the house but you can say a min of 5K and upward. If you call me and get me some specifics I can get you some better numbers. Have a great day!
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Graham Willi…, Home Buyer, West, TX
Thu Dec 5, 2013
Your best bet is probably to look for quotes from local contractors in the area you want the work done. I have a friend in Winnipeg looking to do the same thing.
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Gary Geer, Agent, Antioch, IL
Wed Aug 7, 2013
Please contact a local heating a/c system professional in your area and ask if they provide free estimates. As real estate professionals, we are not qualified to give you an estimate of what your costs may be.
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Michael Zavi…, Agent, Vancouver, WA
Wed Jul 24, 2013
If your home has a sufficiently open floor plan, ductless heat-pump is the way to go, especially here in NW. These units have the highest efficiency and are utilizing a cutting edge technology. You may even get a tax rebate (check with your utility company). They are quiet and powerful.

Market leaders are Mitsubishi, Fujitsu, and LG (my personal favorite).

Ductless Heat-pumps are based on a mature technology and are quite popular in Asia and Europe, but relatively new in US. If you are handy, you might be able to install it yourself (get a permit though).

And not to forget: A/C function and air filtration is built in!

You can get a good deal by buying online versus from contractor. Google is your best friend here.
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Terry Bell, Agent, Santa Rosa, CA
Thu Mar 14, 2013
If you are thinking of a huge remodeling job installing a complete heating and duct system, I would first of all suggest that you consider how long you expect to live in that home, whether the comps of the neighborhood would get you the sale price you would need to recoup the investment, and what is the overall condition of your house if it needed to be sold for unexpected reasons. You might want to consider talking to a realtor about values for the improvement. Make sure the job is getting bids from licensed contractors and permits to show if you sell the house in the future.
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Jim Rice, Agent, Camas, WA
Wed Mar 13, 2013
It really depends on the style of home you have. If it's one story or two, is there a basement, attic, if it's two stories is there room to run duct work from basement / crawl to the attic, if two floors do you want two different systems creating a more comfortable environment. If I were you I would call Lenny at All About Air in Vancouver. He has been doing this for years and years. He has a great reputation as well. Here is their site, its a family business. . The other question to ask is what kind of indoor air quality filters do they put on their equipment. Indoor air quality is very important when running a forced air system.
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Janine Hook, , Vancouver, WA
Tue Feb 19, 2013
I agree with Kary's answer. There are many issues if you are planning to put in some kind of central heating system, including the depth of the crawl space and room in the attic for
ductwork, whether the house is one level or more, and so forth. Your agent should be able to help you get bids.

Be sure to check with Clark PUD, 360-992-3000, about their ductless heat pump program. This
is being partly subsidized by PUD right now, and there is also a tax credit.. It's not cheap, but
it is currently the most efficient heating and cooling system available.

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Troy Jensen, Agent, Vancouver, WA
Tue Feb 19, 2013

Kary is right on, Cadet heaters are about 120.00 each for wall heat but a forced air furnace with duct work you are between 5-10k depending on the home. Variables include one and two level homes and size.

Troy Jensen, Buyers Agent
Professional Realty Srvc of WA
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Kary Krismer, Agent, Renton, WA
Tue Feb 19, 2013
Replacing baseboard heaters is pretty cheap, around $100 a unit depending on the size. You can check out Lowes or HD for pricing.

If you're talking about installing a whole house heating system in a house that has baseboard heaters, that could be very expensive, and would probably easily exceed $5,000 if not $10,000. You'd need to get bids because it would be entirely dependent on the house and the type of system you were going to install.
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Indeed the type of system installed and the size of the home would be the major factors in determining the cost in new home heating system installation and replacement.
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