How much can I spend on a house and where?

Asked by Greg, 91423 Tue Jun 10, 2008

I live in Sherman Oaks, CA and have a 75k income, no debt, excellent credit (800 fico), 50k for a downpayment, no car payment, expenses around 1350/month.

Also, I love Sherman Oaks but wondering if it's a good area to purchase my first home, most likely a 1-2 bedroom condo I'll sell in 5 years or so.

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Chris Willia…, Home Buyer, California
Thu Jun 12, 2008
Buy now and you will lose money. Guaranteed.
Here's an article from today:…
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, ,
Mon Jul 20, 2009
You can find great deals in sherman oaks. Most homes are down by more then 25% so the deals are there, but the question is how you will find these great deals.
Let me give you a source that real estate agents use to see all homes on the market.
Click the link below, it's 100% free for you, real estate agents pay lots of money to access this site.

Good Luck.
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David Hitt, Agent, Los Angeles, CA
Tue Jun 30, 2009
I also live and work in Sherman Oaks for the last 13 years. You should speak to a mortgage lender as soon as possible to what you qualify for. Sherman Oaks is a good area to buy in because it does have great resale value and is always desirable because of the proximity to the Westside. Please let me know if I can be of any assistance.
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Richard M. J…, , Sherman Oaks, CA
Wed Jan 14, 2009
Hi Greg,

Sherman Oaks is one of the valley best places to live. You can view bank owned homes in Sherman oaks by visiting my website:
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Debt Free Da…, , 85260
Fri Jun 13, 2008
I would ask the question another way. How much would you want to spend or what would the max payment you want. I would qualify you from this direction first.
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Sunny Hermoso, Agent, Los Angeles, CA
Fri Jun 13, 2008
Greg, your max purchase price should be $420,000 based on the information provided. If it's a Single family residence you are looking at $2707 monthly PITI, if it's a condo you the monthly PITI is little higher, the difference is the monthly HOA fee.

Sunny Hermoso
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Debra Enos, Agent, Mission Viejo, CA
Fri Jun 13, 2008
Hello Greg: First of all contact an agent who works in and knows Sherman Oaks. That agent should be able to tell you about the market in Sherman Oaks. You are in an excellent position to buy, and it is a buyers market. Be patient and find the property that is right for you and your plans. You should consult a reputable lender regarding your loan options, payments, make sure the lender know that you plan to sell in 5 years or so. Your credit score, down payment and reserves will afford you a better interest rate. Be patient and you will find the property that will meet your plans and provide you a tax break that you will benefit from with your income.

If you need a referral to an agent or a lender, let me know.
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Newportfiji, , Long Beach, CA
Thu Jun 12, 2008
Greg, be very cautious about purchasing a property right now in Sherman Oaks.

Apart from a few “the world is flat” realtors, everyone realizes that prices are falling and will likely fall for several years. Those that are expecting a quick turn around from this bubble are dreaming. The last cycle took about 11 years to reach peaking pricing from the previous peak. In fact, prices didn’t bottom out until EIGHT (8) years after prices began to fall and we are only about 2 1/2 years into this crash. Here are your Los Angeles County vanilla medians between 1989 and 2000:

1989: $214,831
2000: $215,900

Pretty amazing, someone who purchased the “median home” for 214,831 sold for 215,900 11 years later. Following the previous downturn as a guide, we can expect to see 2005 prices again sometime in 2016.

Consider someone who purchased the “median home” for 214,831 and sold for 215,900 11 years later. You might argue this is a gain of $1,069 but this is erroneous as there are large transaction costs associated with a home sale. Thus, assuming 8% closing sale costs (commission, escrow, title, repairs, covering buyers costs, ect..), this purchaser would incur $17,292 in sale costs or would net $198,608. A LOSS OF $16,223 ON THE SALE OF A HOME PURCHASED 11 YEARS EARLIER. But the loss would be even greater, as the “investor” would have incurred maintenance expenses over the 11 year period and the monthly homeownership expenses (even with tax advantages) would exceed rent for a comparable home. Someone would have done much better financially, by renting during these 11 years and put the money they saved into the stock market over these 11 years.

Understand, this situation was actually worse, as the average home was larger and had more amenities in 2000 than in 1989.

The risks of losing home value is even greater for purchases made today then in the early 19900s. The housing bubble in 1989 -1991 was nowhere near as large as to what we experienced in this bubble. Here is a LA Times graph to showing how immense this bubble is and how quickly prices are falling: .

Granted prices are falling faster, so perhaps we can reach a bottom faster. But, with only a five year time horizon, you are at risk that you will lose money on this purchase, especially when factoring in transaction and carrying costs.

In my opinion this would generally be a terrible time to purchase. All leading indicators are pointing in the same direction as to the southern California market, (i) inventory has increased, (ii) sales transaction volume has slowed dramatically, (iii) lending standards have tightened (pulling thousands of potential buyers from the market), (iv) notices of defaults and foreclosures are at records levels, (v) the economy is slowing (looking more and more like a recession and perhaps a deep one), (vi) literally thousands of high paying mortgage and other real estate related jobs have been lost in southern California over the past year and (vii) the mania which surrounded the real estate market a few years ago has been replaced by a conservative caution steering people to other investment classes. All of these factors will directly or indirectly put downward pressure on pricing.

The reality is that residential prices will almost certainly be lower later this year, likely lower in 2009 and possibly even lower in 2010. Real estate cycles take many years to play out and we are at the early stages of a down cycle.

Best of Luck,
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M.D.J, , Los Angeles, CA
Wed Jun 11, 2008
Where would be up to you but with a downpayment of $50k I would say you are good to go up to a $2,100 total monthly payment which would put you in the price range of about $300k.

If you would like more specific qualifying numbers let me know and good luck.
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Charita King…, , Downey, CA
Tue Jun 10, 2008
Wow, I wished all buyers have credit like you :). Greg, anywhere you feel like buying your first home; go for it. Today is a great time to buy and you should take advantage of it.

Good luck
Charita King 562-276-8681
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Jodie Franci…, Agent, Studio City, CA
Tue Jun 10, 2008
HI Greg,

There are currently 28 condo's on the market in Sherman Oaks for $350,000 or less. Based on your $50,000 downpayment your mortgage would be approx.$1800.00 (@6% interest). I am not a lender so I can't qualify you, but if that sounds reasonable to you, then you should be able to afford something in Sherman Oaks. Greg, Sherman Oaks is a great area to start, it's highly desirable and conveniently located for the valley and the westside.

If you have a lender, why don't you get prequalified to see what you payments would be and if you would be comfortable at that level and then we can see what price range makes sense for you.

If you don't have a lender, I can offer you some recommendations. I work in the Encino Office of Prudential and would be happy to sit down with you to discuss further!

Best regards,

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Paul Cruz, Agent, West Hollywood, CA
Tue Jun 10, 2008
HI Greg,
With your good income, low dept to income ratio, excellent credit score and reserves you are a great candidate to buy a home. A Single Family Home in Sherman is still pretty expensive so you may want to consider the condo alternative. If you do not want a condo then there are many areas outside of Sherman Oaks where you can purchase a house that you can afford. Contact me for more information.
Paul Cruz
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Brent Bester, , Columbus, OH
Tue Jun 10, 2008

You are in great shape! I would get with a local reputable lender to have them do a Debt to Income ratio for you. I don't think you will have any problem getting financing whatsoever. I can help you figure out how much house you qualify for. Feel Free to contact me.

Brent Bester
Mortgage Professional
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