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Melany Morgan, Home Seller in Bronx, NY

How important are pictures when you are selling your home? Is 21 pictures too many?

Asked by Melany Morgan, Bronx, NY Thu Dec 6, 2012

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It is crucial that you display as many pictures as you can. Try to take different pictures with different lights and different time and choose the best, before you published. Make sure to include pictures of the neighborhood and any important services that the city that you live in offers to their residents.

All the Best,

Maria Cipollone

Century 21 Tenace
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I think we as realtors need to come to the realization that the use of the internet is the way a buyer views properties. The better the pictures, that includes negative shots and positive shots, to give the buyer the best knowledge before deciding what to view, saves time for them, the sellers and for agents. I want buyers to see views and all the bells and whistles, but at the same time, when I have a property that needs updating or re-hab work, I want them to be aware before they come to the property. Too many times, because of lack of pictures and bad descriptions I have wasted my clients time and my time viewing properties that the agent is looking for traffic versus potential buyers. There should be truth in advertising. So yes, many pictures are needed. I often take over a hundred photos of each property and determine which ones truly depict the property for the buyers. Video often gives a truer sense of your properties.
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IMO, more isn't necessarily better. The best approach to take with photographs is to try to accurately represent the property for potential customers. Once you begin displaying second and third representations of the same quality you could be defeating the purpose ald losing your customer's attention.

It's not the number of pictures that should be the concern, its their quality and how well the property is represented.

Good luck,

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Mack and Tim make excellent observations.
The question is, "Can there be too much of a good thing?" Too much turkey? Too much of Aunt Minnie? Too much sun? How many Peanut Buster Parfaits equal too much? Can one run too much? Talk too much? Ask too many questions? Too verbose with responses?
Each image should create a desire to see more very much like good writing. The image count MUST END before the desire if fully satisfied.

Tell me, in a 8 room home, what can you possibly take a picture of to fill all 25 slots? Enough with the galley kitchen already! Do i really need to see the storage space above the garage? The water heater? Another view from the 3rd BR window? Of course all the images of the corners of bedroom are visionary to say the least.

Good images are essential. Lots of pictures do more harm than good. If there is a real buyer looking at those picts, they will know what to do. Agents have been sold and are willing to pay for, nonsense. It's a borderline compulsive disorder among agents. More is not better. Better is Better.

Best of success,
Annette Lawrence, Broker/Associate
Remax Realtec Group
Palm Harbor, FL
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Good quality pictures are important, however more is not necessarily always better....
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We post too many pictures.

We have let the medium control the message, and we are now catering to the stay-at-home browser/shopper who is looking for reasons to dismiss a property rather than to examine it in person.

I think real estate brokers should be looking to give actual buyers good reasons to come out and examine a property in person, and I think that the more pictures we show them, the more reasons we give them to stay at home.
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I look at every photo and ask - would this photo make me want to buy the house? If not - no sense including it. Buyers are looking for reasons to exclude houses - you want to entice them - not turn them off. I have a a professional photographer take photos of my listings. I tell him to take as many as he needs - I make no attempt to limit it to the various package prices he has - but he and I both agree that there are only so many great shots.

Daily I am stunned by the pitiful photos I see in MLS listings. As Tim mentioned - there are plenty of photos of corners of room - simply two bare walls meeting - or of toilets (and with covers up - ugh!) - it's bizarre. I would also add that photos that primarily show the furniture are pointless as well - you're not buying that bed. Yesterday I saw a photo of a kitchen with a shovel leaning up against the counter - and it hasn't snowed here yet! What on earth were they shoveling in the kitchen??!!
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Pictures are important, but I disagree that more is the key. Often I see pictures of a toilet or a corner of a wall (seriously) or the vanity next to the toilet or a bathtub. Seriously, do people really think a potential buyer looks at the toilet picture and imagines them sitting there? So why add it?????

Pictures can do 2 things - Help or Hurt. Would you take a picture of the mold on the ceiling in the bathroom? You need to add enough pictures to make a buyer interested to come and see more - NOT too many so the buyer dismisses it as one they do not want to see because of something they see in a picture. 10 might be right for one house and 30 might be right for another. A good experienced Realtor is going to know which is best.
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Thank you for selecting my answer as the best answer.

All the best,

Maria Cipollone

Century 21 Tenace
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There are many good comments and thoughts here but I think one of the post said it best when they said will it help you sell a home.

I think that the pictures should tell the truth in the best light. I hate when I see redundant pictures - don't repeat pictures or appear to avoid things. I have seem listing where all I see are pictures of the view and I can't help but think "it must be a tear down". When I see photos that make me feel I am doing walkthrough and there are lots of pictures that are unique from one another it draws me in and makes me feel I know what to expect.

Pictures should reflect as much about a property as possible. They should be sharp, color correct, clean, uncluttered shots and unique from one another showing the property in it's best form and highlight any special features at the beginning. The most intriguing and "pretty" shot should be first. A lot of pics are great as long as they serve a purpose and don't feel cumbersome.
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You can never have too many pictures and NO, 21 pictures is not too many!
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As the saying goes a pictures is worth a 1000 words that is especially true when it comes to marketing your listing. I would argue that 21 pictures may not be enough. Most people looking for a home on the internet will not take the time to read even the most beautifully written description--they look at the pictures. So make sure you have not only enough to gives buyers a good sense of the many features of your home but also ensure they are of a good quality--nothing worse than looking at out of focus or dark pictures.
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Pictures are very important to potential buyers. They want to know as much as possible prior to viewing a home and the more pictures you have the better.
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Simply put, the pictures are what a buyer uses to decide whether they want to see the home or not. This judgement is usually made while surfing online. I always present my properties in the best light possible because you only get one first impression.

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Photos matter greatly - both quality and quantity. I recall years ago when introduced a search criteria by photo count based on consumer behavior. That sealed the deal for me.

The absence of photos conjures up a negative impression and rather than building curiousity, I think overall it detracts and pushes buyers away, assuming the worst.

Mack makes a good point -and the explosion of photos and online info may well feed into the "shop from home" online buying behavior - but for better or worse, I think that is where the world is today.

21 is not too many. Put in as many photos as the site allows....assuming they are of good quality and overall flattering to the property.

Jeanne Feenick
Unwavering Commitment to Service, Unsurpassed Results
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Hi Melany,

Pictures are VERY important. Most buyers begin their search for a home on the Internet. The more pictures, the better. 21 is not too many. If you are allowed to post more, do it.

Shanna Rogers
SR Realty
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